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Boobin Hood (F/F) By Bitter -- Report

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Boobin Hood steals from the rich (in tits) and gives to the poor (in tits)!

Birthday gift for  skylark.

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Posted by Teruyo 7 years ago Report

Well, that was delightfully silly. Good job!


Posted by Farfanuggen 7 years ago Report

Let us not go to Nottingham...'tis a silly place!


Posted by Bitter 7 years ago Report

I declare this the winning comment.


Posted by Hot_Plate 7 years ago Report

Good thing it's only a model.


Posted by Shuck 7 years ago Report

Very amusing, thanks for the good laugh :D


Posted by MagicOddEffect 7 years ago Report

Lighthearted and fun. Favorited.


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Best. Story. Ever.

No kidding, that was amazing - and Boobin is now one of my favourite characters on the portal. I've GOT to have a go at drawing her the next chance I get. XD

Thank you so much Bitter. ; w;


Posted by Gypa 7 years ago Report

How about comic verison of this story :)


Posted by Patton 7 years ago Report

Having fun, are we?


Posted by Vava 7 years ago Report

*notices mangaka comment*

Huh. You know, I've also noticed something like that, but in regards to real people. I don't have any actual scientific evidence to suggest it, but I have formed a hypothesis concerning the matter that there are so many people with so many similar faces. I have reason to believe that humans are only capable of a limited number of "faces," with some slight alterations and variations here and there.

Also, that was simply an awesome story. :3


Posted by AndrewLondon 7 years ago Report

Surely when we are all dead and gone and all our works crumbled to dust, surely then, our distant descendants will look upon this story and they will _know_ what we were about.

I particularly enjoyed the moral of this story.


Posted by Jack 7 years ago Report

That was really hilarious. A pleasure to read.
Nice to see, that you've still got some spare time besides your big project.


Posted by 91buster 7 years ago Report

Dude nice this is a good idea


Posted by Imrhys 7 years ago Report

The ending! That ending! LMAO ROTF ahahahah Ohhhhhh you little Bitter Blasphemer! At first I was worried it was one of those too silly to be taken seriously in any context stories. But then I reached the ending, and I quite nearly split me breaches laughing so hard... *hand waves* stuff.


Posted by Demihunger 7 years ago Report

Fun read indeed.


Posted by Navaras 7 years ago Report

This is so hilarious XD


Posted by BardicLasher 7 years ago Report

That was incredible.


Posted by NotherPacman 7 years ago Report

Boobin hood is silly. XD


Posted by CrimsonShadow 7 years ago Report

"Boobin Hood suddenly realized that she hadn't thought her plan the whole way through." That line made me laugh more than it should've lol


Posted by SomeGuy1294 6 years ago Report

Pretty damn funny, Bitter.


Posted by SomeGuy1294 6 years ago Report

Pretty damn funny, Bitter.


Posted by runner 5 years ago Report

There should be a sequel to this somehow


Posted by runner 3 years ago Report

This needs a part two


Posted by ElJorro 1 year ago Report

Love the last part!