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Release By nephilim -- Report

And she had been powerless to resist him then -- the masterful movement of his tongue (as he had lapped wetly against her ear), his lips (as he had ran them over the tip of her bashful smile, seeking to steal a kiss) and his throat (whispering naughty, naughty things with softly-smoked syllables) -- powerless to resist the trinity of his devilish charm --

Just as she was now.

For those lips, that tongue, that throat was closing around her in a wet, red confusing mash of pulsing tissue and flesh, slurping, sucking, swallowing.

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Posted by Marira17 7 years ago Report

This was excellent! I know I have probably said this before, but I absolutely love your writing style!

Also, I didn't expect him to let her go in the end! I really like how she can't get what happened out of her head ^^


Posted by nephilim 7 years ago Report

Thank you so much (:

I never expected him to let her go in the end either, but he was always supposed to. Even in the original one.

Because the ending segment is from Eva's POV (Deliberately so) we really don't know what's going through his head when he races from the scene.

But at the very close, I imagine that he is so overwhelmed and exhausted from the ordeal -- AND -- embarrassed that he just wanted to run out of there as quickly as possible.

He's like a wild animal that needs to retreat to lick its wound; and an egotistical lover that can't admit -- even to himself -- that what he did was horrendously wrong. (Because he knows it is).

It's an incredible act of cowardice.


Posted by Chameleonette 7 years ago Report

Wow, I loved the comparisons of the intimacies she remembered between them normally compared to what it was like being trapped in his throat! Very well woven together.

You're ridiculously talented at making vore sound so incredibly erotic and terrifying at the exact same time. Danny is so devilishly cruel and yet so undeniably sensual--and that is showcased so very well through your writing here. I like how you continue to switch the POV throughout, giving us a look into both of their heads (and more, hurr hurr) and just how jarringly those changes can affect what the reader thinks and feels.

That ending is something else. I wasn't expecting things to go wrong for Danny. And I find myself wondering if it was really Eva that prevented it from happening, or (also?) some part of Danny, himself--whatever part may not have already been lost to his voracious lust, anyway.


Posted by nephilim 7 years ago Report

The point of this scene (aside from having him swallow her) was to begin weaving their POVs together, which is a direct correlation to how deeply she's traveling inside his body; that this is a quality of intimacy that is so intense it's destructive. And this is an act of savagery so cruel that she can't understand that it's an act of assimilation (as Aisha points out much further along in this saga)

When she feels the processes of his body, it's eerily familiar -- even analogous -- to hand-holding, kissing; the quality of the sensations elicit those memories, thus bringing attention to how sensual vore can be.

But it's also terrifying. Of that there's no doubt.

Ah yes, the ending. He was always meant to fail -- because Eva is - and was - the only woman that could ever draw out such emotions from him. She affects him so deeply because of the depth of the feelings he has for her. So she would be the one woman capable of making him fail.

Also, this embarrassing and catastrophic failure sets the stage for the next part of a rapidly collapsing relationship: dishonesty.

She can't remember. And he can't forget (;

And this failure will only serve to enhance his eventual triumph. Because he does succeed in the end. But... at what cost.


Posted by Darius1972 7 years ago Report

My dear friend Nephilim,
I am again hooked on the drug that is your writing. So intoxicating and dangerous, I'm sure it is somehow shortening my life in some way but Goddammit Nepphie, can you write!

You construct the most beautiful stories, constructed as a fine Italian baroque string concerto in the darkest of the minor key.
Centered on an ever present continuo line, deep, sonorous, dark, and heavy. Thralling on beneath the details of the story to create a sense of dread and anxiety that runs tingles up the reader's spine.

Above this continuo line are the characters, so intricate and masterfully created down to the finest detail of emotion and personality. Nothing of reality escapes you when detailing your characters within a scene. You are a master of capturing the human experience and rendering it in words.

