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A strikingly beautiful woman walks into the bar. She is 5' 8" with long flowing silky black hair. Her skin is golden, and she has sexuality dripping out of her every pore. She is wearing a tight black skirt and a white blouse. Her skirt is so short, that when she sits down at the bar her pink panties are visible.
As she walks up to the bar, every eye in the room follows her every move. Except mine. I know better than to betray my emotions, because I know that woman like this seduce men, and even some women, just by being present.
I wave the bartender over to my seat, which is conveniently located under the champagne glasses.
"So what will it be?" he says.
"A dry martini, on the rocks. Put whatever she is having" I indicate her with my eyes, "Onto my tab."
His eyes go up and down, because he clearly knows what I am up to.
A few seconds later, I can feel her eyes boring into my skull. I am aware of this, and, through centuries of experience, I keep drinking my martini.
The next thing I knew she was sucking my dick like it contained the secrets to immortality. This is actually accurate, but it only allows me to be immortal. By devouring beautiful women with my trouser snake, I become younger. I can effectively add their remaining years on this planet to my own.
I am standing up, and she cups my balls with one hand, and the other pumps my shaft. My hands cup the back of her head, and help her accomodate more of my dick with greater speed. Despite her skill of sucking my penis, this does little for me. Therefore, this woman's craving of sucking cock does not quench my thirst for sex. So, I gently lift her head off of my cock, and kiss her passionately. Our tongues entwine, and my hands grope her breasts. Our two bodies slowly undulate like a pair of dolphins, despite the fact that we are on dry land. Scratch, that semi-dry land, thanks to her dripping fluids.
Even though I am a full head taller than her, my dick has crept up to her pink panties. With a mind of its own it nudges her panties aside, exposing her well-lubricated vagina. My penis even has the ability to taste, and this woman is one a million, when it comes to flavor. She is like a fine mead, and I am a die hard alcoholic.
Even Captain Morgan, has nothing on me. Especially, given that I devoured his wife, which is why he took up alcohol in the first place. Before that he was just a chef on a pirate ship, but that is a story for another day.
My trouser snake hungrily drinks up her fluids, causing her to moan in ecstasy. As she pulls me in closer, our hips meet, and her hair constantly whips me in my face. Giving into both our lustful states, we strip each other down. First, I sensously slide her soaked panties down her legs, and throughly sniff them. I think to myself, "This woman is truly legendary, especially the scent of her feminity." I tell her, "You smell, taste, and feel better than any other woman living or dead."
She says, "Yeah, whatever, I hear that all the time from losers like YOU. Get on with it, I don't have all day!" Despite her callous words, her escstacy is written all over her face, and her vagina is copiously dripping fluids.
She then slides her thumbs underneath the hem of her skirt, and sensuously slides them down her beautiful bubble butt, slender sleek thighs, calves, and feet. I gaze at her beautiful semi-nude body. She was still wearing her white blouse, which I helped remove from her body. She raises her two arms so her elbows brush her ears. The last piece of clothing covering her body is a bra, which barely conceals one of God's gifts to man, a pair of breasts. These are not just any breasts but very big and slightly lactating breasts. Somehow you had not noticed up until now, that she has a very full womb. Her womb is big enough to contain a petite woman. I think to myself, "I have really hit the motherload with this one. It is a semi-rare occassion when I find an unbirther and unbirthee rolled up in one erotic package."
I say to her, "Your belly was not always this big was it?"
She says, "What are you some kind of moron? No, it was not this big. Duh. How would I attract men, even moronic inferior men, with a belly bulge like this one?"
Despite, the fact that this woman thoroughly hates men, I find her fiery spirit to be quite refreshing. Not only do angry women typically live a long lifetime, but they can sometimes be incredibly passionate in bed. I say, "There are guys like me, whom love pregnant women, and even more so an unbirther."
I am still penetrating her vagina, with my cock. Sometimes, it peirces her womb, and tickles the feet of the unbirthed woman. As I remove my shirt revealling well-toned abs, and a firm set of pecs, she unbuckles and unbuttons my pants, and slids them down my well defined legs. All that is left is my Calvin Klein underpants, which she quickly removes. Now that all our clothing is removed, we both revamp our efforts to fuck each others' brains out. So with my back facing the bed, my arms feeling every inch of her body, and legs all tangled up, I fall back onto her body. This stings a little, because my legs bang against a wooden board attached to the bed.
Despite the fact that I have been doing this for centuries, I still have difficulty holding back. As I am nearing climax, and can sense that she is close to orgasming, my penis engulfs her clitoris, and her perfect example of womanhood grows quite hard in response. Her clitoris tastes even better than her fluids, and my body shudders in pleasure, bringing us both to orgasm.
"Sorry, honey, as sweet as you are, I need to replenish my semen."
