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"But I don't wanna go to bed!" the young boy stamped his feet and crossed his arms in protest.
"You will go to bed young man, or I'll tell your mother!" the babysitter, a skinny blond girl in her late teens scolded, walking up the stairs to take the boy to his room.
"Bleh. You just want me to go to bed so you can go kiss your boyfriend," the boy pouted. "I wanna stay up with you guys!"
"Shhhh....come now, don't fuss. You know perfectly well that it's already past your bedtime, and you're going to be cranky in the morning if you don't get to bed!" the girl put a finger to the boy's lips, taking his shoulder in her hand and guiding him to the bedroom. Reluctantly the child went along, grumbling the entire way as she helped him into his pajamas, brushed his teeth, and helped him slip under the covers and tuck him in.
"I'm scared." the boy said meekly, pulling the covers over his head. "When you turn out the lights the monsters will come out!"
The babysitter rolled her eyes but smiled anyways. "Alright. I'll check for monsters, then you go to bed, OK?"
She went through the motions, checking under the bed, checking the closets, even opening a few drawers.
"Monster free kiddo! Now get to sleep...your mother will be home soon. If you need anything, we're just downstairs."
She gave him a peck on the forehead before turning out the lights. With a creak the door clicked shut, leaving the boy alone in his room with only the dim glow of his nightlight illuminating the room. The boy looked around nervously, hearing the wind outside and the creaking of the floorboards, but soon his fears melted away as he sank into the soft cushion of his mattress. His bed seemed especially cushy tonight for some reason, making the little one mmmm softly and swaddle himself in his comforter, his pillow even feeling extra soft and poofy.
As the boy nestled happily against the bed, the mattress was beginning to change under him. The bed's normal springs and cover were softening, swelling outwards and becoming a shimmery peach-colored satin that spread across the sheets and caused the rectangular mattress to become rounded at the ends. The top of the mattress was changing as well, billowing up and taking on the features of a plump, gentle feminine face that gazed down at the boy lovingly. The side of the beds separated into two round plush mittens that gently hugged around the little sleeping boy now laying on her round soft tummy. The boy's pillows puffed up under the boy's head, swelling into two soft round breasts that jiggled with their new bulk. Soft, blanket-like hair draped down to her shoulders, and a nightcap grew in atop her head ending in a round pompom. Two plump pillow-feet popped out of the end of the bed, completing the mattress' transformation as it had now taken the shape of a gorgeous feminine creature that now lay under the boy.
The boy's eyes blinked as he felt something soft hugging around him. He woke with a start and saw a round womanly face staring down at him. He panicked for a second and tried to squirm away, but the two thick padded arms squeezed around him tightly in a warm cozy hug. The boy looked up fearfully, but saw the woman staring back down at him with a maternal look of affection. Something inside him melted, a sense of safety, love and warmth falling over him that made him want to cuddle tighter against the woman's body. The creature responded in kind, hugging tighter as her mitten gently guided his head between her breasts, planting kisses on his head with big soft satiny lips while pressing him deeper into her bosom.
The boy moaned deeply as he pressed his face into the creature's bosom, the soft pillowy mounds squishing around his head making him giggle from all the wonderful feelings surrounding him. He turned on his tummy and sleepily wrapped his arms around her sides, returning the mattress' affection by caressing the edges of her ribbed corners. The mattress woman just giggled, encouraging the little boy with long soft strokes down his back with her mittens.
As the creature doted on the little boy laying happily against her chest, her thick padded mittens began to guide him upwards towards her mouth. While she kissed the top of the boy's head her puffy lips parted and began to nibble his forehead. Wondering what she was doing, he looked up to see the woman's gaping maw and the soft, red satiny tunnel that lay inside. Thinking nothing of it, the little boy went on cuddling against her pillowy breasts.
The creature's lips kissed, smooched, then opened wide and lowered over the boy's head. Her mittens gripped tightly and tugged the boy upwards, his shoulders and chest slipping past her jaws into her waiting maw. The creature's long soft silky tongue slipped out as the boy travelled deeper inside her, eagerly slurping at the cloth of his pajamas and slipping under his shirt to taste his tender belly. This made the boy giggle loudly and squirm, but he didn't resist in the slightest as the creature's lips smacked against his chest, powerful gulps pulling him deeper into her tight, padded throat. Her tongue teased the boy, taking extra time to give it loving slurps and licks as his thighs passed over her lips. He responded by giggling and kicked wildly from the new sensations surrounding him, the wiggling making the creature smile and mmmmm loudly as her throat was massaged by her meal.
"Alright, what's all the commotion in heee...." the babysitter shouted as she stomped up the stairs. She grabbed the door and flung it open, then froze with shock as she saw the boy she was hired to watch being devoured by a giant, female-shaped bed. His legs were kicking gently hanging from the creature's mouth as she slipped out a silky tongue, lapped teasingly at the soles of the boy's feet to make him giggle, then wrapped around and pulled them in and shut her mouth tight. With a gulp, the babysitter watch the bulge in the mattress-woman's throat travel downward and disappear into her immense belly.
With a lick of her lips, the creature smiled and rubbed her belly as the gentle wiggling of the devoured boy could be seen inside.
"Why hello there! My, don't you look like a tasty one..." the womanly mattress smiled warmly as she a addressed the girl, fluffing up her pillow breasts with her mittens.
"! What are you?! What have you done to him??!" the girl cried in disbelief. The monsters round, soft plush appearance put her at ease enough that she didn't immediately run away in terror. In fact, she was having trouble looking away from the beautiful woman, those full lips, bright eyes and pert bouncy breasts mesmerizing her as they jiggled with every movement the creature made.
"No need to worry...he's safe and sound inside my tummy," the creature said, patting her belly to ease the babysitter's worries. "Such a pretty girl like you shouldn't fret - it'll give you wrinkles! You look like you need a big hug."
The babysitter stared bewildered at the creature as she beckoned to her with open arms. She should have been more scared, but the gentle, loving way the mattress woman gazed at her made her feel warm and safe, like she would always be there to protect her. Against her better judgement, she shyly stepped towards the anthropomorphic mattress. The creature sat up and scooped the girl up in her arms, cradling her against a soft pillowy breast and rocking gently.
"My name is Beddy Bye, and it is a pleasure to meet such a sweet little girl like you," she said, squeezing her catch tight to her bosom and planting a kiss on her cheek. The babysitter just smiled and blushed at the compliment, laying her head her head against the creature's puffy chest.
" ate him?" the babysitter asked, lifting her head to meet the creature's gaze.
"Yes! He was such a good boy too...didn't fuss a bit as I gobbled him down into my cozy belly! And soon you'll be joining him on a trip down my silky throat! Doesn't that sound nice?"
The babysitter looked up with a shocked expression, but as she did her face fell upon the creatures beautiful, feminine features and her resistance softened. It was hard to be scared with such a loving creature doting over her.
"I couldn't help but notice you appreciating my feminine form," the mattress-woman said, shaking her chest to make her breasts jiggle against the girl. "Don't be shy...give them a squeeze! They're all yours to play with."
The girl had her doubts, but as the creature puffed up her chest to present her bosom to her she couldn't resist. Hesitantly her hands reached out for the creature's breasts, then taking hold she let out a surpised giggle. She didn't expect them to be so soft or supple, her shyness quickly fading as she started to eagerly rub her hands along the sides of the immense pillowy mounds, snuffling between them while her fingers traced over the nipple-buttons topping each breast.
Beddy Bye ooohed and moaned as the babysitter nestled tightly against her while fondling her breasts, encouraging the girl to explore further as her soft mittens massaged along her back. As they cuddled the creature gently tugged at the girl's shirt, pulling it off and stuffing it into her mouth before slurping it down like spaghetti.
"Naughty girl...let's peel those silly clothes off so momma can have a taste of that tender tummy of yours, shall we?"
Lost in a haze of pleasure, the girl just look up and nodded with a big grin on her face, wiggling her rump cutely beckoning the creature to remove her pants. Soft mittens grabbed at the hem of her jeans and tugged downwards, sliding the denim from the babysitter's legs and gobbling them down with one easy gulp. Beddy Bye rewarded the girl with loving squeezes from her mittens, massaging up along her legs causing her to giggle and kick her feet from the smooth satiny fabric tickling her bare skin.
" delicious...I simply must taste all of you!" the creature cooed, planting kisses on the girl's head and letting her tongue slip down to lick against her cheek with a silky slurp. Picking her up in soft plush mittens, Beddy Bye gently turned the girl in her arms and laid her down on the bed belly-first with her feet up by the creature's head. The mattress gave the babysitter's feet a teasing slurp, savoring the taste of her toes as the thick satiny tongue wrapped around them and bathed them in gentle silken licks. She closed her lips down over the girl's ankles and began to chew, the soft pillows opening and closing with powerful gulps pulling her in more with each bite. A delicate tongue tip teased the bottoms of the girl's feet, elliciting giggles from her that made the creature moan in delight feeling the girl's legs kicking against the tight confines of her silk-lined throat.
The babysitter moaned in pleasure as she was devoured into the creature's maw inch by inch, feeling her legs being tucked down into a long smooth tunnel as the tight feeling engulfing her bottom half creeped up her body with each gulp. Beddy Bye took her time as the girl's thighs passed her lips, letting her tongue slip down between her legs while slurping it against her crotch. Her lips clamped down tight as the tip of her tongue rubbed up and down along the girl's moistened panties. The babysitter let out a little yip of pleasure, biting her lip as she humped into the creature's tongue, the feeling of her legs and feet squeezed inside the tight throat driving her wild.
"Ooooh...feels so good....I...I want you to gobble me all up!" the girl confessed in the throes of passion as with another gulp the creature's lips were cinched tightly around her waist. Unable to speak with her mouth full, the creature smiled with her eyes and continued her relentless swallowing. Two more gulps and the girl's chest was inside the creature's mouth, smothered by eager licks from her tongue. With another gulp her breasts were pulled in by soft puffy lips, leaving only her head and arms dangling out from the creature's mouth.
"Babe? Everything alright?" a voice called out from downstairs, followed by the sound of footsteps ascending the stairs.
"What the.....?!" was all the brown haired teenage boy could say as he shoved the door open to find his girlfriend being devoured by the bed she was laying on. To his shock, the mattress bended in half and sat up, revealing a giant anthropomorphic mattress-woman with his girlfriends head slipping past her satiny red lips.
"Mmmmmm....oh it's so wonderful hon, you gotta try this!" she said as her head disappeared between the creature's lips, leaving only her forearms exposed.
"What have you done with my girlfriend you freak?! Let go of her!" the boy said as he rushed forward and grabbed onto her arms as they dangled from the creature's mouth.
Beddy Bye only smiled as the boy ran forward and grabbed onto his girlfriend's hands in an act of bravery. She was touched by the way he came to her rescue, but the sweetness she saw only helped to catalyze her hunger. She felt the young boy squirming in her belly and the babysitter's toes tickling her inner walls, only making her want more. Reaching around with her soft plush mittens, the mattress creature hugged the boy tight and leaned down to press her lips over his arms, starting to suck him in as well.
With the boyfriends arms in her mouth, Beddy Bye hugged him tightly to her chest while swallowing hard. The powerful motion of the creature's silk-lined throat squeezed around the girlfriend and pulled her deeper into the fluffy maw, the boyfriends head being engulfed as he held on to her arms slowly being pulled in with her.
"Hold on babe...I'll save you!" the boyfriend grunted as he tugged with all his might. No matter how hard he pulled the creature's throat was stronger, the enveloping fluff and stuffing relentlessly pulling his girlfriend down further and further.
The mattress woman just smiled as she savored her meal. The boyfriend was squeezed around the back by the creature's soft arms, pinning him firmly to her bosom. He kicked and struggled as he was sucked into in her mouth, unable to stop her plump hands from groping along his back and stuffing him greedily into her maw. He felt the belly swell under him as his girlfriend began to fill the mattress-woman's stomach, the billowing fluff all around him making it impossible to find a grip to stop his descent into the silk throat.
With a powerful gulp the babysitter disappeared into the creature's throat completely as the tight silken tube closed down around her face. The boyfriend was pulled in deeper and finally let go, feeling his girlfriend's arms sink away into the fluff. He tried to pull out himself, but it was too late and with another gulp the throat extended forward sucked the boyfriend's head into its tight silk embrace, smothering him in a silk tube. He gasped and felt soft lips clamp down over his back, filled with a mix of fear and excitement as the soft cuddly feelings wrapping all around fought against the fear of being gobbled down by a big hungry monster.
Kicking and struggling all the way down, Beddy Bye made quick work of the boyfriend, her lips and mittens stuffing him gluttonously into her maw, sucking up his feet with a loud slurp. The creature licked her lips with a silk tongue, rubbing her throat as the last bulge travelled down into her plush body. Her belly was bloated and puffy, and wobbled heavily with the strugglings of the three passengers trapped inside.
"Shhhhhh my little momma's got you all tucked in. I hope you're nice and cozy in there, because I've got big plans for you!"
Inside the mattress-woman's body the soft padded walls rolled over her captives again and again in slow waves, the motion slowly pressing them together. The belly's smooth lining seemed to react to their warm bodies, the thick pillowy stuffing beginning to inflate around them, making the belly seem smaller. Soon the squishy material was pressing in tightly against the three, forming a soft warm cocoon that hugged them all together. The creature moaned softly as her prey shifted and squirmed inside her tight belly, every sensation inside amplified by the sensitive silk of her stomach lining.
Beddy Bye sang a lullaby as her passengers drifted off to a peaceful sleep. Her fluffy stomach squeezed snugly around them and started to drain their energy, turning the warmth into more soft fluffy padding. The three humans yawned and cuddled together happily as they slowly disappeared into the enveloping softness.


*Police are reporting a rash of missing persons as children from all over Angel Grove are disappearing from their beds without a trace. The latest incident occurred last night, when a child and his babysitter went missing from a suburban home while the parents were away. Police are also on the lookout for another area teen, believed to be the babysitter's boyfriend. The police have no leads so far.*

The Power Rangers stood around the viewing globe watching the latest news report flash by.

"Rangers, our sensors have picked up the energy signal of a monster in Angel Grove. It is not one of Rita's creations, but I am positive that it is related to the increased number of child disappearances," Zordon's voice boomed from above.

"Ay yi yi yi yi! We have been unable to find the source of the disturbance so far!" Alpha said as he rocked from side to side in worry.

"Billy and Jason, go to the site of the last disappearance and search for clues that will lead you to this new threat. Good luck, and may the power protect you."

The police had sealed off the house of the missing boy and his babysitter, giving the Power Rangers privacy to search the scene for clues of the disappearance. Billy and Jason teleported into the house unmorphed to avoid drawing attention and went right to work. Billy scanned the house for aberrant energy patterns while Jason went upstairs to look for clues in the boy's bedroom.
The red ranger entered the room and saw nothing out of the ordinary in a child's room - toys on the floor, clothes in the hamper, a messy bed... Jason stopped when he saw a shimmer of peach colored fabric from under the rumpled blankets that looked out of place. He pulled back the sheets and saw that the whole mattress was made of the same shiny peach satin and was noticeably round and puffy, rather than the rectangular linen mattress that would be normal for a boy's room. Jason pressed his hand into the mattress finding it soft and spongy, material so squishy that it gave way and engulfed his hand at the lightest press.
"What the..." the ranger exclaimed and took a step back, ripping the remaining pillows and sheets from the bed to reveal a pair of giant red puffy lips near the head of a very round soft satin mattress. The mattress looked like something out of a cartoon, and even wobbled when Jason prodded it.
"Billy...come check this out!"
The blue ranger ran upstairs and gasped.
"What do you think it is?" Jason asked, bewildered.
"We won't know until we get a sample of it back to the command center for analysis," Billy said, stepping forward with a pair of tweezers and plucking a thread from the bedding. He sealed it in a glass jar and stowed it away in his bag.
"I'm going to get this back to the command center right away," Billy said, zipping his bag closed.
"Right. I'll seal off this area and make sure nobody comes in her until we know what this thing is."
With a nod, Billy teleported away in a blue flash. As Jason turned to shut the door he saw the mattress move out of the corner of his eye. He reopened the door and stared at the bed for a moment, but it just sat there. When he was just about to leave again, the mattress started wiggling more.

"A ha!" Jason rushed in and looked down, but it went still again. He kneeled down and put his ear to the bed, probing around the puffy lump with his hands trying to feel what was inside.
With his head pressed against the satin, Jason didn't hear the smacking of the puffy red lips parting or the sound of satin swishing inside the throat. Jason did feel the mattress rumbling beneath him and jumped back.
The lips flew open and spat out a giant rectangular pillow, slipping out easily and flopping onto the floor. The ranger looked down at the overstuffed pillow and noticed that in the middle was a big smiling face made of button eyes and a zipper mouth, further anthropomorphized by puffy white gloves and soft bootied feet at the corners.
Jason leaned in to take a closer look at the pillow, trying to see if it was alive. No sooner had he bent down when another even heavier cushion came tumbling out of the mattress' lips and landed on top of Jason, sending him tumbling forward into the first pillow's midsection.
The red ranger twisted around trying to right himself on the cushion, but the fluff was making it hard to get a grip and the sheer weight of it kept him pinned helplessly beneath. He found himself flailing comically from in between the two pillows, his cheeks red with embarrassment.

Straining and grunting against the ponderous cushion smothering him from above, the red ranger managed to pull himself out enough to grab hold of the bedpost. Just as he about to pull himself free, the cushion came to life and grabbed onto the ranger, strong puffy gloves clinging tight to his waist.

"Hey! What the...get off me!" Jason shouted in confusion as he struggled to keep the pillows from engulfing him.

He felt the grip of another pair of gloves grabbing his thighs. He turned his head to see that the second pillow had come to life and was clinging to him tightly. He struggled and squirmed trying to free himself from the mass of stuffing all around him, but the more he moved the more the soft gloves rubbed up and down his body, eagerly tugging at his shirt and pants and gazing down at him tauntingly with their button eyes and big zippered smiles. If it wasn't so off-putting and strange the ranger might have found his predicament to be very comfortable, catching himself thinking that he could just close his eyes for a little nap.

"Awww!! Just look how much fun my pillow minions are having with this one! Ooooh you're a cute one!"

A sweet feminine voice echoed throughout the room, making Jason's heart skip a beat. He tried to get up but was held fast, the pillows continuing to fondle and stroke the ranger as he lay on his back, forcing Jason to crane his neck to see who was talking.

The ranger gasped and saw the main mattress had had come to life as well, the thick puffy red lips now topped by two big gorgeous feminine eyes, a dainty nose, and long blankets of hair flowing down from under a large fleecy nightcap. The mattress had grown two long padded arms ending in round puffy mittens, along with two giant plush booties which poked out of the bottom edges of the rounded mattress.

"No need to get up! I can see my precious pillows have made you nice and cozy already!"

Jason struggled hard against the softness closing in around him while trying desperately to reach his morpher. A gasp escaped his lips as the soft gloves began rubbing over the front of his pants, the ranger blushing and getting aroused from the silken groping coming from every direction. He managed to keep his wits about him and focused on trying to reach his communicator to call for help.
"They just love it when their toy wiggles about. It only makes them want to cuddle you even more!" the feminine voice cooed teasingly.

In between the satin mittens brushing across his face Jason could see the giant mattress woman sit upright. With surprising grace for a creature of her size, the mattress tilted forward and stood up, balancing on her two enormous puffy pillow-feet. Her entire body wobbled with heavy padding as she stepped forward to face the ranger.
Jason looked up to see the mattress woman towering above him at over eight feet tall, and almost as wide around.
"Tsk tsk! Why are you wearing that nasty, itchy cotton and denim? That won't do at all! I want my tasty little ranger treat to feel how nice momma's throat feels when it gobbles you down," the mattress chided, gazing at Jason hungrily as she licked her lips with a red silken tongue.

"Take off his clothes, my minions. Let's show this cute lil' thing just how wonderful the caress of satin is on bare skin."
The two button-eyed pillows went to work, doubling their cuddles to keep Jason off balance while their gloves grabbed and tugged off his shirt and pants all at once motion. In a whirlwind of plush and stuffing, the ranger felt his communicator ripped from his wrist and tossed out of reach.

