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Afternoon Catch By SkyLark -- Report

Uploaded: 7 years ago

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The result of a Livestream.

Some disagreement of the style - does the semi-cutaway outline-showing thing.. work? Let me know what you think.

- Taba and Riff are mine.


 ChaosRoseWitch wrote a cool little short story to compliment the picture. Be sure to give it a look ~ A bit of story can really enchance the feel of the whole image. :D

Thanks RoseWitch!

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Posted by Kaede 7 years ago Report

Awesome as always! <3


Posted by VoreLover666 7 years ago Report

Definitely works - one of your best yet!
(and that's saying something)


Posted by HitomiBoy 7 years ago Report

Holy hell. Yeah, semi cutaway is HOT. No seriously, keep with it ^^


Posted by BabLe7 7 years ago Report

Well, I don't dislike it if that helps. It certainly makes it interesting. almost like a halfway point to those layered flash animations.


Posted by cometcruiser01 7 years ago Report

VERY fucking attractive and amazing.


Posted by voreking100 7 years ago Report

I like that! it lets you see the prey inside without messing things up


Posted by Teruyo 7 years ago Report

Quite liked watching this get made. Hooray for more bunnies!


Posted by KlinKitty 7 years ago Report

Actually, this would be one LESS bunny.


Posted by Teruyo 7 years ago Report



Posted by Aickavon12 7 years ago Report

I like it, this is awesome and I can see where the boobs bulge out!


Posted by HeroSoulSword 7 years ago Report

Agreed with all the above mentioned opinions. This is a really cool way to do it. It reminds me of your Tifa vore image you did a ways back. Great stuff, pal!


Posted by Liz 7 years ago Report

Very sexy picture indeed.
Perfect pred and prey position. Lovely work indeed <3<3


Posted by Debolte 7 years ago Report

Damn, I missed that >.<

Very good end result, though. I agree with the others that the pale lines are a great alternative to a cutaway. Well done !


Posted by KinoTheCat 7 years ago Report

very good picture~
However, in regards to the semi-cutaway outline part, it kind of feels.... out of place.

Maybe next time you try the semi-cutaway, you should add a little bit more to show that the outline is someone inside of the predator. I"m not an art critic, but maybe even giving some sort of stomach colored tint to the cutaway part would work. =)


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Your opinion reflects the views of several people in the stream, that it looked a bit 'off' or 'odd'. I guess I got carried away with the stark simplicity of the idea.

But I agree that there's probably more that could be done with this type of thing. Hopefully a good middle ground can be found.


Posted by KinoTheCat 7 years ago Report

Best of luck with that. ^^ I hope my 'critique' of sorts didn't come off as snobby or anything bad like that. <3


Posted by StalkOBroccoli 7 years ago Report

"The result of a Livestream."
how did i miss this... D:
you gotta give me a heads-up in skype man!


Posted by Heady9 7 years ago Report

I like the look. Its a nice middle ground between cutaway and non.


Posted by Bitter 7 years ago Report

That is a well-rendered barn.


Posted by CrimsonShadow 7 years ago Report

So, is this a prequel to Easter Bunny? Like, this is the first one she ate.


Posted by GUEST19216 7 years ago Report



Posted by JacktheRabbit 7 years ago Report

*gasp* D:


Posted by Navaras 7 years ago Report

I like the idea for sure. And nice pic as always Sky ^^


Posted by Drake_451 7 years ago Report

I like how it turned out.


Posted by ike1 7 years ago Report

it doesn't seem right, i don't think half cutaway works very well... still, great pic...


Posted by talo0077 7 years ago Report



Posted by Ryan-Drakel 7 years ago Report

I think the semi-cutaway can add a level of cuteness to the overall picture. ^.^
Plus it also shows the prey's position, expression and emotional status without having to draw a massive difficult side-work of art.
Saves time, effort, energy...
Very efficient.
*thumbs up*
Eez good!


Posted by Patton 7 years ago Report

I actually really like this kind of cutaway, it's interesting. Not sure how I'd feel about it if I saw it more though, I might just like it because it's unique.


Posted by Ashley_Urikoshima 7 years ago Report

After not being able to stay for the whole thing, it turned out superbly <3


Posted by DanuelF 7 years ago Report

humm id say so


Posted by Rac0r 7 years ago Report

Well it seems that Taba had a delightful bunny-licious week ^^


Posted by Assimilation 7 years ago Report

I really like the outline design, I'd daresay I like it more than any other way of showing off the prey inside.


Posted by BardicLasher 7 years ago Report

I really like this cutaway-outline style.


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Such a nice round belly. Very nice looking.


Posted by Achenar 7 years ago Report

... ooh. Now -there- is a nifty idea that I've not seen before...


Posted by ChaosMaker4291 7 years ago Report

Was rather hoping for a quick vore sequence with Taba swallowing Riff, preferably head-first, but this is pretty nice, too. *Nods*


Posted by ArcaneSigil 7 years ago Report

The semi-cutaway thing looks pretty interesting, though I don't think I'd ever be able to pull it off. Love your art either way, so it looks amazing.


Posted by MagicOddEffect 7 years ago Report

I like the semi-cutaway lines. It's a neat idea.


Posted by Vat58eyGFJg75 7 years ago Report

It does seem to work artistically. It removes the main negative of most cutaways (the lack of being able to properly see the pred's belly during or after vore), but still allows for the prey to be seen for those who like cutaways.


Posted by River 7 years ago Report

What a good kitty, keeping the rodent population in check.


Posted by TW 7 years ago Report

I like the semi cutaway much better than the full. Great job on this one, especially the ears.