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Big Betty and Little Lilly
Betty and Lilly had been best friends since they were kids, they had gone to all the same schools together and were going to the same university together even renting out a flat together. To most they looked like lovers with the whole opposites attract angle going on.
Betty was a very tall woman with a very obvious eating problem that had left her very fat. She had a bit of a gothic fashion sense that played into the opposite land gimmick the couple had since Lilly dressed in very summery and flowery frocks. To continue this trend Lilly was very short, only barely making it to 5'1, this may well have been because she never ate (or could never wrestle the food from Betty) and as a result looked very slim.
They were also differing when it came to relationships, Betty was single and Lilly had a boyfriend, his name was Daryl and was visiting the two of them in the flat today.
"So I don't mean to sound desperate Daryl.... But are any of your friends single?" Betty asked Lilly's boyfriend who was doing the dishes to the pair of girls sitting on the sofa.
Daryl and Lilly looked at her in shock "Do you want to date any of them Betty?" Lilly asked with genuine curiosity.
"Well yes, I haven't been on a date in forever and I'm a bit jealous of you and Daryl always leaving me alone in the flat..." Betty put on a bit of a pouting face as the sentence dragged on leading to a bit of an awkward pause of silence in the room.
"I don't mean to sound harsh Betty..." Daryl broke the silence "But I don't think any of my friends would be interested in someone of your...." He paused again thinking carefully "Dress size" Lilly and Betty both scowled at him instantly "I mean they're really shallow! If I wasn't going out with Lilly I'd defiantly date you!"
Betty's face lit up at the backhanded compliment somehow ignoring the mention of her being fat "Didn't realise you were into bigger women Daryl" Lilly said in a dull tone.
"I'm not big..." Betty said with a sad look towards her friend.
"Your nickname is big! Mine is little! You're called big because let's be honest Betty, you're fat, you eat big meals, heck you even sneak in meals between meals, your stomach is so big I could fit in there!" Lilly's harsh words started to make Betty tear up "Here I'll prove it" Lilly left the room leaving Daryl and Betty alone.
"You really mean that?" Betty said weeping.
"Sure I'd date you, but Lilly and me are working out really well... and you know she doesn't mean those things... it's just... your eating habits are holding you back a bit..." Daryl tried to comfort her while Lilly was missing, confusing the two quite a bit.
It didn't take long for Betty to just full out break down crying, leaving Daryl looking around the room embarrassed as he got up to find Lilly when she walked back into the room butt naked "Back! Now let me prove I can fit in your belly!"
"Lilly what the hell?" Daryl said looking at his girlfriend who was greased up with butter "Go but some clothes on and have a shower for Christ's sakes!"
"Oh relax Daryl, it's nothing neither of you two have seen before" Lilly walked over to Betty who looked at her super confused at her buttered up friend who was reaching for her mouth "Come on Betty open up so you can swallow me!"
"What are you high?!" Betty said trying to push her friend away but her hands kept slipping off the buttery body "Get off MEHHG" she was cut off as Lilly shoved her arms all the way down betty's gullet, much to everyone's surprise she didn't gag.
"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Lilly said as she pushed up with her legs and got her whole head and shoulders down the neck of Betty, Betty tried to grab at the legs but her hands kept slipping off the buttery hams of Lilly as the girl easily used gravity to feed herself to Betty forcing the poor glutton to swallow her best friend.
"Betty stop swallowing Lilly right now!" Daryl yelled, running over to grab Lilly's legs and having just as much trouble as Betty was. Truth be told Betty was actually really enjoying this, it was fascinating, new and the tastes were divine! Betty knew she was eating her best friend but she couldn't stop, her tongue going wild over the abdomen of the girl licking up all the butter flavoured Lilly and the oesophagus happily gulping down its unique meal regardless of its owners wishes.
Before anyone could do anything to stop Lilly, her legs had vanished down inside of Betty's belly with a smile and a gulp that carried the echoes of a guilty pleasure. Betty held a hand over her mouth and gave Lilly a moment to settle inside of her, letting out a light burp she only had one thing to say "Delicious...."
"Betty you spit up Lilly right this second!" Daryl shouted putting his ear against what looked like Betty's baby bump to listen to Lilly "You okay in there babe?"
"See I told you I would fit!" Lilly said from the inside, feeling quite satisfied with herself "But I'm so greased up I can't get comfy, you can spit me up now Betty!"
Betty chose to giggle at the remark "Why would I ever do that? This feels far too good and I haven't had a good meal all day!" she pat her belly causing a triumphant rumble to come from within "You were a delightful buttered Lilly and possibly the best dinner I've had all week, you can stay" she burped again, louder than the first this time "Excuse me!" she said with a smile as she put a hand on her cheek.
"What the fuck Betty that's your best friend and my girlfriend! Let her out!" Daryl said as he got up and looked at her angry.
"Or you're going to do what? I've got a belly full of food and you're single now!" a sly grin crept across her face "So we can date now..."
"Betty I'm not food! Stop calling me that!" Lilly cried out from within, starting to find the peristaltic action of the stomach walls taking effect as enzymes and acids dripped on her "You're starting to digest me!"
"Excuse the noise, my meal is giving me indigestion, would you mind getting me a glass of water?" Betty said, ignoring the cries for help from her former friend.
Daryl didn't know how to respond, shock, disgust, anger all he could muster was "I have the weirdest boner right now..." his pants clearly tented from his huge cock gone stiff.
"Cream clair for desert? Why thank you!" Betty leaned over, shifting Lilly again and unbuttoned Daryl's pants and started to gobble down the penis like a hungry pig. Much to Daryl's surprise she took in the whole shaft and the balls as she gave him one of the best blowjobs he had ever had.
Lilly would have no idea of what was happening until Daryl came like he was trying to impregnate a cow at which point the space inside Betty rapidly filled with cum and Lilly caught onto what was going on "What the hell?! Are you sucking him off!? YOU CHEATING ASSHOLE DARYL! WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE YOU'RE DEAD!" Betty giggled at this.
"Only way out is my asshole!" she licked the cum off her lips and the head of the dick as Daryl staggered backwards in a stupor and fell down "An excellent custard desert if I must say so!"
"So want to go out next weekend?" Daryl said still panting "my treat!"
"Oh no I'll pay; you've already given me an excellent slab of succulent meat to digest and a very tasty desert! I'm sure it will make me much thicker, so I'll treat you next week!" she burped as Lilly squirmed inside of her angry at being constantly referred to as food. "Shall we just go to bed right now? I digest better in my sleep, and I have a lot to digest...."she pat her belly again causing Lilly to scream as Daryl helped up Betty and took her to bed.
Betty's night time did Lilly no favours as she was digested alive by her best friend. In the morning it was obvious to both Betty and Daryl that the "Rare buttered Lilly" had been totally processed. Betty had put on significant weight and was much more endowed in both the bosom and buttocks.
"So Daryl, are you interested in this Dress size'? I think it's fitting" Betty whispered in her post digestion afterglow.
"Well it looks better on you than it did Lilly" Daryl groped Betty's boobs with a smile "and I like a girl with some meat oh her bones"
"I'm certainly good at putting it on, I can't say the same for Lilly, she really let herself go" Betty leaned to one side and ripped a huge fart "I think we should go dispose of little don't you think?" she giggled and got up, relocating herself to the bathroom and sitting herself down on the toilet.
"So what do we tell everyone when they ask where Lilly went?" Daryl asked, watching Betty take a shit "We dropped her off at the pool and she went missing?"
Betty laughed out loud and let lose another fart "Oh not yet, give her a second...." Betty cringed and felt the turd that was Lilly start to fall out of her anus. A huge log that made Betty regret her decision "Any second now....urrrrggg" her sphincters had opened to the max capacity as the solid log fell, splashing back water up onto Betty's bum "there, dropped off at the pool!"
Daryl cringed a bit remembering Betty was crapping out Lilly "perhaps we should just keep it our little secret..."
"Our dirty little secret..." Betty corrected him as she strained again and crapped out another Lilly log.
"Honestly from the sound of that movement, there isn't anything little about it..." Daryl chimed in as he heard her shit out another bottom brownie.
"Well, I'm a big girl, why do anything in moderation?" she smiled and let out a finally turd and a fart, signalling her friend had left her. "Friend to food to faeces, ahhh, Lilly was the best!" she stood up not bothering to wipe as she reached for the flusher "Want to wave her off before I send her on her way?" she asked Daryl who shook his head "Well your loss" her attention returned to her freshly laid poo "Thanks Lilly, you were right you fit great! And so what if I'm fat, I love it! Thanks for the food, the boyfriend, the memories oh and the extra pounds! Byeee!" she pushed the flusher and watched her best friend swirl down into the sewage system with a smile.
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Posted by River 7 years ago Report