The ranger blushed bright red as he was stripped to his underwear, his momentary lapse allowing the pillows to reach around his waist and pull him back into their embrace. Jason landed on his backside with a soft thud, the cushions quickly folding the corners of their body to grab on to his arms and legs. With a tug the pillow pulled itself taut, forcing the ranger into a spread eagle position with his arms and legs splayed open.
"Who are you?!" Jason shouted as he lay prone on his back. Ignoring his question, the mattress woman clasped her mittens together and looked down at the ranger lovingly.
"Awwwww don't you look so cute all tucked in like that!" she said, bending over to brush his cheek affectionately making Jason squirm even more.
"You may call me Beddy Bye! And you, my tasty little ranger, have the honor of being my next meal!"
Jason suddenly connected the two odd pillows that emerged and the missing people they had come to investigate.
"'re the one who has been kidnapping people!" he blurted out, his struggles renewing as he fought against the ceaseless cuddling of the pillows. "This is the babysitter and her boyfriend who went missing last week, isn't it? But...where's the boy? What have you done with him?!"
"Such a clever thing you are, my plush prisoner!" the mattress woman said, leaning down to pinching his cheek with a plump mitt. "Don't worry about the little one, mama would never hurt such a sweet wiggly boy like him! In fact, he's closer than you think!"
Jason looked on confused as the cushion smothering him from above began to shuffle and pull itself up along her body, dragging its round bulging belly up his chest until it had slid up over his face. The pillow hugged itself around the ranger's head, forcing the round soft tummy to squish against the ranger's ear.
The pillow kept perfectly still, and in a moment Jason's heartbeat slowed and he could hear the subtle shifting of fabric. Amidst the shuffling, he heard a faint cry emanating from inside the pillow. It was a soft, questioning hello of a little boy in a calm voice, followed by a rustling of fabric. Jason could feel a warm lump squirming around inside, then heard a loud yawn and a faint 'good night!' as the wiggling stopped.
"See? He's nice and safe tucked away in a soft silky tummy," Mistress Matrees cooed. "It was so sweet, seeing his babysitter come to protect him, and the love her boyfriend displayed as I gobbled them up! Now they'll be together forever as matching pillow minions, with the little boy happily cocooned forever in her stomach."

"You monster!" Jason gasped, frustrated by his inability to fight back against his fluffy entrapment. "You'd better let that boy go, or you're going to be in big trouble when the other rangers get here!"
The creature let out a giggle and tossed her hair back. "I certainly hope so! You see, I was planning for you rangers to come all along. I feed off the warmth and energy of the humans I eat, letting my belly drain them until the fall asleep in my warm cozy cocoon. When they wake up, they begin their new life as mindless pillow minions, happily serving their mistress as they go out and collect more people to bring back to their mama! And you Power Rangers are just so chock full of energy. It's like gobbling up a thousand humans at once! Ooooh it makes me hungry just thinking about it!"
Jason struggled as he looked fearfully at the happily cuddling pillows, realizing that he would be next.
"But don't you worry, my sweet little morsel. Mama has something extra special planned for you..."
The cushion on top of Jason flopped off to the side and fell to the floor, leaving the ranger in the nude and exposed to the chill night air. The mattress beneath him bent forward and forced Jason to sit up, then rocked forward and lifted up until Jason found himself standing spread-eagle before Mistress Mattess.
"I'll never serve you!" Jason shouted defiantly, struggling futily against the cushion's gloved grip. Without his ranger powers, he couldn't break free.
"It's not so bad, my sweet little puffball. Look how much your new friends enjoy being plump, puffy pillows!" the creature smiled down at her captive and cupped her huge billowy breasts. She hefting them up and letting them drop in front of his eyes, Jason unable to ignore how they jiggled and bounced heavily.
"Nice, aren't they? So big and soft, look how they wobble and shake just for you. Don't be afraid. Give them a feel. You know you want to..."
Jason turned away at first, but he was pushed hard from behind and fell straight into the arms of the Beddy Bye. She quickly wrapped her soft arms around his back, enveloping him in her hug and squeezing the ranger tight to her breast.

"No need to worry now dear....mama's got you now..." the sweet soothing voice of the mattress woman filled Jason's ears, mixing with the warm cozy feeling wrapped around him to make him feel strangely calm and comfortable. He tried to resist, to remind himself that he was in danger, but the more the creature hugged him the more warm safe and protected he felt.
Jason tried to pull away from the smothering bosom, but the more his hands sank into those soft pillowy mounds the more he started to enjoy it. Within minutes his struggles had melted away into hesitant fondling as the ranger rubbed his hands along the sides of each breast and let it squish against his cheek.
Beddy Bye fluffed her bosom showing the ranger how much she enjoyed him snuggling against her. She placed a giant mitten behind his head and gently guided him between her two pillowy breasts. The ranger struggled at first, but as the spongy soft bosom wrapped around his head he whimpered and nuzzled back and forth while mmmming softly.

"That's it dear...just forget all your troubles and nuzzle to your heart's content. It feels so nice to give in and cuddle up against my breasts, doesn't it?" the creature cooed teasingly as kissed the top of his head with plump soft lips.
Jason's mind was a muddled haze of fear, excitement, and pleasure, and he was not sure what was real and what was the creature's magic working on him. He peered up from between the mattress' breasts he saw Beddy Bye staring down at him lovingly. The ranger smiled back, making a warm flush feeling spread over him making him feel even more dizzy and snug in he embrace. Nothing made sense, but he knew that this motherly figure would protect him.
Sensing his resistance melting, Beddy Bye aqueezed the ranger even tighter, peppering the top of his head with little kisses while groping up and down his body with plump mittens. Jason moaned and squirmed under the affection of the mattress as her tongue slipped out and began slurping the ranger's cheek with it's billowy fabric.
" delicious...oh I've been waiting to get a taste of you ever since I laid eyes on you, my wiggly little worm."
With each empassioned kiss and lick Beddy Bye grew more excited, her lips parting and slipping down over Jason's head while suckling and kissing all at once. Jason moaned and let the monster's tongue bathe his face and chest in long, silky slurps.
"That's right my little bon bon...mama's gonna gobble you all up. I want you to squirm for me all the way down, let me feel how much you love being devoured. I promise you'll be rewarded by my throat massaging you all the way down into my belly."
The creature's mittens squeezed and lifted her prey upwards towards her waiting lips. The ranger didn't flinch at all as her maw opened wide and lunged forward, her lips sliding down over his head and shoulders and plunging the ranger's face into a fluffy maw billowing with silk stuffing.

The sudden constriction snapped Jason out of his trance, his wits returning as he realized he was staring down the puckered throat of the mattress creature. He writhed and bucked hard trying to escape, his shoulders pressing out against the inner walls of her mouth but to no avail.
Beddy Bye yelped in delight as her sensitive inner fabric was jostled about. This only excited the creature more, cupping her prey's rump and stuffing him deeper into her maw as her lips clamped down over his chest.
Holding him in her pursed lips, the monster began to lick the ranger's chest and tummy, flitting the silky tonguetip against his belly button to make him squirm. Another shove and Jason's head was caught in the tight grip of the creature's throat, feeling the powerful motion of the silken tunnel working to pull him down. With greedy slurps and nibbles the mattress worked the ranger deeper into her body, a giant lump forming in her throat that she rubbed and patted as it sank into her belly.

Beddy Bye gently sealed her lips, plunging Jason into total darkness. A puffy tongue wrapped around his thighs and slurped up and down his legs, teasing his feet and making him giggle and writhe against the tight silk cocoon.
The ranger was true to his heroic nature and struggled all the way down, much to the delight of Beddy Bye. She felt the last of the ranger travel down her throat and into her belly, landing with a soft thump. Her body looked noticeably bloated with the ranger trapped inside her, her gut wobbling back and forth with only little pokes visible as the ranger searched frantically for a way out of his belly prison.
"Mmmmmmm! Oh you were as yummy as I'd hoped! Oooooh you squirm so feels divine!" Beddy Bye said as her thick mittens massaged over her belly.
Inside the belly Jason sat in darkness, feeling smooth silky fabric all around him as he pushed through the softness looking for an opening but finding nothing but more padding. He could hear the creature's feminine voice cooing muffledly through the belly walls, and could feel her squeezing and rubbing his body from the outside.
"Oh? Are you restless in there little one? Let mama make it even more snug for you!"
Jason felt the fabric around him start to shift, the entire belly coming to life and rolling itself over the ranger's body in powerful waves of plush padding. The stomach itself seemed to be getting smaller, closing in around Jason as he soon realized the fabric was puffing up and inflating around him.

As the fabric got fluffier and fluffier it compressed tighter and tighter around Jason, the ranger doing everything in his power to fight the urge to fall asleep. Each squeeze drained off a portion of his energy and left him steadily weakening in her stomach.
"Mmmmm just like a hero...struggling to the last drop. Don't worry ranger, you'll succumb to my belly's draining squeeze before long, and be wrapped in momma's soft padding. I'll take you home so we have plenty of time together to get acquainted."
With an echoing laugh, the giant mattress stood up and began to waddle out the door, followed closely by her two waddling pillow minions. Slipping out into the night, Beddy Bye started back towards her lair with the ranger bouncing along in her tummy, slowly dozing off to sleep wrapped in a tight fluffy cocoon.
*The people of Angel Grove are in a panic and the police are baffled as a second rash of kidnappings has swept the city. Police have discovered a strange, pink-colored mattresses left behind at the scene of each disappearance. No other clues have been found. In an interview with the police chief...*
Kimberly switched off the TV before it could say any more. It had been three hours since Jason went missing, and even after heading back to the house the rangers found no sign of their leader.
Billy ran tests on the strange fabric he collected and found it to be like nothing he had ever seen. It was like a living material, able to divide on its own and comprised of individual cells, but the structure showed that it was comprised of nothing but satin, silk and foam. He discovered that the material was drawn to heat, or more accurately it went wild for anything measuring the same temperature as the human body - 98.6 F. When placed next to a mouse, the material stretched and tried to engulf it completely.
"Rangers!" Alpha 5 chirped as the team turned to listen. "I have managed to pinpoint Jason's last known location."
"Yes, but the situation is grave I'm afraid," Zordon boomed from above. "His power is being depleted quickly, and at this rate will vanish completely in less than four hours,"
The rangers all gasped, watching the viewing glove as Alpha triangulated the position.
"There!" Alpha said as an image of a large nondescript warehouse appear in the viewing globe. "This is a mattress warehouse located in the Angel Grove industrial district. We are detecting an alien energy source coming from inside."
"Rangers, you must get to the warehouse immediately before we lose Jason forever. Good luck, and may the power protect you."
The sun was setting as the Power Rangers arrived at the mattress warehouse at the outskirts of town, standing outside as Billy scanned the area with some kind of beeping device. The building itself looked like nothing out of the ordinary; a large, half acre warehouse, all boxy with high windows all around that let light in but prevented passersby from peeking in to see what was happening.
"Uh...guys..." was all Zack the black ranger needed to say, pointing a finger to the main entrance of the building. Giant puffy walking pillows began to emerge from the shadows and shamble towards the front door of the warehouse.
Tommy the white ranger took out a pair of binoculars to get a closer look, seeing the creatures were just giant bed cushions, but had a distinct face in the top-middle made of button eyes and a zipper for a mouth. He scanned around and saw at least a dozen of these creatures, their bodies coming in all different colors looking like traditional mattress patterns, from flowers to diagonal grids to solid colors. But each looked identical the rest in every other way, right down to the puffy white gloves at the top corners and white booties at the bottom.
The white ranger took a closer look and saw that all of these pillows heading into the factory had massive, jiggling bellies, but those coming out looked much more slender.
"There are too many of them! We need to find which one has Jason, and fast!" Kimberly exclaimed, taking the lead and heading into the building during a gap in the flow of pillows.
Inside, the warehouse opened up into spacious dimly lit area with ceilings thirty feet high. In the vast open floor area lay endless rows of mattresses stretching as far as the eye could see into the dark far corners of the warehouse.
Trini accidentally backed into a pillow minion as it was heading into the building, but ot didn't stop or acknowledge the ranger at all. Instead, it waddled into warehouse until it found an unoccupied mattress, then bent over the bed and unzipped its mouth. To Trini's shock a young girl came tumbling out, landing on the mattress but staying fast asleep. The minion stood over the girl for a moment brushing her cheek with a soft satin glove, then climbed up and laid down on top of her spreading out like a big warm comforter. The child let out a sleepy yawn and turned over, pulling the edge of the pillow creature over her shoulders as she drifted off to a deep sleep.

Looking around Trini saw many mattresses were taken, people laying on the beds with the pillow minions laid on top. Not all of the people were asleep, some struggling against their confines with their cries for help muffled by the smothering cushions. Not all the mattresses were taken - about half were empty and a still others looked different, rounder and puffier made of peach satin with big sealed puffy lips at the top.
"Ugh...there must be hundreds of people in here! How are we going to find Jason?" the black ranger said.
"Looking for your friend, Power Rangers?" a feminine voice suddenly boomed out from the darkness, seeming to come from everywhere.
With a click and a bright flash the lights of the warehouseturnedon. The rangers shielded their eyes while adjusting to the blinding flourescents, then looked out over the vast warehouse. A hundredfeet away In the very center stood a giant peach colored mattress-woman, standing eight feet tall and almost as wide, her enormous tummy looking like a thick rounded mattress with huge plushie mittens and a plump, feminine face with puffy red lips. The pom pom of her fleece nightcap swayed as she fluffed her long, shiny blanket-like hair.
"Why don't you cuties come here and make yourself comfortable? Your friend Jason isexcited to see you again!"
The creature's sweet andfriendly demeanor took the heroes by surprise, but they knewthe monster must be up to no good.
"You'd better give him back or we're gonnashred you to ribbons! Nobody messes with the Power Rangers!" Tommysaid as hestepped forward cautiously.
"Tut tut...such harsh languagewillnot be tolerated! You need to be taught a lesson, naughty boy," the creature's voice called out scoldingly while sheshook a mitten at the white ranger. "Since you Power Rangers don't know any manners, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Beddy Bye but you may call me 'mama', just like your friend did when I gobbled him up!"
Growing impatient with her teasing the rangers closed ranks andbegan to approachthe monster with weapons drawn. The mattress woman didn't flinch, just smiled and opened her arms invitingly as they drew within 20 feet and raised their laser blasters to fire.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you..."thebed woman spokesuddenly as she flashed awicked grin, stopping the rangers in their tracks.

"You'd better put away those toys, children.You wouldn't want to hurt your friend, would you?" she saidand patted her distended belly. This drew the rangers' attention down to herbloated midsection, where they could see something slowly wiggling andpoking out at the fabric from within.
"Jason...?!" Kimberly cried in shock, realizing their leader was inside the monster's stomach.
"That's right!" the monster said cheerily. "Your friendwas so yummy! He resisted momma's loving kisses and slurps at first, and evenwiggled and squirmed all the way down! He struggled so deliciously, but my hungry tummy squeezed and drained all his energy until he was as weak as a kitten. He's been sleeping so peacefully since then."

The rangers watched in horror as the bed monsterrubbed and squeezed the bulge in her belly affectionately, making it shiver and rustle inside the thick padding of her body.

"Ooooh! I can feel him moving!Feels likemy little plushie iswaking up!"
The monster massaged her sides with thick mittens, working the squirming lump to the front of her stomach. The swelling belly brought the ranger's attention to a round pink pucker at the center of the mattress, looking like a plush belly button.
Suddenly the struggling inside the monster increased, poking out in juts of soft fabric until it found its way to the belly button. The tight pucker began to stretch and grow as a round red bump poked out from the middle, the hole spreading wide to allow a big puffy snout to breach the womb and wiggle out excitedly. The mattress woman yelped and rubbed the squirming bulge in sheer ecstasy as her sensitive belly button was stretched and rubbed.
"That's right sweetie...time to come out and say hello to all your friends!"
Out from the monster's belly a bulbous red satiny muzzle poked out followed by a small head with reptilian features and button eyes. With a buck the head popped free, tilting upwards to reveal the giant jaws of a plush tyrannosaurus rex. In spite of its toothy smile the creature wore a silly, happy look, like a puppy that wanted to play. A giant soft tongue wagged out of the plush's maw while its jaws wobbled up and down making it snap at the air in an oddly cute way.
The plush wiggled and strained until two sets of stubby plush claws gripped the side of the belly button and pulled upwards. With a pop the enormous plushie t-rex rolled out onto the floor and landed on its backside, a long stubby red tail slipping out and curling behind it. It wiggled and turned its ponderous body, getting to its feet an turning to face the rangers. The t-rex's head made up half the size of it's almost seven-foot tall body, sitting atop a giant round plush belly and fat stumpy clawed feetpaws.
The red plush dinosaur looked around with its button eyes until it saw the rangers, itsfat tail wagging excitedly in recognition.
"Hey guys!" the plushie said in a gruff, gutteral voice as his jaws bounced up and down to speak.
"J...Jason, is that you?" the pink ranger asked wonderingly, clutching a fist to her chest in worry.
"Hi Kim!" the plushi t-rex said cheerfully as it waddled forward to meet his friends. "You look yummy!"
In the former ranger's mind he knew these were friends, but with his mind turned his mind to fluff his thoughts were corrupted to his new form and his instincts were quickly taking over.
" good to eat...gotta save the Power Rangers...for dessert!" The plush t-rex grumbled as he waddled towards the rangers, losing the struggle for his own mind as the desire to devour everyone in sight was making him more and more excited.
Not knowing what to do, the rangers backed away slowly.
"Whoa...Jason...hold don't want to do this!" Tommy tried pleading with the plush, but the t-rex just responded by snapping his jaws. It turned suddenly andlunged at them clumsily, opening his maw wide and managing to slurp over Trini's face with a soft pillowy tongue before she jumped back out of the way.
"Jason, you have to remember!" Trini said as she stepped forward to face the plush. The t-rex stopped for a moment and tilted its oversized head at the yellow ranger.
"T...Trini...?" the plush said in a slow, grunting voice.
"Yes's me...!" she said and placed a hand on the t-rex's snout.
"Ooooh..." the momentary relapse into his human memories vanished when Trini touched his nose, the feel of her warm fingers against his soft plush snout filling him with a giddy rush. His tummy rumbled and instincts took over as in a flash he opened his maw wide and lunged at Trini. With a snap the massive plush jaws closed down over Trini's head and shoulders, clamping down tight and trapping her upper body in the creature's toothy maw.
"Trini!" the other rangers cried and ran to her aid, grabbing her waist and pulling back as the hungry t-rex refused to let go.
"Awwww! I knew you would all get along! Look how adorable my sweet little dino plays with his friends!" the monster laughed as her belly button shrank down and her body returned to normal.
With the rangers distracted trying to pull Trini free from the t-rex's jaws, none noticed the soft thudding footfalls of the mattress woman behind them.
"Oooooh, the pink ranger! I wonder if you taste as sweet as you look!"
Giant engulfing mittens reached down and grabbed Kimberly from behind, wrapping completely around her chest and arms before lifting her up in one fluid motion. Kimberly looked up to find two giant red lips opened wide and poised to give her a big smooch.
"Here comes a big kiss from momma! Mwa!"
Without any hesitation the creature lunged forward and smooshed her soft pillowy lips against the top of Kim's head, making a smacking sound as she pulled up and lunged down again. In seconds Kim was being smothered in a flurry of kisses, squished between the englufing mass of fluff over and over as her head easily slipped into the soft plush maw.The exaggerated lips stretched wide to accommodate Kim's shoulders, working down her back with fervent kisses while forcing her deeper with into her thickly padded throat.
All at once the kisses stopped and Beddy Bye grabbed Kim's butt tightly, then stuffed the rest of her roughly into her mouth. The lips smacked and slurped in a ravenous frenzy, rising up and pressing down over the ranger's prone form while a long satin tongue wrapped Kim up like a mummy and pulled her into the tight opening of her throat and shoved her down,
The rangers were momentarily taken aback by the gluttonous display, hearing Kim's cries for help fade away in seconds as they watched her legs slurped into the mattress woman's lips and disappear with a loud smack. With a soft snap the creature's lips closed, Kim now just a clearly visible bulge in the monster's throat. She struggled against the constricting padding of her throat, Beddy Bye lifting her head to give the rangers a good view their friend slide down into her belly.
"Ooooh! She struggles even more wonderfully than the red one!" Beddy Bye said with delight as she massaged the lump in her throat with thick mittens.
"Kim!!" the rangers all called out at once, still holding onto Trini as the plush t-rex kept chewing and tugging. They helplessly watched the juts and pokes of the pink ranger muffled by the mattress' thick padding as with a long slow moan from the monster the bulge slid all the way down and disappeared into the mass of the belly, leaving behind only a slight wobbling of the creature's pillowy body.
"Thanks for the snack, Power Rangers!" Beddy Bye said with a pat of her belly."I'm sorry I can't stay, but I have much work to do! So many mattresses to fill, so many people to devour into soft plush cocoons."
"How is she doing this?! We gotta stop her!" Zack said in frustration, still holding on to Trini to keep her from being swallowed by the T-Rex plush.
"I thought you'd never ask!" the monster cooed sweetly. "Once one of you cute humans goes to sleep and starts to warm your mattress, the heat creates the perfect environment for my spirit to slip into the bed and possess the mattress. Mmmm then I can taste them laying atop their momma, in the perfect position for my lips to open and slurp them into the cozy confines of my tummy.
"When I move to the next lucky victim I only leave behind a perfect plump pink cocoon, a cozy prison where my meal incubates for for six days and turns them to soft plush and stuffing, until the day the cocoon opens and hatches another loyal pillow minion!. Soon, you too will be my loyal plushie slaves, just like your friend here!"
Even as the rangers tried to free Trini from the plush's mouth, they couldn't help but hear the monster's taunts.
"Ooooh I can feel all the mattresses in here warming as my pillow minions bring me more yummy humans to eat! It's dinner time!"
Taking a step back, the mattress-woman stood upright and placed her mittens at her sides. Her eyes glazed over then turned into two buttons as her she stopped moving and became an inanimate plush. Kim's struggling form could still be seen, but trapped deep within the motionless mattress.
The rangers knew Kim would need to be saved, but for now the more pressing concern was Trini still being gobbled up into the plushie t-rex's jaws.
"Alright guys, we need to do this together. On three!" the white ranger said, taking control. Working in unison, with one massive tug Trini popped free of the t-rex's jaws and fell back in a pile with the other rangers.
"Awww why you do that? I'm so hungry!" the plush dino snapped, waddling forward to try again.
The rangers all got to their feet quickly and managed to avoid the t-rex's lumbering charge. They stayed together, moving amongst the mattresses while keeping a close eye on the transformed red ranger, the plushie waddling after with snapping jaws, stomping happily and chasing after the rangers like it was all a game.
"Come out come out wherever you are!" the t-rex snapped as the rangers rounded another corner to avoid his jaws. The dino's massive head wobbled with each step and gave it a clumsy lumbering gait, allowing the rangers to gain distance quickly and take a moment to catch their breath.
"Guys...look!" Billy said and pointed back towards the main area. The team turned and saw that throughout the warehouse mattresses were coming to life from under the captive people. One by one the beds swelled up under the victim, turning to peach satin as the face of Beddy Bye appeared above their heads. Long arms would grow out of the sides, grabbing each and pressing them up into her waiting lips. WIth a soft gulp they were gone, disappearing into the main body of the mattress. Just as quickly as she appeared she was gone, jumping to the next bed and leaving behind a swollen wiggling mattress cocoon bearing her signature plump red lips on the top.
"I've got it!" the blue ranger said as he held up a scanning device pointed at the main body. "Her belly button is her weak point. If we concentrate our fire, we might be able to free Kimberly!"
"It's worth a shot. Rangers, laser blasters out. Aim fire at the belly button on my mark...GO!"
The four rangers aimed and fired in perfect unison, a laser blasts homing in and blasting the main body in the stomach. Sparks flew everywhere followed by a shriek of pain from out in the warehouse.
In a flash, the main body of the monster animated and stumbled back in pain, her belly button smoking with the burn of laser fire as her spirit was forced back into its body.
"We got her on the run! One more!"
A second blast of concentrated lasers struck perfectly in the monster's weak spot, Beddy Bye flailing wildly and falling back. As she fell, the monster's lips flew open and spat out the pink ranger with the force of a cannon. Kim flew through the air and landed safely on an unused mattress. The other rangers rushed over to check on her, the pink ranger looking up and giving a weak thumbs up as she got off the bed to rejoin her team.
"Pillow minions! Get them!" Beddy Bye' shrill voice rang out through the warehouse. A momentary silence fell over the building, then exploded into a cacophany of shuffling and swishing noises as all of the zipper-mouthed pillows stopped what they were doing and started marching towards the rangers with arms outstretched. A group of pillows minions waddled up and surrounded Beddy Bye, protecting her belly button from further attacks.
As dozens and dozens of the pillows surrounded the rangers, they quickly realized they were outnumbered. "We gotta get outta here guys. Let's regroup and come back at full strength."
"But...we can't leave Jason like this!" Kim cried out.
"If we don't leave now, we're all going to get eaten!" the white ranger said firmly, putting a hand on Kim's shoulder.
The rangers all stopped and held their communicators in preparation to teleport away, but just as they were about to engage the red plushie t-rex sprang out from behind and chomped down over the yellow ranger. With one massive bite the plush engulfed Trini's entire head and chest, pulling her back and interrupting her teleportation sequence just as the other rangers' teleporters kicked in and sent them back to the command center in a flash of colored energy.
Trini found herself being chewed by thick padded jaws, a jagged row of rubbery teeth clamping down and keeping her prone while a long spongy silk tongue licked her chest and face eagerly. While not painful, the soft billowy mass constantly squishing against her made it impossible to get her communicator.
The happy plushie chomped away, working his tongue over the ranger in frenzied slurps seeming content just to taste and chew his meal like Trini was a dog toy. Stumpy hand claws gripped her waist and held Trini as the t-rex bent forward and forced his jaws down over her until they hit the ground, only the white ranger boots visible. Trini shrieked and struggled as the mouth quickly clenched down around her. The t-rex's tongue slurped out to gather the last bits of the ranger's arms and legs into his jaws, then shut them tight and trapped the yellow ranger entirely in the plushie's massive maw.
The red plush dino looked funny with his muzzle stretched tightly around his prey, making his already oversized head look even more out of proportion as Trini's struggled could be seen distending the pliant fabric one direction or another. The t-rex growled and bobbed up and down happily while his jaws chewed and squished over Trini in a powerful full-body massage.
Inside, Trini was struggling to get out, but with each chew the padding squeezed in around her more and more making it harder to maneuver,. The mouth felt like it was getting smaller, closing in around her with the padding swelling outwards to engulf her. Soon her struggles were reduced to muted wriggles until she could feel the plushie's pleasured growls rumbling through her body. She resisted for as long as she could, but the soft squishy chewing her was relentless in its cozy constricting embrace and after a minute the yellow ranger began to get sleepy. She felt her body weaken, its will to fight draining away. Within another minute the yellow rangr passed out, drifting off to sleep inside the warm confined of the plush t-rex's maw.
The red satin dino took its time swallowing his sleeping friend, finally opening his silken throat and tilting his head up. Gravity went to work and began to pull Trini through the tight silken tunnel of the dino's throat. The t-rex stomped and growled with glee as his sensitive inner fabric was tickled and stretched, trying comically to rub his throat with his short claws while the ranger slid down his neck and into his stomach.
The plushie's belly was beyond distended now and dragged on the ground with the weight of the struggling ranger. Undaunted, the t-rex rubbed its bulge and began to waddle slowly back to Beddy Bye like and obedient pet.
Waiting patiently, Mistress Matress welcomed her pet back with a big hug, rubbing his head affectionately as he smiled toothily and panted with his long tongue.
"Ooooh I see my baby has been busy gobbling up rangers! Did you eat this one for mama?" she said, slidinga mitten down to feel the writhing mass inside her plush's belly.
The red t-rex nodded emphatically, then puffed out his belly proudly to let his mistress enjoy his catch.
Beddy Bye reached down and carefully scooped up the bloated t-rex in her arms and cuddled him tight to her bosom, planting big plush kisses on his snout and slurping his cheeks with a soft tongue.
"Those naughty rangers have some tricks up their sleeve. We'll be ready for them when they come back, with the help of this tasty little ranger right here!"
The plushie t-rex wiggled happily as his mistress rubbed his wriggling belly, feeling his stomach start to fluff up around the ranger in a tight plush cocoon.
"What are we going to do? Now this monster has Jason AND Trini!" Kimberly cried in exasperation, trying not to give in to despair.
"I've run some additional tests, and there's good news, and bad news," Billy explained. "The good news is that they're not gone forever. When I scanned Jason in the warehouse, the meter showed that part of his spirit is trapped inside the stuffed animal, but is overwhelmed by the monster's own essence overtaking his body and making him plush like her.If we can find a way to remove her essence, the victim's spirit will become the dominant force and their body will return to normal." Billy said, adjusting his glasses.
"Yeah! So all we need to do is defeat her and Jason will return to normal, right?" Tommy asked.

