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The Roeders and their guests had come inside by this point. Seg could see through the big sliding back door that there was no one in the backyard. It sounded like they were all in the kitchen and dining area. So he went and had a seat in a big leather armchair he knew belonged to Wade Roeder, and waited. Luke Roeder was the first one to emerge from the kitchen and he gave a shrill little cry of surprise at the sight which brought his parents, aunt, uncle and cousins running. For a moment the family of equines simply stood there staring. Edna Roeder blushed and covered her two sons' eyes with her hands. Curiously, Stacy Roeder made no move to do the same with Luke.
Seg read their expressions. Edna, as noted, was blushing. Wade's eyes were goggling and he looked slightly angry. However, his anger turned to some mild confusion when he took note of his wife's reaction. He frowned. Meanwhile, brother Wilmer was grinning, and he gave a little nudge to his wife. Stacy chuckled. Seg entertained the idea that Wade's brother and his wife were swingers. Their little boy meanwhile was staring with huge eyes. James and Frankie fought to look out from behind their mother's shielding hands, but Edna Roeder was resolute. She steered them away and out of the living room. Seg watched her smack them each on the bottom and send them upstairs with a command to shower and get into bed, and then she returned.
 "Well," said Wilmer Roeder, "this just got interesting!" His wife agreed.
Wade was about to say something when little Luke piped up. "Why are his balls so huge?"
"Luke!" cried Wade in shock.
Seg chuckled. "It's because George took a trip down my cock," he replied, emphatically giving said shaft a slow, sensual stroke which made it throb and begin growing again, "and transformed him into a load of dragon cum."
He avoided mentioning the fate of Jon for the moment. He'd need to gauge how his next door neighbors reacted to the fate of an in-law before he mentioned what he'd also done to their oldest son. The reaction to the fate of George was mixed. Wade and Edna looked shocked, although Edna squirmed a bit and bit at her knuckle. Seg could tell she was becoming aroused, even if she was trying to hide it. He knew Edna Roeder had had a crush on him for a very long time.
Wilmer and Stacy Roeder, meanwhile, looked positively delighted. Elated, even. Not because they had any particular dislike of Cousin George. Quite the opposite. He was fairly well-liked and an all-around decent guy. It was for other reasons. Foremost of these being that Wilmer and Stacy were very sexually liberated people, in stark contrast to the more conservative Wade and Edna; Wade moreso than Edna. They enjoyed trying new things and cockvore seemed right up their alley.
 "Hey!" cried Wilmer. "Y'know, that's a great idea for a game!"
"Wha...?" said Wade, turning to stare slackjawed at his brother.
"Remember, when we were discussing out back if anyone knew any good party games? Well, it seems your pal Big Seg here has found a really good and original one!"
"What sort of game?" Wade inquired doubtfully, turning to eye the dragon reclining in his armchair.
"Cockvore," replied the dragon, steepling his fingers as his member swelled in length and girth several more inches, growing right before the thoroughly entranced family's eyes. "That is to say, the game involves you fine folks slipping and sliding down my beauty here and I see how many of you I can stuff inside my balls. Whaddaya say? Wilmer's up for it, obviously. And I just bet Stacy is, too."
"Oh, I am!" said Stacy. She smiled and laid her hands on her son's shoulders as Luke chewed nervously at his lower lip. "And so is Luke!"
"Huh?" cried Edna, surprised despite her obvious arousal and lust for her dragon neighbor.
"Oh, we always encourage Luke to try new things," said Wilmer, ruffling his son's mane.
 "Dad, cut it out!" giggled Luke, playfully shoving his father's hand away.
Seg chuckled. He liked these two. Very openminded and adventurous. Just his sort of people. He turned and looked at Wade. Despite her seeming objection to involving Luke, Seg was certain of Edna Roeder's answer. Her husband was another matter. He seemed the lone holdout. "So how 'bout it, Wade? Wanna play?"
Wade and Edna looked shocked but seemed to eventually come 'round to the idea. With a small smile, Wade mumbled something akin to an agreement, and Seg smirked, realizing he had them all in the palm of his hand now.
"Okay then!" said Seg, rubbing his hands together eagerly and grinning. "Who's first?"
"Me!" said Edna, stepping forward. Her husband grabbed her arm. "Wade," she grumbled.
It was a purely reflexive and protective gesture, Seg realized. For a moment it seemed like the mood had been ruined, but Wilmer suddenly had the answer. With a grin, Wade's brother nudged his young son towards the dragon.
"Luke is!" he announced. "At the moment it doesn't look like Seg's cock is big enough to let any of us grown-ups slip down it, but it does look big enough for my boy. Whaddaya say, Luke? Ready?"
 "Sure," murmured Luke, nervous but excited at the same time as his father hurriedly began removing his swim trunks, leaving the young horse totally nude.
"I'd suggest you all get naked as well," said Seg. "Clothes and my cock doesn't exactly agree with each other."
The Roeders began undressing, the husbands assisting their wives with their swimwear. Soon the four adults joined the child in standing nude before the dragon. They all had wonderful bodies and Seg licked his lips. He smirked and beckoned to young Luke, who smiled nervously and approached. His parents looked on and beamed, whilst his aunt and uncle were apprehensive.
"What about Jon?" asked Wade softly.
"He's probably upstairs doing his homework," replied Edna. "He'll have his headphones on, then. He won't hear a thing."
Seg grinned. If only they knew! He debated telling them, but then Wilmer scooped his son up by the armpits, lifting him up so that his hooflike toes dangled over the dragon's cock, the boy giving a little "Whup!" of surprise and uncertainty. Seg decided the revelation about Jon didn't matter, especially considering where his parents were going, and instead focused on the first of the participants in the evening's "game."
 Using one hand, Seg gripped the underside of his shaft to lift it up a bit more. With the other, he slipped his thumb and forefinger inside to spread the urethra open wide to admit Luke's feet. Giving a nod to go ahead to the boy's father, Seg watched with lust-filled eyes as Wilmer began lowering his son in feet first. The boy's skinny legs went in easily, slipping in a little past his knees with his father's help, and Seg removed his fingers spreading the slit open so that it clamped tightly and wetly down onto Luke's thighs, making the boy gasp. Wilmer whickered a bit and nuzzled his son's head to calm him, and kept holding him under his arms so he was supported.
Seg's cock gave a sudden suckling motion and the hungry member started sucking the amazed young horse down inside of itself. His eyes were wide and staring, and his little cock was hard and erect. Seg wondered if he'd have an orgasm on the way down like his cousins. As the cock gulped up the boy's form, swallowing past his hips and sliding up his stomach, Wilmer released him, as now the cock could hold the boy on its own without any assistance. The older horse stood back to clutch at his wife, as the pair watched their son being swallowed by the neighbor's ravenous member, grinning broadly. Sexually liberated, indeed, thought Seg, as he noticed Wilmer's massively erect horsecock. And he just bet Stacy's pussy was wet.
 Wade and Edna meanwhile watched as well. Wade was staring, almost as wide-eyed as his nephew, mouth agape. Seg turned and smirked at him, earning a blush from the stallion. Wade turned away to conceal the fact he was becoming very, very turned on from the show, his cock erecting. His wife, meanwhile, was already wet, fingering herself slowly as she observed the cock consuming their nephew. She wondered what it would be like when it was her and her husband's turn.
The cock gulped and glurped, inching its way slowly up Luke Roeder's form. The colt gasped and moaned as the slit slid up over his chest and started taking in his shoulders. He lifted his arms up rather gracefully, hands coming together, poised, almost like a dancer, and with a gasp the boy arched his head back as it slid down into the cumslit, followed by his upraised, tapering arms. The four adults watched in sheer amazement as Luke's fingertips disappeared from sight, and then applauded all at once as the bulge slid down the shaft, which already had begun to swell in size in preparation to take them all. The boy wound up in the left nut.
 "That was fantastic!" said Wilmer.
"Ah, one down, four to go," said Big Seg, licking his lips as he eyed Luke's parents. "That boy sure went down smooth," he observed, "especially that thing with his arms. He wouldn't happen to take ballet, would be?" He smirked.
"Oh, yes!" said Stacy Roeder. "Luke has always been a very graceful little boy, and Wilmer and I encouraged him to take dancing lessons. He liked ballet best."
"And he looked wonderful sliding down your cock there," her husband added. "Do us next!"
