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Nyoka and fat bunny 8 By Strega -- Report

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The worst part was not that Randall lay in the skunk-snake's gullet, nose peeking out between her fangs. Nor was it that she lingered over her meal, long tongue tasting his fur, when one more great contraction of her throat would doom him to a gurgling digestive fate. It wasn't even that he was the third brother to disappear into her tonight, the two eldest brothers already reduced to a great bulge in her midsection.

No, the worst part was that the two bunny brothers, and especially first and by far the largest brother, who preceded him clearly filled even her elastic stomach to near its limits. His feet pressed deep into the wet fur just inside the valve to her stomach, even though by all rights the last gulp should have seen him engulfed in its depths.

When her jaws finally closed and she swallowed him down not even half of him would fit into her stomach. He would lie there helpless, wrapped in tight muscle, until enough of what had gone before – including, unfortunately, his lower legs – was digested to make room for the rest of him.

As her long, fanged jaws finally closed and her throat tensed to dispatch him, she turned her head enough for him to see lights in the distance. Torches? Might help be close, after all? The last glimmer of light was lost as she gulped, and as her swallowing muscles propelled him down her throat he could only hope it would not arrive too late.

I noticed the other day that Nyoka appears in more of my multipage comics than any other character. It's because she is really easy to draw. 83

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Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

I really like the people in the background. The idea that Nyoka might be in trouble soon.


Posted by temporos 7 years ago Report

Yeah, I'm beginning to worry about our gluttonous villainess. o_o;


Posted by jgzman 7 years ago Report

Far more likely that they will be in trouble.

Don't think she's ever swallowed a village, but I bet she'd be willing to try.


Posted by Kusar 7 years ago Report

My, my... what a big mouth she has.
It's probably due to the perspective, but her head, and her jaw, looks disproportioned...

Love this little series. And this eye ! It looks right into my soul !


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

The reason she looks all weird and misproportioned is that her upper body is stretched around that of the bunny. The bulges sticking out to each side aren't her shoulders, they are his. Similarly, her neck is so distended it's hard to see what is what. It's just a cosmetic thing that will be rectified as soon as she swallows. 83


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

She has two rows of teeth in her upper maw?


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

Just as do snakes. Each side of her upper and each side of her lower jaw can move forward independently. The rows of fangs latch into her prey and allow her to gradually pull herself over it, like a sock pulling itself (somehow) over a foot. Her teeth are very sharp and being eaten by a big snake (or one of the sisters) would be horribly painful as the fangs sank in over and over, but needless to say that's not something I delve into in stories or pictures. 83


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

I didn't know that. Interesting.


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

You can see the four rows of teeth in the upper jaw on this dead snake here.


Posted by keyblademark 7 years ago Report

wow i wonder how it would end ^^


Posted by FanficFetishist 7 years ago Report

Seriously, Nyoka's gonna be fatter than me once this is over and I'm a huge freaking cobra.

I love it. :D


Posted by Indighost 7 years ago Report

Wow, that is a lot of sexy teeth :)


Posted by Cougar 7 years ago Report

Such a greedy predator. 83


Posted by ThaWolfGunner 7 years ago Report

Pupil dilation is something I’ve always found interesting in your work; it shows just how much fear and little control over what is going to happen that the character being eaten has over the situation.


Posted by ArcaneSigil 7 years ago Report

Even with her mouth full, it's still quite the beautiful pic. Of course... I'd try my hardest to befriend her so she didn't eat me right away, but when it came time, I'd climb down her throat myself. Heh, listen to me, a pred who wouldn't mind being prey.


Posted by JackFrost 7 years ago Report

Hehe.. just had a thought, wouldn't it be incredible if she gulped down the torch bearers too! I don't think I've ever seen Nyoka swallow a human before, though I'd give anything to see it!

In any case, thank you for this. Of all the drawing you create, ones featuring the pred's terrified face between jaws, being swallowed down feet first drive me absolutely nuts! It's my favourite view, and when the pred is Nyoka or Uvuzi, the thrill is even more intense!

I know I'm going to keep on looking at this drawing (or fantasising about it when away from the PC) for a long time to come.


Posted by Thanatos2k 7 years ago Report

Uh ohs, the angry mob!


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

To be fair, they are a long way off and maybe the bunny she is swallowing is making some noise.


Posted by Zallen1998 7 years ago Report

Could you do a prequel to this?


Posted by Zallen1998 7 years ago Report

Sorry, i meant sequel


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

I have two more pages planned, which I hope to get to in the not too dostant future.