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Hinata and Ino Contest 06 By Natsumemetalsonic -- Report

Hello every one, I´m back... in the 50% XD, this is the last page of this interesting contest, and the winner is... HINATA WITH A BIG ASS AND TITS.

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Posted by Gloom 6 years ago Report

Funny end and a nice new look for those gals~


Posted by Natsumemetalsonic 6 years ago Report

Yeah right? XD.


Posted by CrimsonShadow 6 years ago Report

Yes, it's done. And I love the way she looks.


Posted by CrimsonShadow 6 years ago Report

I just realized how appropriate it is that Sakura is the ass XD


Posted by Natsumemetalsonic 6 years ago Report

She is a pain in the ass... literally.


Posted by Maexam2 6 years ago Report

More like a pleasure in the ass now. With this, conquering Naruto's heart (even if he's not worthy of Hinata) will be piece of cake, right?


Posted by chaotic123 6 years ago Report

this was awesome

are you going to do more like this


Posted by chaotic123 6 years ago Report

what program did you make this from


Posted by Natsumemetalsonic 6 years ago Report

The draw and the ink is pencil and ink, and the color with photoshop.


Posted by almindore58 6 years ago Report

u did a fantastic job, dude


Posted by Putinforgod 6 years ago Report

Aw... I expected they would survive in there, they looked perfect as Hinata's belly filling.

Still this was one of the best vore comic I ever enjoyed.

You got an A+++


Posted by Putinforgod 6 years ago Report

Hey, now that I think...

Ino was willing to feed herself to Hinata before Sakura decided to have her own meal.

Does that mean Ino knew she was going to be digested or it was an unexpected ending for her?


Posted by ZRex030 6 years ago Report

To the victor go the spoils


Posted by hunter1243 6 years ago Report

mabey hinata made a deal with ino to let her out, but because sakura ate her, the deal became null and void.


Posted by LoKi64 6 years ago Report

we need to tag comics with the pred taking over the preys abilities! any suggestions?
english is not my native language so i don't feel able to find a good word for that kind of vore D: pls help!


Posted by Hamxxdude 6 years ago Report



Posted by LoKi64 6 years ago Report

:D nice idea! but i don't know if "kirbying" becomes widely accepted


Posted by Dudeifail1 6 years ago Report

I like how "Kirby'd" looks and sounds, but that's just me.


Posted by noisekeeper 6 years ago Report

This is everything I like in a vore pic. Huge belly, digestion, and the pred admiring her former prey as her new fat boobs and butt!

Awesome work man!


Posted by KentaKoukuji 6 years ago Report

This sequence... all of my want. <3

As a Hinata fan, a belly fan, a gluttony fan, and a "gluttonous Hinata with a belly" fan, you have given me many enjoyments. o wo


Posted by Slimeman64 6 years ago Report

Happy end, indeed. ^^


Posted by LTrevor 6 years ago Report

I made an account just to say 2 things: 1. I want more or for it to be longer 2. This was great!


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 6 years ago Report



Posted by Liz 6 years ago Report

Lovely Comic indeed <3
Well done :) - Good to see a lovely Gluttonous swallowing fest followed by digestion and body gain <3.


Posted by almindore58 6 years ago Report

Sure was, miss liz


Posted by HeroSoulSword 6 years ago Report

Your awesomeness is too powerful for any mere mortal. This comic best shows that. And it is fitting for Sakura to be at the butt end of this joke. *chuckles*


Posted by Gold_King 6 years ago Report

Actually, I think we are all winners. Off course.

The K

Posted by The K 6 years ago Report

A beautiful end to a amazing comic. Hinata rocks!


Posted by xblurp 6 years ago Report

Damn!...I'm am amazed. This is just beautiful and Hinata god damn that's sexy!


Posted by twitchystitch 6 years ago Report

Definitely a happy ending!

Hinata being a predator and getting huge breasts and butt out of it? BEST THING EVER!


Posted by NekoYuki 6 years ago Report

Looks so awesome. I love Sakura the most. But she makes good chest meat.


Posted by chaotic123 6 years ago Report

she was in the butt though


Posted by LittleSlimy 6 years ago Report

I Knew it.
Great end. And a good beginning for more Vore !


Posted by blank 6 years ago Report

love it!


Posted by Emperor_Palpatine 6 years ago Report

This is the best series I've seen in ages! You rule!


Posted by DARK13 6 years ago Report

Is not common to see Hinata as the stronger of the group. Awesome ending n.n hahahaha Sakura is her ass lolz.