Seg nodded. The two of them hurriedly approached. His swollen member, now several feet in length, flopped down onto the floor and blurped a little, oozing pre onto the carpet. The dragon was very eager to get things underway now. Luke Roeder has just been an appetizer. His parents would be the first course! He watched as Wilmer directed his wife to get down on her hands and knees before the cock, and thought he had a good idea of what the stallion had planned. The mare did as she was told.
"Now, honey, when I start banging you, you stuff your head on in, all right?" said Wilmer.
 "Okay!" replied Stacy, grinning.
Big Seg eyed the two of them, immensely pleased with where this was headed! Wilmer got behind his wife, taking hold of her hips, and rubbed his dripping stallionhood against her pussy, earning a moan from the mare. Stacy nuzzled against the head of the cock that had only moments ago swallowed her son, and kissed it, licking around the urethra, slipping her tongue inside to scoop out dollops of dragoncum, earning a pleased rumble from the massive reptile above her. Then she moaned as her husband entered her, spreading her with his thick, meaty tool, and began buck his hips, as she ducked her head and pressed it eagerly against the cumslit, which spread for her, and, with a groan, the mare's entire head slid inside.
Seg licked his lips as the big stallion thrust his hips, pistoning his throbbing maleness in and out of Stacy as the mare slid deeper into the hungry cock, which took in her shoulders, oozing cum out around her heaving, motherly breasts and down her arms. It dribbled down to join the puddles of semen already soaking the Roeders' carpet. Seg watched through his slitted eyes as the big stallion sweated and groaned and dominated his wife, each thrust forcing her deeper into the thick meat, which slid down to claim her hips. As Stacy went in deeper, Wilmer needed to scoot closer, so that when his wife was in up to her hips, the horse found his nose bumping against Seg's muscular chest.
 He grunted and looked up. Seg smiled down at him, and then cupped his chin, tilting his head upwards, and their lips gently met in a sensual kiss. At that exact moment, Wilmer came. He moaned into Seg's mouth as he was overcome with sexual bliss and emptied himself into his wife. As he extracted himself, he remained where he was, spent, dribbling cock rubbing against Stacy's ass, as it slid inside of the dragonhood, forcing her legs together. They slid in easily, and Stacy Roeder was sucked right down to join her son. She was deposited into the right nut, making a larger bulge than her child.
Nearby, Seg observed, it seemed Wade Roeder was being made by his own wife to get more into the spirit of things. He stood there looking stunned at having witnessed his nephew and sister-in-law get sucked down his neighbor's hungry cock, then Edna Roeder sidled up to him and slid her hands across his broad chest. He turned and looked at her, and she drew him to her, and kissed him softly on the lips.
She murmured something to him which Seg didn't hear, and then she pulled him down onto the couch with herself. Wade grinned and got astride his wide, and guided his throbbing horse meat into his wife's cunny. The mare groaned deeply and arched her back as her stallion husband began fucking her slowly. His taut butt rose and fell as he plunged his proud stallionhood in and out of Edna whilst the mare moaned and writed.
 Turning away from the happy couple, Seg looked back down at Wilmer, and grinned. "So, ready to take the trip yourself?" he asked softly. "Got to fill these puppies out to their maximim limit." So saying, he gave his swollen testicles a rub.
Wilmer Roeder nodded. "Sure!" he cried.
Seg nodded and directed Wilmer to lie back on the carpet, which the horse obediently did. The dragon grabbed him by the ankles and stuffed his feet into the yawning cumslit, and Wilmer yelped and laughed as he felt the interior of Seg's cock clamp down on his feet tightly. There was a flex, and his legs were drawn in to the knees.
"Oh, wow!" he cried.
"It only gets better!" Seg assured him with a smirk.
Wilmer had to take the dragon's word for it, but Seg heard no complaints from the stallion as he was drawn steadily into the ravenous suckling maleness. He moaned and stroked his own still erect cock as thighs were taken. By the time the cumslit was creeping over his hippings, pinning Wilmer's throbbing cock against his taut, muscular belly, the horse cried out and splurted his thick, creamy load all over his own chest. Then, he lay spent and unmoving except for an occasional twitch and moan, grinning stupidly as he was sucked inside of the cock that had swallowed his wife and son.
