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Climax By nephilim -- Report

His spine arched.

And he was suddenly possessed of the need to do anything -- everything -- at once. He had her, he had her. She was in him, depressing his tongue like a precious dumpling.

He could feel every silken strand of hair (brown, he reminded himself, like the freshly turned earth) every dimple in her skin (pale and beautiful) every toe, every finger, the curve of her spine, the swell of her breasts -- he could feel it all.

Oh God, she was inside.

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Posted by Darius1972 7 years ago Report

The level of detail you include here is absolutely astounding. The interplay between Danny's tongue (which has become it's own character here) and Eva shows the terrible struggle Eva endures inside Danny's mouth.
I am always taken aback by how you capture the terrible danger that lurks just beyond the lips of each one of us. An alien world of structures designed to destroy everything that passes through.
Finally the swallow, oh wow, the swallow. The sensations you describe as Eva is transported into the hellish interior of the monster.
Fabulous remastering my dear friend!


Posted by nephilim 7 years ago Report

To be completely honest, the rough sketch of this chapter would have been collecting dust on my hard drive far longer -- if it had not been for your render.

The moment I set eyes on your render, I was impassioned, and driven by the need to re-write this scene. The reason I kept closing the document (with a huff) was because I was unable to get into the right mindset to write this. As you know, it's a very emotional, very overwhelming scene, and to be able to depict it just right requires me to be in a particular 'head-space.' I have to channel my characters, and then a most interesting transition happens, when they take over and the magic begins...

You had captured the event so masterfully in your render, creating the visual adaptation of how I envisioned this to happen - exactly - that I absolutely HAD to write this.

His uvula is trailing a slimy kiss on her cheek in your rendition. And from that, I was inspired to create the theme for this piece, and craft the events around it.

This is the most intimate they've been in years, and the most kisses Eva has received in quite some time. Oh, the irony. (;
And, yes, his tongue does seem to have a mind of its own.

Thank you (:


Posted by Darius1972 7 years ago Report

Oh wow, thanks for the kind words. I am glad I played some part in the remastering of this epic scene.
Interesting story on the render that I don't think I ever told you. I was playing with the external shots and wanted desperately to see what was happening inside. I already had Eva inserted deep into his mouth. But how did it look inside. I played with the angle for a long time to get everything right. "Cut-away" type shots rarely work well without a lot of Photoshop work.
Then suddenly, I get the angle just right so his uvula was resting on her cheek and her head was at the brink of his throat. I hit render and this is the scene you have now.
Working with you has been, and will continue to be an amazing journey.

Thank you.


Posted by Dragonic_Wolf 7 years ago Report

Good gracious this is so beautiful....


Posted by nephilim 7 years ago Report

Thank you so much (:
Interesting, then, how vore can be 'beautiful' -- I suppose in a very grotesque, morbidly entrancing way (;


Posted by kilaa 7 years ago Report

Waw hot


Posted by nephilim 7 years ago Report

Thank you (: