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Jessie (Myself): A Worm's Squirming Meal By tightenheart -- Report

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I awoke to highly unfamiliar surroundings. My naked body had been laying upon cold white tile. I could not determine for how long. Where was I? Where were my clothes? This did not look promising for me in any way. My vision began to focus. I was in an large, brightly lit, white room. There were no doors to be seen. No way out. Cameras were visible in every corner of the room along the floors, as well as on the ceiling. I was being watched. A voice suddenly boomed throughout the room, causing my frail body to fall back to the cold floor. "Subject 14B, today you will be aiding us in the evaluation process of weapons project 4264." As the anonymous voice was stating this, several tiles from the floor began to open, revealing said weapons project. It was a large worm-like creature with four bulging eyes. Upon locking eyes with it, a steady stream of saliva began dripping from its gaping maw.

Petrified, I stood in place shaking until the beast gracefully flew across the room and coiled my nude body. I tried to yell, but was unable due to the massive creatures coils pressing my body tightly together. There was no purpose anyways. This was a controlled experiment. I was going to be the guinea pig sent to his death for the purpose of research. To anyone that could hear me, I was just a number, a research variable, something to test the capabilities of this new and horrifying creature. I only wished that the test would be a failure... that it couldn't get the job done to end my life in this scenario. My hopes were crushed, as it's gaping maw opened over my head, and descended upon me.

My body squirmed within the worms tight coils. Saliva poured over my nude body. My vision faded as my head was engulfed in an incredibly tight and warm tube. I could feel thin tentacles pour out from the creatures mouth and latch around my thighs. It released its coils around me. This was bad news, as I then knew that the creature saw me as no threat to it, and it had planned to simply suck up the remainder of my body. As my bare legs struggled and flailed helplessly, I thought only of the four eyes of the creature looking hungrily down at them. The beast seemed to enjoy my movements. It began sucking and slurping with every gulp, reeling more and more of my body into its tight gullet. The embarrassment was unbearable. I was being watched, filmed even. With every slurp, more data was being jotted down about my encounter with this creature. They would write about how the creature sucked and slurped on my bare cock, and played with bare feet before digesting me alive. They would see my distressed face sink deeper and deeper within the creature through its tight skin. They would see every detail of my frail body as I struggled within the beast. I was just some worms squirming meal. I would be "Subject 14B - Deceased."

I had already been swallowed up to my knees, my bare legs still kicked furiously outside of the creatures mouth with all my remaining effort. The beast decided to allow gravity to seal my fate, as it reeled its head upwards. I sank at a rapid pace, nothing but my bare feet twitching and squirming remained visible. I was headed to my doom. The creature slurped on my toes as they spread and scrunched. Its maw tentacles protruded out once more, curling between my bare toes. It took its time, knowing my body already belonged to it. The tentacles reeled my squirming feet in at last, as if to say "You're mine now." My thin body was sank steadily downwards, where I knew my demise was imminent. With every motion of the tight, warm, sticky prison around me I felt my energy fading. Was I already being digested? Knowing my final fate, I hoped so. The quicker my demise came, the better. In my head, I pictured what the researchers would see. My body slowly being repositioned... struggling... and then... nothing. It would be over. Just another guinea pig lost. They would then watch my body deteriorate. The tight outline of my body would grow smaller and smaller as I was digested and converted into energy for this beast I was inside of... The creature itself wouldn't remember me either. I was just an easy meal. These humiliating thoughts would circle in my head until my mind went blank... My skin began to burn. It had begun...

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Posted by stur86 8 years ago Report

Wonderful artwork (dat second and final frame, damn) and that story is just lovely.


Posted by Sarah18 8 years ago Report

I love it ^^


Posted by Speisenkarte 8 years ago Report

I love when the prey is naked.


Posted by CroydCrenson 8 years ago Report

How delicious do you posit your Thanatosis :3


Posted by tightenheart 8 years ago Report

pardon? =3


Posted by AlexSama 6 years ago Report

This is awesome. I love prey humiliation but the penis outline was perfect. Especially when it's being watched.

I'd love to watch this scenario. : )


Posted by MasterSpunk68 6 years ago Report

Looks tasty! Sounds like you made quite the meal, too.


Posted by Siege 2 years ago Report

Wasn't there another artwork similar to this with a snake? With a clothed and naked version?


Posted by ctn70 2 months ago Report

Love this piece!