"Well, yes. But it's not quite that simple," Billy explained. "That's where the bad news comes in. The monster is feeding off the people she eats, and getting more powerful with each meal. By my calculations, the monster was cocooning a couple of people per night, mostly in their homes. However, now that she has taken over the mattress warehouse, she can cocoon hundreds every night. That means her power will grow exponentially, and if that rate of growth continues unchecked the entire city of Angel Grove will be turned into pillow creatures within a week."
The other rangers gasped as they listened to the blue ranger, awestruck. "So...what do we do?" Zack said, breaking the silence.
"The monster's only weakness is her belly button," Tommy said. "If we can attack that point and hit it over and over, her control over the mattresses she's possessed will weaken. You saw how the blast forced her back into her main body."
"Right!" Kimberly said. "But we need to hit her hard, because we aren't going to get a second chance! Those pillow minions swarm around her when we attack. If only Jason and Trini were here, we could combine weapons to form the Power Blaster!" Kim fretted, unable to shake the images of her plush devouring by Beddy Bye from her head. She shook off the feeling that it really was soft and pleasant, maybe even a little exciting. She tried to remember what happened to Jason to get her head back in the right place.
"Since the monsters feed on heat, I've found that they are weak against cold. Using a fire extinguisher as a base, I have created a weapon that will blow away any of those pillows that try to get us. WIth any luck, we can blast a clear shot to the monster." Billy said, holding up a what looked like a flame thrower with two fire extinguishers on a backpack connected to the gun.
"We will combine the powers of all your weapon into one to create the Power Blaster, so only one of you will need to wield it," Zordon spoke slowly. "Tommy, you will be the one to use this weapon, while the others will work to keep the minions out of the way. If you get overwhelmed, teleport out before you are devoured by this creature or its minions. We cannot afford to lose you all."
"Zordon, I'm afraid without Jason or Trini here to power their weapons, it will take hours to complete!" Alpha screeched worriedly.
"But...Trini will be gone by then!" Zack retorted.
"We have no other choice," Zordon said finally. "Alpha, work as quickly as you can. The rangers will leave for the warehouse as soon as it is complete."
Inside the plush t-rex's belly Trini was suspended in a sea of fluff, constantly churning and squeezing around her. It was a surprisingly cozy feeling, like being tucked under the covers of the world's softest silk blanket again and again. The ranger felt a soft hand pressing through the fluff of the belly, rubbing over her gently. Everything she was feeling encouraged her to just curl up right here and go to sleep. As if sensing her acquiescence, the belly puffed itself up around the ranger, the walls collapsing inwards and forcing Trini into a fetal position while cocooning her body in a soft white spongy shell.
"Alright my pet, you've have your fun with your ranger chew toy. Time to spit her out! Oh, and don't drain her too much...I want her powers intact for my own makes them struggle so wonderfully as I digest them into fluff and stuffing."
The plushie dino's jaws opened wide, and with a squeeze to the sides of his belly a large white and yellow-spotted egg popped out. The egg bounced on the ground and came to rest in from of Beddy Bye, wobbling back and forth from the ranger inside trying to get out.
"Such a good boy! Awww come here sweetums!" the mattress called over for her plushie with open arms, the dino waddling over with a fat wagging tail as she scooped him up in her arms and let him bathe her face in licks from his enormous silk tongue.
Putting the t-rex down, the monster looked down at the egg at her feet.
"Ooooh...what do we have here? An Easter egg surprise?"
Picking it up, she placed it in the soft palm of her mitten an began to stroke the side.
"Why, it's a ranger omelette! And I know just how to crack this egg!"
Parting her big puffy lips, the mattress woman stuck her long tongue out, spreading open and wrapping around the egg to slurp around it in a fluffy silk nest. The tongue tasted the spongy cocoon eagerly, lapping over the sides in strong squishy waves. Beddy Bye giggled as the little egg wobbled from its passenger reacting to all the cozy squeezing.
"Awww...I can feel her squirming! Looks like this little yummy egg is ready to hatch!"
Dimly aware and lost in a fluffy daze, Trini rolled around in her soft pillowy prison while meekly trying to press her way out. The snug plush feeling all around made her feel so cozy and drowsy. As she stretched out, Trini pushed againstthe shell surrounding her, finding it surprisingly spongy. She pushed outward as suddenly with a loud tear the egg split open. Trini immediately uncurled herself and rose up out of the egg shell to find the puffy red lips of Beddy Bye smiling down from above.
"Good morning sleepyhead! I was afraid you'd never hatch! After being nommed by my cute plushie t-rex, I thought you'd never want to leave your egg," the mattress-woman said, poking a soft mitten at Trini's nose as she cradled her in her soft pillowy arms.
"Let me go!" Trini cried out, trying to squirm free but finding the mattress woman was holding her in place as easily as a doll. Still, Trini wasn't ready to give up.
"I'll make you pay for what you've done to Jason! I'll never become your minion!" she shouted, then slumped over from the exertion.
"Oh really?" Beddy Bye said in a cheerful, faux shocked expression. "Are you sure you don't want to be nibbled, even just a little bit? Your friend, Jason was his name? He loved being slurped into my soft plush mouth and rolled in my silken tongue. He was begging for more even as he slid down my throat, before he fell right asleep in the pillowy embrace of my tummy. Soon you'll love it as much as he did!"
"Never!" Trini cried, struggling fiercely but just looking like a fussy baby in her mother's arms.
"Ooooh...I love the way you struggle against me dear. It makes me so....hungry..." Beddy Bye' tone changed, her eyes flashing a feral, ravenous look that suddenly worried Trini.
Without another warning, giant red pillow lips puckered up big before reaching out to engulf Trini's head in a smothering kiss. Beddy Bye hugged tight and squeezed the ranger between her breasts, leaving her helpless to stop the kisses from suckling on her head like she was the most delicious lollipop the creature had ever tasted.
"Oh yes ranger, I'm going to smooch you all over and gobble you up and swallow you down to my belly where all that yummy energy will be squeezed out of you! Once I've absorbed ranger power of yours I'll have enough energy to devour this whole city!"
Feeling the warmth of the power ranger's body pressing lips ignited the mattress' hunger, as before Trini could protest Beddy Bye pulled her in and closed down with a cushiony snap. She moaned and let her tongue tongue wrap around the ranger, feeling her squirm and resist with her cries vibrating the monster's sensitive silk. The rumbling of the mattress's belly shortened her patience for playtime, demanding to be filled immediately.
Without fanfare the powerful motions of the tongue forced the ranger to the back of the billowy soft throat, where a tight tunnel of silk rose up to engulfed Trini and press the taut silk of the throat around her. The smooth tunnel came to life, rolling with powerful peristaltic motions that sucked Trini hard and pulled her down into the constricting embrace of the throat. Beddy Bye massaged her throat as the lump travelled downward until with a muted thud the ranger was deposited into the thick, padded silk confines of the belly.
Beddy Bye patted the noticeable bulge in her midsection and cooed. "I hope you struggle a lot ranger. But don't worry, it's only a matter of time before you belong to me completely as my loyal plush minion. I'll let you get cozy my dear; it's night time and I can sense the beds warming all over town. Time for mama to go out hunting!"
As soon as Trini landed in the belly it began to inflate around her in a soft confining silk hug. She pressed back against the squeezing, but it was relentless and Trini knew she couldn't hold out forever. After a time the muffled feminine voice disappeared and the hugging mittens went still, but the belly kept churning around the yellow ranger squeezing tighter and tighter. Trini was feeling weak and sleepy, trying hard to fight back against the urge to sleep and give in to become one with the fluffy softness surrounding her.
Beddy Bye was enjoying her hunt, sensing warm beds all around town and jumping from one to the next, turning each mattress into a soft peach-colored cushion as her head and mittens grew out the top and side. With one hug and a big kiss each victim disappeared into the silken throat, swallowed down into the center of the mattress cocoon. In less that 30 seconds the ordeal was over and Beddy Bye moved on to the next house, leaving behind a cocoon with her signature puffy lips at the top.
As her feeding frenzy continued, Beddy Bye thought back wistfully to her first meal, the sweetness of the couple making her lick her lips hungrily. She had have it again. She shifted through the night, jumping from mattress to mattress until she found herself filling the mattress of a voluptuous blond woman.
"Honey! Come up to bed! I wanna cuddle!" the girlfriend called sweetly, rolling around on the mattress. In her sleepy state, she didn't notice the bed had softened under her, unconsciously nuzzling and pressing against it as she thought of her boyfriend coming to warm her bed.
"Oh you're so deliciously sweet! Mama can't wait...I gotta gobble you now!"
"Huh...who said that?" the woman stopped and looked around, then looked down at her mattress to see a pair of puffy red lips where her pillows had been. Before she could question it the lips parted and opened wide, followed by a pair of cushions surrounding her back and shoving her face first into the gaping maw. The muffled smack of pillows pressing together filled the room as with three big bites the woman's body was stuffed in completely, padded mittens patting her butt and making long slender legs kick about as they were slurped up by the lips and disappeared into the mattress.
"Don't worry sweetie..your boyfriend will help you warm my belly together!" Beddy Bye said with a grin, letting the mattress become inanimate while she laid in wait for her prize.
"Alright babe! Ready or not, here I co...." the boyfriend stamped down the hall and flung the door open to the bedroom, but found only an odd, overstuffed peach-colored mattress and no girlfriend.
"What the...babe? Babe where are you?" stunned, the boyfriend walked over and looked at the mattress with utter confusion. "This wasn't here before...what's going on?"
Turning, the tall brown haired man walked to the bathroom, sticking his head in and calling for his girlfriend. When he came back to the bedroom, he stopped in his tracks. The mattress was gone.
"What the...." he ran over to the space where the mattress was, just standing over the empty area in disbelief.
"This isn't funny..." he said, starting to back up in fear, unable to take his eyes off the spot where the mattress was.
"Babe, you'd better come out...time to end th...."
As the boyfriend backed up, he suddenly hit a wall of softness behind him. He turned and found an eight foot tall mattress woman staring down at him with big puffy lips open wide. Beddy Bye smiled at him, then lunged forward and pressed her lips down over him in a giant puffy chomp followed by two big, gulping bites that sent the man sliding down her throat. She looked crosseyed at his legs as they kicked wildly in front of her, smirking and moaning while sucking the last of his feet and smacking her lips in satisfaction.
As Beddy Bye took a moment to savor the passengers in hr stomach slowly turning to pillows, she noticed a flyers posted in the room for a carnival coming to town in the next week. Beddy Bye stared at the brightly colored poster showing games, rides, bouncy castles, and mascots. All the pictures depicted the event as being crowded with people all having fun. The mattress woman flashed a wicked smile as a grand idea formed in her head.
"'ll all come to me and march right into my waiting lips..."
The rangers slept restlessly that night, especially Kim who kept feeling like her bed was about to come to life and swallow her up. In the morning they arrived at the Command Center, looking groggy and haggard.
"Good news rangers. The weapon is ready for your attack. However, there is a new situation. Alpha, show them the advertisement." Zordom boomed out from above.
Alpha waddled forward and handed the rangers a promotional poster that looked like it was for the circus.
"Mistress Matress' Carnival...?!" the rangers all said in disbelief. There on the paper was their foe's smiling face and oversized nightcap, welcoming everyone to come to her carnival with rides, games, bouncy castle, and a main attraction.
"Last night these flyers appeared all over town. The carnival is scheduled for today, and by our reports, has attracted thousands of people to the Angel Grove fairgrounds. I fear they all may be in danger." Zordon said.
The ranger's jaw dropped as they saw the bottom of the flyer, which showed a very round peach colored pillow with a distinctive puckered belly button at the center.
"Special event, birth of a real life sabre toothed tiger..." Billy read out loud as the rangers were reading.
"Trini!" Kim said what everyone was thinking. "But...that means she's hasn't been transformed fully yet, right?"
"Sounds like a trap to me," Zack retorted.
"It very well may be. But this may be your only hope to defeat Beddy Bye before she eats everyone in Angel Grove." Zordon cautioned.
"Well...what are we waiting for? Let's get em guys!" Tommy said, taking the lead.
"Good luck rangers, and may the power protect you."
When the rangers arrived, the carnival was in full swing. It seemed that people needed something to take their mind off the recent kidnappings, and the swarms of people crowding the fairgrounds proved it.
"Hey the power rangers! Alright! Woohoo!" the crowd cheered the four rangers as they made their way through the turnstiles, shuddering as they passed under an archway with Beddy Bye' smiling face.
"None of them realize what danger they're in..." Kim said in shock.
"C'mon guys. We can't waste any time. We gotta find this monster and get Trini back!" Tommy said, keeping the rangers on track.
The rangers walked into the main area of the carnival and saw the grounds branching out before them. On either side of the main drag were the standard carnival games, from ring toss to dart throw and water balloon pistols. The rangers looked closer and saw that each game was tainted with Beddy Bye' smiling visage above each game, and the prizes were all mattress-themed plushies and memorabilia like nightcaps and plush mittens. They watched as a kid knocked over a pyramid of milk bottles and was handed a giant pillow minion as a prize, then walked happily around the corner. Seconds later, a pillow minion returned zipping its mouth closed with a full belly, waddling back to the game to wait for the next contestant. In another game, people were playing whack a mole where the moles were pillow minions. When others weren't looking, the minions would pop out, stuff a person into their mouth, then retreat back into the hole.
"Oh my gosh....they're all being eaten!" Billy remarked, pointing out all the games.
"It gets worse guys...look!" Zack said, pointing off to his right and drawing the ranger's attention to a giant bounce house in the shape of a dragon. Upon closer inspection the dragon itself seemed to be made out of individual mattresses, a patchwork of differently colored mattresses that all bore the resemblance of Beddy Bye with their puffy lips, but had button eyes and were discernible from male and female. The rangers gasped as they watched kids and adults alike file into the giant 10' maw of the dragon then slide down the throat into a giant bouncy area with shiny red walls and floor, visible through a clear sheet of vinyl on the enormous dragon's midsection. The people inside looked happy as they bounced away, only the rangers noticing a few disappearing into the fluff and popping out of the back as mindless zipper-mouthed pillows.
The rangers walked through the carnival, sticking close and moving slow while looking around for any sign of ambush. They swiveled their heads nervously as Beddy Bye' face looked down at them from every angle, and the sounds of people being eaten and the zippers of the minion's mouths closing all around them gave them all an uneasy feeling.
"It's her!" Billy shouted suddenly. "Wait, is it?"
The rangers looked down the main strip and saw two seven foot tall anthropomorphic mattresses waddling down the way, the spitting image of Beddy Bye. They were noticeable smaller, and looking at their eyes they saw buttons instead of the sharp, devious glare of the real thing. The two mattress people walked forward enough for the rangers to see there was a male and a female, neither wearing the main monster's signature nightcap. But they did have the puffy lips, the female mattress shaking her long hair and blowing kisses to the crowd while shaking her bosom in lighthearted way, while the male gladhanded people in the crowd with a puffy mitten and slurped them teasingly with a long silky tongue.
The crowd loved the show, thinking it was part of the carnival entertainment. They clapped along while kids crowded around. The rangers watched as the two mattresses handed out hugs, giving kisses to everyone they saw. If someone protested a hug or tried to stop them, the mattresses grabbed the offenders and gobbled them up with puffy lips right in broad daylight. The crowd cheered as the people's legs kicked while sliding down into the mattress' belly, seeing them poking out from inside while the mattress smiled and waddled away to give more hugs.
"Those are all new minions she's created," the blue ranger remarked. "She must be getting more powerful by the minute!"
The rangers resisted the urge to free every person they saw being eaten, focusing on their main objective. Their target was easy to spot, an enormous tent stood like a monolith at the center of the carnival. Continuing on, the rangers passed by a haunted house made of patchwork, zipper mouthed minions reformed into the shape of an old Victorian mansion, the rangers trying not to look as people went in the front, and waddling pillow minions came out the back. There was even a rollercoaster with cars shaped like Beddy Bye herself, but following the tracks the rangers could see each ride would end with a drop into a giant mouth with puffy red lips. Another stream of happy wobbling pillow minions poured from the ride's exit.
"This place gives me the creeps..." Kim said understating the way all the rangers felt.
They passed by a sign that said "Petting Zoo! Feed the Plushie T-Rex!", ignoring it with a shudder and moving on to the main attraction.The four rangers reached the main tent entrance without any trouble, the minions too busy eating the patrons to pay them any mind.
As soon as they walked into the shade of the tent, the rangers heard a voice that made them stop in their tracks.
"Come one, come all! The show's about to begin! Prepare to be razzled, dazzled and delighted, in a show that will leave you hungry for more! Let Beddy Bye show all you sweeties a good time and butter you up with some of the most memorable acts you've seen!"
The crowd roared with applause as the spotlights spun around and happy music filled the air. Pillow minions dressed like jesters cartwheeled on stage and performed slapstick gags, making the crowd laugh and cheer their antics. Several other pillows would pull people on stage to dance along with them, then play around by lifting them up and dropping them into another pillow's mouth and sealing the zipper, making the crowd roar with laughter.
"" the black ranger began. "We gotta stop them before this show gets out of hand!"
"No way," Tommy said with a sigh. "Unfortunately, we gotta wait until she lets go of Trini before we fire, to avoid hurting her."
"Alright...who likes plushies!" Beddy Bye asked the crowd, greeted with shouts of agreement. "Who wants to volunteer to come up here and become a super plushie?"
Dozens of hands went up around the crowd as a pillow minion waddled over and grabbed a tall brown-haired woman who was jumping up and down. "Ooooh me! Pick me!" The pillow guided her on stage where she screamed in excitement and ran over to give Beddy Bye a hug.
"Awwww look how eager you are little sweet thing!" the mattress-woman said, wrapping her soft arms around the girl and squishing her against her bosom. "You're going to make such a happy plushie! Now close your eyes and come give mama a kiss!"
The girl squealed and turned around in the mattress' arms, looking up and closing her eyes while she puckered up, Beddy Bye fluttered her eyes and puffed her lips up cutely, then leaned down and gave the girl a long, soft puffy kiss. A comical smooching sound filled the air making people laugh as the the kiss went on, but with a sudden squeeze of her arms Beddy Bye pressed her lips down over the girl's head. The girl resisted at first, but thinking it was part of the act went with it, letting the soft satiny lips close down over her. Out of the sight of the audience the mattress-woman's tongue slurped at the girl's face and chest, savoring her warm wiggling body as she stuffed her between her lips greedily. The woman's legs kicked as she slid down the mattress' throat, Beddy Bye finishing off her smooch by sucking the last of the woman's feet in and finishing with a lick of her lips.
The mattress-woman let out a burp and covered her face in mock-embarrassment. " rude of me!" while rubbing the lump wiggling about in her belly. The audience howled in laughter.
"I can feel her inside my tummy, getting all cute for all of you! She's going to be the loveliest, puffiest plushie on the planet! Ooooh! She's poking at my belly! My sweet little plush is ready to come out!"
Beddy Bye went through a series of funny faces, squeezing and holding her belly as it bulged and wiggled with something moving inside. Looking close, the rangers could tell there were two forms, the other likely being Trini. Suddenly, the mattress let out a loud moan and held her fluffy gut as a soft pink face pressed out from the belly button. The hole stretched wide to allow the plush to emerge, two plump mittens reaching up to pull herself out. With a slip of satin on silk an enormous, soft mattress woman fell out of Beddy Bye' womb and fell onto the stage with a quiet puff. The new plushie was a spitting image of Beddy Bye, with button eyes, long blanket-like hair and a pair of soft pillowy breasts with buttons for nipples.
"There you isn't that better sweetie? Are you a happy plushie?" Beddy Bye leaned down and gave the dazed smiling plush a loving pat on the back.
"Yes mama!" the plushie said with a bright smile, planting a kiss on the taller mattress with her own full red plush lips.
"See! Another satisfied customer! Now go back to your family sweetie, they'll want hugs from you I'm sure!"
With a pat on her soft plushie rump, Beddy Bye sent the new super minion off back into the audience while people cheered and laughed, not knowing that the girl wasn't in a costume but really was a plush minion of the monster.
"And now...the moment you've all been waiting for!"
The lights dimmed and spotlights swirled around the room, creating an air of excitement as the crowd quieted to awed hush.
"Tonight, before your very eyes, we have the birth of the incredibly rare, incredibly cute saber toothed tiger plushie!"
"She once roamed the wilds of Angel Grove...then she was tamed by the lovely Beddy Bye and brought here for all you lovely pillo...I mean, people!"
"OK guys...get ready...when Trini pops out, clear a path to that monster with the freeze gun. Then I'll blast her to pieces with this MegaBlaster."
The rangers snuck around the back of the audience until they were on the side of the stage. Beddy Bye noticed the colorfully dressed rangers in the crowd, a subtle smile growing on her lips. 'Falling right into my trap, tasty little rangers...'
The spotlights all focused on the center stage, shimmering off the peachy satin of the mattress' stomach and the growing movement inside. The crowd went hush, and in the silence a muffled growling could be heard.
"C'mon out kitty! Time to play with your friends!"
With loving coaxing, the belly begin to wobble back and forth. The puckered belly button stretched out once again, but this time a bright smiling feline face poked out, looking curiously with button eyes and big oversized plushie fangs. The yellow furred cat pressed at the sides of the hole, big fat plush claws dipping out and batting cutely at the air, making the crowd awwwww in appreciation.
The tiger plush let out a 'Mew!' as it pressed its way out of the monster's belly, tumbling onto the floor and perching on its haunches while staring at the audience. It had an oversized head and big muzzle an fangs, sitting atop an equally oversized belly, with round soft haunches and a long plush tail that twitched as the plushie eyes the audience hungrily and licked its lips.
"Who wants to pet the kitty?" Beddy Bye said, taking a step back to let the curious saber toothed tiger plushie take the spotlight.
"Now!" Tommy yelled as Billy jumped out and sprayed a giant cone of freezing gas towards the stage from the side. The pillow minions standing between the rangers and the monster withered under the attack, retreating or falling to the ground frozen stiff.
"Nice shot Billy! Now eat MegaBlaster, you bloated pillow!" Tommy said as he aimed the giant laser cannon at Beddy Bye and pulled the trigger. An enormous blast illuminated the entire tent and a laser screamed towards the monster. At the last second, she bent down then leaped high into the air as the laser seared through empty space and out the other side of the tent.
"What the..." Tommy said as he watched the giant pillow jump twenty feet into the air.
"No need to worry folks - it's all part of the show! It looks like the Dour Rangers have shown up to ruin our fun. Are we gonna let them?" Beddy Bye said, landing with an earth-shaking thud back at center stage. The crowd began to boo and jeer, paper cups and popcorn flying at the rangers.
"You've got to be kidding me..." Zack said, shaking his head.
"And now for my next act - the devouring of the power rangers!" Beddy Bye bowed with a flourish of her mittens, then sprang forward over the audience's head towards the rangers. Billy, Kim and Tommy scattered, but as Zack turned to run he ran face first into a pillow minion, who just smiled blankly as he blocked his way.
The black ranger's eyes were still blurry from the flash of the laser, looking up too late to see a giant pink plush rump descending from above. With a loud pillowy splat Beddy Bye landed butt-first on the black ranger's chest, slamming him to the ground leaving the ranger pinned under her enormous pillowy girth.
"How nice of you to offer a lady a seat!" Beddy Bye quipped, making the crowd laugh. "Kitty! There are some mice loose in the tent!"
