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Don't Forget the Classics By Leshana -- Report

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Classic cartoon villains serve as the inspiration for many evil-doers today. Sometimes they have to get in touch with their roots; too bad for the nearest one they can catch. Tied to a railroad tie the victim has plenty of time to see trouble coming without much chance to do anything about it. But given the nature of the genre, rescue is likely, so perhaps its a lucky turn compared to being digested alive or drowning in an unpleasant sticky substance.

Picture by Toughset

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Posted by Humbug 8 years ago Report

Even if she weren't saved, that's still a bit luckier than the other two in that it's over quickly.


Posted by SpookyCorn 8 years ago Report

I save you!


Posted by maraudingmarauder 8 years ago Report

Now that's some CLASSY peril right there. Still though, like you said, there's a pretty good chance of some dashing hero rocking up, punching the mustache-twirling weirdo in the face, and then make-out times.

Of course, knowing your luck said hero will probably eat you afterwards.


Posted by Anotherkitsune 8 years ago Report

I was just thinking the same thing. So not so much rescued as "rescued."


Posted by Soffix 8 years ago Report

Aw, poor Leshana. Don't worry, I'll make sure no one rescues you. :9

You're welcome!


Posted by Dragonjaj 8 years ago Report

I'll save her like a boss steam punk mech slifs in riping up the rails and blows away the on coming train full of weapons driven by the bad guys goons with shoulder mounted cannons then walks of in to the sun set girl in the my lap hatch open and vilens plan for world conquet foiled again.


Posted by Indighost 8 years ago Report

Exactly what I was thinking.


Posted by Dragonjaj 8 years ago Report

Yaeh! Brohoof! /)


Posted by Stank 8 years ago Report

This is just how I like to see my Leshanas.


Posted by Amnael 8 years ago Report

choo choo motherf***


Posted by luvboobies 8 years ago Report

Damsel In Distress must be saved


Posted by The_Prof 8 years ago Report

don't worry the section on track Leshana is tied to is actually not connected to the rest of the track... They sepparated it because it's actually on quicksand!


Posted by Liz 8 years ago Report

Save her and eat her <3


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Toughset really did a nice job on this one.


Posted by wolfmeal 4 years ago Report

3 years too late but that's hot


Posted by CandiTheWildPig 2 years ago Report

Here comes the choo-choo train! Open up the tunnel! :3