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Pred Week : Turnabout By Leshana

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Hiro thought he could get away with teasing Leshana, calling her food, intimating she was at the bottom of the food chain! Strobe made the same mistake. Sable? I am sure she was thinking it too, so she probably deserves to die screaming in Leshana's gut just as much.

Doubters beware, you too could end up like the horse and cat! Or, let your talk get to big, (Or have a beak!) And you could find a fate even worse than being digested alive. Ask Hiro if he likes where his beak is.

Hiro by  hiroalato
Strobe by  sirscotty
Sable Cat by  BlazingBlade

Excellent picture by  blondevelvet

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Posted by ublover1 5 years ago

id say shes lucky getting sat on lol


Posted by wiseguy288 5 years ago

Lucky girl.


Posted by Achilles 5 years ago

Hmm. Leshana is still delicious food. Now she was only lucky. :p


Posted by Edward_T_Hyena 5 years ago

Leshana is food and is at the bottom of the food chain!


Posted by Achilles 5 years ago



Posted by BlazingBlade 5 years ago

Apex Leshana is kinda sexy :O
But of course I get to experience the stomach instead >~<


Posted by maleperduis 5 years ago

What's the point of being predatory if you're not a bit -vile- about it too?


Posted by luvboobies 5 years ago

Great to see you back on top of the food chain leshana ^^


Posted by Humbug 5 years ago

See, this is what I've been telling people!


Posted by HiroAlato 5 years ago

You know Leshana this is kind of rude can you get off me... I can smell Strobe and Sable from down here


Posted by Kinne 5 years ago

I can take your place :D


Posted by Leshana 5 years ago

Only SMELL them? I don't think that encompasses enough of your senses.


Posted by HiroAlato 5 years ago

Well I also hear there cries of pain and anguish as they are slowly melting away... but I think the smell might be worse


Posted by Gignova 5 years ago

Noted, don't take Leshana for being as helpless as she is cute. Will have to remember to bring ropes along to fix that. >:3


Posted by Begone111111 5 years ago

I love the mentioning of the butt being the exit for her prey.


Posted by jun1337 5 years ago

Judging by the level of the stomach acids, it looks more like Sable is going to die drowning instead :)


Posted by Nekiame 5 years ago

So, Leshana is also a pred... does she minds munching on wolves?


Posted by desertscorched 5 years ago

YIKES! Scary 'Shana! O.o


Posted by Gloom 4 years ago

Wow, this is kinky! Can't believe I've missed out on this!


Posted by snowyfurrkat 4 years ago

I'd feel sorry for Hiro, but I'm sure he totally deserves it.


Posted by Leshana 4 years ago

Hiro totally deserves it. Twice.


Posted by Xenenderson11 2 years ago

Heh, hope he's still under there when his friends are "exiting" as she puts it.
I'm sorry, that was gross of me : (


Posted by Nyseron 2 years ago

Oh god.
She's not gonna shit in her mouth is she?!
Cause that's what this looks like.