 From their position on the sofa, the rutting Wade and Edna turned and watched as Wade's brother was drawn fully inside of Big Seg's big cock, the tower of oozing, dripping flesh rising up, Wilmer just a bulge traveling down with a soft glurp, making Seg shudder and wiggle in the chair. This sight sent the couple over the edge and they returned to furiously fucking each other, Wade's powerful hips thrusting, taut butt rising and falling as he pounded Stacy's cunt, which, Seg observed from where he was, was still quite tight despite having birthed three children. She was quite the MILF.
Soon enough, Wade gave a whinny and grunted, arching his back, and came inside of his lovely wife, tossing his mane about wildly as Edna groaned and wrapped her legs tightly around her husband's waist and enticed him to bury himself deeper in her as he splurted his lifegiving seed into her. Seg was impressed with just how into the spirit of things the heretofore reluctant Mr. and Mrs. Roeder had gotten. It just took seeing three of their relatives disappear down a dragon cock to get their motors going, apparently.
He stroked his throbbing, still hungry member as he watched them finish, Wade collapsing atop his wife, Edna gasping and mmming as she too hit her peak and came, holding tightly to her weary husband as she rode out her orgasm. Then with a high-pitched little gasp, she lay back, openmouthed and panting.
"Good lord, honey," she said softly. "We haven't made love like that since before Jon was born..."
Rising a bit, Wade grinned at his wife. "Yeah... no kidding..." he managed to say. To Seg, he said, "This is definitely turning out to be one hell of a party."
"I aim to please," Seg said with a grin.
Sweat was pouring off of both horses. Wade carefully extracted himself from his wife's cunny, his cockhead dribbling thick globs of leftover seed as he got off of Edna and sat to one side. Edna herself got up and lay against her strong-bodied husband for a moment. Seg let the recover before the "game" continued. He was having some difficulty waiting, admittedly; the scent of sex in the air was making him even hungrier. He wondered if even after stuffing Wade and Edna down his cock, he'd still be satisfied. Probably not. He'd likely need to take their children, as well. But James and Frankie could wait until later. Right now, Seg was focused on the only two remaining adults in the Roeder household.
 After a bit, the Roeders got up off of the couch and walked over to stand before their neighbor. Seg sat reclining in the chair, legs spread wide by his massively swollen balls, his cock towering up above them. Curious, Wade Roeder stooped down on one knee and laid his head against the sac, listening to the soft, sloppy gurgling noises coming from within, signaling, Seg knew, the end of his neighbors' extended family. George and Jon had long since melted into cum, and by this point, Seg was pretty sure so were Luke and Stacy, and now Wilmer would be marinating in a stew of what had once been his wife and son, before gurgling away, himself.
"What exactly is happening in there?" Edna asked. It was directed more at her husband than the dragon.
"Lots of gurgling noises," replied Wade, looking up at Seg.
Seg considered ending the game here, and leaving. After all, he liked the Roeders immensely. Wade and Edna had always been good neighbors, and hadn't haggled too much when he sold them the house. And likely as not, he would have, if he hadn't eaten Jon already.
 Even if he ended it here with Wade, Edna and their other two sons still out and about, they'd eventually wonder where their oldest boy had got to, and suspicion would of course fall on Seg, the dragon next door, who'd cockvored half their family already, especially after Wade and Edna realized that those who went down inside of Seg's cock didn't typically come back out except as cum. Besides, what kind of party pooper would he be to end the game early? It'd be rude of him! His cock seemed to agree, as it throbbed, pulsed and quivered. If the ravenous thing had a mind, there'd only be one thing on it: more. It wanted more. And if there were four horses left in the house, then Seg's cock was going to have them.
But, then again. Hmmm. Seg thought to himself, the gears in his head moving in a different direction than they were accustomed.
"How 'bout I give you two a nice cum bath before it's your turn to stuff my cock?" said Seg, trying to get the subject off of exactly what the fate of those in the balls was.
Edna Roeder frowned and cocked her hips, and said, "Isn't that cheating?" she asked.
The dragon blinked. "What do you mean?"
"Cumming would be emptying yourself some!" Edna declared. "Making it easier for you to stuff me and Wade inside!"
 "Yeah," said Wade, rising, "and the whole object is to see how many of us you can stuff into your balls." He grinned.
