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Request for Who also wrote this awesome story for it.

The hot day was nearing it's end. In just an hour or so, the sun would set beyond the horizon, allowing the air to cool, and causing small animals to emerge from their burrows. So Flower hoped, anyway. She had slept almost 'till noon, resting after a less than ideal nights hunt. One scared mouse didn't fill her belly for long, although she was glad that this one hadn't delayed her meal by conversation. But today she was yet to find anything to even attempt to catch. Indeed, she would have preferred to have spent the day sleeping, but her stomach didn't allow for peacefull sleep. But soon, Flower thought as she walked towards the small hill near the fields at the edge of the forest, soon she would certainly be satisfied, for mice and rats were a plenty there.

She reached the hill exhausted. No wonder she couldn't find anything to eat. Any animals stupid enough to leave their burrows would have long ago have melted away without a trace, and so would have she, hadn't she carefully stayed at the shadows as much as she could. It had been easy deeper in the forest, but near the fields and up the hill the forest grew sparse, turning more into singular trees and small clumps here and there. Not many years ago it had been thicker here, as the many stumps scattered around proved, but luckily the wood had been cut sparingly. Finding a good, cool, relatively speaking, shadow, Flower set down to wait for prey, idly giving her sheath few licks.

It wasn't long 'till she heard a noise from down the hill behind her. She hadn't expected her food from that direction, but it didn't matter. The shuffle of something moving in the grass meant dinner. She slowly rose and turned towards the sound. Then she heard the crack. Something had stepped on branch or thick piece of bark. Something larger than mouse or rat. Something larger than rabbit or skunk, even. The wind was blowing from the fields, a barely nonexistent breeze that didn't relieve her from the heat, not that she cared about the heat now. What mattered was that the wind was from the wrong direction. Staying as low as possible, she crept at the forward, to see what she hear but not smell.

A dog. Large, light brown, of the breed she had heard someone call a coonhound. His large ears flapped with each step, his nose at constant motion. She knew that dog. He belonged to the human who tended the fields on the other side of the hill. Usually he didn't come this far, and was happy to mearly kill rats and chase away deer and birds which would eat the crop, but she knew he tried to catch and kill everything he could, indeed, she had few times resorted to eating what he had killed but not eaten. He was slowly creeping towards her, nose to the ground, following her trace, little more than twenty meters away. She slowly retreated away. As soon as she could get some brush or tall grass between them, she would run for her life, giving the dog no sight of her, not even of a white tipped tail.

But she must have made some noise, perhaps an unintentional whimper, for the dog suddenly perked it's ears, looked straight at her, and with the briefest of pause, charged at her. She turned and ran, down the other side of the hill, around it's base, and deeper into the woods. But the dog didn't stop. Slobber flying, he kept after her, and, she realised, was gaining. She was too weak for this. Hunger and heat were slowing her down. She would have to hide, for she couldn't outrun him. Should she climb a tree? No, she decided, she was too tired to climb, and wasn't too good at it in the first place, and he was right behind her. Too close to afford her the time to try. It would have to be underground then, that was her best option. There was an old abandoned sett over there somewhere, Flower remembered, slightly altering her direction. The dog might follow her to the badgers burrow, but she knew she could crawl through tunnels faster than it, and could kick back dirt to further slow him down. She would gain lead, and she would flee. And there was the entrance! She knew she had seen it here. Gasping behind her, "Loser!", she charged through the setts entrance.

And knew she was doomed. The old abandoned den had caved in. She was trapped in less than two meters of tunnel, barely able to turn around. Behind her, the dog waited outside the entrance, looking in and seeing her predicament.

"Well, well" he said. "It seems that it is you who lose, fox." His smile was horrifying. For the first time she could see him from close, and the scars on his face told her that her claws wouldn't stop him from killing her. Other animals had clearly tried and failed before her. Besides, he was bigger than her, albeit not by much, and more heavily built. But what else could she do? If she turned and started digging, he would charge at her unprotected back, so that wasn't an option. "Stall then", some desperate part of Flowers brain told her. But how?

...Flower started a conversation.

"Before you kill me, could you at least tell me your name?" she asked.

"Hah! Know then, that it is Buck Baxter who shall end your pitifull life, fox!" growled back Buck, starting to crawl in.

"Don't you want to know my name?" she asked in desperation.

Buck stopped. "What would I need your name for?" he asked, clearly puzzled. Obviously, he hadn't ever asked for the name of any of the animals he had killed. Probably hadn't even thought they had names, seeing as how surprised he was. But it would only slow him a little.

"I am know as Flower" she said, before he could recover, "Pleased to meet you."