And finally above all this is the highly ornamented finery found in your exhaustive vocabulary. Your choice of words, and how you brilliantly combine them into such masterfully constructed sentences, your punctuation and frequent use of short staccato phrasing is genius and beautiful.

I find it an utter pleasure to read through your works and missed them for so long in my absence.

Keep doing what you are doing, I'll always come back to enjoy your beautifully dark writings.


Posted by nephilim 7 years ago Report

I am... speechless. My god, thank you. What a beautiful metaphor you have constructed; and so very humbling, too. Thank you, my friend. Thank you. I will need to plagiarize this metaphor in the near future (;


Posted by Darius1972 7 years ago Report

I was listening to Pietro Locatelli L'arte dell violino op.3 no. 12 Il Labirinto Armonico. Perhaps one of the most diabolically complex pieces of music ever composed. Through all the seemingly impossible phrasing of insanely fast quadruple stopping through the whole range of the poor tortured violin being ravaged by the composer's fingers.....I saw your writing as a direct parallel and was moved to write. To tell you my truest feelings of your amazing skill of horror writing.


Posted by DivineDarkEvil 6 years ago Report

It's been a long time hasn't it? Yes, it certainly has been far too long since I was last able to completely immerse myself into your writings....if anything were ever a drug to me your writings are one of the absolute strongest. There are so many forms of vore and one's own impressions of it out there but this....this is one of the exceedingly few I have discovered thus far capable of matching toe for toe what I view vore as completely.

-chuckles- Have I ever mentioned when reading your works prior I usually find myself literally drooling as the sheer elegance of your descriptions when put into play with my vivid imagination trigger a rather strange sensation. One strong enough that I can easily put myself in either Danny's or Eva's places and feel that rush....

I swear if Danny were to ever meet my creation, Dark...I think the world might explode. O-o; The first time I ever read your stories all I could think of was how the two of them were so alike and yet so different. It's amazing really. I never thought I'd ever come across another character of such a caliber....

This story is absolutely spectacular and I am eagerly looking forward to the next installment!


Posted by nephilim 6 years ago Report

Why thank you (: I had given you up for lost! So glad to see you!

I have to be in a particular mind space when writing "Intimacy." What temporal or spatial form this 'space' takes on, is a mystery to me because the depths to which I go to pen the scenes between Danny and Eva is incredibly draining. I often literally and figuratively walk away from these chapters exhausted.

The idea that you can slip behind either Danny's or Eva's eyes is intentional; this is a merger, an assimilation between two souls that can be viewed from either end of the spectrum and still not be sure just where one begins and the other ends.

Thank you so much for your kind words (:


Posted by DivineDarkEvil 6 years ago Report

You're welcome!^^ I do apologize for having been gone for such a lengthy period of time. For awhile there I was without a computer until I saved up enough money for a new one. Once I secured my new laptop however real life stepped in and I just didn't have the time. But now that matters have settled down I'm finally able to start getting back into the swing of things! I'm so glad to be back! I really missed your writings.

I can certainly imagine as to why/how these chapters leave you so exhausted after writing them! It's definitely not easy! And I certainly hear you on needing to be in a particular state of mind in order to turn out chapters such as this...anything else and it will/would turn out different than what you had originally imagined. Been on that end of the stick more times than I would like. XP

Oh I know you designed the slip between the two characters to be intentional and it was absolutely astounding! However what I was getting at was....when it comes to stories that I am able to literally loose myself in...when I loose myself deep enough and my mind enters a different plane you might as well say I endure a reaction that is honestly involuntary but I'm not complaining. I can literally feel every muscle in my own body as I never felt before and as I read I will experience phantom sensations of what the characters are going through physically because mentally I'm so wrapped up in causes a direct effect on my body. Strange but honest. On rare occasions I can become so deeply engraved the sensations I experience are not just phantom but strike me much closer to full force, as if I was going through this myself!

I suppose there is something to be said about having an extremely vivid field of perception no? So far your stories are one of three things I've found thus far in my life capable of pushing me to such an extreme...and I absolutely lavish it!^^