Seg laughed and grabbed them both, pulling them against his hulking form in a friendly snuggle, kissing them both on the snout. "Such good sports you both are!" he said. He snuggled them against his cock, and they moaned as they rubbed their naked, aroused bodies against its leaking embrace. "So, who wants to go next?"
"I do, I guess," said Edna Roeder shyly, grinning, eying the titanic monster dragoncock.
"Then so you shall!" declared Seg with a bright and cheery grin.
Wade slid off of Seg's lap and seated himself on the arm of the chair, as Edna was lifted up by Seg who grasped her under her armpits. He lifted the beautiful MILF of a mare towards his face and opened his mouth, and out flopped his thick tongue to slather over her face and her breasts, tasting her, as though he ended to devour her this way. Edna gasped and got wet, juices dripping from her already well-fucked pussy, along with her husband's load from earlier.
 Then, he upended her, turning her around so that her long muzzle was at the opening of the cock, which gaped for her. He considered asking Wade if he'd like to fuck her down, the way Wilmer had Stacy, but decided his cock was too ravenously impatient to put up with that. It was crunchtime. Cock-feeding time. No more farting around. Edna was going in, and then Wade, and then he'd relax before having "dessert."
Edna's face slide smoothly into the cum-slickened hole and the bulbous head of the cock swallowed her past her trim shoulders in one gulp. He arms were pinned against her sides, and her naked breasts bulged out around the cumslit before Seg grunted and flexed his cock, and, with a wet pop, those motherly tits of Edna's disappeared wetly. Ever the sport, she planted her feet against the dragon's shoulders and started pushing herself in. Seg's muzzle was situated between her spread legs as she did so, giving him an excellent view of that pussy Wade had just gotten done fucking.
She felt so good going down, Seg decided it'd be remiss of him if he didn't make her feel great, as well, and so the big dragon bent forwards until his nose bumped against Edna's rear end, nestled between his ass cheeks, and his tongue slid out, first to tease and probe at the mare's anus. He felt her partially consumed body shudder within his shaft. Then that tongue slid lower and teasingly carressed Edna's cuntlips before shoving deep inside. The dragon shut his eyes in delight at the taste of the mare's pussy juices and her husband's leftover cum mingling together, and he drank it down, earning muffled moans and squirms from Edna as his cock swallowed her to her middle.
 He opened his eyes. Out of the corner of his eye, Seg watched Wade and enjoyed the stallion's mixture of arousal and discomfort at watching another male pleasuring his wife. He chuckled, and reached over and grasped the stallion's thick cock and started giving him a slow and gentle handjob.
"Ohhh, Seg..." groaned Wade, closing his eyes and leaning back.
He almost fell off of the chair's arm, but the quick-acting dragon let go of Wade's cock and caught him with one muscled arm around the horse's waist, and he pulled Wade against himself... and against the cock down which his wife was traveling. Wade whickered and hugged and kissed the shaft, nuzzling the bulge that was his beloved Edna. Ah, thought Seg, true love. Well, they'd be together again, soon, he knew, stroking through Wade's mane.
Wade kissed and licked his thick, slobbery tongue over the rippling bulge of his wife's body inside the cock. Big Seg's member bucked and gulped Edna in to the waist, her feet departing from his shoulders to kick in the air above Seg and Wade's heads, her tail swatting the dragon upside the head as it swished around, earning a deep, rumbling chuckle from Seg as he extracted his tongue from her dripping snatch before it was claimed by his cumslit. As her buttocks entered the cockslit, its pouting lips forced her shapely legs together. This leg only those long legs to slowly taper down inside of the pulsing monster. Her husband watched, transfixed and wide-eyed.
 "Mmm," rumbled the dragon as her hooves disappeared, the Edna-shaped bulged traveling down towards his waiting nuts, "and there goes number six."
"Six?" asked Wade, managing with some effort to tear his gaze away from the oozing cockhead to stare at his neighbor. "I thought Edna made five, counting Cousin George."
The dragon realized his error and remembered he hadn't copped to eating Jon. Fortunately, the sex-adled stallion only seemed mildly confused, as opposed to suspicious. Apparently he assumed Seg had just miscounted in his own lust-adled mind. Which, to be fair, was sort of what Seg had done. He hadn't miscounted, but his lust-clouded mind had made him momentarily forget he hadn't intended on letting the Roeders know his cock had also made a meal of their eldest son, and he'd almost ruined everything. Maybe he still had. He turned and looked at Wade, and decided to test this theory.