Posted by Redpod 6 years ago Report

Cetr nci epicture and digesiton ejej nice pred ja >:)


Posted by KBeezy52 6 years ago Report

very nice results <3


Posted by emilbootanimefreak 6 years ago Report



Posted by ShotgunJesus 6 years ago Report

I like how it says "Happy end" right by her butt.

Tee hee.


Posted by Demihunger 6 years ago Report

Talk about growing in all the right places.


Posted by smashman 6 years ago Report

yeah we all knew sakura wasn't going to add much.


Posted by mordor12 6 years ago Report

Awesome ending defiently a great comic :)


Posted by Debolte 6 years ago Report

AT LAST ! You don't know how I've wanted to see this completed. =D
That was amazing. The idea, the rendition, everything. You draw preds gulping down hopeless preys so well... Thank you for achieving this, definitely one of my all time faves.


Posted by MelancholyClownD 6 years ago Report

Very good ! Loved it! But I never knew hinata can be so..... idk lol. She reminds me of the road to ninja hinata.


Posted by ejames 6 years ago Report

Loved it. Will there be an alternative ending where one of them fights out of the other or others and eats hinata? That would be cool.


Posted by chaotic123 6 years ago Report

yer I agree like sakura coming out wit her big belly and eats hinata and then ino eats her then ten ten eats her with sakura digesting them and getting big bobs and big ass


Posted by keyblademark 6 years ago Report

creo que es la primera vez que usas esa viñeta del final


Posted by Bright 6 years ago Report

Always fun to hear the prey say:
"When I get out of here!"

Fun how there is never a "when".


Posted by FeatheredCat 6 years ago Report



Posted by Turbotowns 6 years ago Report

She became quite the BBW. ;)


Posted by MeanMotorScooter 6 years ago Report

So she absorbed the girls into her body? One in each boob, and one into her rear? ... Holy hell that is... UMPH! HOT!


Posted by vorelover2 6 years ago Report

actually dude with the way the comic ended I think we are all winners also I love hinata as pred


Posted by TheGooeyCreator 6 years ago Report

i wish there was a Part 7 xD


Posted by ffcan 6 years ago Report

Natsumetalsonic i think that u should make alternative ending to this wher Sakura manges to get out and eat Hinata then Ino eats Hinata then Ten Ten eats Hinata


Posted by ShrunkenMikey 6 years ago Report

Can you do one were she gets Naruto??? Now that would be a happy ending.


Posted by DRayElliott 6 years ago Report

What would Naruto turn into, a futa-cock, maybe, with blonde pubes?


Posted by Rich 6 years ago Report

Wow great contest, I hope there will be another with other girls


Posted by Natsumemetalsonic 6 years ago Report

Thanks man. Weel that depend of the people, if anyone want a commision with that theme I dont have any problem.


Posted by RedEyes 6 years ago Report

I wish this ends to an actual post-vore pooping scene.

Great fap material nonetheless.


Posted by puck5 6 years ago Report

Poor Ino. In the end she ended not just losing to Sakura but being digested by both her and Hinata.


Posted by dfni234k3h 6 years ago Report

perfect for motorboating!!!


Posted by Zurgare2000 6 years ago Report

Muy buen material mi estimado, estuvo genial leer el manga. Me podrías instruir un poco sobre un poco material que deseo postear.


Posted by Natsumemetalsonic 6 years ago Report

Mandame un privado y intentare ayudarte en lo que pueda.


Posted by NewRebellion 5 years ago Report

I LOVED this short series. I just wish you'd continue it somehow. Seriously, this was AWESOME!!


Posted by algog8 5 years ago Report

eat Tsunade.


Posted by Flame14 5 years ago Report

If I had the extra money I'd pay to see that!


Posted by Rich 4 years ago Report

Wow. that was very hot and erotic. She should make new friends and eat them too


Posted by LordGamerXD 3 years ago Report

I liked the comic keep it up ^^


Posted by RubytheWitch20 1 year ago Report

Wish this comic would continue, maybe go after tsunade and or other women of the series


Posted by MrNobody 2 years ago Report

The irony here?
In-Canon, Hinata is known as the "Glutton Queen at the ramen stand, after winning an eating contest. She out-ate Naruto of all people, clearing away 46 bowls!


Posted by MrNobody 2 years ago Report

The only thing that would be more hot would be if Ino, Tenten and Sakura were still self-aware as Hinata's new body fat. :3


Posted by Kelly 2 years ago Report

Still a classic and one of my frist and favorite vore comics


Posted by ifdre 2 months ago Report

Can they be resurrected or reformed?