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The HDTF By marloweny

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A graduate student working on a new device for improving food storage and shipment discovers some side effects that might be worth further exploration.

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Posted by ShadesofBlack 3 years ago

This sort of... compression, is exactly my favorite kind of vore. This story is just... wow. I kinda wish she'd stuffed her roomate in, but that she had the sense not to added a touch of realism to it. And her showing some restraint may make her boyfriend and flatmate more open to experimentation in the future. Aaaaaaand my imagination just went nuts. Well done.


Posted by marloweny 3 years ago

Yeah. This sort of vore is a favorite of mine too. I guess that's obvious. And with a fresh new thesis started on HDTF and human sexuality, presumably Julia will have quite a bit more experimentation in her future.


Posted by BigB_Anderson 3 years ago

Wow, you're a really talented writer! Just like your other series, this is absolutely great! I hope you continue writing for the website!


Posted by marloweny 3 years ago

Thanks. I'm glad you like it. I'll write until I run out of ideas, or until I get this out of my system. Whichever comes first.


Posted by Vitric 3 years ago

This is incredible. The story, the dialogue of the characters, the ideas.. the way it's written in general. I'm definitely watching you.

BTW +1 for full tour. We can't have enough of it.


Posted by Vitric 3 years ago

Also let it be known that I would go in to perpetual debt for a machine like this. Worth it.


Posted by marloweny 3 years ago



Posted by Amberain 3 years ago

I didn't like this one quite as well as your other two (so far) in the fantasy realm, but I think that mostly has to do with my interests. The setting has a lot of potential and this story is a good introduction to that. I'll still be keeping an eye out for anything more you write for this setting.


Posted by thunder533 3 years ago

Do u plan on continuing to make more HDTF experments?


Posted by marloweny 3 years ago

Most likely. And if not, there's always the subject what sort of other adventures might have happened in the rest of that dorm during those three hours.


Posted by ShadesofBlack 2 years ago

Oh my! That idea has huge amounts of potential in the naughty parts of my mind. I just wanted to comment again and say that I've loved all the writing you've posted so far. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Posted by marloweny 2 years ago

You're welcome. Thanks for letting me know you're enjoying it. That's basically the only reason I'd share it. (Otherwise it would just live in my head.)


Posted by Randomnessisbae 6 months ago

I thought your "Size isn't a big deal" series was good. I think I'm going to enjoy this...a LOT.


Posted by marloweny 6 months ago

I hope you do!


Posted by jaykayeight 4 months ago

Wow! thats a juicy and squishy story! Yeah! Science!


Posted by marloweny 4 months ago