That clearly caught him off guard. "Um, likewise..." he mumbled, before mentaly shaking himself, a shake that turned literal and seemed to endanger the ability of his oversized ears to hold on to his head.

"I think you are the most handsome dog I have ever met" tried Flower. She had already ran out of all the ideas she had for conversation, and what came to her was purely instinctive. But she said it with smile on her lips, trying not to panic at the same time.

And it seemed to be a good thing to say. Relatively speaking. His puzzlement turned into a lewd smile. "You really think so, vixen?" There was some emphasis on the last word, making his interest clear. Funny things, men, always ready for a change of plans, if it was a change in the right direction.

"Absolutely" said her mouth while her mind screamed. Of joy. Perhaps there was a deal to be struct here. She hadn't looked forward to having sex anytime soon, but the idea, while unpleasant considering her "companion", wasn't intolerable. "You know, perhaps there are grounds for mutual benefit here" Flower found herself saying, business like.

Now the smile was definately lewd. "I haven't had a bitch in a long time" growled Baxter. But his growl wasn't angry anymore, just a low rumble that Flower might have found pleasing in other circumstances. "You are suggesting that if you let me have my way with you, you and I will later go our separate ways?" was it natural for Buck, or had he picked up her business like way of talking?

"Such would be okay with me" or perhaps she had picked up on his style, Flower thought as her mouth kept living a life of it's own. She really couldn't remember what they had said just a few words earlier, she was too busy keeping all the parts of her mind from flying in different directions. Mainly, how would he react if, no, when he noticed her two fold nature? Would he refuse to mate with anything that had the same equipment as he did, or would he not care, and consentrate on the parts he cared for? She had friends who didn't mind her being a herm, even liked it so, but there were atleast as many who thought of her as a weirdo or even a monster for being what she was.

"Come out then, so we can get on with it before it gets dark" Buck hurried her. The sun might fall soon, yes, but it wouldn't get truly dark untill a while after that. Another option lost to her, even if Buck wanted to get back before dark. Or it might be he was eager regardless, and had just said what excuse to stop talking first came to his mind.

She warily left the tunnel, but like she thought and hoped, Baxter didn't attack her. Taking a quick look around, something she hadn't had time to do moments ago, Flower found herself in a small glade, surrounded mostly by old elms. She might have tried running now, but it would have been useless. He was too close, too ready for any trick from her for her to have any chance at running. "Well?" she asked.

"Turn around" growled Buck, his cock already emerging from his sheath. He really was somewhat handsome, though still no match for her usual choices.

But no idle or panic driven thoughts could really delay it any further. She slowly turned around, her tail swaying out of the way, giving him a good view of her.

For a moment, nothing happened. Flower carefully turned her head to look at Buck, to find him slightly closer, looking at her carefully and working his nose to take in her scent.

"Never seen one like you before" he said, voice neutral. "But I'm not planning to have puppies with you" he declared, jumping on her back and thrusting himself at her. He quickly found her vulva, making her wonder whether she wasn't the first vixen he had mated with. But then the feelings hit her. He was larger than others she had mated with, and was stretching her further with every thrust as he kept working himself deeper into her. And she loved it. Long time ago, during her first mating, there had been a measure of pain. But now there wasn't any. The stretching made her feel as though there might be some any moment, but that only served to make the experience more intense for her. She could feel her own penis belatedly emerge from her sheath, only now aware that other part of her was already in full action. Buck was obviously enjoying it too, from the sound of it. His soft growls had turned into a mixture of growling, barks and yips, and would have sounded ridiculous in any other circumstances.

And then his penis started to really swell. He went rigid as blood flowed into his member, while Flower could only moan softly as she was knotted, her own cock swelling in empathy. For a few minutes, both of them just stood still, unable to do anything but moan as they orgasmed, but then he threw his left hind leg over her and got off her. He was still tied to her, off course, his knot keeping the sperm firmly inside, but that didn't matter to her. There would be no cubs from this mating, not that there had been any from the previous ones, either. Perhaps Flowers herm nature made her less fertile than an average fox, but she didn't care. She was certain that she could have cubs if she really wanted. What mattered now was that soon she would be free.

She looked back at him, and her relief was suddenly forgotten. The look on Bucks face was unmistakeable. Sating one sort of hunger had triggered another. "B-Buck?" she stammered.

"I never swore to it" was all he said, licking his chops.
He didn't, did he? How could she have forgotten it? Verbal agreements were never as binding as many other kind were, but unsworn, they were almost worthless. Oh, you could expect someone honorable to keep his word, no matter the form those words took, but Buck Baxter wasn't that honorable, was he? She should have remembered. Unsworn, he faced no supernatural retribution from any source. Karma, perhaps, but none other. She should have remembered.

