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Sweet Satisfaction (CV) By EveAra -- Report

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The naga approached wordlessly, his enormous prick bobbing ever so slightly before Malduran's wide eyes. The little manadragon gulped, dumbfounded at the very thought of that massive appendage entering him.

Holding his squirming target with naught but the sheer force of his unwavering gaze, the serpent dipped a few exploratory fingers into his milky slit, testing the readiness of his cock's unique anatomy. Oh yes, it was definitely time!

The naga reared up and seized Malduran in his powerful arms, bringing him close to the throbbing pillar of flesh, pressing him to the pulsing warmth possessively. The manadragon's own arousal peeked forth as the rubbing teased his sensitive underbelly, his skin tingling with uncanny delight wherever he was touched by the strange creature's phallus, causing him to whimper and flutter his wings ever so slightly. Malduran nuzzled at the pink tip when it lined up with his muzzle, drinking in its unique aroma, unable to do much else within the naga's grip.

Sufficiently pleased by the sweet submission of his fluffy new toy, the serpent hoisted his prize high. Malduran braced himself for a sudden impact of reptilian manhood, his eyes squinched shut- but no such thing happened. He found himself looking down at the naga, and was suddenly aware of a tickling sensation at his toes as his claws were grabbed by something muscular and slimy.

The naga let out a smug hiss as he watched Malduran trying to grasp this unexpected turn of events, and licked at the manadragon's conveniently positioned shaft with teasing flicks of his tongue. He was already in to his calves, and was forced to admit it felt pretty amazing. His pale face fell into a deep blush as his eyes met the naga's once more. Obediently, Malduran folded his wings and surrendered his tail, sliding it neatly into the oozing hole that his legs were already being devoured by.

Precum surged up towards his crotch, squelching and squirting as it was displaced by his descending mass. The naga continued to guide Malduran ever inward. How far would he go? The manadragon shivered as the tight ring of the naga's urethra advanced upon him. Well, at this rate, it wouldn't take long to find out. He was to his waist and his feet had yet to meet any resistance!

Malduran uncontrollably began to buck and sway as his boner was greedily slurped up in reverse by its much larger counterpart. The naga held him steady, maintaining a cool serenity as the manadragon was helplessly overcome by climax, admiring the fullness of his stuffed cock as its prey thrashed within it, tracing the lightly discernable shapes of the knees and buttocks pressing from inside.

By the time Malduran's senses had returned to him, he felt as if he were a mere extension of the nagas manhood. His left arm hung free, but the rest of him was lodged firmly. And still, he sank! Gently, the naga lifted his free arm, and with a sudden slorp, his chest was claimed too, splashing his muzzle with creamy, sweet-smelling precum.

Letting slip the barest hint of impatience, the naga pushed down carefully on the manadragon, who realized that his lower legs had definitely reached an open area- and an instant later, his soles came in contact with a squishy wall inside of the serpent. He had little time to ponder this however, his wide eyes caught one last time by the gaze of the naga before the enormous cocktip began to roll over his head. He took one last gasp and before he could do anything else, he was submerged, now entirely at the mercy of his captor's body.

Though his sight was useless and his hearing dominated by the incessant noises of the serpent's insides, there was more than enough tactile sensation to prove overwhelming. There was a period of unrelenting tightness... then Malduran was spilled completely into the open space his feet had found before. He was suddenly covered in a sticky substance that was somewhat reminiscent of male ejaculate, but it was sweeter, lighter, more cloying. It permeated through the thick fluff covering his body as it weren't there, clinging to his skin most thoroughly, adding weight to his wings and other limbs, until he was quite content to relax just let the strange sac that held him have its way with him.

Malduran felt himself being slowly rolled and manipulated, the walls pressed against him, methodically massaging the goop into every crevice of his body. He knew then, with biting clarity, that he would not leave this chamber the same way he entered. Already he was changing, his feathers fusing together before losing shape completely, sticking to his back in thick gooey globs. All over his body, his fuzziness seemed to be melting into goop.

His arousal raged, goaded by the sultry environment that embraced it, jutting up through the quickly accumulating pools of liquid. Malduran inched his arm forward, barely able to wrap his hand around himself. Stroking feebly, he somehow managed to milk forth one last strange bubbly orgasm, before the transformation sank into his flesh. His hand and crotch rendered into a formless blob to join the rest of him, as he was folded and poured into a completely liquid mass...

The naga patted his luxuriantly swollen midsection, causing the manadragon infused mixture within him to ripple and slosh. It was a mixed blessing, to be equipped as he was- an empty sac wracked you with a depraved hunger like no other. Yet to fill it, to feed a live meal into yourself and feel them sink into your very core, provided a carnal fulfillment like no other. Soon there would be no trace of his meal, and he would be well equipped to treat his next partner to the messy bounty of today's conquest.


Whew, that's a long description! Got a bit carried away.
Commission for flammiekid. I thank you for your patience! :)

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Posted by Skeksi 8 years ago Report

Lovely in every way. ^^


Posted by Dualgunner 8 years ago Report

I always love when there is a story to go along with the pic, and both are done so well! Bravo! :3


Posted by Readasaur 8 years ago Report

Oh, I can't get enough of your descriptions! XD
I swear, they'd be worth the price of the commission all on their own. X3