"Sorry," he said with a lopsided grin, "I, uh, I miscounted. Your wife... Edna, I mean... is worth two." He prayed this would convince Wade.
 It did. The horse grinned and chuckled and climbed up to sit astride the base of the dragon's cock, and his lips met Seg's in a warm and passionate kiss. My, thought Seg as he shut his eyes slowly and returned Wade's gesture, the sounds of their lips softly smacking the only sounds in the living room apart from the gurgling coming from the dragon's massive nutsac, it seemed Wade was either bisexual and had a bit of a thing for his hunky dragon neighbor, or he was straight like Seg had originally thought and just so caught up in lust he was willing to lock lips with another male.
Either interpretation was valid, considering, bi or straight, Wade was about to go the ultimate, and take a one-way trip down thick dragoncock, of his own free will. That was kind of the gayest thing Seg could think of anyone doing.
"Now, let's see if you can fit one more in!" said Wade after his and Seg's lips slowly parted, and he got up off of the dragon and slid to the floor.
The huge cock bent towards him and he clasped his hands together and held them out like a swimmer about to take a dive. Then without warning he thrust them in. Seg groaned out in surprise and pleasure as Wade's hands entered the urethra with a wet "glorp," and immediately the cock seized hold of the stallion's wrists and began sucking them in, gobbling its wet and sticky way up the muscled arms. Wade ducked his head down for ease of passage and within moments he was in up to his armpits. Like the rest of the Roeder family, Seg was impressed by just how eager the stallion was to feed himself to the hungry member!
 Straining and grunting muffledly within the tight, dark shaft, Wade planted his feet firmly against the carpet and shoved with all of his might. Not needing to do much for the time being, Seg just sat back and observed as the big horse pushed himself ever deeper, sinking into his urethra past his chest, the stretched open cockslit sliding past the bottom of his ribs, copious amounts of pre sliding down his heaving body. He knelt and pushed with his knees for leverage, then the cock lips were slipping down over his taut, washboard tummy.
Noticing that at this rate, Wade's own cock was going to be bent downwards painfully if he didn't intervene, the dragon shifted, grasping his cock and lifting it - and the dangling form of Wade Roeder with it - upwards. Wade's legs bicycled in the air. Grabbing Wade's shins as he hung upside-down above the cock which was consuming him, Seg extracted him partially with a "slorp," much to the protest of the dick which tugged insistently at the horse's form.
"Just a second!" Seg urged it with a grumble. Not that it'd listen, of course.
 Once Wade's midsection was freed, Seg let go of Wade's right leg, and then gently laid his horsecock against his heaving belly, then held it there with his forefinger as he released Wade's other leg and let gravity do its thing. Once the head of Wade's cock was safely inside of his own and pinned firmly against Wade's stomach, at which the stallion's body shuddered and Seg felt the unmistakable sensation of a torrent of horsecum being pumped down inside his shaft to further lube up his former neighbor-turned meal, Seg removed his finger and sat back with a contented sigh.
He watched with lidded eyes as the weakly wiggling, spent form of Wade Roeder was steadily gulped down by the bucking cock, until his legs and feet were gone. Like his and the rest of his family before him, Wade become naught but an undulating series of bulges traveling down the shaft. He was deposited into one of the waiting balls.
"Well," Seg said aloud to nobody, "guess that means I win!"
He chuckled. He had indeed won. Both the game of "stuff the cock," and a free meal for said member. He gave the turgid length a pet, and it shuddered. It still wasn't satisfied. The dragon sighed and looked up at the ceiling, towards the staircase. He grinned. The "game" wasn't over yet. When it had begun, young Luke Roeder had been the first to go inside of his cock. He now thought of the boy as but an appetizer before eating his parents, aunt and uncle. And now, he decided, it was time to make the remaining two children in the house into dessert. Then, he'd win properly.
He relaxed for a bit first, though, to let the already consumed horses settle down and digest. The only sounds apart from the dragon's soft, relaxed breathing which filled the living room were the glorps and gurgles as Wade melted into cum like his wife, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, son and cousin-in-law before him.
