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Galis and the sisters 2 By Strega -- Report

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For a time Uvuzi doubted her sister. The dragon was bigger than she remembered, considerably bigger; surely not even greedy Nyoka could manage him. She was just as sure she had overestimated how friendly the dragon was. Despite her own experience with the Red dragon years before, what were the odds this one would let her sister eat him?

But though it'd taken a lot of persuading and an awful lot of sex, that was exactly what he did. Nyoka was to the dragon's midpoint and was already as swollen as Uvuzi had ever seen her, yet was plainly determined to get the rest of him down her throat as well.

She would never understand willing prey. Here was a dragon who was as massive as both of them put together, who could even now escape if he struggled enough to make Nyoka disgorge him. They hadn't even tried to constrict him, so mismatched were they with the larger sister's intended meal.

Yet soon enough now the dragon would just be a enormous bulge in her sister's snakey frame. Uvuzi smiled and gave the black dragon's balls another lick. She might not understand it, but she -- and Nyoka -- definitely appreciated it.

I mentioned Galis the gravity dragon in a recent story, with the clear implication that the story took place right before the 2006 Galis and the Sisters drawing. Since I like drawing Nyoka eating big things and she's rarely eaten anything as big as Galis that led to this sequel. The plan is for one more picture in this series if I don't get distracted. 83

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Posted by voreluver 7 years ago Report

Whatever happened with Nyoka and the bunnies?


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

Worry not, we'll see one of these days. 83


Posted by miranda_dragon 7 years ago Report

That's it, I need to finish my big snake girl. This kind of stuff is pretty hot.



Posted by orca13 7 years ago Report



Posted by Stalbon 7 years ago Report

That...shall be one very, very fat skunk-snake. <3 Good to see the sequel to this, so long as Galis is all right with it!


Posted by CanisLupisVulpe 7 years ago Report

Hey look, it's two girls and a dragon.


Posted by e2s86 7 years ago Report

part 3 ?


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

Patience, young man. 83


Posted by Imrhys 7 years ago Report

Wow. Major case of eyes bigger than stomach. But... knowing where we are, she won't pop >_>


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

My preds aren't made of elastic (except Ria and the ones actually made of elastic) but by dint of stuffing her entire body cavity and throat full of dragon I think she can just manage here. 89~


Posted by banzai 7 years ago Report

This is really awesome, I had never guessed there would be a sequel :3 The way they please and tease him on the way down into Nyoka is so hot :D


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

It's not so much teasing him as bribing him to go down voluntarily, since he's a dragon and his breath weapon would cause them big problems. It took a lot of bribing to get him this far in, I'm sure. 83


Posted by Larax 7 years ago Report

Could be potions/scrolls/magic items of acid (or whatever breath weapon he uses) resistance/immunity or some muzzle/gag that prevents him from using it... Though it would require a lot of persuasion to get it on him...
Also, can be some artifact of dragon control, like in DragonLance setting...

Anyway - great picture - seeing dragons being eaten is always hot.