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Tiny Tina and Mad Moxxi's Tea Party By donutwish

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If you happen to be waiting for Part 3 of the Starfire and Raven comic to appear, it's on hold until the commission client gets their stuff sorted. I have no idea when we'll see Part 3.

In the meantime, I wanted to keep my pencils sharp, so I decided to draw this. You should thank my niece because she was the one who suggested that I do a Borderlands setting, and she also introduced these two characters to me. Now I have *never* played the game before, but I did my best not to butcher the characters too much. If I drew some details incorrectly, please talk to the hand!

I don't know if I'll do a Part 2 for this, or not. This was awfully fiddly and very time-consuming to draw. Please feel free to comment if you find this interesting, otherwise I have no idea if people like or hate this. Oh, and if anyone is interested in commissioning me to do some artwork, please feel free to send me a note!

Disclaimer: All characters are fictional and depicted as over the age of 18.

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Posted by Sarbiton 5 years ago

You wanted tea? Too bad! Here's cock!


Posted by Firstfate 5 years ago

Uh... Tiny Tina is a little more childish and way more insane in game XD Plus... she should have a few of her toy animal explosives with her for a tea party lmao


Posted by donutwish 5 years ago

As I wrote in the description, I have never played the game. /shrug


Posted by Firstfate 5 years ago

Lol, I know, I've only watched my brother playing the game so that's why I commented on Tina.... she actually blows up a bandit in her introduction to you..... She truly is the worlds most dangerous thirteen year old XD


Posted by Denelian 5 years ago

It would be very nice to se a second part of this, especially if the actions lead to the blond girl being the one producing milk in the end!


Posted by donutwish 5 years ago

I'll have a think about doing a second part, since people seem to be interested. As for milk, I think Moxxi's definition of milk might be a bit of a stretch, lol.


Posted by NekoYuki 5 years ago

Well it's a nice comic. Remind me of one I saw with Tina bondaging Lilith and Maya. If you want I can link it.


Posted by donutwish 5 years ago

Hehe, I think I know which picture you are referring to. I came across something like that when I was researching Tiny Tina, lol.


Posted by sptap 4 years ago

Oh, Shadman.


Posted by Huggle 5 years ago

Never played the game either, but i must say I really really like this one. Really hope the feeling takes you to continue it :)


Posted by donutwish 5 years ago

Thanks! I will try to have a serious think about doing a second part!


Posted by Liz 5 years ago

Oh interesting indeed.

Well drawn and coloured as usual :)


Posted by donutwish 5 years ago

Thanks - this one took a lot of extra work due to the costumes and unfamiliar content.


Posted by SDmanical 5 years ago

I'm pretty sure Moxxi doesn't have a penis in the game.

...Or does she?


Posted by donutwish 5 years ago

Hmmm, do they show her vagina in the game?

Dun Dun Dunnnnn!!!


Posted by SuperSonictheVorehog 5 years ago

SPOILERS: During the first game, her son (Scooter, the Catch a Ride guy) says "The systems more broken than my mama's girly parts." Whether or not she was a hermaphrodite... Is more or less never explained.


Posted by didhejustsaythat 5 years ago

i love it, there's far too little moxxi porn let alone moxxi vore. so i love this so much. couldnt be drawn better from my view,


Posted by donutwish 5 years ago

Moxxi seems to be a character for a lot of potential for fun storytelling, hehe.


Posted by mibankai1171 5 years ago

Amazing game


Posted by Rebirth 5 years ago

wow its very detailed cool.


Posted by Jammacca 5 years ago

Yummy milk~... <3


Posted by deman 5 years ago

i love this and would be super happy if there was a part two X3


Posted by NurseNancy 5 years ago

After giving her all that "milk" she is gonna need something filling to replenish her milk jugs.. err yeah milk jugs.. That's the ticket!


Posted by donutwish 5 years ago

Perhaps it's more of a milk nozzle, as opposed to jugs, LMAO.


Posted by CGR-7 5 years ago

Awesome job, D.W.. =D
Likewise, I have not played the game nor have I even heard of it.
But from what I see here, you did a great job on Moxxi’s steampunk-like style. Her top hat is really cool. =)


Posted by Draegonx 5 years ago

Mad Moxxi, so hot even with a cock XD


Posted by lakai 5 years ago

I absolutely love when genitalia is represented as food. Thanks. This fulfilled my love quite nicely. Awesome artwork too, btw.


