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Balance of Power Part 3: Unleashed Understandings By TheGuyWhoKnows -- Report

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What has he done? What has he done wrong?

Goldeneye is new now, his soul reshifted by the simplest touch of his horrified vulpine friend. And he has a lot of things he's suppressed all the time he's been with Josh.

They'll get their answers: who the fox is, what happened to rid a god of his power, what the true story is behind the facade. But there is more, for the gryphon has his own desires to attend to. And Josh will suffer.

WARNING: From here onwards, the happy parts are utterly gone. There is cruelty here on a scale beyond anything I've done before, really. Read at your own psychological peril.

Part 3 of a commission for the adorable and lovely  Paradox043 This features my own Goldeneye ( ) and Josh, property of Pip. This, be warned, is where the true colours of the gryphon start to show once more: and they are red with blood.

Contains: Gryphon griffon griffin arctic fox vulpine avian unwilling willing fear terror emotional mystery torture abuse cuddling purple ring Void Goldeneye Josh pre-vore paws pawcuddling paw worship avian M/M soul vore magic

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Posted by nephilim 7 years ago Report

Holy crap... what a mind [email protected]#$%. That was at Inception-levels of insanity


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 7 years ago Report

Which mind were you talking about? They're both pretty odd. Thanks a lot!

Remember, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Ergo, if you're like Joshua or Goldeneye, and born with tremendous power, your mind will be more than a little off-centre...


Posted by nephilim 7 years ago Report

I censored myself, but I was saying "what a mind fuck."


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 7 years ago Report

Ohhh... of course. So much for my telepathy. X3

Well, thank you anyway. There was a lot of fun playing with all the layers of mind in this. C:


Posted by sd43 7 years ago Report

Well that was different. After a little while, I knew the old Goldeneye had to come back. As nephilim said, very insane at points. I love insanity :D


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 7 years ago Report

What can i say? Goldeneye is... insatiable. He'll always show his true colours in the end.

And thank you. Insanity is fun! 8D


Posted by DivineDarkEvil 7 years ago Report





Pardon my language but...I honestly could not find any other words to describe what I felt!

Perfection. Pure Perfect. There is no other way to describe it. Just...oh my....-drools-

In retrospect its probably a good thing neither of my two characters which are as insane as Goldie aren't gods or something similar otherwise I'm damn well sure they would have done exactly what he did! XD Oi! Get back in your cages! -stuffs them back into cages- No godhood for'll blow up the Existance and even AntiExistance! -adds some extra locks on the cages-


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 7 years ago Report

Hehehehehehehhehe. I like mindfuckings. Thank you very much indeed. I'm delighted that you enjoyed it.

The weird thing is, though, I never used to be much of a fan of telepathy. The only reason it features so heavily in my evil evil tales is that I wanted Damian, in my first story, to tease Alex as the fox slid down his throat. Thought, "Sure, I'll make him telepathic, then. He's already done a lot of magicky things, so..."

And then I get a mythology, a colossal story arc, and oodles of fun out of it. And of course, lots and lots of mindfuckings.

As for those two... if they're insane, don't count on it. Maniacs can be very, very determined and very, very patient - Goldeneye is a case in point, after all. Put more locks on already!


Posted by DivineDarkEvil 7 years ago Report

Mindfucks are amazing. But writing them takes a steady mind to actually create otherwise it'll turn out some horrible mess in which you cannot hope to tell which way is up and which way is down. But this, you have an example of not only how to properly write a mindfuck but how to make it picture perfect.

Telepathy is a hard power to control with a character, always watching the boundaries and making sure you aren't abusing it and turning the character into a sue on accident. Its one of those goldielocks zones. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. Both characters balance the tightrope with immense skill.

Sometimes the best things happen when you aren't even aware of them in the first place, they happen when you least expect it. Having gotten a mythology and such a massive story arc out of it and the fact you had fun with it definately says something! Oh and of course the mindfucks XD

Oh trust me these two are VERY determined and VERY patient in their endevors. -adds more locks again-


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 7 years ago Report

Awww... you're too kind. Much, much too kind. I do like my maddening madness-filled mindfucks. :3

I am sometimes worried that my characters may seem a little overgodlike. Essentially unlimited power, a dramatic, brooding background, and a hyper-dominant personality? Sounds a little like the predatory Mary Sue is about! I've tried to keep a sense of personality about both of them, and so thank you therefore for that kind comment. I really appreciate it. ^^

But yes, it is nice when characters surprise you. X3 I used to keep getting cold thrills when Damian went off on his speeches in early stories - a sort of "my god, his obsession is just so STRONG" sort of thing. He's full of surprises, and I swear some of them he decides, not me. >_>

And exactly! Be warned, though. No locks will truly be enough for creatures like these. YOU ONLY SLOW 'EM DOWN.


Posted by DivineDarkEvil 7 years ago Report

You're welcome.^^ -purs-

For the universe of which both Damian and Goldeneye live in their powers are realistic for their worlds. They make perfect sense and are not over powered nor under powered. And you didn't pull one of the easiest traps to fall in which is taking an underpowered character and suddenly having them skyrocket to being god. No you started your boys out at just the right level and had them progress beautifully from there.^^

Characters only become sues when their power exceeds the limits of the worlds in which they live. It's not like you dropped a Super Sayian into the world of Rurouni Kenshin You didn't put Super Man inside our world. Your characters are as powerful as they need to be. And that is a very hard goal to achieve but you have certainly got it with these two!

Everything is about how you present it. It's all about making it appealing to the eye. You took hyper-dominant, over obsessive, power mad, deep brooding backstory and transformed it into something not many are capable of. You presented things in a subtle way and gradually let on in some places while highlighting moreso on others and then brutally slapping the reader in the face with one aspect in particular. You layered the personalities and that is what makes the characters so alluring. You didn't take everything and ball it up and hit the reader with it all at once. You picked and chose which aspects of personality you wanted to highlight the most with each character and that is exactly what happened.^^

Oh yes -chuckles- I do know that feeling! The two crazies I mentioned earlier, they do that to me from time to time. Personally I don't mind it one bit. I love when I sit down to type something and the words just...flow. I don't have any forethought as to what I'm going to write it appears, as if some other source is streaming itself through my body and working my fingers into a frenzy upon the keyboard in a desperate attempt to convay what it so desires. Thats how I end up with these extremely lenthgy stories and rp posts. XD It also means that it infuriates me just that much more if my connection glitches or the computer freezes before I have a chance to save what I wrote and then have to do it all over again. And of course when I try to do it all over again the second time around it sucks because I'm not in that 'zone.'

Oh I know that as well. XD Long story short I was very sick for several years and my doctor kept jumping around from medication to medication with me and unfortunately all the sides affects were things such as major depression, anxiety, increased irritability, anger, aggression...everything. For three years I was nothing but the absolute WORST wreck of a person, you seriously didn't want to be around me. And for three years those crazy characters of mine went into hibernation. About a year ago now I finally said I had enough and switched to something different and I started to become my old self once again. Then, one day, out of the blue...POOF! They were back and stronger than ever. I dont blame them for being so eager to get out, especially since they've been trapped for so long.