It began to grow dark outside. The sun was almost down and dusk was settling over the neighborhood. After a little while, Seg got up out of the chair and waddled over to the stairs. He managed to get up them only with supreme effort. His hugely swollen cum-filled falls barely fit into the narrow passage and also made climbing the stairs very difficult. More than once he lost his footing and almost fell down, but grabbed the railing and hoisted himself back up.
Finally, he made it to the top. The second floor at last. The upstairs hall was wide enough that his swollen balls had enough room, thank goodness. He still needed to waddle, and was grateful there wasn't anyone here to see how silly he looked half walking, half wiggling his way to Frankie Roeder's bedroom, the first door on the right. The door was shut and had a cute handwritten sign that said "Keep Out James!" Seg chuckled. Evidently, James Roeder enjoyed routinely invading his older brother's privacy.
"Well, it doesn't say 'Keep Out Segremores!'" Seg wryly observed
Gripping the handle, gave it an experimental turn. Unlocked. Opening the door, he eased his way inside. The overhead light was off, but there was a blue glow cast over the room by a lava lamp on Frankie's desk. Posters of rock bands and horror movies covered the walls. A typical fourteen year old's room.
The glow of the lamp illuminated the slumbering form of Frankie Roeder, sprawled facedown on his bed, with his head at the foot half off the mattress and his feet resting on his pillows at the opposite end, up against the headboard. He'd changed out of his swimming trunks and was wearing a gray shirt and briefs and nothing else. There was an open Spider-Man comic book halfway gripped in the boy's dangling hand, and a pair of headphones on his ears although the young colt wasn't listening to any music. His mouth hung open and he snored loudly. Sound asleep. Good. Seg grinned, and approached, his cock going right for its next meal.
Frankie stirred slightly and mumbled in his sleep as the dripping cockhead bent towards him like a mammoth elephant's trunk and the head bumped against his muzzle, but he remained asleep. Seg bent down and took the boy by the back of his head to support him, using his thumbs to shove off the headphones. They fell to the carpet and Seg pulled, his urethra opening to take in Frankie's head. His eyes fluttered open but before he had a chance to fully realize what was happening to him, he was encased entirely in hot, wet darkness. He gaze a muffled snort before his mouth was sucked in.
Seg heard a muffled scream from within the shaft, but relaxed. His cock had the boy now. His musk went to work on him, just as it had with George; the musk aroused him and he stopped struggling. Instead, he simply wanted to get off. The cock fed, slowly sucking in the sleepily wriggling form of the fourteen year old colt. He flailed a bit, throwing the comic across the room, but Seg grabbed his arms and pinned them to his sides until his cock took over and got to his elbows. Seg leaned back against the door frame and rumbled happily as he watched the lithe young form being pulled inexorably across the covers, lamenting the fact Frankie was clothed. There was nothing he could do about the shirt now, but those briefs...
As he bent to remove them, Seg chuckled as he noticed the young teenager's underwear bulged with his arousal. He peeled the briefs off and out flopped Frankie's erect underage cock, which the dragon fondled and played with, until the colt shuddered and spewed forth a pitiful amount of seed, splattering it against his thigh. Seg chuckled again and watched Frankie go limp after his orgasm. He didn't move anymore except for the occasional twitch as the dragoncock consumed his waist, spent cock and gulped down his thighs. Then the beast reared up and in slid those thin fourteen year old legs, and with a greedy "glurp," Frankie Roeder was gone.
 Seg sighed and stretched, popping his back and yawning. One more to go. He left Frankie's room as he found it. Minus Frankie, of course, and with a big puddle of leaked pre soaking into the boy's covers. He then proceeded to James Roeder's room. Like his brother's room, James' was typical for a colt his age. Night light, action figures, an open closet with various toys and things spilling out. The boy himself was sleeping underneath his covers clutching a teddy bear.
Seg lifted the covers and found that like his brother, James wore briefs. His were adorned with pictures of superheroes. He was shirtless however. Gently, the dragon pulled these down and slid them off of the sleeping eight year old. He didn't wake up. Tossing the empty undies aside, Seg gave the little undeveloped cock a teasing grope and dropped the covers back on top of the boy, then lifted the end up and, with a smirk, slipped the head of his cock underneath it. He groaned softly as the head came into contact with the sleeping James' hooves and took them in. It started gulping and Seg was treated to the pleasurable sight of the boy's sleeping form being gradually pulled beneath the covers until he was completely beneath them.
