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Lack By nephilim -- Report

A man and a woman. And the tight, gasping space between as their universe unravels. With a featureless backdrop, and narrow focus, these events are re-told through their eyes.

One cannot hope to master the art of vore without first becoming warped by it, and he finds that he is desperate for a different form of intimacy.

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Posted by Marked 7 years ago Report

A very nice balance between old and new. I admire the subtle with which you set the mood and make my own toes curl in anticipation. (:


Posted by Darius1972 7 years ago Report

Wow Nepphie,

This is beautiful and lush, full of character development. I love the foreshadowing, so bold and subtle at the same time.
The lamp smashing and it's metaphorical place in the story, the opening of a new "chapter" of their lives together. Excellent re-mastering. I read both and can see the growth as a writer. You amaze me again my friend.



Posted by Indighost 7 years ago Report

. Cool to see you do an extended lover's dispute scene, I haven't read ordinary-style dialogue like this before from you. Not bad at all. ...I really like how you described your perception of vore as possession, this is the best explication of it yet that i've seen. ... I am reminded of my own girlfriend-fights, although this one seems much more dramatic, which is appropriate :3 Overall, as a physical man, I enjoyed the physicality in this story compared to others--the woman is quite beautiful as described :) I found it hard to imagine exactly what the man's attitude was, but it was clear he is seeking an evil kind of pleasure, that he was attempting to resist.


Posted by nephilim 7 years ago Report

Ordinary-style dialogue? DO you mean the bickering of a couple? lol. Yes; I'd imagine that to be able to understand Danny's motivations -completely- would require one to be as far removed from the human connection as he is. I can scarcely capture it and get it down on paper sometimes; but I do endeavor to present it so that the reader can intuitively understand it; if not on an intellectual level, then certainly on a more base, emotional one.

I am just the scribe that relays what my characters do (:

And, yes, Eva is stunning. If you haven't seen it, this is the official render of her I had done by Darius:


Posted by Remiya 7 years ago Report

Wow. I can completely relate to the opening scene where Eva hears him come home but waits anxiously in bed for hours. Only to approach him, vulnerably, and have him complain about a light bulb. Been there!

Amazing story, can't wait to see how it turns out.


Posted by nephilim 7 years ago Report

I'm in the midst of re-writing this installment because I have since created an even bigger body of work from "Intimacy," which was supposed to initially be a stand-alone series; but so many people clamored to read more about Danny that I continued it into a full-blown drama.

I have the original if you are desperate to read the rest of "Intimacy" to its conclusion (although it is the older version; the series of events and the ending are the same).

Because I don't have a specific timeline for when I'll update *this* version to its conclusion. Since I'm so busy writing the fourth installment to this epic!