"Glass Curtain" (Story)

Glass Curtain
Abroad, a demon stumbles across a most delicate flower: a devout Catholic on the cusp of womanhood. Intrigued by a book of scripture (in which he learns of his origins) and tempted by her piousness, he uses his unholy knowledge to defile her innocence.

At home, a peculiarly clever Detective begins investigating an entangled web of unsolved murders, convinced that this is the work of one man. Frustrated and humiliated that she can never find the bodies of his victims, she relents -- and calls upon a friend from her past.

Together, Gypsy and Detective will form a flimsy alliance, bound together by the need to end Danny's charade. But their actions will set off an unimaginable sequence of events with lasting consequences.

These parallel stories will build to their separate, stunning conclusions - then violently collide.

This story continues from "Gypsy Blood" http://aryion.com/g4/view/219293

This piece has been completed as of February 17 2013.

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