She connects her eyes with mine, and my dick pulls out of her twat. She then glares at me, "What are you doing? You had better put that thing" looking at IT contemptously, "back into me!"
"How about I put you into it?"
"What the HELL are you talking about. There is no way I could fit into that THING! Feel free to try, though," She sneers.
I raise her body up so that my penis's slit is at her feet.
"Okay, you asked for it."
At first my dick just tickles her feet, and she squirms in anticipation. After a second she laughs uncontrollably. Then my dick creeps up her feet, and she continues to squirm. All this activity causes her to sweat profusely. She sweats enough to marinate her whole body with a sweet and slightly chocolatey sexual .
I say, "You taste heavenly, my dear, it is rare that i have devoured even a sweet girl, but I have never tasted one whom had a hint of chocolatey flavour. I shall savour every last drop of you." I lick my lips, and give her vagina a lust filled look.
"What are you?! You better not swallow me!" She gives me an angry glare.
As she glares at me, my dick creeps up to just past her calves. She is really thrashing at this point, and her slit is dripping wet. Pussy juices are flowing down her thighs and her beautiful butt crack. Her emotions and her body are at war with each other. She is terrified of being swallowed by the penis, but being caressed by a penis is incredibly arousing. Despite her anger towards men, she secretly worships penis. Therefore her anger towards men, turns into an intense passion for their most masculine part.
Next my dick reaches her thighes. Even though much of her legs in entombed in my dick, there is still much room to maneuver. Her knees alternately knee the tunnel slowly engulfing her, her butt is continuously flexing, and her upper body is twisting. "Get off me you bastard!" she screams.
"Keep on screaming, my dear. Someone may actually come to save you..." I say. I pin her down, and take a nice long suck of her mammary's secretions. Her milk tastes very different from her sweat, and it is very rich with fat. Then my dick has finally reached her butt, and it uses a technique of preventing her legs from going in any further, and greedily sucks in more of her juices.
Her fear and lust are now both obvious to me. I can finally see them on her face, and taste them in the mixture of sweat and her slit's secretions. My dick is so powerful, in fact, that it pulls her inhabit head first right out of her womb.
As one of her breasts run out of milk, I stop clenching my dick muscles, and her pussy's captive became my scrotum's captive, which took even me by suprise. Lucky for the angry woman, her captive prevented her from torpedoing into the same place.
I hold the chin of Miss Angry, and look her right in the eye, "What was the name of your captive?"
She shouts, "None Of Your Damn..." I interrupt her by slurping in more of her slender sexy body, "Business!" She is continuously slipping in inch by sexy inch, and her resolve finally falters. "Okay, I will tell you. Her name is Sisillis. You happy now?!"
"What do you think?" As I suck in another six inches of her. Her breasts gently caress my penis. She is still struggling, and even slightly sad, not because of her becoming a captive, but because her womb feels empty. She loved having Sisillis slide up into her sexy slit. Anger was able to slip one hand into my dick, and her other hand reach out towards my scrotum and caressed Sisillis' body.
Her fun was short-lived as I grasped both of Anger's breasts, and shoved them into me. Her body was giving up on her, and she slowly succumbed to my slits ravenous appetite. Her hand slowly strokes her vagina, and my shaft slurps up her salivating secretions. Her head slowly swishes back and forth, and her silky smooth hair strokes my cock and balls.
I give her one last chance to look at the world, before my shaft covers her eyes. I wrap her hair around my dick, so that I may have yet another orgasm, before her whole body becomes one with my semen. Her face is imprinted on my shaft's flesh, and her hands ministrations are accomodated by Sisillis whom slithers up into Anger's vagina.
By now most of Sisillis' body from her toes to just beneath her breasts have been turned into semen. So there is barely enough of her left to penetrate Anger's lovely hole. Up until now, my I have been holding back on the digestion process, but my stamina finally gives out from the multiple orgasms. Just before it gives out, I am able to syphen off some of the Anger semen, just in case I decide to impregnate an unlucky womb with her seed.
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This is the first story, I have submitted to this site, or anywhere else for that matter.

The story contains me as the main character, and a girl nicknamed anger, whom previously unbirthed named Sisillis.

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Posted by shabbacabba 9 years ago Report

Not a bad CV story, not bad at all.


Posted by dragon32078 9 years ago Report

Thank you for the compliment. Would you like to see another story with 'Anger' in it?


Posted by shabbacabba 9 years ago Report



Posted by dragon32078 8 years ago Report

In what direction should I take this story? If anyone wants to give suggestions as to whether I should impregnate her or have a prequel, or what direction to take this story, feel free to tell me.


Posted by Zond 7 years ago Report

you still will write more?
(Google translator to help me) ^^;


Posted by dragon32078 7 years ago Report

I will write more. Do you have a request for me?