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Titania's Playmate By soline

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An offspring story I wrote based on an off-hand backstory comment Titania dropped in the middle of a roleplay.

A rather large centaur tucks a rather large dragoness For a <i>very</i> long time.

Anal-vore with <i>extreme</i> scat.

Titania belongs to herself.
Sonya belongs to Titania's small intestines.

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Posted by Animakitty 5 years ago

Mmm, very sexy. I'm so warped. ;,;


Posted by soline 5 years ago

Oh? Heehee >:3 warped, but a good taste clearly :p ish veeery sexy ^_^


Posted by Camlio420 5 years ago

That joke at the end of the description made me laugh out loud honestly.

Titania belongs to herself, Sonya belongs to Titania's small intestines... Blood brilliant way to give the credits in a Vore Scenario.


Posted by soline 5 years ago

^_^ thank you! I really do quite adore the little things like that


Posted by Camlio420 5 years ago

Been thinking bout writing a Vore Story, any tips for someone who's never really done something like that without it being an RP? (I've done plenty of those before.)


Posted by soline 5 years ago

Mnh, not really I'm afraid xD. Join up sentences and phrases, I see a lot that are just "Bob did this. Bob did that. Bob sat down. Bob got eaten" that just aren't fun to read, and come across like a recipe more than a story.

Be as descriptive and detailed as you like, the more the better as a rule of thumb. If you RP a lot you're kinda set in good stead to start writing. If you get stuck or bored, write the bits you actually WANT to write, and worry about beginnings and ends later, don't worry about length or whatnot, a story is as long as it is.

Mostly it's just learning what works and what doesn't, for example, more detail is always better, but 'some' kinds of detail are bad (i.e, when describing sizes, it's always bad to be more specific than a general 'almost a whole foot'. 'one foot and three inches' usually just sounds too mechanical), it's just trial and error through writing and enjoying yourself.


Posted by Camlio420 5 years ago

Alright, thanks mate.


Posted by AlexSama 5 years ago

I loved how the filth acted like quicksand. Very creative and hot.


Posted by Zelda 5 years ago



Posted by ShadowClaw47 4 years ago

Can we maybe get a alternative ending? Where the dragoness agrees at the beginning?


Posted by nauczyciel 4 years ago

me i would like her to stay alive in there, never to be realeased


Posted by ShadowClaw47 3 years ago

Or that too!