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Heavy lunch By SkyLark -- Report

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Out grazing like any other day, Milk suddenly heard a voice in her left ear. "Hey there!"


Turning towards the source she saw no-one, when the same mysterious voice spoke again, this time in her right ear. "Over here!"

"Are you invisible?" Asked Milk.

"No no no, I'm right here ~ look up!"

Titling her face towards the sky, Milk was surprised to see at tiny human with a tiny tiara and tiny wings hovering above her head. Milk had heard of such beings before, but this is her first time seeing one. "Are you... a fairy?"

Fairy: "I most certainly am ~ and I must say, you look positively scrumtious!"

Milk: "Me? Scrumtious? Oh, thank you ~ that's very kind."

Fairy: "Yes, I was out looking for food when I saw you in this field from the trees over yonder. I thought you looked tastey so I decided to come over for a closer look. You're quite a bit bigger than I first thought though. Haha."

Milk: "Oh, so you'd like to eat me?"

Fairy: "I'd love to try, if that's okay."

Milk: "Well yes, I am for eating. But I was meant to be the main course for someone more my size. Would someone like you really be able to gobble someone as big as me?"

Fairy: "Normally I look for much smaller things, but if I can manage to swallow you would you be okay being food for me?"

Milk: "Well, if you eat me then you can do whatever you want with me."

So the fairy flutterd about chatting with Milk as to how best to eat her, eventually succeeding in swallowing her from the top of her horns to the tip of her tail. The fairy seemed quite 'elastic', and make quite a sight with belly full of bovine goodness.

Finally summoning all he strength she dragging and lifted her over-full belly over the fence and into the woods - and the field had one less cowgirl.


Needed a break from working on my Christmas pic (part 2). This is what happened. XD

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Posted by Lady_List 7 years ago Report

I love happy endings~ ^^


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

With vore, every ending is a happy ending.


Posted by Crushermach3 7 years ago Report

I'd just like to take this opportunity to point out that this is all very sick and we should all be ashamed of ourselves.
Can you continue this plz? >.>


Posted by eatablecarnage 7 years ago Report

Yey you're back :D and still making awesome stuffs woot thank you :D


Posted by brainstorm 7 years ago Report

hope be digestion followed by some funny curvy expansion in way of hips and breasts.

or super overly sized boobs.


Posted by Hot_Plate 7 years ago Report

Milk seems like a very cuddly prey. I bet she'd be a treat to eat or sleep with~ *snuggle* :3


Posted by Gimlet 7 years ago Report

Sounds like a very happy meal. Hope Milk enjoyed being tightly stuffed into the little fairy. :)


Posted by Throku 7 years ago Report

Hmm... strange, as strange as this scene is, what struck me as weird was something as common as a ponytail, I can't recall having seen a fairy with it before. I approve though, of that and very much of the scene and picture in general ;)


Posted by Moonleaf 7 years ago Report

; 3; She's so cute~


Posted by Demicus 7 years ago Report

^_^ What a lucky fairy!


Posted by Tsavo 7 years ago Report

"It's a simple question of weight ratios!"


Posted by Deska 7 years ago Report

Yay! I was just thinking about smaller prey and fairy scenarios! Are you a wizard? ^^


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Yes. Yes I am.


Posted by Emanresu 7 years ago Report

Beef has never looked more adorable.


Posted by maraudingmarauder 7 years ago Report

I think I'm made my opinions on micro-predators pretty clear in the past.

Especially cute little girls like this one.


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

It's a refined taste for refined people.


Posted by Royal_Starlord 7 years ago Report

O_O.... Pretty hot.


Posted by KinoTheCat 7 years ago Report

I love this piece. XD
Small preds and large prey are always wonderful scenes, and you are just so good at doing them. <3


Posted by Turbotowns 5 years ago Report

Amen. XD


Posted by OrcaSnack-Garth 7 years ago Report

Why do I feel like joining the cow-girl? ^///^


Posted by Jazzmin 7 years ago Report

Veni Vidi Veni, then Veni again.


Posted by steven1950 7 years ago Report

cute and funny also great little story to go with it


Posted by Reiko 7 years ago Report

Eeee! How cute, I love it!!


Posted by kagamineneko 7 years ago Report

Awwwww a happy end!!! *jealouse*


Posted by Kiyoa 7 years ago Report

Cute. Ah, that cowgirl seems to be so happy with being a meal. =D


Posted by NotherPacman 7 years ago Report

Milk is kind of funny. XD


Posted by SkittyMint 7 years ago Report

that's awesome -w- .. I hope to see more


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 7 years ago Report

Another day, another sexy girl in a belly. Love the pose of Milk in this one. ^.^
her expression makes her so cute!
wish I had a girl like Milk for myself.


Posted by leonskenedi 7 years ago Report

awww im love them faces and im would love sometgn like that happend me!


Posted by smashman 7 years ago Report

Her stomach looks like a clear trash bag


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Well, it's a very lazy cut-away, so yeah - it very much does.


Posted by smashman 7 years ago Report

Whether its crappy or not is not what im getting at. That's just what i think of it


Posted by smashman 7 years ago Report

By the way it's a good picture


Posted by Liz 7 years ago Report

One Full Fairy <3

Lovely work :)


Posted by Neznamy 7 years ago Report



Posted by Manic_Maxwell 7 years ago Report

Gah! Milk is just so damn adorable. :3

I like the use of the flavor-text to provide some backstory along with this, too! That shouldn't surprise me, it's been a strength of yours with all of the comic series, too.


Posted by CGR-7 7 years ago Report

Amazing that Milk is such a willing prey. I would think the words "scrumptious" and "looked tasty" are not complimentary to a moo cowgirl. XD

Fantastic work, SkyLark. =D


Posted by Entity 7 years ago Report

Distractions XD

an excellent distraction though ;)


Posted by noisekeeper 7 years ago Report

Little voracious fairies are simply the best haha.


Posted by Arashi 7 years ago Report

Milk loves to be eaten doesn't she


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

I don't know if she loves it, but she certainly doesn't mind when it happens!

Primal Fire

Posted by Primal Fire 7 years ago Report

Milk is absolutely adorable. I love your characters so much.


Posted by algog8 6 years ago Report

She should have a protective sister or two who wants to be with her, and fairy has to eat them all.


Posted by Siege 6 years ago Report

...milk is the best character ever...