As Zack struggled underneath the mattress-woman, Tommy, Billy and Kim were trying to get a clear shot. "Blast! Now Zack's in the way!"
The pillow minions had all come to life, marching their way towards the rangers and closing in from all sides. They backed away, but didn't look up as with lightning quickness the giant saber toothed plushie came pouncing down on top of the blue ranger, knocking him to the ground and pinning his shoulders with giant thick paws. The plush swiped at Tommy and Kim, forcing them backwards into a group of pillow minions, who all latched onto them with soft gloves trying to smother them in their fat plush bodies.
"!!!" Kim called out, but it was too late. The sabre toothed plushie opened its maw, grabbed the blue ranger in its enormous paws, and stuffed him into her mouth with amazing speed. Billy hit with a soft smack of fluff and was pushed and crammed into her throat. Billy felt her mouth engulf him, then the throat tighten around him, the tiger plush not much bigger than he. With two more giant gulps the blue ranger disappeared, giving the tiger an enormously distended belly. The plushie purred and licked its lips, wrapping its paws around its giant tummy, purring as it felt its passenger struggling against the enclosing fluff of her stomach's digestive process.
"Awwww...let's hope that ranger doesn't give kitty a tummyache!"
Kim and Tommy were backed in a corner, and without the freeze gun they had no way to stave off the incoming hordes of pillows.
"And now the villains are backed up into a corner with no way out! The evil black ranger in the clutches of our heroic (and lovely) mattress." Beddy Bye announced to a rapt audience, pulling the black ranger up to cuddle in her arms, squishing her against her bosom so his lower half covered her belly button. She knew the ranger wouldn't shoot past her friend to hit her weak spot.
"No! No! No!" Tommy said, pounding his fist. "We...we gotta teleport out."
"What?!?" Kim exclaimed. "What about Billy...and Zack?"
"Do you want to be next? We have the weapons to beat her, this just isn't the place!"
Kim nodded weakly as the two rangers grabbed their communicators and pushed the buttons to start the teleportation.
"Awwww...and the villanous pink and white rangers escape to hatch their nefarious plots. Meanwhile, the black and blue rangers have been caught by the forces of justice, and will soon be taught the joys of a plushie existence. Isn't that wonderful, folks?" Beddy Bye cooed as she held the black ranger out, then carefully placed him on the ground standing in front of her.
"Should this dour ranger be taught a lesson?" The crowd cheered. "Should I give him a kiss to show him that Beddy Bye loves him?"' Again the crowd roared. "Alright, one little kiss!"
The mattress-woman opened her enormous puffy lips and tilted her head until she was looking down at Zach directly from above. With a wink an a lick of her lips she plunged down over Zack, taking his entire upper body in at once and plunging it into the billowy silk expanse of her mouth. She then slowed her pace, working her thick lips over his body inch by inch, moaning loudly as her whole body folded and bent to accomodate the ranger.
The black ranger felt the mattress' tight silk lined throat pull over his head like a too-tight sweater, unable to do anything but wiggle back and forth, feeling the soft puffy lips rubbing up and down his body trying not to think how good it felt.
The mattress' lips worked patiently until they nibbled their way down to the ranger's booted ankles. Beddy Bye waited for the crowd to cheer, then slurped up the ranger's feet and lifted herself upright, the boots disappearing with one last gulp.
A tear rolled down Kim's cheek as she saw Beddy Bye rub the bulge in her throat as it travelled down into her cast belly, then wave a padded mitten to her as she lifted out of the tent back to the Command Center.
Night had again fallen over Angel Grove as the pink and white power rangers arrived at the mattress warehouse where Trini had been taken. They clutched the weapons given to them by Zordon and Alpha, took a deep breath, and opened the door to the warehouse.
The entire building was dark as they stepped inside, with an eerie shuffling that could be heard echoing all around. As they stepped inside the doors closed behind them with a thump, then heard the sound of a switch being flipped as the lights came on and flooded the warehouse in a dim fluorescent glow.
"Welcome rangers! So glad you could make it for dessert!"
A familiar feminine voice directed the ranger's attention to the center of the building, where Mistress Mattress stood tall in all her peach colored, pillow-breasted glory.
"Your blue friend has been fighting so valiantly all night inside our mastadon's plushie tummy. Now you're just in time to see him transformed into a hungry plush triceratops!"
Kim and Tommy gasped, then heard a heavy muffled stomping behind them. They turned to see a massive stuffed animal standing before them, immediately recognizing the button-eyed black furry mastodon as their friend and former teammate, Zack. The plushie waved a stumpy hoof at his former teammates in recognition and stomped forward while holding his round, distended belly.
"Hi there!" the mastodon plush grunted in a low gutteral voice as he lifted his trunk to speak, acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary. "Have you guys ever tasted Billy? I had no idea how yummy he was!"
The mastadon's taut belly wobbled with its passenger trapped inside, the rangers able to see little juts and pokes of Billy's hands pressing out from within trying to escape.
"Ooooh he wiggles so deliciously! I wanna gobble up all his energy!" the mastadon grunted, the white vinyl faux nails of his hooves glinting in the low light as they rubbed and caressed his distended belly.
" can't give in...I know you're still in there somewhere!" Kim said as she stepped forward bravely to face the seven foot tall plush, reaching out to grab his hoof and give it a squeeze. The plushie mastadon held out his arm, then wriggled and swayed happily as Kim's hand caressed the soft black appendage in her hand. The mastadon then stopped for a moment, staring down at the pink ranger with big button eyes, tilting his head in recognition making a big
"With you rangers here, I think it's time we speed up the process! My little mastodon pet, why don't you shoot that cute budding plushie into my mouth so he can finish plumping up in mama's stomach?"
The mastodon nodded its ponderous head, then lifted its trunk high and stuck it straight out like a rod. Kim and Tommy watched as the mastodon crouched down, then sent a lump traveling up its snout before shooting out the end like a cannon. The rangers watched in shock as an odd creature came out and flew through the air - it was definitely Billy, but while his body was still his normal spandex power ranger uniform, his head and hands had swollen up to gargantuan oversized plushie triceratops head and fat clawed booties and paws.
The sound of the shouting blue ranger filled the warehouse, his nasal voice tinged by a gruff undertone. They watched on helplessly as he flew through the air towards Mistress Mattress. The monster simply opened her mouth as wide as she could and let her tongue roll out. The ranger landed perfectly into the mattress' maw with a loud thwump, quickly wrapped up by her long silken tongue and gobbled down into her belly.
Kim didn't have time to shout in protest before she watched another friend become a lump in the mattress monster's belly. Her blood was boiling now, having seen her friends suffer this fate, she knew she couldn't take it any more.
"You're gonna pay for that, monster! I'm gonna get my friends back if it's the last thing I do!"
"Big words from such a little morsel. Minions, why don't you welcome our guests into your bellies!"
The ground began to move, Kim and Tommy looking down to see the ground littered with beds and pillows that all were starting to come to life.
"Kim! We gotta move! They're gonna surround us if we stay here!" Tommy shouted, putting an arm on Kim's shoulder and pulling her back.
"Tut tut, trying to escape already are we?" the monster scolded from afar as the rangers huddled by the doors, " You're going to miss the grand finale, where my new triceratops plushie wakes up from his nightmare of humanity and joins the mattress team forever!"
Kim gripped her bow tight, seething with rage. "Tommy....we can't let Billy succumb to her belly. We gotta get him back! We gotta get everyone back!"
Tommy nodded. "Our only chance is to get to her before Billy turns. If we can take her out, it should break the spell and turn them all back!"
"Oh how positively riveting! Will the evil rangers be able to get to the heroic monster and save their friend in time?" Mistress Mattress cooed mockingly from her perch in the center of the warehouse. "I know just the way to make this game more fun....minions, arise!!"
The white and pink rangers looked around as the whole warehouse seemed to come to life with the sounds of shifting fabric and stuffing. They looked down to see that the entire floor of the warehouse was carpeted in pillow minions all starting to stir. Before their eyes hundreds of clumsy pillows stood up, but instead of closing in on the rangers they began to arrange themselves in a specific pattern, shuffling and pressing themselves together at right angles.
"They're...they're making a maze!" Kim exclaimed. In under a minute the pillows had arranged themselves into a series of walls with twists and turns and dead ends. The pillows stood locked in place, their zippered mouths smiling blankly as they formed perfect barriers between the rangers and their mistress.
"What's the matter rangers? Aren't you clever enough to navigate a little maze? Maybe I should turn your blue friend into a rat plushie so he can show you how it's done!" Kim and Tommy could see the monster's smiling lips from above the pillowed walls, taunting them with a wave of her mittens.
"I'd say you rangers have ten minutes before I digest your friend completely and turn him into my obedient plush. So please, take your time!"
Tommy and Kim looked at each other, their conflicted expression clear even through the helmet.
"We...have no choice," Tommy stated plainly, to which Kim just nodded and gripped her bow even tighter.
The two rangers took a step forward towards the labyrinth of plush as a pillow minion swung itself outward to create an entrance into the maze. Kim cringled as they stepped past the motionless plush, it's button eyes staring down at them without a word as they passed by and entered into the pink corridors. As oon as they entered the plush swung back and selaed off the entrance behind them, trapping the rangers in the maze.
"Stay close...we can't afford to get separated. We don't know what's going to be waiting for us around the next corner!" the white ranger warned as he took his teammate by the hand and led them down the first corridor. The patchwork of plush minions was unnerving to say the least, as seemingly endless walls of button eyes and white-gloved hands glared down at them lifelessly, making it hard to tell one wall from another. The rangers made their way around one corner and then the next, and soon became lost in the identical looking hallways as the sound of shuffling fabric seemed to come from everywhere.
"Wait...did that opening just disappear? I've got a bad feeling about this..." Kim lamented as she could see movement in her periphery and hear the faint shuffling of the minions all around them.
"Tommy, did you see mmmmmmpppphh....!!!" the pink ranger was cut off as a pair of puffy white gloves reached out from behind and grabbed Kim by the shoulders, then pulled her back roughly. She heard a zipping sound and saw the gaping maw of one of the pillow minions just as she was stuffed in head first. She felt another set of gloves wrap around her thighs and pick her legs up, then felt the tight plush bite of another mouth as a second minion chomped down over her feet. The walls around her had come to life and were trying to devour the ranger as she kicked and struggled hard not to be pulled into the cavernous body of the button-eyed minion. Another set of gloves grabbed her arms and stuffed them into a tight plush tunnel, turning her flailing to muffled struggles. Finally, she felt a hard grip around her waist and was jerked violently, pulling Kim from the ravenous stuffed creatures back into the light. The pink ranger looked up to find Tommy with his arms wrapped around her, kicking at the minions sending them flying back. All at once the pillows stopped and retook their position as walls leaving the rangers panting in the quiet of the labyrinth.
"Thanks Tommy. They almost got me...again," Kim said as she trailed off, trying not to think about her trip down Mistress Mattress' belly the day before. Something about that warm enveloping hug made her want to give in and be eaten, and that scared the ranger more than anything else.
"No problem. Keep close, and let's keep moving," Tommy said with a nod as he took Kim's hand and led her down the next corridor of minion-lined walls. The button eyes and zippered mouths staring down at the rangers as they passed gave Kim the creeps, and she jumped several times thinking the walls were going to come to life again and grab her.
"I hear something...I think we're getting closer!" the white ranger said resolutely as sounds of shifting fabric and stuffing echoed around the next corner. They quickened their pace and rounded the corner in a blind rush to get to the blue ranger before it was too late.
Tommy took a sharp right and ran straight into the belly of a peach-colored plush. He was caught off guard and stumbled back, knocking into Kim and pulling them both down to the ground in a heap. They looked up to see three of the male super minions standing in their path, their massive fluffy girth blocking the way forward.
"Gimmee!" the lead minion grunted excitedly as he spied the rangers, lurching forward with mittens outstretched as the sight of a meal sent the other two creatures into a ravenous frenzy. "Mine! Gimme! Yum yum!"
The white ranger scrambled quickly to his feet and pulled the pink ranger up just in time as the creatures surged forward with heavy stomping plush feet, all grabbing eagerly for the rangers.
"Kim! Get back!" Tommy said, pushing his teammate out of the way as the trio of mattress males trampled over the white ranger stomping him under their massive plush feet. The wind was knocked out of the white ranger, making it easy for the minions to scoop him up in their thick pink mittens. Kim reached out a helping hand too late as the white ranger was squeezed between the three minions' fat bellies, each trying to pull the ranger into their mouth while they groped and fondled their prey ravenously. Tommy tried to get a grip but the constant rolling motion of the plushies' soft bodies kept him off guard and his hands and feet slipped off their silken skin.
The white ranger looked up to see three sets of puffy lips all smacking as they tasted the ranger's exposed arms and head whenever they could, making Tommy feel like a giant lollipop. As their cuddles intensified, the mouths opened wider as the plushies' tongues lolled out and slurped heavily over his face and chest. Tommy squirmed as the blanket-like tongues pushed his head from side to side, watching them lengthen and start to wrap around his body starting at the shoulder. He tried to push himself free but his hand was grabbed by a mitten and pulled into a soft plush mouth, followed by his other hand stuffed down the throat of a second plushie. Unable to get away, the tongues waggled out to ten feet long and wound themselves around Tommy's body as he quickly disappeared into a cocoon of slurping plush tongues. Only his head and arms remained exposed, but were sucked in and slurped by the hungry plush minions' lips thereby rendering the ranger completely helpless.
The pink ranger got to her feet watching the three plush males swarm around Tommy, but with her first step she felt a familiar gloved hand grab her wrist. As if awoken by the commotion, the walls again came to life around Kimberly as two pillow minions bent forward to grab the ranger and unzipped their mouths in anticipation. She managed to pullaway from the first two, but another set of gloves wrapped around her ankles. Looking down she noticed that the floor they were walking on were made of pillow minions as well, and one had latched onto her feet while trying to pull her towards its mouth. The pollow managed to trip Kim up and she slammed to the floor, landing on one of the pillow's soft body as more gloves grabbed hold and pinned her down. She struggled against the grabby gloves but couldn't get out of the way as another section of the wall tipped over and fell on top of Kim, smothering the ranger under the heavy cushion.
Meanwhile the white ranger was fighting hard to escape the clutches the plushie monster's masculine clones, but their sheer billowy mass made it impossible to push past all the stuffing and pull himself free from their tongues. Tommy shuddered, realizing he was being fought over like a piece of meat as three plush tongues wrapped around him over and over like a snake, pulling tight and constricting around him. Each plush smacked their lips ravenously, chomping down on whatever part of the ranger they could get their mitts on as Tommy felt the tongues licking the soles of his feet before sealing him away completely in a tight tongue cocoon. One plush managed to wrap its mittens around the ranger's body and had started to pull him up as Tommy watched the gaping maw of the creature come closer and closer.
"Noooommmmmmpppph....!" the white ranger's call for help was cut off as he was stuffed roughly into the soft mouth of a plush minion, its button eyes emotionless as puffy lips clamped down over Tommy's helmet and began to gobble him down.
The pink ranger saw Tommy's head and shoulders disappear into the plush's maw as three sets of mittens all grabbed and hugged him tight to help him slide down easier. The tongues wrapped around the white ranger kept him from struggling, and it looked like the hungry plush would make short work of him if she didn't act quickly. Kim writhed and pressed up against the heavy pillow laying atop her, but every time she got an arm or leg free it was snatched up by another pillowed glove as the minions were beginning to pile on the ranger all trying to stuff her inside. Kim couldn't help but moan as the soft pillows massaged up and down her body, but the sheer danger she was in kept the ranger's wits about her as she managed to struggle just enough to keep her from being swallowed completely.
"Yum yum! Outta my way! Dinner time!"
Above the din of plush smacking and eating came a familiar voice, albeit tinted by the corruption of the plush monster. Kim strained her neck and looked past the plush minion swarm to see a flash of red behind Tommy, recognizing it immediately as the plushified T-Rex that the red ranger had become.
"He's mine! I wanna gobble him!" the t-rex stomped its oversize foot claws impatiently as it waddled forward and joined the scrum of plushies fighting over the white ranger. The dino shook its head hard, making its huge plush jaws snap open and closed and rushed forward to trample through the trio of plush minions. Being much bigger than the rest, the t-rex knocked into the minions and sent them flying backwards as they all fell over each other in a heap of plush and padding. Tommy was jerked backwards as the tongues managed to keep him wrapped up, but the t-rex opened wide and snapped its jaws down over the white ranger's legs and pulled him free of his cocoon. The former red ranger chomped down greedily trying to devour his friend, pulling him into his massive jaws and leaving Tommy dangling out of his mouth.
In the chaos of the feeding frenzy the pillows smothering the pink ranger were knocked aside, allowing Kim to slip free and escape their grasp. She wasted no time and hopped over the writhing pile of pillows and super minions, then lunged for Tommy and grabbed his forearms before he was pulled down the t-rex's throat. Another minion - this time a female clone of the main monster, appeared around the corner and knocked the t-rex in the back in an attempt to get at the two rangers. The jaws loosened their grip over the white ranger, allowing Kim to wrench him free as together they tumbled backwards out of reach.
"C'mon Tommy...this way...there's no time to waste!" the pink ranger said, taking her teammate by the hand and stepping gingerly over the mass of hungry plush. She saw an opening where the wall had collapsed to try and eat her and dashed towards it, narrowly missing the jaws of the stampeding t-rex as they dove into the next corridor and ran away from the scene.
"Gotta eat em....yum yum...gobble them down..." whispers could be heard all around Kim and Tommy as they dashed through the maze at top speed towards the center. The near devouring had awoken the hunger of the entire building it seemed, and as they passed by walls of pillow minions they saw each come to life and reach out to grab the rangers.
"We gotta keep moving or we're going to end up as lunch!" Kim noted, stating the obvious.
"It's like getting a taste has driven them into a feeding frenzy! We need to find Billy fast, or he's not going to last long!" Tommy said, retaking the lead as together the rangers sprinted along the maze route. Getting closer and closer to the center, the rangers turned a corner and saw the maze open up into a large empty area. As they approached, they saw the imposing visage of Beddy Bye standing at the center laying on a massive pillow-top bed decked out in her signature pink.
"You've made it farther than I expected, Power Rangers," Beddy Bye cooed nonchalantly as she fluffed her blanket-like hair, "I thought for sure you'd be filling the bellies of my pets by now. No matter; now that you're here, you can witness the birth of my new blue triceratops plush! My belly is almost finished draining all that nummy energy you rangers are so chock-full of!"
Beddy Bye rubbed the lump in her belly lovingly, winking at the rangers teasingly as she make a scene of moaning and showing how much she was enjoying her meal.
"I know my new pet is going to be hungry when he arrives...and I know just the perfect meal for him! Plushies, why don't you make our guests comfortable until it's time for their final devouring!"
At those words, plushie minions of all types began to pour out of the different hallways and close in on the remaining rangers with smacking lips and jaws. They saw their former friends return - a red t-rex, yellow sabre-toothed tiger and black mastadon all gnashing hungrily and reaching for Tommy and Kim while scores of male and female super minion clones were followed by a horde of pillow minions.
"Why don't you rangers give up now? If you offer yourself to me, I promise to make your inevitable plushification as pleasurable as possible!"
The two heroes backed up as the plushies closed in on them, mouths open wide with tongues and zippers filling the air with hungry smacks and slurps.
"Now's your chance Kim...we may not get another shot!" the white ranger shouted as he stepped forward bravely to meet the oncoming flood of hungry plush creatures. He slammed into the first attacker, a male clone, kicking him away as two female clones took his place reaching out to grab Tommy and hug him against their pillowed bosom. Tommy managed to push both aside but was beset by a trio of pillow minions, pressing their bodies against him and keeping him in place as he swung his sword fericiously against another set of female minions reaching out their mittens to swallow him up.
"! Get back! You can't fight them all off!" Kim called out, but it was too late as she watched a gaggle of female minions crowd around the white ranger and descend on him with big smacking lips and groping mittens. Tommy pushed back hard but his hands were slurped up with a kiss on either side, leaving his head exposed to a giant glomping smooch that pulled him into the femme's mouth. This time the minions worked in chorus, two female clones holding Tommy's body aloft while patting his butt and stroking his legs while they fed him to their cohort who chewed and gulped happily pulling the ranger deep into her tight silk throat. Kim watched Tommy's legs kicking in futility as he slid completely into the plush's mouth and travelled down to her belly making a large squirming bulge. The pink ranger winced as the plushie snapped her mouth shut and licked her lips.
On the verge of tears, the pink ranger mustered her resolve and grabbed her power bow tightly. She took a step back to get a clear shot at the monster. The plushies were starting to close in fast as soon Kim felt soft white gloves and thick mittens from the super minions grabbing at her as she pushed past towards the main monster. As she got closer the hordes of pillows closed in, a few gloves managing to catch her shoulder and slow her down. Kim felt a long silken blanket wrap around her waist and turned to see a massive male super minion had ensnared the ranger in his tongue, and it was only moments before she was gobbled up for good.
"No need to fight it, my sweet soon-to-be pink plushie! I'll make sure my pets gobble you down over and over until you're too weak to fight mama's nomming kiss!" Beddy Bye said with a smile, enjoying watching her creations swarm and devour the white ranger.
"I'll never become your stuffed animal, you monster!"
The pink ranger pulled her arm free of the minions clinging to her and put all of her focus into her bow. She drew the arrow back and aimed at the monster's belly button, managing to let loose an arrow just as thick plush mittens clamped down over her shoulders and pulled her backwards into the smothering maw of a male plushie clone. Kim watched the ice-tipped arrow sail through the air towards its target, but before the arrow could hit she was gobbled down and felt the tight constricting hug of the plush throat as she was plunged into a tight dark space. Another plushie came along and picked up her bow and freezing arrows, gobbling it down into its zippered mouth to prevent the pink ranger from getting another shot.
With the rangers quickly devoured Beddy Bye didn't notice Kim's arrow as it flew towards the monster and struck a bullseye, piercing the monster's belly button with an icy smash. Beddy Bye let out a blood-curdling scream as icy blue sparks exploded from her belly as the monster stumbled backwards with her midsection starting to rumble and shake.
The impact severely weakened the monster's control over her minions, as all around the warehouse pillow minions began to drop to the ground, lifeless. Kim and Tommy felt the powerful perestaltic motion of their plushie predators subside as their descent into the plush belly halted. Wasting no time, each ranger struggled hard and managed to find a foothold, wiggling themselves back out of the plush throats until they popped out of their mouths and onto the ground unceremoniously.
Beddy Bye held her stomach in pain, then her mouth opened wide and spat out a giant ball of blue fluff and spandex that flew through the air towards the rangers, landing with a thud and rolling to a stop at his feet.
