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Role Reversal (2/2) By SkyLark -- Report

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Well.. Looks like you can take the cat out of the kitty, but you can't take the kitty out of the cat.

Apologies for the slightly reduced line quality on part 2 - it's due entirely to me being an idiot. = 3=;

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Posted by Huggle 7 years ago Report

To think, Milk might have actually entertained the thought of sampling the other side of the fence xD. Really awesome work!


Posted by Teruyo 7 years ago Report



Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report



Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Things change, but they stay the same, hehe.


Posted by Liz 7 years ago Report

It looks great :D

Such a cute belly shot at the end :D


Posted by Delet932b4sk 7 years ago Report

Haha! I -was- too clever for my own good! Except it didn't affect me negatively...oh well.

Still looks really, really good. And of course Taba is too adorable.


Posted by ShotgunJesus 7 years ago Report

A leopard doesn't change their spots.

I guess a cat with cow spots has the same logic.

Ouroboros 95

Posted by Ouroboros 95 7 years ago Report

I like how even in a different body, Milk continues to be a willing prey and Taba keeps her voracious mindset.


Posted by vintious 7 years ago Report

Saw that coming a mile away. Unfortunately I did not see the upload date coming, and missed my chance to make a sarcastic first post :\


Posted by RogeSoja 7 years ago Report

Aaaw, they both look so happy!


Posted by Bitter 7 years ago Report

Thus did Taba learn the disquieting fact that to the adorable cowgirl, she is delicious.


Posted by Debolte 7 years ago Report

I love how your drawings are really simple, yet they let us understand the picture, pose, details very well. Been following you since your first comic on here. :stalker: You never stop improving ! And right now you've become dang awesome. Love your comics and your style. Keep it up ! :)


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Aww, thanks. ;w ;


Posted by NotherPacman 7 years ago Report

You did it like this because you didn't want either of them OOC didn't you? :D


Posted by Junogray 7 years ago Report

looks like they kept their roles after all


Posted by CGR-7 7 years ago Report

Haha... good thinking there, Taba; you took your bell of first. But did you take Milk’s bell off?
Not that it matters now, it’s just gonna be jingling its way through ya... that’s all. XD

A positively hilarious concept, SkyLark. The girls look just marvelous. =D


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Milk's collar went in with her - though I don't think Taba minds. She onlt took her own off because it was getting in the way ~


Posted by CGR-7 7 years ago Report

Yep, that’s what I thought. Well I hope then that Milk will keep Taba plenty full ‘til that bell’s out of her system.
She’d have a tricky time ambushing more prey when they can hear her coming. XD


Posted by deman 7 years ago Report

Don't know if it's all the rum talking but I love this so very much >\\\\< I love all your bulges poses and facal expression


Posted by StalkOBroccoli 7 years ago Report

and then there was cake.


Posted by River 7 years ago Report

I want to know what she said to convince the kitty to be her meal.


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

"I'm hungry"


Posted by River 7 years ago Report



Posted by HitomiBoy 7 years ago Report

Haha to be honest I kind of expected a true role reversal :P But something tells me you wouldn't let Taba get eaten :P


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

She wouldn't let herself be eaten if she could avoid/lie/bribe/cheat/outsmart/escape it... unless she was feeling exceptionally kind and a very special person asked.


Posted by HitomiBoy 7 years ago Report

Haha I see :3


Posted by EosHeiss 7 years ago Report

Question. Isn't that Milk all over? XD


Posted by VoreSkeeter 7 years ago Report



Posted by smashman 7 years ago Report



Posted by Elkan 7 years ago Report

I'm really looking forward to more of your art! Do you have any other galleries?


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Thank you ~ And sorry but I don't, I only post here.


Posted by softvore001 7 years ago Report

Love it! Keep up the good work!!


Posted by Gloom 7 years ago Report

Both are such cuties ^^


Posted by Pinhead2212 7 years ago Report



Posted by Assimilation 7 years ago Report

This is the image that made me decide to add you on my Watched list.


Posted by ShadowMorph 5 years ago Report

that's gonna make some good milk. ha!