They were still tied. If Flower chose to run, she could hurt him, and hurt him where it counted. But he was obviously ready for that. The only reason he hadn't jumped her was that the fight might hurt him. If she made anything, he would just have to start the fight regardless. Why did it have to end like so? Flower had been looking for a meal, not looking to become one! Why was it her, or pieces of her atleast, that had to end up inside, him? Why couldn't it be he who ended up inside her? It wasn't like she had meant any harm for him, or for his master. Eating a few pests might not be much, but it would only help Bucks human. Why couldn't she have ended up happy, with a full stomach?

Funny things, both Karma and wishes.

It happened without warning. He felt a small tug, she felt... a contraction? As good a word for it as any. Buck reacted instantly. "What was that, fox?"

"I just shivered" her mouth said as her brain was yelling "Stall!"

A larger tug/contraction. Apparently it felt good on Bucks still locked penis, for he didn't object. The next contraction made her feel a stretching inside her. Buck actually seemed to growl out of pleasure. "I don't know what you are doing, fox, but you bought yourself few more moments to live" he murmured, eyes closed.

The pleasure must have been intense indeed for him to have failed to notice what was going on. Of course, he couldn't have actually seen it, what with his own rear end still in the way, but still... Flowers vulva was now starting to stretch over his entire rear end, threatening to pull inside rather more than it usually accommodated.

Flower couldn't see the action either, but she could feel every last bit of it. And she loved it. No wonder Bucks cock hadn't hurt her, if this didn't either! There was the same sensation of almost turning into pain, but again, it only stimulated her. She could feel his testicles pulled in, followed by the base of his tail, the rest of it bent over his back. Still Buck seemed to have no realisation of what was going on, which seemed miraculous, with his rear legs now starting to be pulled in. He only kept making that funny mix of sounds again, approaching another ejaculation, even though his knot hadn't yet ungorged. Not that her had either, for that matter, and by the feeling of it, wouldn't any time soon.

Then, with him suddenly growing rigid again, Flower felt his orgasm inside her. She too felt she must be close to coming herself, but still she kept contracting, pulling Buck further inside her. Already his hind paws were leaving the ground, and perhaps it was this that finally brought him out of his bliss. "Hey, what's going on?" he exclaimed, trying to move his rear legs. But despite his efforts, they were held fast by her nether parts, and kept being pulled in at a steady pace.

Buck couldn't bend sufficiently to have a good look at what was going on, but his rear half trapped, he understood enough to panic. But his front paws could find no sufficient purchase on the moss and dirt of the forest floor, and his rear feet just distended her comically. Already Flowers torso was swelling ridiculously, she saw, and looking behind, the sight of a dog's front half sticking out of her vagina was strangely... exciting. And funny, ridiculously so. But she couldn't laugh, not at the grip of the wave of pleasure sweeping over her. Not when all that could come out of her mouth were low moans, drowned as they may have been by Bucks barking and howling as he kept futilely struggling against her flesh.

Only his head and paws were now still outside her rear, and finally her pleasure reached it's climax. She spurted generously on the forest floor, and Buck whimpered as he was constricted by her flesh.

Panting from her orgasm, she took a deep breath and asked, "You still think I'm losing?"

"Please, let me go, please!" was the best Buck could do in the way of a reply. It was uncertain if he understood what was really happening, not that she did either, aside from the obvious. But regardless, she felt good about it. And quite uncaring of his pleas. With a final clench, Buck Baxter dissapeared entirely from view, never to be seen again.

"This is going to take so getting used to" pondered Flower aloud as she looked at her bulging flank. Bucks struggling could still be seen through the thinly spread fur, but he would have to settle down soon. Or so she hoped. Waddling slowly deeper into the forest, towards her den, she wondered about how she could fit herself inside. Funnily enough, she didn't feel any need for hunting anymore

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Posted by HS 8 years ago Report

This is still as great as ever. Thanks again for taking the request!


Posted by MagnificentArsehole 8 years ago Report

Oh wow, hello again, and you are welcome.


Posted by CGR-7 8 years ago Report

Haha... Disney ain't got nothing on this. XD

Not bad, M.A.. =)


Posted by MagnificentArsehole 8 years ago Report

Ha :D


Posted by balanced-guy 8 years ago Report

Great art, excellent accompanying story too.


Posted by MagnificentArsehole 8 years ago Report

You can thank the awesome guy who made it, I just drew the picture...


Posted by Littledude 8 years ago Report

Glad to see more of this pred, I've liked her since the 4-part series you did.


Posted by MagnificentArsehole 8 years ago Report

Thanks, I have more work of her, but it's not vore related.