"You're OK!" the white ranger shouted as he ran over to his regurgitated teammate. The blue ranger sat in a heap on the ground, and as he turned to face Tommy the white ranger gasped. Billy looked more like a giant blue stuffed triceratops than human, his helmet haven swollen to twice its size with bright plastic eyes a tiny horned muzzle and a frill at the back with two horns poking out the top of his head. His hands and feet has swollen as well into round blue hooves tipped with white vinyl nails to denote claws, looking like a pair of giant mittens and booties that stuck to his uniform. Out of his rear a little stubby tail the size of a traffic pylon sat, and he had grown a pot belly of soft squishy padding. The rest of him was human, his normal sized arms, legs and chest making the ranger look cartoonishly misproportioned as his power ranger uniform still clung to his body.
"" Tommy asked in shock as he gazed down at his teammate; reaching out to squeeze his cheek and recoiling upon discovering how squishy and pliant it was.
"Wha...where am I....why did you have to wake me up...I was so cozy..." the tiny mouth of the plush dinosaur moved as Billy's voice came out in a gruffer tone that usual, sounding dazed and confused as he held his head with a stumpy hoof. He looked up in a daze and saw his friends staring down at him, then gazed into his reflection in their helmets and let out a cry of surprise.
"Wha...what happened to this my face?" the blue ranger said as he reached up and felt his massive head, then looked down at his own fat blue dino hooves.
"Billy...snap out of it! We've gotta get out of here now!" Kim put a hand on the blue ranger's firm shoulder, encouraged that part of him was still human. The plush dino looked up at her with a nod and started to get to his feet, tail waggling naturally to give him balance as he stood up and clenched a hoof together resolutely.
"Thanks guys...she almost had me there. I don't know how much longer I would have lasted in that soft, squishing plush tummy of hers..." Billy said as his thoughts trailed off to his devouring, trying to shake the pleasant feelings from his head. "I...I can feel her inside my mind, and I can see where the maze goes. Follow me! I know how we can get out of here!"
The other rangers nodded without a word as Billy took Kim's hand in his plush hoof and pulled her away from the main area back into the labyrinth of plush and pillows. Parts of the walls were missing as lifeless pillows lay strewn about the corridors, but as they ventured deeper Beddy Bye's voice rang out in the warehouse.
"How dare you take my meal away from your mistress! Plushies! Devour those rangers and bring them to me!"
The three rangers sprinted as fast as they could, tugged along by Billy who navigated the hallways with surprising ease. The walls of the labyrinth were starting to repair themselves, the heavy pillows slowly standing up and resealing the gaps in the wall as the monster's power slowly returned. The partially transformed plush triceratops stopped a few times and changed directions suddenly, avoiding hungry plushies who came around the corners to try and devour them.
"I can sense where all her minions are!" Billy said as he stopped Kim and Tommy behind him, stamping his foot impatiently as a female monster clone came barrelling around the corner and just missed grabbing the rangers as she dove for them. The trio stepped over the prone plush and kept running. "They're closing quickly on us; we're running out of time here!"
The rangers could hear padded footsteps coming from every direction as they listened to Beddy Bye's taunts from somewhere in the maze.
"You can run but you can't hide, my sweet little ranger dumplings! Why, as we speak your blue friend is leading me right to you...I can sense his every move!"
Billy looked as shocked as Tommy and Kim as they realized what just happened - they had been lead right into a trap. The walls around them were starting to come to life again, Kim feeling a chill as soft gloved hands brushed against her trying to grab hold.
"C'mon...there's still time!" Tommy shouted as he started to run down a hallway towards the warehouse entrance, hoping to find a pathway through. The pink ranger grabbed onto her friend's mitted hand and tried to pull himalong, but he stomped his hooves in hesitation.
"Oooh he's gonna be so tasty when!!" the triceratops said as he battled with the burgeoning feelings inside him wanting to feed. But the human side of him knew what was about to happen. "'s a trap!!"
Tommy saw an opening in the walls of the labyrinth and even saw the light from outside the building, but as he heard Billy's call the walls around him began to rumble and shift with the swishing of fabric. He stopped short as the two walls ahead of him swung out to block his path, creating a dead-end. The white ranger turned to backtrack but was met with another set of pillows swinging out to fill in the wall space behind him. In a moment the ranger realized that he was completely boxed in, whirling around to see the manic smile of a dozen pillow minions staring down at him with their button eyes.
"Get back...I'll take you all on!" the white ranger called out in desperation, taking a fighting stance as the pillows began to shuffle towards him. With his space getting smaller and smaller, Tommy decided to act. He crouched down and prepared to spring forward in a flying kick, but just as he jumped two gloved hands reached up and grabbed him ankles. The white ranger lurched forward but kept his balance, looking down to see a pillow minion he had been standing on the whole time had grabbed him and was trying to stuff him inside his mouth.
"Ugggh...get off me you overgrown cushions!" Tommy twisted and writhed to get his ankles free just as the pillows closed in and glommed on top of the ranger. He struggled hard and managed to shrug a few of the pillows off only to have four more pillows pile on top of him. The sheer mass of padding and silk fabric absorbed Tommy's blows as he could feel their bodies squirming and pressing against him in a frenzied mass. Gloves groped up and down his tight spandex uniform while his hands ended up in the cavernous zippered maws of several hungry pillows.
As the minions piled on the ranger, the weight pressed heavier and heavier on his already weakend body. He tried to drag the pile with him in a desperate act, but with his first step his booted foot plunged into a soft pit. He looked down and saw through the pile that the pillow was still under him, and now had both of his feet in its mouth. Gloves latched onto his ankles and tugged, the zipper maw opening wide to accomodate its prey as the entire pile started to bear down on Tommy all at once. The ranger strained against the smothering mass, but his knees were wobbling from fatigue. He tried to shift, but his foot slipped in the throat of the pillow as all at once the white ranger fell backwards and was caught by a throng of rectangular pillows. They grabbed on tight so he couldn't stand up again as on the ground the pillow continued to devour the ranger, stuffing him into its massive body with powerful tugs. The other minions worked in unison, helping feed the ranger into the pillow's mouth. Tommy couldn't see anything, but felt the constricting embrace of plush working its way up his body. He kicked hard but found only thick stuffing like a tight sleeping back. The pillow pulled up over his chest with the greedy nibbling of its zippered maw, the rest of the pillows hugging and squeezing the ranger as they compressed and stuffed him deeper.
It all happened so fast that Kim and Billy could only watch on as their friend was swallowed up by the massive pile of hungry plush. They could only see Tommy's hands poking out every now and then, but that disappeared with more pillows added to the pile. Suddenly the writhing mass stopped shifting, followed by a loud zzzzzzziip as the pillows parted ways to reveal a bloated looking pillow with a writhing, distended bulge in its belly. The pillow stood for a moment and rubbed its belly in satisfaction, then began to shuffle forwards at a lumbering pace, hampered by the weight of the ranger trapped inside.
"Give him back!!" Kim shouted, angered that such a silly looking cushion could have eaten her friend. She rushed forward to give the pillow a kick, but Billy reached out to keep her from running forward.
"No...too many...oooh he's so good...I mean, c'mon Kim, this way!" Billy grunted, pulling Kim along to the side as they ran down an adjacent corridor. The warehouse had come to life with the sounds of shifting pillows, envigorated by their recent capture and eager to devour the final ranger meal. The rangers managed to elude the grasping gloves of the walls, and had been running for a minute when they finally came to the edge of the warehouse.
"Almost there....!" Billy grunted, stomping as fast as his massive bootied feet would take him. He came to a halt at the corner, skidding along the floor and pulling Kim with him. They came to a stop just as a pair of giant red jaws came wobbling around the corner, flashing a toothy grin as it chewed the air hungrily.
"No...! Stop!" Billy stepped in front of Kim, trying to retain his human thoughts while protecting Kim. Deep down he knew that she was the only chance to save the rangers, but a large part of Billy just wanted to jump into those plush jaws and be gobbled up.
Taking the opportunity for a meal, the t-rex trampled forward and opened his jaws wide to snap down over Billy's head. Kim saw this and darted out in front, dropping down to deliver a sweeping kick to the plush dino's legs. The top-heavy plushie buckled under the blow, falling sideways onto its muzzle with a loud splat. Billy backed up while Kim delivered a stomp to roll the t-rex onto his back.
The blue ranger sensed something behind him, but a thought in his head made him stay right where he was.
"Ooooh...gonna get gebbled up! Yay!"
The allure of the plush was too strong as images of being devoured by Beddy Bye flooded into the blue ranger's head, imagining that soft billowy silk and stuffing squeezing all around him in a warm, cozy hug. Billy turned around to see the giant black mastadon staning before him, his trunk tilted up and opened wide with his massive hooves outstretched ready to pounce.
The triceratops just smiled as the giant elephant slammed into him and squeezed the ranger tight against his plump belly. He wriggled in his grasp, looking up to see the trunk slam down over his head. The padded tube stretched out easily to accomodate the triceratop's oversized head, sliding over him easily with its silken lining.
Kim turned around and was aghast to see the mastadon formerly known as Zach had grabbed Billy and had his upper body swallowed up in his trunk. The pink ranger stepped forward, but the thought of losing completely kept her from rushing to help. Billy wasn't fighting it though, and she could hear a muffled moan of pleasure through the trunk as it pulsated and gobbled up the blue ranger like a serpent. The mastadon grunted and stomped happily, rubbing its fat plush hooves all over his prey while squeezing him tight.
Kim watched the plush make short work of even the partly transformed blue ranger, slurping him up into his trunk with the last kicking of blue plush footpaws disappearing, and a large lump travelling down the trunk and into the throat of the mastadon. Even through the black shaggy fur, Kim could see Billy's form struggling weakly as it landed in the mastadon's belly making a noticable gut.
Kim shuddered, then clenched her fist resolutely before dashing off in the opposite direction. She was gonna get out of here, Kim told herself. She had to!
Tommy bumped along the ground inside his padded cell for an indeterminate amount time, struggling against the stretchy plush walls as the constant jostling of the minion's belly lulled him into a cozy stupor. All along the trip, an endless procession of mittens pressed through the belly trying to get a feel, groping and hugging as much as they could while his plush captor shuffled along.
The pillow finally came to a stop, the swishing quieting followed by a muffled commotion on the outside. Tommy heard zip as light suddenly came pouring in through the open maw of the pillow. A set of button eyes peered down from the outside, soon pushed out of the way and replaced by another set of eyes as eager pillow minions gathered around hoping to get a glimpse of the latest catch.
"Now now, there will be plenty of time to play with our food," Beddy Bye said with a scolding shake of her mittens. "For now, we can show the white ranger what happens to naughty pets who try to escape my belly."
The pillow minions parted so Tommy could see the scene before him. He rose to his knees, peered out the pillow's zippered mouth and saw that he was back in the center of the warehouse. The monster's giant pillow-top bed lay with various cushions and duvets all done up in pink satin, making it look like the of royalty. Peering left and right, Tommy saw that the monster was surrounded by a dozen super minion clones, male and female alike, as well as a line of pillow minions on either side standing at attention. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Zack, now a lumbering ebony-colored shaggy mastadon, tromping forward to give a victorious trumpet. The pachyderm plushie rubbed his swollen midsection with a plush hoof, standing proudly in front of Beddy Bye like a dog who brought its owner a present.
"Oooh what a big tummy! Did you bring momma a ranger to eat?" Beddy Bye cooed as she scritched the mastadon behind his ears, putting an arm around her plush and reaching down to rub his belly.
"I see the blue ranger is still struggling in there, my pet. Not to worry; he just needs more time to be squeezed by your stomach. You make sure to drain every last drop of energy out of him so he's nice and docile for his permanent trip to my belly."
Tommy gulped as Beddy Bye glared over at him intently and licked her lips. His blood boiled with anger at being forced to watch his friend be devoured and digested into fluff before his eyes, but he knew it would be hopeless to try and fight it now. He knew he had to wait for just the right time. Reluctantly, the white ranger shrunk back into his padded prison, hoping that Kim had made it out alright.
Beddy Bye sat down on the edge of her bed and patted the mattress coaxingly. "Come lay down so momma admire what a beautiful swollen tummy you have."
The mastadon waddled over obediently, belly bouncing with the weight of his friend and teammate trapped inside. Beddy Bye reached down and pulled him up onto the bed, hugging her plushie tight and laying back together so the mastadon's belly stuck straight into the air. A soft pink mitten rubbed over the belly lovingly as her new pet squirmed happily beneath. As Tommy watched, the mastadon's belly began to swell up noticeably, ballooning outwards like he was being packed tighter with stuffing. The struggling of Billy inside lessened before it stopped all together, swallowed up by the tautness of the inflated stomach as Tommy cringed imagining how tight it must have been inside there.
"A nice nutritious ranger meal will help you grow so big and strong! Doesn't it feel nice to digest them into fluff and stuffing?"
The mastadon nodded in agreement and squeezed his belly between two stumpy hooves. Over the next minutes his body grew larger, expanding outwards a good foot on all sides making his stomach seem smaller in comparison. Soon Tommy couldn't see any sign of resistance from inside the plush, just the gentle wobbling of his belly from Beddy Bye's affectionate pats.
"I hope you enjoyed your snack, but now it's time for momma to tuck the blue ranger to my tummy for his final conversion. Now be a good boy and give momma a kiss!"
Obediently the mastadon rolled over and got off the bed, lifting his trunk as Beddy Bye took her time standing up from the mattress. She pursed her big puffy red lips and smacked them teasingly at her pet, who responded by pressing his trunktip against her lips in a big smooch. Beddy Bye wrapped her arms around the plushie and squeezed tightly while giving him a big sloppy kiss, parting slightly to allow the tip to slide into her mouth. The mastadon's belly began to shake, powerful motions inside forcing the blue ranger upwards as the bulge began to shrink and travel up his neck and into his trunk. The giant human-sized lump travelled down the stretchy trunk, Beddy Bye opening her lips wide and giving it a mock-kiss to allow it to slide inside. She began to suck the trunk like a straw, pulling the blue ranger into her mouth and letting her soft tongue rise up to envelop him in its billowing mass.
The mastadon pulled away and looked a bit sad rubbing his now empty belly, but his gazed fixated on Beddy Bye who began to chew the blue ranger. Her cheeks looked distended as she rolled her meal around in her mouth, slurping up and down his body savoring his warmth for a moment before her throat pulled Billy deeper with a powerful swallow. Tommy could see the blue ranger's plush-gloved hand reaching out from between the lips as a last moment of resistance. Beddy Bye just smiled and tucked the hand in delicately and snapped her lips shut, then let out a loud 'mmmmmm' while Billy slid down her throat to her waiting belly.
Beddy Bye's stomach wobbled for a moment then went still as another power ranger succumbed to the monster's gluttonous desires. The white ranger winced, trying not to think about his friend being squeezed and turned into a giant stuffed animal like the rest of his friends. This wasn't over yet, and he knew he had to fight to his last breath.
"MMmmmmm.....your friend tastes so good! Don't worry white ranger, you'll soon be joining him!" Beddy Bye said, patting her midsection tauntingly.
"I'll never become your pet, you creep! The Power Rangers will always prevail!!" Tommy said, pressing his face to the mouth of his captor so his voice could be heard clearly.
A grin grew on the corner of Beddy Bye's lips, knowing the ranger was in no position to be calling the shots. "Very well, I suppose you're right. With spirit like yours, I could never have you as my plushie pet!"
The monster clapped her mittens together, and as if by magic the minion who was holding Tommy suddenly spit him up. The plush stomach turned inside out and ejected Tommy from its zippered maw, the ranger tumbling out unceremoniously onto the ground. He was shocked that she had actually listened to him, the ranger quickly standing up and assuming a fighting pose.
"I may not be able to have you, but I know some girls who are just dying to get their mittens on you..." Beddy Bye said ominously, turning and taking a step back to reveal four of the button-eyed female plush clones, all clamboring forward eagerly while fluffing their blanket-like hair and blowing kisses to the white ranger.
"By the time my ladies are done with you, you'll be begging to be devoured by me!" Beddy Bye laughed heartily, stepping out of the way. "Girls, he's all yours!"
"Ooooh he's so cute I could eat him all up!" "C'mere lover boy and let me give you a big kiss...mwah!" "Outta my way...he's mine!!"
Tommy stood his ground as the four plushies carried on and descended upon him with outstretched mittens. He couldn't help but notice their plump feminine bodies wobbling, the sight of their massive jiggling breasts almost hypnotic as he found himself staring into their pillowy bosoms.
The ranger shook his head to break his gaze and ducked just in time to avoid a smothering hug from one of the ladies. He spun around and delivered a kick to the belly of another plush who tried to grab him from behind, then punched the remaining two and somersaulted out of their grasp.
"Oooh I love it when they play hard to get!" "Don't you want to be squeezed between my pretty pillows?" "You're going to get a spanking, naughty boy!"
Tommy fought as best he could, slipping nimbly between the plush girls as they relentlessly grabbed for him. The ranger actually managed to land blow after blow on the lumbering plushies, but no matter how hard he hit them their soft bodies harmlessly absorbed the impact and he was forced to jump out of the way to avoid their grabby mittens.
Several minutes had passed and Tommy had avoided capture, but he was tiring quickly and feeling himself slowing down. To his dismay the voluptuous plush were showing no sign of stopping, their puffy red lips smacking just as eagerly while endlessly waddling towards the ranger trying to catch him in a smothering hug. As the plushies closed in their efforts became more frantic, as if they could smell their prey and were going into a frenzied desire to feed.
One of the females opened her mouth and tried to swallow Tommy whole with a lunging attack. The white ranger dodged easily and delivered a counter punch to her cheek, but as he pulled away the plush's tongue snaked out a foot long and wrapped around his wrist. Tommy tried to jump back but the tongue cinched tightly, preventing his escape.
Seeing their target finally caught, the remaining plushie girls descended on the white ranger instantly smothering him from all sides and squishing him in between their enormous padded bellies. Tommy struggled to escape as four sets of mittens grabbed, groped and squeezed him from every direction, closing in and pressing against him. He managed to pull his wrist free from the plushie girl's tongue, but it was too late as the mittens clamped down over his arms and chest while squeezed tight in the middle of the writhing mass of hungry plush.
"Let me go you oversized pillows!" Tommy grunted as he tried to break free of the minions' grasp. Every time he pulled an arm or leg away it was quickly grabbed by another mitten or tongue, the lustful groping quickly turning to hungry slurps, then to greedy stuffing. The ranger felt puffy lips kissing at his hands and feet before they were pulled inside the plushies' hungry mouths and chewed relentlessly. Tommy was being pulled in four different directions, looking up to see the smiling faces of the plush girls all crowded in around him each trying to take a bigger bite to claim their meal for their own.
"Now now ladies, you need to share; there's enough of that warm human to go around!"
The white ranger could barely hear Beddy Bye's taunts above the noise of swishing fabric and stuffing slapping against him. To his relief the four plush girls slowed their frantic groping and chewing, but just as Tommy thought he would escape he turned and saw one of the girls open her red lips wide and lunge down at the ranger. He watched in slow motion as the maw got bigger and bigger until his head plunged inside the darkened tunnel of her throat, feeling her lips clamp down tightly around his neck in one massive bite. The white ranger's world went dark and he felt a powerful tugging of the plush throat squeezing down around his face and pulling him deeper with rolling waves of stuffing. Tommy kicked and lashed out trying to pull himself free, but the remaining plush minions happily met his thrashing with slurping kisses and mitteny swats against his backside rendering him helpless to stop the devouring.
The plush maw stretched out wide to accommodate its meal, making easy work of the ranger as the other minions helped to stuff him down into her gullet. The minion's belly began to swell as Tommy's head pressed out against the fabric from within, her thick lips working down his chest to his butt where she took a moment to smack and slurp loudly before sucking his legs in like spaghetti. The minions all rubbed the distended throat of the plushie, kneading the ranger down into her stomach sack.
Tommy fought against the constricting squeeze of his prison, but the constant churning of plush and prodding of mittens from the minions swarming around outside made it impossible for him to get his balance. The stomach was warming up and Tommy felt a wave of exhaustion wash over him, the weakening power of the belly squeezing the strength from his body.
"Now now dear, you've had your fill. Let your sisters get a nom!"
The white ranger barely registered the muffled voice of Beddy Bye, but suddenly the stomach squeezed tightly and forced him upwards. The throat reached out to grab him, pulling him up like a piece of meat and ejecting him headfirst out the plush's maw. Before he could get out of his captor's mouth he was grabbed by a pair of mittens and yanked roughly, slipping easily past the satiny tongue out into the waiting arms of another plushie femme. Immediately he was beset by a dozen groping hands, but a pair of strong plush arms wrapped around him in a smothering hug as Tommy soon found his face pressed between two enormous pillowy breasts.
Tommy struggled at first, but as the hug tightened and forced him deeper into the plush bosom he couldn't help but enjoy it a little. The ranger quickly snapped back to his senses, but the momentary hesitation was all the plushie needed to wrap her mittens around his sides and stuff him into her mouth.
Weakened from his draining the white ranger's struggles lessened, allowing the plush to gobble him up with ease. Tommy felt the familiar squeeze of the throat pulling him deep into he body as he was stuffed roughly from behind. A thick tongue slurped around his feet teasingly, savoring the last of her meal before one last gulp deposited Tommy into her stomach.
The process began again, Tommy squeezed tightly from all sides by the thick satiny walls as another wave of exhaustion fell over him while dozens of mittens pressed and groped from outside the belly. The whole experience left the white ranger in a daze, fully conscious but too weak and helpless to escape the tight padded prison. Time passed slowly for him, the slow constant digestion of the belly lulling him into a fugue state that seemed endless. He was fully conscious and felt so cozy and warm, constantly battling the desire to shut his eyes and give in to the belly's constricting hug forever. Just as he was teetering on the edge of submitting, a rumble told him he was about to be spat up again. Before he could react he was pulled up to the top of the belly, forced through the tight throat and ejected out the mouth of the plushie.
The white ranger was still disoriented and overwhelmed with the sensations of being digested by the plush belly even as he was forced from its maw, leaving him helpless to fight the onslaught of hungry stuffed animals all scrabbling to get their mitts on him. Tommy was pulled around like a ragdoll, going from plush to plush being hugged tight and slurped by satiny tongues before finally being grabbed hard and gobbled down into another plush belly. After the fourth devouring Tommy didn't even know which belly he was in, feeling like a piece of meat being chewed and swallowed again and again as a one-human buffet. In between nommings Tommy saw his old friends getting into the feeding frenzy, wrapped up in the long tongue of the red plush r-tex while the yellow tiger plush's paws groped his prone front and mastadon snuffled it trunk along his body. After several more swallowings the white ranger was disheartened to see a blue triceratops plushie join the fray, knowing that Billy was now lost and added to the growing ranks of hungry plush minions.
After hours of constant devouring Tommy was battered and beaten both in mind and body, wanting anything to make it all stop. Each plushie got a turn with him, and when he saw the blue triceratops waddling towards him with an open maw his spirits sank so much that he let himself go willingly. The ex-blue ranger chewed and gulped the white ranger without a fight, swallowing Tommy down to give himself swollen wiggling belly. It felt like utter defeat to Tommy as he waited in the belly for all this to be over and to be digested into the stuffing forever. He found himself upset to be regurgitated yet again, this time popping up to see Beddy Bye towering over him looking down with a bemused stare.