He watched in the dim light provided by James' night light as the unmoving bulge traveled down the covers. James was being pulled underneath his covers and right into Big Seg's big cock! He bit his lower lip and murrred. The youngest Roeder boy wasn't much of a meal, but the satisfaction of consuming the last remaining member of the family in the house was enough to make the great dragon shudder in carnal delight. The little eight year old horse was slurped up in a matter of moments, and now the only remaining bulges beneath the covers were the bear and Seg's cock, the latter of which was slowly extracted, leaving just the teddy as evidence that there'd been a young child sleeping in that bed a few seconds ago.
The great beast of a cock reared up, trickling and oozing pre down its length as he craned back towards its owner. Seg licked at its head and kissed it, right on the urethra, slipping his tongue inside as he Frenched his own mammoth member as the finishing touch to his little dessert. Pulling away, he smacked his lips. Now, his cock was sated. Now, he'd won the game of "stuff the cock." It was some effort to get back downstairs, but he managed.
He lay on the sofa and relaxed until his balls had shrunk appreciably, allowing him to move, and he went about tidying up. In the living room there were puddles of cum everywhere soaking into the carpet and discarded bathing suits and towels, and the couch and chair stank of sex. He used the towels to clean up the cum puddles, and put both them and the discarded, empty clothing in the laundry hamper. Then we went into the guest bathroom. There were drying puddles of water and flecks of cum here and there, plus another empty bathing suit and an entire empty set of clothes. Use a hand towel, he wiped up the cum. A guest bath towel sufficed to clean up the puddles of water, and then Seg scooped them into his great arms along with the bathing suit and empty clothes, and those went into the hamper, as well. By the time we was finished, the living room and bathroom looked positively pristine. There were still some dark spots on the carpet in the living room, but Seg didn't bother with those.
And last but not least, upstairs, two children's bedrooms devoid of their occupants, the bedsheets and covers drenched in cum, carelessly discarded boys' briefs lying on the floor. Seg went back up the stairs and removed the sheets and covers, bundled them together, and carried them into the downstairs laundry room, too. He left the briefs lying on the floor. He grunted and shoved. The hamper was so full it was positively bulging!
Big Seg left the way he'd came, the sliding rear door. By the time he came back out into the humid summertime air of the backyard, groping his full balls and throbbing member, night had fully fallen. He left the Roeder house silent and dark. He thoughtfully shut the back door. Upon returning to his own backyard, Seg collapsed into his lawn chair and sighed. As he relaxed, he glanced over at the silent house rising over the fence across the yard from him. He smiled a little.
Those gears in his head were still turning in that unfamiliar direction. And they had gone into overdrive right after devouring the littlest member of the Rodear family. He really did like them, and it would be a shame to lose such good neighbors. Might be nice to watch those little ones grow up and go to college too. Or just to see if they end up as good looking as their father. Seg licked his lips on that last thought and sighed, arriving at a decision.
Ill bring them back Seg thought out loud, smiling gently.
Besides, he thought to himself, they really did seem to enjoy sliding down, even the ones who hadn't know about the "game." A few alterations to George, Jon and Frankie's memories, and they'd all probably want a repeat performance. And one after that. And another after that. Seg's cock began to drool just from the thought of it.
The best part was that he'd still have the Roeders as neighbors, willing to dive down his cock with little or no convincing whenever he got the urge, and he'd be able to keep any mass they added to his size, and most of the cum, which reminded him. In the morning, he decided he'd have to give Agro a call. After all, even after bringing the Roeders back, he'd still need some assistance working off several gallons' worth of excess cum!
The End
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Alternate version of Seg's cock vore binge with the Roeder family, with a few minor differences and the implication of a happier ending.

This alternate version of the story was made at the behest of a friend who wanted a non-fatal vore ending for the Roeder family. I obliged him, with Segremores' permission.

Segremores is © his player.

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Posted by masterlevan1 4 years ago

Aw that's nice of you to do this for him :) hehe I'm like him, I like non-fatal stuff a lot ^_^


Posted by SparkyTheWolf 4 years ago

I definitely prefer this ending :3
It's great, I hope there's a follow-up