Posted by Kaliera 5 years ago

Isn't Tina like... 13? Child porn anyone?


Posted by xblurp 5 years ago

In the "game" she is 13 and shown to be very sexual. I don't think she would be 13 here unless you think her to be. I don't see her as such. She looks older here.Just sayin.


Posted by SV21 5 years ago

... Thanks a lot. When you accuse artists of child porn, you ensure that they won't continue their work. The description clearly states that all characters are presented over the age of 18. And I was hoping to see a part 2, but I guess that won't happen now.


Posted by BabLe7 5 years ago

hmmm...... this has made me want to go buy the game. because now i'm curious about what ACTUALLY goes on in it to bring about these characters.


Posted by Tylmarande 5 years ago

Agh, As soon as I met Tiny Tina I knew this kind of thing would happen. >.>


Posted by TOBI 5 years ago

Oh he'll yea


Posted by DJay612 4 years ago

Yeah Tiny Tina is 13 in this she looks passable i think in age... main thing im wondering is why she has a dick when she isnt suppost to have one & yet people who "played" are wondering as well. Lets put it like this.... NO SHE DOES NOT HAVE A DICK! lol. In the first game moxxi was visible to look right at her ass/vagina & even more so followed in DLC for Mad Moxxi's Thunderdome from in first game you can climb ontop the building where she is located screeming things out while you fight with a loudspeaker in hand.... If you climbed up and bend your lazy ass down.. you got a very clear shot of her vagina/ass. Also in Borderlands 2 it was possible till gearbox fixed it with a update to jump behind the counter where moxxi is behind she also moves around, dances somewhat, poses & bends over & when you were crouched you could see her ass/vagina not penis plain as day...then there is also even after that update multiple ways to go under the buildinglook straight up at her & if you have a sniper gun zoom right in on her Ass/Vagina... yeah your welcome for the info... btw nice drawing still just wanted to clarify that she doesnt since even people who "played the game" didnt know the answer... keep up the good work


Posted by DJay612 4 years ago

btw in the Mad Moxxi's Thunderdome DLC she is way up in the air in the middle of the arena thats filled with buildings ontop f it on a pole swinging around on it like a pole dancer while she screams "who do you love!" among other things also in game 2 when you climbed behind the counter before it was fixed you could basicly look like you were having sex is why they fixed it... cuz you could push against her... and also mad moxxi has her own specail weapons in Borderlands 2 and one of the guns you get for tipping moxxi & yes i said tipp her "makes the controller vibrate like a vibrating dildo & kinda looks like it.." you also do a mission where you search for "pics mad moxxi took that she lost" and you can also see them clearly till u pick them up. she is wearing nothing in the pics but a thong... it always gets better when it comes to Mad Moxxi lol


Posted by donutwish 4 years ago

I have never played the game. I made these two pictures because a friend suggested that I do them. I have no doubt that Mad Moxxi does not have a dick in the game. It was simply my crazy idea to give her male genitalia because I thought it might be sexy. Thanks for the info.


Posted by DJay612 4 years ago

No problem & its fine as it does go with her pretty well. I like the idea, it is well done for someone who does not know of it really.
I think you should consider another Since it looks so good & there oddly isn't much of her or borderlands out there so yeah. Anyway just thought I would clear it up best I could. Since nobody here seemed to be sure & maybe now some of you who didn't know will now.

lastly & sorry if im alil ranty but...
I wasnt as sold on the first game truthfully till I was told by a friend "if you like having abilities & shooting freaky people/creatures to buy it..." It does get a tiny bit old after awhile but almost everything repeats itself even in good games to a degree plus it does have decent story with tons of side missions. You can travel with & fight online against up to 3 other friends anytime you want even in middle of missions, you can also play 2 people in splitscreen on both Borderlands 1 & 2 but for some reason game 2 doesnt allow you to load but one profile...on a system so player 2 just number 2 of you. Both are open world & pretty good. I can understand why some don't like it as much. Anyways later, hope you make more Borderlands if not thanks for this!



Posted by DJay612 4 years ago

btw last post by me I swear lol, I didnt really mean to come off as a arrogant or rude person in first comments just was having some fun.


Posted by Kaboomer 1 month ago

that’s why I hate england
tea with milk? seriusly?
that would taste horrific