"Have you had enough my little morsel? Are my babies too much for you to handle?" the monster said sweetly, rubbing a mitten over Tommy's helmet patronizingly.
"Just...get it over with..." Tommy panted, on his hands and knees before Beddy Bye.
"But my hungry plushies aren't done with you yet! There's so many more bellies to fill!" Beddy Bye said with a laugh, "Maybe I'll let you into my belly if you show it proper respect. Get on your knees and kiss my tummy, and I'll consider gobbling you up to protect you from my pets."
The white ranger seethed with anger at the thought of submitting to the monster, but the notion of being thrown to the throng of plushies and fought over was even worse. Tommy gritted his teeth, wanting to fight, but the desire to give in was just too strong.
"Alright..." Tommy said in a defeated tone, slowly rising to his feet. Beddy Bye didn't say a work but just looked down at him with a satisfied smile, waiting for him to give in. The ranger hesistated, turned his head in disgust, then finally kneeled before the expansive peach-colored plush belly and leaned forward to plant a kiss right on her raised belly button.
"See...that wasn't so hard, was it? It's much easier once you realize that you, like all humans, are just meant to be food to fill our plush bellies!" Beddy Bye said, letting out a mocking laugh that shook her entire body and filled Tommy's ears with the sounds of his utter defeat. The white ranger closed his eyes expected to be devoured quickly, but when nothing happened he opened them to see Beddy Bye had started to walk away.
"Wait...where are you going..?!" Tommy said with a tone of dread in his voice, looking back nevously at the crowd of plushies gathered behind him. "You were supposed to eat me! I submitted to you...!"
Beddy Bye took two more steps and slowly turned around, flashing a wicked grin to Tommy as she flipped her sleeping cap behind her head nonchalantly.
"What's that my tasty little human? Now you want into my belly? I'm not sure you deserve it, for how rude you've been to your mistress!" she smiled and winked at the ranger teasingly while patting her belly.
"No! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Humans are nothing but meals for plushies...I admit it! We are nothing compared to you!" the white ranger stammered, on the verge of panic as the plushies started closing in on him from behind.
Seeing her prey submit so completely, Beddy Bye smiled knowing that the ranger belonged to her, utterly broken in body and mind. She didn't say a word, instead turning to face the ranger and putting both mittens up to her mouth. She pulled her hands away and opened wide, sending out a long silken tongue that flew out and travelled fifteen feet before wrapping itself around the white ranger's torso. Tommy stood obediently as the fabric coiled around him and pulled taut. Beddy Bye grinned as she grabbed her tongue with both hands and pulled hard, lifting Tommy off his feet and sending him sailing towards her waiting maw. The monster opened her arms to welcome her catch as the ranger flew head first into her mouth, quickly clamping down over his back in a hug and started to stuff him down greedily. The sound of smacking and chomping could be heard throughout the warehouse, Beddy Bye taking her time with this meal as her lips stretched wide to accomodate the ranger's body. Tommy kicked and struggled against the gluttonous onslaught of padding pressing down all around him, feeling two fat mittens cradling his butt and giving him teasing swats while his chest and stomach passed over the monster's lips.
Beddy Bye tilted her head back, flinging the white ranger's legs in the air to let him slide down her slippery gullet, giving two final gulps before his legs were slurped up and disappeared into her body with a clamping down of her jaws. The monster licked her lips with a silk tongue and rubbed her distended throat, coaxing the wiggling lump down into her belly where the white ranger landed with a thud, now a barely discernable bump on her massive frame.
"Mmmmm your submission was just gravy to my ranger meal....enjoy my belly while you can, because soon you'll be reborn as my plush white tiger minion!" Beddy Bye said while rubbing her midsection, feeling the ranger squirming around weakly inside. "That's five down, and just one tasty pink ranger to go. She may have escaped, but my minions shall soon find her...oh yes, I have special plans for my final pink ranger dessert!"
Kims heart pounded as she ran through the seemly endless labyrinth of grinning pillows, having gotten herself lost running into dead end after dead end for almost an hour. The smiling zippered faces sent a chill down her spine, seeming to mock her at every wrong turn. But to her relief the walls didnt move, and after a time Kim saw she was making progress towards the glowing exit sign and her freedom.
The whole time Kim was running she tried to block out the endless sounds of smacking plush maws and the cloying voice of Beddy Bye echoing through the building, hearing Tommys cries come and go before being cut off by a loud gulp. Eventually silence fell over the warehouse except for a quiet shifting of fabric in the distance. Kim got a sinking feeling that she was now the last hope the rangers had. She tried hard not to think about her boyfriend trapped inside the massive belly of the monster and what was happening to him right now.
The silence was broken as sounds of shifting fabric rustled around Kim from every side. Her heart thumped in her chest, looking around frantically to avoid being ambushed by a pillow.
Oh pink raaaaaanger! Beddy Byes voice called out with mocking sweetness.
Come out, come out wherever you are! Theres a cute white tiger plush who is just dying to play with you!
Kim gulped, realizing the monsters attention was now focused entirely on her. She picked up her pace, sprinting towards the exit. But as she neared her escape the shifting of fabric quickly turned to a cacophony when the walls started collapsing in around her. Kim ducked low as she ran to avoid being crushed, dodging left and right as the pillows began piling up all around her. Soft gloved hands grabbed at her ankles, but the pink ranger was able to keep out of their grasp while spying an opening a mere 50 feet away.
Im going to make it...! Kim thought with a glimmer of hope, but her focus waned for a second and a glove grabbed around her ankle and tugged, knocking the ranger off balance just enough to slow her slow. The hesitation allowed another pair of gloves to latch onto her wrist, further hampering Kim and allowing two more sets to grab on to her waist and thigh.
Ugh...get off me, stuffing for brains! Kim grunted with annoyance, knocking one of the pillows back with a shove. But the walls closed in too fast, breaking into individual pillows that swarmed around their prey in animmovablemass of plush and stuffing. Their blank zippered smiles mocked her while dozens of hands reached out to grab tightly. Kim struggled and writhed in the middle of the pillow mob while hands groped up and down her body with soft pats and squeezes.
Let...go...! the pink ranger said in desperation, but the pillows just grinned back and closed in until Kim found herself immobilized completely in the center of a mountain of pillows.
Kim heard a heavy stomping coming from behind her, wriggling enough to turn and see the toothy grin of a giant stuffed white tiger marching towards her.His whole body looked bloated, from plump haunches to a round potbelly framing his oversized head with its wide feline face and stubby muzzle.The tiger was definitely a stuffed animal, but its well defined features gave it a fearsome look even with its cartoonishly proportions. One look at the tiger's maw as it gaped open in anticipation suggested to Kim that he was created just to eat, just like the rest of the gluttonous plush monsters Beddy Bye had spawned.
Tommy... the words escaped her lips, taking her hope with them as she knew that this grotesque stuffed animal was once her boyfriend. The plush stopped for a moment, tilting its head curiously in a vague show of recognition.
Kim? it mewed curiously, opening its maw to allow the pink ranger to see a line of shiny white vinyl teeth and the soft shimmering pink tongue lolling out. The tiger lifted its massive handpaws in the air then held them out in a grabby pose and began to lumber towards the confined ranger.
The tigers plush gut shook as it ran, the former ranger trampling over the smaller pillows to get at his prey. One look at the hungry stare in the yellow feline eyes let Kim know exactly what his intentions were. me...your girlfriend..! Kim pleaded as the mittened paws of the tiger wrapped around her shoulder and squeezed tight just as it lunged forward and snapped it massive jaws down over her helmet in a big squishy bite. The pink ranger pushed back against the soft gnashing jaws, still stuck in the mass of pillows clinging to her low body.
A thick padded tongue slurped over Kims face as he nibbled her with blunt teeth with suffocating bites. The white tiger brushed away the pillows from Kims body one by one, working his paws over the pink rangers back until she found herself wrapped up in the plushs embrace, squished against the long white fluff of his chest. She couldnt ignore how nice it felt in the warm cozy hug of her boyfriend-turned-plush tiger, being nuzzled lovingly by that bulbous snout ad bathed in his silky tongue. good...tasty Kim... the tiger purred in a guttural voice, the simple-minded creature gazing down at her with a loving yet predatory stare. With his prey firmly trapped in his clutches, the cuddles soon turned to tight squeezes and big slurping licks made Kim feel like a piece of meat. She looked up into the maw as it opened wide, letting herself go limp with defeat. In one giant bite the tiger chomped down over her body, thrusting her head into the tight stretchy throat of the plush.
The pink rangers muffled cry went into a wall of padded plush pressing against her face. Fat paws pulled and tugged her body deeper into the maw as the throat stretched out to greet her head, sucking tight and guiding her down the slippery tunnel. Kim was lifted upwards and held aloft in soft paws, feeling dull claws rake along her back affectionately while strong peristaltic waves pulled her deeper and deeper. A long tongue slurped down her chest, wrapped around her body to tease between her tight butt with little licks.
Kim knew it was over, giving herself to her former beau and letting him gobble up the last of her. With a loud slurp she descended into a tight padded darkness, her whole world turned upside down and becoming a muted shifting of fabric all around her. She slipped down the smooth gullet of the tiger and landed in the confines of the belly. The pink ranger was able to right herself when she was finally inside fully, twisting around in the tight chamber and pressing out against the belly walls only to feel the enclosing padded and stuffing. Kim felt curious pats of gloved hands rubbing all over the tigers distended midsection, followed by big plush paws squeezing in around her.
The tiger let out a happy roar, rubbing over his bloated belly. Slowly he lumbered back towards the center of the maze, gut swaying back and forth with its prisoner jostling about helplessly inside.
Ahhh...look what the cat dragged in! Beddy Bye greeted her newest plushie with a smile on her lips.
Come here little kitty, and let mama see what youve brought her!
The white tiger hesitated, a confused look growing on his face. Inside the head of stuffing and fluff, a dim recollection of his former life flickered, knowing he wanted to keep this girl safe for some reason. But plush thoughts corrupted the hazy recollection, deciding that the best way to keep her safe was inside his belly.
Oh...I see my little white tiger plush wants to have his girlfriend tucked away in his belly to keep her for himself, the mattress woman said in a displeased tone, waddling over to the former white ranger and putting her arm around his broad shoulders. The white tiger backed away, but as Beddy Bye reached a mitten out to scratch behind his ears the plush leaned in and began to purr.
Such a naughty little kitty, disobeying mama! Beddy Bye cooed, keeping the tiger in a trance by scritching at his sweet spot. Without warning, she opened her lips wide and grabbed the tiger under the arms and proceeded to stuff him into her maw head first. The much larger mattress monster made quick work of even the oversized white tiger plush, lips stretched out wide to gobble him down with greedy smacks and slurps. A giant bulge formed in her throat, the tiger much larger than her usual meals, but he slid down easily quickly bloating her belly while she sucked up his paws with a kiss and tucked his tail in with a poke of her mitten. Snapping her lips shut Beddy Bye mmmmmed in enjoyment, massaging the tiger down until he made a nice round lump in her midsection.
Now you stay in there until you learn your lesson. Ill take back my tasty pink ranger treat now, Beddy Bye said as her hands worked over the distended writhing bulge.
If you disobey your mama again, I will just turn you into fluff to fill my tummy forever! Though, you do give my belly a beautiful round shape, I must say. Maybe I should just keep you in here anyways...
The monster sighed happily, taking a moment to enjoy her bloated gut. After a long moan, she put a hand up to her mouth and parted her lips. With a subtle spit her mouth stretched open and the white tiger was ejected from her belly, sailing through the air and crashing into a group of plump feminine minions with a soft pillowy thud. The tigers belly was much smaller now, the pink ranger extracted from his body and kept inside Beddy Bye somehow.
Now then, its time to enjoy my dessert! the mattress monster said, patting her belly and the form weakly struggling inside her.
What better way to finish off my five course meal than to savor the defeat of the Power Rangers!
Beddy Bye put a mitten to her mouth and burped daintily as Kim came tumbling out from her lips, landing softly on the monsters enormous pillow-top bed. The pink ranger, still clad in her spandex power ranger suit and helmet, swayed weakly on the bed clinging to consciousness as her energy waned dangerously low. Every time she was eaten, a part of her powers were drained away, and she knew her protective uniform wouldnt last much longer if the devouring continued.
That wasnt a proper nomming for such a mighty hero. No, my sweet pink treat, mama wants to take her time with you...
I wont give you the satisfaction... Kim hissed between gritted teeth, lifting her helmet to stare down Beddy Bye defiantly.
Oh! Such spirit for a little morsel whos about to be gobbled up into my big plushie tummy, the mattress taunted while kissing the air and winking at Kim seductively.
I think youre going to enjoy being devoured once you feel how nice it can be. Before long, youll be begging to be slurped up into my belly and teased by my mittens.
I wont submit to you, no matter how much you torture me, Kim growled, seething with rage, Do your worst! Just know, I will get my friends back, if its the last thing I do!
Beddy Bye simply responded with a smile, waddling up to the bed slowly with her eyes locked on her prey. Looming over the girl, the monster licked her lips causing Kim to scramble back on the bed.
Tut tut my sweet treat. Youll soon find that being devoured and sheer pleasure make wonderful bedfellows...
Thick padded mittens reached out to grab at Kim, the ranger trying to move back out of the way but finding the bed too soft to move quickly. A plump pillowy hand found her ankle, gripping tightly and tugging her back. Kim kicked and squirmed but was unable to escape the monsters grasp. Tugging the ranger hard, Beddy Bye fell forward on top of Kim catching her under the massive body and smothering the ranger completely.
Such a cute little pink thing you youll know how it feels to be my plushie! Beddy Bye said as she scooped Kim up into her arms and squeezed tight. Puffy lips smooched all over Kims helmet, the two rolling over until she was laying atop the monsters mattress belly. Mittens cuddled eagerly up and down her back, then behind her head forcing her between the massive pillow bosoms. Squished deep in the crevice, the pink ranger kicked and fussed trying to escape hating how helpless she felt.
Coochie coo! Whos mamas cute pink pet? Aww you just love to snuggle, dont you? the monster sang, continuing to hug and smooch her prey for several minutes loving how much she jostled her sensitive breasts.
Kim felt the monsters belly button with her boot, remembering Beddy Byes weak point from earlier. She paused, positioning herself and delivering a strong kick in hopes of striking true. To her dismay, the puffy ring of padding rose up to meet her foot, snatching it up like a vacuum and pulling Kims boot down into the tight puckered hole.
Oooh that feels so wonderful! My belly button is my most sensitive spot now, thanks to you boyfriends energy helping to cure me of that silly weak spot. Now its so puffy and lovely...and hungry for naughty rangers...
Beddy Bye flashed a wicked grin, hugging Kim tightly and sliding a mitten down to force her other foot to the center of the belly button. The suction proved too strong as the puffy pucker began to extend out to pull Kims legs inside. The ranger thrashed to no avail, and now stuck in the hole she began to slip downwards with each pulsing slurp quickly sinking in to her knees feeling the tight enveloping fabric within.
Rrrrrgh....what is this? Let go of me, you creep! Kim grunted, pushing against the belly button with all her might. The hole responded mechanically with another slurp, squeezing around her waist like a tight belt, the fabric within rising up to slurp between her legs.
Your boyfriend gave me the idea when he bowed down to his mama and kissed my belly button forfeiting his free will and powers to me. Now my belly button wants to return the favor with a kiss of its own! the monster said between pleasured moans, watching her belly rising and fall in a slow rhythmic wave while the tight pucker inched its way up Kims body with each throb.
Kim ooohed a little in spite of herself as the soft interior squeezed around her legs and feet. It was incredibly fluffy and padded inside, and the material hugged smoothly against the spandex and vinyl of her uniform, although the tight constriction of so much stuffing made her worry what would happen when she was pulled in fully. The sudden fear made the pink ranger struggle hard against the tight belly button, but it only served to delight Beddy Bye from all the jostling against the ring of puffy fabric.
Mmmmm you rangers sure were tasty, but I think you are the most delicious of all! Beddy Bye said, squeezing the sides of her belly to make it fluff up around Kim while she sank into its center.
Keep it up sweetie...your struggles are like icing on my ranger cake!
Kim was fighting a losing battle and looked like she was about to drown in a sea of plush, a sight that made the monster want to devour her even more. The pink ranger grabbed handfuls of fluff to keep her from sinking further, prompting Beddy Bye to take her wrists and tuck her arms against her body. The belly button responded eagerly, slurping up her hands quickly and binding Kims arms against her sides. The puffed kisses continued even faster, working up over the rangers chest leaving Kim helpless to slow the steady pace of her swallowing.
It feels nice, doesnt it? Having all that stuffing hugging around every inch of your body. I promise that once youre inside my belly, youll never want to leave!
Kim grunted and struggled, unable to do anything else and too beaten down to put up much of a fight as impending doom loomed over her.
You may eat me, but youll never take my mind! Im a power ranger to the end; Ill never be your plushie!
Beddy Bye giggled with amusement at her preys protests, patting the rangers cheek with a mitten.
You are a spirited one, little pink ranger. In fact, youre absolutely right. You are too tasty to be turned into a stuffed animal like your friends. Instead, Im going to keep you as a lowly human and turn you into my personal plaything to gobble over and over. Youll keep my belly full and feed my minions to keep them strong and stuffed. Youll be an endless battery of energy fueling my army of plush as we plan to take over Angel Grove, and then the world!
The monster paused a moment to let the words sink in.
Now youll see what new powers I gained from draining your boyfriend belly button will envelop you in my special fabric. It will keep you meek and submissive in its inescapable embrace, and make sure you are nice and slippery to be gobbled up easily by any plushie who needs a meal. Doesnt that sound nice? Just as you asked, youll stay human and also get your friends back!
Kim had become resigned to a fate of becoming a mindless plush like her friends, but this was far worse than that. Knowing shed be conscious and have to live with the knowledge that she failed her friends broke her spirit deep inside. A wave of panic swept over her and she started to writhe and convulse, desperately trying to break free.
Nooooo! Please no! Ill be good! You can make me a plushie...just anything but that! Kim pleaded desperately.
Its too late my sweet pink pet...your fate is sealed, and soon you will be too!
Beddy Bye oohed and ahhed as Kim stretched and jostled her sensitive belly button in her throes of panic. The monster put her mittens on Kims shoulders and began to massage them lovingly, applying gentle downward pressure that allowed the puckered ring to swell upwards and pull Kim in up to her chest. The belly churned and pumped away, speeding up with a voracious tempo as Kim sank deeper into the soft enveloping fabric. Little juts and pokes could be seen from within now as the ranger was swallowed up to her neck, freeing her hands to press outwards in a vain attempt to escape. Unable to get a grip of the slippery inner walls of the stomach the hungry pucker slurped up the last of its meal, the pink rangers helmet disappearing as the belly cinched shut and sealed Kim in completely.
With her meal safely stowed, Beddy Bye sat up on her bed and wrapped her hands around her bloated belly in a tight hug, rubbing all over the little wriggling lump inside her. She could feel every subtle movement of the ranger within, tickling her belly walls and driving the monster wild with delight at each little jiggle.
Yes my pet...struggle all you like, youll never escape mamas belly! Soon, digestion will rid you of that silly tight ranger uniform and give you an outfit more befitting your status as my personal plaything!
Inside the belly, Kim squirmed in darkness feeling only the smothering fluff hugging her from every side, squeezing and puffing up against her relentlessly. Unlike the last time she was eaten by the monster, the padding seemed thicker and tighter, no doubt the combined stuffing of all the people she had eaten since then.
As she fought to stave off the constricting hug, she could feel the warmth growing all around her making Kim feel weak and exhausted. Knowing she was being drained with each pulsing squeeze, the ranger tried her hardest to press out to keep the belly from closing in around her. She managed to fight it off for several minutes, but the exertion became too much and a little wobble from her muscles was all it took for the padding to close in and smother her completely.
Curled up in a fetal position, the pink ranger was too weak to push back and was forced to endure the slow churning of the plush stomach. The warmth returned even stronger now, the constriction getting more intense as her whole body ached with the endless motion squeezing in around her. She found it hard to breathe, but managed to stay conscious as the belly seemed to know just how tight to squeeze without making her pass out.
Kim would have welcomed that, feeling a growing awareness of her weakening willpower spreading over her with a slow dull tingle. She felt a tendril of plush slurp at her waist, prying between her folded arms and legs before attaching itself to her belt where her power coin lay. Suddenly the warmth exploded all around her, the belly going into overdrive squeezing and pumping at her body. Kim could feel her powers being sapped from he even faster than before, the belly lining pumping at the coin causing bulges of padding to travel away through the tendril as her ranger powers were being converted to fluff to add to the monsters mass.
The tingling feeling engulfed her now, numbing her body to the point where she couldnt move a muscle. Helpless do to anything but feel the pins and needles grow to crescendo, an odd sensation made her usually tight uniform feel loose and billowy. Kim tried to kick weakly but her boots felt like two pillows surrounding her feet, and pressing out with her hands she found them equally soft and more like mittens than her ranger gloves. Her hard helmet too slowly faded away, replaced by a soft hug of a hood that gently enveloped her head.
Within minutes her uniform was gone, replaced by a soft enveloping sensation that hugged her curves and teased her bare skin with sensual smoothness. It felt like the belly lining had cocooned her completely in a whole different kind of outfit, and now it was overwhelming the rangers with sensations she couldnt help but enjoy. The tight hug taunted her with its intimacy, urging her to give in and accept just how wonderful it felt to have that smothering embrace squeezing every inch of her body.
Kim was trained to resist pain, but had never before tried to resist pleasure. The pink ranger gritted her teeth to prevent herself from moaning, squeezing her thighs together to stop the thick silky padding from caressing between her legs. But as the minutes passed and the stomachs constant churning worked over her now exposed body, Kim slowly unclenched and let the soft padding massage her defenseless form.
After what seemed like hours, Kim opened her eyes and realized that she had completely forgotten about her friends or any attempt to escape. A pall of shame fell over her, causing her struggle to escape to begin anew. To her shock, the stomach reacted by stopping completely as she felt a giant mitten patting her softly from the outside.
Does my little pet want out? Such a seemed so happy in there!
Kim blushed hearing the muffled taunts of the monster, scolding herself for giving in like that.
I think youve had enough time in mamas belly for one day. Time to come out and play with your friends!
The stomach squeezed around Kim and suddenly she found herself forced to the front of the belly, her head finding the tight belly button before pressing outwards and breaching the tight pucker. Slowly she emerged from her padded cell, rising from the belly button with a smooth whisk of fabric, popping out right onto the mattressed midsection of Beddy Bye. She found the monsters plush human face gazing down at her, a smile painted on her puffy red lips.
Welcome back my sweet treat! Did you enjoy your time in mamas tummy?
You better let me go you monster! Kim started, suddenly feeling energized.
