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MilkyZip By Nitro_Titan

Uploaded: 6 years ago

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Got a fondness for these synthetic stomach augments.

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Posted by vintious 6 years ago

somewhat hard to grasp visually due to "uniqueness"

I'm going to guess those are udder-testicles. with four teats per pair. I actually think this is pretty interesting, shame it's only a single image with a few demonstrative variants.


Posted by Royal_Starlord 6 years ago

._. Definitely one of the more stranger stuff you draw.


Posted by shrunkenone 6 years ago

Well, that's one way to digest whole prey if you can't stretch your mouth!


Posted by Lindinle 6 years ago

What's with the YouTube links what does bomber man song have to do with the picture.


Posted by Lindinle 6 years ago

Why don't you draw coco sucking off her "adopted" son then eating him


Posted by Lindinle 6 years ago

That might grab some viewers


Posted by Nibor 6 years ago

And multi-posting won't grab you any. Next time, If you got something to add, but you've already pressed "submit," erase your previous post, rewrite it, hit enter, *then* add what you want.


Posted by Shryland 6 years ago

I find this, strangely, hott

Hyena Boi

Posted by Hyena Boi 6 years ago

Looks comfy ^^


Posted by Mukat 6 years ago

Heh, interesting. So you open her up, drop prey inside, she processes them into milk?


Posted by Metamatt 6 years ago

How has Gloom not found this yet? :3
Udderly stellar work in capturing the mechanics~


Posted by Gloom 6 years ago

I was asleep when he posted. Now that I'm awake I've gotten my socks blown off x3


Posted by Metamatt 6 years ago

As you should! :9


Posted by Juryau 6 years ago

id like to see this cow do some anal vore XD


Posted by Gloom 6 years ago

Well, this is fucking awesome. Both that she's a huge cow girl, she's a pretty herm, she got cybernetic stomach, and that it's a zipper vore belly. Quite the easy way to make fall in love ^^

Love the before and after shots. Zipper is good for showing off the prey is gone and gurgled. Interesting that they are made into cum from the stomach. Is it because of her cybernetic body being a manufacturer of cum, or is just some of them made into cum and the rest digested as food?


Posted by Bright 6 years ago

That is a pretty cool idea. Heh, zipper belly.


Posted by Vorishartist 6 years ago

So kind of like a cannulated cow? Neat :o


Posted by The_Green_Oni 6 years ago

I had a feeling you were a bomberman fan. If any one is wondering about the song links check out the names of the songs.


Posted by EbonyRose 5 years ago

Looks soft and comfy great place to melt away.
... That is...
...IF I COULD. It gets kind of tiring not being able to be absorbed by a pred a slight flaw in my character.


Posted by hellion325 5 years ago

aw that's fucked up


Posted by Nitro_Titan 5 years ago

Sick and Twisted, but actually I kinda like it~