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100 Minute Comic By SkyLark -- Report

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Milk and her friend were chatting and joking, as cows usually do ~ when suddenly Taba decided to pay them a visit.

Opening her mouth and pointing inside was enough to communicate to the pair of cows -exactly- what Taba wanted ~ and bovines being a particularly generous sort, were more than happy to oblige her ~

First up stepped Milk, who stepped up and moved her arms down into Taba's waiting mouth. Happy to feed herself to the catgirl, Milk shoved her head down into Taba's throat, who in turn lifted up her busty meal ~ allowing Milk to descend all the way to her hungry tummy.

Milks friend who stood back watching Taba claim her first meal couldn't help but imagine herself following Milk down into Taba (and was getting a little turned on at the thought). Once the last of Milk was sent on it's way, the friend approached the satisfied catgirl, and practically forced her way inside. Not needing much encouragement, Taba happily and greedily slurped the 2nd buxom treat down into her belly.

With the weight of her gurgling stomach doubled, Taba struggled to stand - gazing at her impressive, cow filled belly distended below her - wondering exactly how she would get away with this un-noticed.


So... I set myself a challenge to make a comic in 1 hour - turns out, I'm just not that fast yet. Though to be fair... I -DID- have the rough sketches done in 45mins ~ (it just looked terrible).

So, a quick 20 minute break to rest my hand and renew my tea (which I'm not counting), then set back to work, and 45mins later ~ voilà! (Okay, so that's actually 105 minutes, but 100 is a much 'grabbier' number).

Hope you enjoy.

I extend the same challenge to other artists here, if you feel like giving it a go.

All characters belong to me.

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Posted by kidclef 7 years ago Report

Does Milk have a sister we're not aware of?


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Hrm, I haven't considered giving her a sister, but I wouldn't say no to more cowgirls ~

Though I feel I really should develop the characters I have a bit, before I start adding more - so for now the 2nd cowgirl is going to remain a bit of a Jane Doe.


Posted by Bitter 7 years ago Report

But doesn't Jane Doe live out in the forest somewhere?


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

That's a different Jane Doe. They're all Jane Doe. Jane Does everywhere.


Posted by Turbotowns 7 years ago Report



Posted by Arashi 6 years ago Report



Posted by smashman 7 years ago Report

oh my


Posted by IkariZero 7 years ago Report

I love it, good job!


Posted by smashman 7 years ago Report

oh yeah and that's still 100 minutes exactly so congrats.


Posted by replicated 7 years ago Report

Pretty damn good for an hour, still!


Posted by shadownaga 7 years ago Report

Mmm... Me likely... Could this maybe develop into a more detailed comic? Id love too see it unfold more... Still bravo! :3


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

I have other more detailed things on the way, but knowing me this isn't the last time Taba will get herself a pair of bovines ~ so who knows really?


Posted by shadownaga 7 years ago Report

I do love the kitty cat, such a good pred, and this is coming from a naga hehe ^~^


Posted by Mukat 7 years ago Report

That was a fun exercise, and a cute comic to boot ^^


Posted by TW 7 years ago Report

Nicely done. Congrats.


Posted by Manic_Maxwell 7 years ago Report

Mmmm...busty, willing cow-girl prey, hard to go wrong with that!

As for the exercise, I'd love to give it a shot myself...except I could already tell you for a fact that I wouldn't even get the rough outlines of a comic done in that kind of time. I just work far too slowly for that. XP


Posted by GUEST19216 7 years ago Report

happy kitty!


Posted by rugli 7 years ago Report

As always Skylark never impress. :)


Posted by StalkOBroccoli 7 years ago Report

wait - 100 minute.
so - hour:40.
that could be a decent training exercise.
but all in all - i think you did yours pretty good.
also - 55+45 is 100 still.


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Ah, wait - that should say 45, not 55. Yay for proofreading.

So it's the original hour + an additional 45 minutes. So 105 minutes ~


Posted by Reiko 7 years ago Report

*Wiggles* Ooo when do I get to eat Milk, she's so hot!!


Posted by Veshra 7 years ago Report

It's better than what I could do in a week, you did really well!


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Ooo, it's the shark. o 3o

Though to be fair, if I had included all my usual flapping around, this could have easily taken me a week as well.


Posted by Demicus 7 years ago Report

...someday, one of my catgirls will find this herd. Taba might be out of food if that ever happens. ^_^


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report



Posted by Liz 7 years ago Report

Such a lovely and quick comic. I wish I could draw that quick XD
Lovely big bellies and a well fed Tabitha


Posted by Arashi 7 years ago Report

I_I AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME! Love Taba's expression, love the horny cowgirl(LOL horny(bad joke T.T)), you amaze me how this can be done!


Posted by CGR-7 7 years ago Report

Aww... Taba's paw-gloves are so adorable. =3


Posted by Svartvinge 7 years ago Report

I was right when i guessed it was a cowcomic! x3

but it looks neat, making the cowgirls willing prey like tat inspires to draw mine own a bit in vore <w<;


Posted by miranda_dragon 7 years ago Report

Yum, hehe :D


Posted by Rac0r 7 years ago Report

For my hands, something like this would have taken me about 2-3 hours ^^
Lovely job!


Posted by SkyLark 7 years ago Report

Well then give it a try and find out ~

Prepare for hand-ache though.


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

You are very effective when it comes to making emotive faces.


Posted by VoreSkeeter 7 years ago Report



Posted by BardicLasher 7 years ago Report

I definitely enjoy.


Posted by walkingbyself 7 years ago Report

Cute and deliciously funny ^^


Posted by Turbotowns 7 years ago Report

Good God, i would LOVE to encounter a bunch of girls who be all for crawling into my stomach... but i would have to be female first. XD


Posted by necryel 7 years ago Report

such a civilized society, no more chasing and hunting. Ask and ye shall eat. ^.^ Pred-ruled society rocks.


Posted by River 7 years ago Report

Words cannot express how much I adore this sequence. Just... Wow.

I love willing prey. I love volunteers. I especially love how quick they were to just go from being chatty girls to being kitty food.

As a long time fan of your simple, to-the-point stories, this is a real gem.

Thank you for sharing.


Posted by testuser 6 years ago Report

Poor taba -all that milk and fat will go straight to her butt and boobs...wait thats not a bad thing at all


Posted by Arashi 6 years ago Report

I agree. ^w^ I really agree.


Posted by nervousvampire 3 months ago Report

If more girls were like milk the world would be a happier place