When Zordon finds out what youve done w... the pink ranger started, but as she held up a fist to shake at her captor she saw a puffy pink mitten rise in its stead. Kim flexed and squeezed her hand and saw the silly looking mitt react in kind. Her eyes went wide, tilting her eyes down and gasping at what she saw.
Instead of her power ranger uniform, she was now dressed in a snug pink robe that extended from head to toe, fully enclosed with a hood that left only her face exposed. The outfit was tight around her chest but became baggy as it flowed down to the ground, her feet trapped in a loose fitting sack that gave the suit a pear-shaped look. The suit was patterned just like her ranger uniform, with white diamonds on her chest, wrists and ankles, but instead of apterodactyllogo between her breasts there was a big smiling icon of Beddy Bye herself. On her waist there was a raised padded area where her morpher would normally be, now engulfed by pink fluff with her power coin sticking out prominently in the middle. Kim gritted her teeth, the suit's pattern adding insult to injury as the design seemed like it was chosen just to mock her.
The pink ranger wriggled uncomfortably and tugged at the folds of fabric with her padded mittens, the seamless costume taunting her by clinging to her upper body and showing off her bare curves beneath. To her horror, the outfit was rosy peach in color, identical to Beddy Byes own body with the same soft plump plush look to it all over.
What is this? What have you done to me? Kim said aghast, feeling the smooth silky material slide against her naked body trapped within. It was padded just enough that Kim felt a little bit like she was still inside the monsters belly, teased by the swishing plush and fluff all around her.
Do you like it? I created it just for you, my tasty treat. Its made from my belly lining and sure to keep you all snuggly and warm and remind you where you belong, in mamas belly. Beddy Bye chirped, clasping her mittens together while enjoying the sight of her new toy.
Youll find it quite seamless, so mama will never have to worry about you escaping your pretty pink snuggie!
Beddy Bye waddled up and began to dote on Kim, smoothing the wrinkles in the fabric with loving pats and tugging here and there to straighten the suit out. In contrast to the monsters delight, the pink ranger glowered unhappily and fidgeted under the busy mittens of the monster. She felt like a little girl being fussed over by her mother, and hated every humiliating minute of it. But soon the little pokes and prods turned to hugs and massaging rubs. Slowly, Beddy Bye pulled Kim against her soft belly while and began to stroke her head, showing surprising affection for a monster Kim thought was nothing more than eating machine.
Minutes went by like this, Kims ears filled with nothing but the sound of swishing fabric and the syrupy sweet voice of the monster lulling her into a cozy stupor. The ranger struggled, fussed and fought for a time, but caught in the monsters embrace her movements slowly devolved into pillowy snuggles. The ranger gasped, realizing that she was starting to enjoy the attention as the silky fabric played over her exposed breasts while the padding squished teasingly between her legs. She caught herself from letting out a happy moan as she laid her head on the monsters pillow-like belly. Distraught and flush with embarrassment, Kim suddenly tried to pull away.
Awww does my pet was mama to stop her cuddles? And just when you were really beginning to enjoy being played with, Beddy Bye said with a wink, reaching down to scoop Kim up in her arms while rubbing a mitten against her padded crotch to tease the rangers cunny with a groping squeeze. Anger flashed inside Kim, feeling violated, but hating herself even more for wanting to give in to the wonderful feeling of the monsters affection.
Get off me...! Nnnngggghh!! Ill never be your pet!
Tears streamed down Kims cheeks as her head flooded with conflicting emotions. She couldnt let it end like this, not after seeing her friends devoured and turned into mindless stuffed animals. To her surprise, Beddy Bye responded by removing her mitten and gently setting Kim down on the ground, then taking a step back.
Very well. If you dont want to stay here with mama, then youre free to go! That is, IF you can escape my warehouse in 60 seconds. If you dont make it out in time, then you will become my personal belly slave forever!
Kim was taken aback by the monsters sudden change of heart. To her shock, Beddy Bye lifted her mittens and swept them apart in one motion. As if by magic, the plush walls of the maze parted, minions shuffling aside to create an unbroken path to the exit. Kim could see the glowing sign a hundred yards away, with nothing blocking her path to freedom.
Bette hurry little ranger...if you dont make it out in time, my minions will close the walls off and bring you back to me to become mine for all time!
Kim hesitated for a moment, expecting some kind of trap. The sudden calm of the warehouse was disconcerting, but she knew it was now or never. Without another word the pink ranger made her way towards the exit. It was difficult to move in her outfit, the billowy folds of fabric bagged around her feet impeded her movement, but not enough to stop her from shuffling slowly towards the door. She felt self conscious at how silly she looked wriggling along is what amounted to a giant overstuffed snuggie, but her determination to escape the monsters clutches spurned her on. Before long, she got the hang of movement and was managing a good pace.
Im going to make it! Kim thought excitedly, the exit sign growing larger in her vision. Moving as quickly as she could without falling over, she felt the smooth padded fabric of her outfit brushing against her skin over and over, feeling like it was giving her a sensual full body hug. Kim let out a sign, the motion again reminding her of being devoured, having that thick silken plush squeezing all around caressing her body and exciting her senses like she had never known.
Oh no. Not now. Think about your friends. Theyre counting on you! the rangers mind raced desperately to stop herself from giving in to the suit, but with every movement the image of her being gobbled up into the monsters cocooning belly grew stronger in her mind, urging her to turn around and throw herself at Beddy Byes feet to beg to be eaten and teased endlessly inside her. Kim felt an intense shame, but she couldnt deny how strongly she felt about it as her cunny ached for her mamas tongue.
The more she thought about returning and feeling those puffy red lips closing in around her, the more the tingle between her legs grew that flared with desire. What was the outfit doing to her? Or was this her own lust unleashed that was spurring her on, having been eaten so many times that shed become corrupted to just how wonderful it felt.
Almost there...cmon Kim, you can do it! Think of Tommy! Kim tried her best to keep going, but even as she looked down at her feet she saw the peach colored fabric billowing against her legs, feeling her toes kicking at the soft pillowy booties. Immediately her mind went back to her times inside the monsters belly, suddenly fantasizing about being swallowed whole into the endless folds of plush and stuffing. Kim soon found herself hypnotized by the swishing fabric of her own suit, losing herself in plush daydreams. No matter how hard she tried to stop it, the thoughts kept coming back to her, and any resistance she posed quickly melted away into wistful thoughts of being gobbled up.
Fifteen seconds to go! the monsters voice called out, snapping Kim out of her reverie. The exit was a mere 50 feet away, and if she concentrated she could make it for sure. Yet the pink ranger stood frozen in place, paralyzed by indecision. She didnt know what to do, torn between her duty to her team and Angel Grove and the exhilaration and pleasure that being gobbled up by those big puffy red plush lips gave her. mine now, pink ranger! Beddy Bye called out happily. In an instant, the exit sign dimmed and a sheet of stretchy fabric flew up from the bottom and covered the door completely, blocking Kims only escape. She felt her stomach drop, knowing that she had blown her only chance with her own uncontrolled feelings of lust. Her cheeks flush with embarrassment, Kim turned slowly to face her destiny. A hundred yards away, Beddy Bye stood with a satisfied smile on her face, gazing at her new toy.
Dont be shy, my little pet. Mama knows why you chose to stay. Now come back and join your plushie family! Beddy Byes voice rang out as she patted her belly expectantly.
Kim turned beet red, knowing the monster was right. She wanted nothing more than to feel Beddy Byes soft mittens wrap around and lift her up, to see those big lips open wide and to be stuff her inside. The more she tried to erase the imagine from her mind, the stronger it came back until Kim found herself squirming in her cocooning sack, rubbing her mittens up and down her chest just to feel the smooth fabric teasing her body.
Now sweetie, come to Mama! Beddy Bye said in her most motherly voice, seeing Kims hesitance slowly melting with each hug the ranger gave herself.
Kim winced, hearing the monsters maternal cooing was almost worse than being berated by a monster in defeat. The words just rubbed in how helpless she was to resist the desire to be eaten. Though Kim was mad at herself for grinning and blushing at each word, she still began to shuffle obediently back to the center of the warehouse. She justcouldn'ttake her eyes off of Beddy Byes swollen plush tummy, and the longer she stared the more she forgot about how silly she looked the once might pink power ranger now trapped in a set of poofy peach-colored pajamas with its attached mittens and hoodie leaving only her face showing.
Beddy Bye picked up on Kims fixation, seducing her further with a series of furtive pats and rubs. Thats a good girl. You know you should be right here with mama, cuddled up nice and snug. All your friends are waiting for you too...their bellies are so sad and empty without you! They need a yummy little belly slave like you to fill them up nice and plump!
Kim whimpered and tried to hide her face behind padded pink mittens, but the more Beddy Bye teased the faster Kim walked towards her. She was quickly getting used to her billowy outfit, all seeming so natural now as her head swum with happy thoughts of sliding down her mistress throat once again.
Kim looked around her and saw a massive group of plushies all gathered around Beddy Bye and eyeing her hungrily. All the pillow minions had abandoned their posts as part of the maze and had created a massive swarm of smiling zippered faces, with the male and female clones in front and her former teammates standing just behind Beddy Bye. Kim blushed, seeing the t-rex, sabre toothed tiger, triceratops, mastodon, and white tiger all snapping their jaws and stomping their oversized feet eagerly, arms extended and jostling for position wanting to be the first to welcome Kim to the family with slurps and nuzzles.
Im the last one left....Im just their slave now...Im nothing more than their plaything, to be eaten over and over and never escape... Kim thought to herself as she approached. The notion made her smile from ear to ear, imagining being gulped up into those soft satiny tummies, slurped endlessly by blanketing tongues, and chewed by thick plushie maws until she couldnt take any more.
Now now sweeties, there will be plenty of her to go around, all in good time, Beddy Bye scolded her plushies gently, wagging a mittened finger.But mama gets the first taste...
Beddy Bye opened her arms wide and shifted from side to side, making her belly wobble ever so slightly while giving Kim an encouraging smile. Unable to resist any longer, Kim shuffled as quick as she could into the waiting arms of the monster. Kim threw herself against the giant padded belly trying to hug it all at once and let out a happy moan, sinking into the plush pudge as the fluff rose up to squish around her sides. Beddy Bye welcomed her new pet with a loving embrace, thick padded arms closing around Kims back and squeezing tight.
Kim let out a cry of pleasure as the plushie fat smothered her, without the shield of her ranger uniform the sensation of soft enveloping fluff against her skin intensified and quickly became overwhelming. She lost herself in the sensation, bucking against the belly lustfully while rubbing her face against the smooth fabric.
The monster rewarded her pets submission with a squeeze, massaging Kims back with her mittens and working her deeper into the belly fluff. With the girl trapped in her embrace, Beddy Bye oohed and ahhed at the feeling of her pet wiggling against her. Kim began to struggle and thrash, realizing that she couldnt breathe. When Beddy Bye finally let go Kim popped up and gasped for air, but instead of panic she wore a big smile on her face. She took a quick breath and dived back down, burying her head back in the soft belly, unable to get enough of that entombing plush feel sliding against her.
Such a good little slave, knowing that she belongs in mamas belly. Beddy Bye cooed, stroking the back of Kims smooth pink hood. Now come here and let me savor the final defeat of the Power Rangers!
Kim blushed and squirmed, suddenly self conscious of her broken vows as protector of Angel Grove, and how she had given in to her burgeoning desires so completely. In response to her despondent appearance, Beddy Bye lifted Kim's chin with a mitten and flashed a maternal gaze, the smile on her plump red lips making Kim melt. Though she was still fighting it, deep down Kim knew that she belonged here with Beddy Bye. She was nothing more than a meal for this monster, a pet and belly slave. As the former ranger's will to fight was sapped by each puffy smooch and warm cozy hug, Kim realized that she couldnt be happier.
"Now show mama just how much you love being a tasty little morsel. You'll have to earn your trip to my soft padded tummy before I let you inside!"
Kim blushed and hid her face behind thick pink mittens, but she couldn't deny thatthe plush's teasing was driving her wild. She hesitated for a moment, then let herself go and rushed forward with arms open wide to Beddy Bye's massive belly with a hug. Kim hit with a soft splat and sank into the squishy plush pudge, then began to wriggle about and rub her body all over the smooth pillowy fabric. The slippery satiny bodysuit slid up and down each time she pressed herself into the belly, further igniting her passions until Kim found herself humping, kissing and fondling the same belly that had devoured her friends.
"You can't resist mama's tummy, can you?," Beddy Bye said sweetly, gently wrapping her arms around the girl and placing a fat mitt atop her head to guide her down further into the enveloping mass. Plush arms wrapped around they prey tightly as the monster let out a pleasured moan, her little writhing slave driving Beddy Bye into a frenzy. The giant plush began to buck her belly slowly while leaning down to kiss Kim repeatedly on the head, using mittens to grope and pink her snugglie just to make Kim squirm. This went on for a half an hour, Kim being smooshed against Beddy Bye's belly and stuffed between her breasts, the ranger kissing each in turn and struggling meekly against the powerful plush mother controlling her every move.
"Oooh tasty little thing! I'm gonna smooch and slurp and swallow you all up!" Beddy Bye said betweenimpassionedcuddles, unable to take her mittens off her new plaything. Kim blushed at the teasing, the words only causing her to struggle more in the plush's powerful embrace.
After a while Kim found herself out of breath, slowing down and coming to the realization that she had been at this for a long time. Blushing, she realized she still wanted more. Beddy Bye stepped back and brushed her mitten's against Kim's chest ever so lightly, every delicate touch causing Kim to shiver with pleasure and try to move back to embrace the retreating belly.
"Please mama...please eat me. Gobble me up into that big beautiful tummy of yours," Kim said meekly, barely able to lift her eyes to meet the monster's.
Beddy Bye looked down at her toy and smiled at how much she was loving her new role.
"Of course, my pet, you shall return to your new home. But mama has a surprise for you first!" she grinned, picking Kim up and squeezing her tightly between swollen plush breasts."With all the yummy energy I drained from you, mama has a new way to gobble you down. It was inspired by you my sweet thing, a testament to your submission and passion for being my toy."
Beddy Bye released Kim and shuffled back a few steps, then fluffed up her belly with her mittens. The motion drew Kim's attention down to between the monster's stumpy legs, where she saw a glowing pink slit of light appear. The glow spread outwards and coalesced into a puffy mound, then disappeared to reveal a pair of shiny pink plush cunny lips between her legs.
"See what you've done to me? You've given mama a cute plump pussy to slurp you right up inside me! I know you'll enjoy your trip inside, because once my cunny has devoured you, you'll be sealed away as my slave permanently!"
Beddy Bye laughed victoriously as she saw the last bits of resistance on Kim's horrified face. As much as she was loving her snuggie treatment, the shock of being corrupted completely and becoming a slave forever made Kim back away. Still, as she stared into the eyes of the monster, and down to between her legs where the puffy lips fluttered seductively, Kim started to think how much she wanted to run full sprint right into that pillowy tunnel.
"Yes...mama..." Kim said slowly as her resistance faded, shuffling forward meekly and lifting her mittens in an attempt to look more appealing.
"Mmmmm...little pet...just seeing you submit to your mama makes me so...hungry..." Beddy Bye's voice dropped as a ravenous look flashed in her eyes, "It's nom nom time!"
Kim let out a squeal of joy, rubbing herself up and down unable to take her eyes off those seductive red lips as Beddy Bye took a heavy stomp in her direction. Kim shivered in anticipation, paralyzed. Beddy Bye froze for a moment, then suddenly opened her arms and lunged forward. Kim was knocked back by the flood of soft pink fluff, instantly enveloped by the plush belly flopping onto her. Kim thrashed about in surprise, her struggles only making Beddy Bye moan with delight.
As Kim kicked about she felt her foot sink into a tight crevice. She tried to pull it out, but suddenly felt her foot being sucked inward with a strong grip. She panicked for a moment, falling back on her old instincts by trying to get away. But she remembered that alluring cunny and its shimmering puffed lips and a wave of desire flooded the girl. Instead of trying to escape, Kim wriggled her legs to line up with the opening, teasing the slit with her other foot until the lips rose up and slurped her foot inward, making it disappear with an audible schlurp.
"Oooh...gotcha now! You've made my cunny so hungry, I don't think it'll ever let you go!" Beddy Bye teased purposefully. The monster cradled her prey and leaned back to sit down, forcing her nether lips upwards as they opened wide to slurp Kim's feet up past her ankles. Kim could tell immediately that these lips with much tighter and thicker than the monster's kisser, and the pulsed with a hungry suction that swallowed up the girl inch by inch.
Slowly, Beddy Bye bent forward and lowered Kim down, resting her on soft outstretched haunches and providing a cozy bed for the monster's cunny to make quick work of the girl. Beddy Bye took great enjoyment in watching her cocooned slave squirming between her legs, crying in passion begging to be slurped up into her womb.
Each pulse pulled Kim in deeper, now up to her thighs and the ex-ranger could barely keep her composure. She humped and squirmed in the immobilizing embrace, leaning into the violating gropes from the monster's mittens across her chest. Kim's own cunny ached to be teased, and when the lips stopped their suckling suddenly Kim felt a submissive frenzy of desire overtake her.
"No...don't stop! Take me now! Slurp me up and squeeze me inside you!" Kim cried out, panting in ecstasy and bucking against the tightness of her plush canal.
A big smile grew on Beddy Bye's puffed lips as she looked down at her pet. No longer was there any resistance in the girl's eyes, just an insatiable need to be devoured. The sight only served to excite the monster more, the look of utter submission making her want to slurp and torment the girl even more.
"Good little morsel," Beddy Bye cooed in between moans as Kim's gyrations teasing her cunny was driving her wild. "Yes, tell mama exactly what you need...a nice tight plush womb to squish and smoosh you in until you're nothing but plushie fat, isn't that right?"
Kim nodded, wriggled and moaned as the cunny resumed it slow churn, the girl lost in a haze of pleasure as the puffed lips worked her in inch by inch, expanding and contracting in a relentless rhythm. She let out a loud moan when her waist passed through the puffed ring of fabric, humping her own trapped sex against the suckling of the monster's cunny.
But the monster's hunger was too much for her to linger long, and soon Kim felt Beddy Bye's padded mittens cradling her head and pushing her deeper inside. In moments her waist was slurped up, then her chest, Beddy Bye giving her pet's breasts one last grope before she was sucked in to her neck. Kim's hooded head stared up at Beddy Bye, giving the monster one last good look at her meal before one last loud slurp to suck her in completely.
Beddy Bye patted the gently writhing lump in her belly as the puffed cunny lips snapped shut, massaging it to work the girl deep into her padded prison.
"Get nice and comfy in there my pet...mama's womb will squeeze whatever shred of humanity you have left!"
Inside, Kim's world went dark with a snap of plush, and the powerful movement of the plush worked her deep into a tight chamber of fluff and padding. The former ranger couldn't contain herself - the intense feeling of the plush all around her made it impossible to think about anything but being a piece of food for the plush monster, and she welcomed her digestion with passionate moans and lustful writhing. It was almost too much to bear, but her smooth outfit made every squeeze near orgasmic even though the plush stuffing of her snuggie kept her chaste and wanting more.
What seemed like hours passed by inside the womb. Kim had no idea if it was day or night, and every prod and poke at the plush walls around her only led to muffled moans and happy words from the monster. The frantic churning of her devouring had turned into a slow driving squeeze, each squish seeming to press out another thought of her former life and replace it with the electric joy of her cozy entrapment.
In her mind, Kim could think only of pleasing the monster and making her mama happy. Being used like a living sex toy only reinforced her new mindset, and with every submissive wiggle she was showered with hugs and pats from the mittens stroking her from the outside. The sensory deprivation of the monster's womb made it easy to focus on the pleasure all around her, and the hypnotic rhythm of the squeezes thumped in her head and drowned out all other thoughts. The motion kept going and going, never ceasing, and soon Kim lost all track of time and space. It assaulted her mind with thoughts of submission, lust, obedience, all filling her with a carnal desire to be a piece of meat, to be fed upon and used.
As time passed, the feeling that Kim belonged here grew stronger and stronger. 'I am a toy. I am a plushie pet. I live to serve my mama and keep her belly full..' the mantra repeated in her mind, a smile growing bigger on Kim's face every time she repeated it. Her world seemed to disappear before her, replaced by the plush hug that surrounded her. Kim felt a strange energy swirling around her, absorbed by her own suit that fluttered and plumped around her. She could feel the monster's every movement, humping in time and giving herself completely. She wanted nothing else but to be inside her mistress forever...
With that final thought, Kim felt a sudden weight lifted from her. The womb around her began to shake, and she felt herself pressed outwards. A bright light blinded her when the curtains parted and pushed Kim out of the womb, caught in Beddy Bye's massive paws helping her to emerge from her body.
"It's been two days my pet, time for you to come out and join your mistress at her side. Your friends are all waiting!"
Kim's eyes slowly adjusted to the light as she wriggled free of Beddy Bye's womb, blinking and looking around to see a horde of plushies gathered around her, with her plushified ranger friends as first in line to welcome her to the family. Kim couldn't help but smile at the warm welcome, having never felt so much at home. Her billowy plush suit swished as she slowly got up, smoothing out the wrinkles in the fabric and rubbing her eyes with puffed mittens.
"You all must be so hungry!" Kim said brightly as the red t-rex came over and licked her cheek with a giant plush tongue. "Ooooh that feels so good...looks like I need to feed a ravenous dino before you starve!"
Kim giggled, making her padded pink suit shivered while she rubbed her mitten over the pot-belly of the t-rex teasingly. The other plushies saw this and crowded in around her, heavy padded bodies squishing her in the middle as paws and mittens grabbed and groped at her to the delight of the trapped Kim.
Beddy Bye surveyed the scene and saw nothing but smiling faces, reveling in the final defeat of the Power Rangers as they became part of her hungry plush minions. The monster's tummy rumbled, knowing that she would need to feed again soon. With her new powers, Beddy Bye's hunger had gone into overdrive. She licked her lips, thinking of all the tasty meals that Angel Grove had to offer. But for tonight, it was time to celebrate. Her plushies deserved a feast, and with her new pet giggling snuggled up tight in the clutches of her army of stuffed animals, she knew just who would be the main course.
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The power rangers face off with a new monster - a living plushie mattress woman with a taste for humans, and rangers.

Will our heroes escape her clutches, or will they end up filling her belly and becoming more stuffing to plump her up?

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Posted by psychoboy07 4 years ago

I was wondering when you would get around to uploading this here. haha


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speaking of stories how yours coming along


Posted by wiseguy288 4 years ago

Is there a sequal? I'd love to see one. Heck, I even got n idea for a spin off series.


Posted by NibblahFrog 4 years ago

There was sequel talk and some ideas fleshed out, but my writing pace is slow so it will definitely be a while. If you have any ideas for a spin off series, I'd love to hear!


Posted by wiseguy288 4 years ago

Eh, can't think of a spin off series per-say, but there are definitely a ton of animal rangers that would be fun to use, wild force for example


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Amazing, just amazing.


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love your stories so much


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My number one favorite story by you. I really love how she treats Kimberly as her small little pet, and how she teases the other rangers who are caught by her minions and brought back to her.