Servers her right!


Posted by hamletvalley 7 years ago Report

Not the smartest girl x3


Posted by Tai223236 7 years ago Report

Um num indeed. : )


Posted by hamletvalley 7 years ago Report

Thank you :3


Posted by Sora 7 years ago Report

great story, very erotic xD


Posted by hamletvalley 7 years ago Report

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. Did you have a fave part at all? Most of my other stories are as good as this.


Posted by ssw777 7 years ago Report

This girl could win a Darwin award.


Posted by hamletvalley 7 years ago Report

It was really stupid, but I don't think they hand them out to food x3


Posted by ssw777 7 years ago Report

They hand them out to people who die normally so why not? Humor is intended.


Posted by hamletvalley 7 years ago Report

I guess they can flush the award then xD


Posted by shlurpay64 7 years ago Report

Yay for not bothering to wipe!!


Posted by J44 6 years ago Report

kind of cruel but not unwarranted Daryl could have been a bit more faithful though


Posted by ZaaZaa 6 years ago Report

"I have the weirdest boner right now..."
That cracked me up. Hah~


Posted by Dolsilyol 5 years ago Report

I think I just coughed up a lung laughing "I have the weirdest boner right now." Extremely awesome story! Well done!


Posted by hamletvalley 5 years ago Report

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the story :3


Posted by Kelly 2 years ago Report

Love the story so much !


Posted by Kelly 3 months ago Report

I love your storys so much still one of my favorites :3