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Inside and Out: Size Isn't a Big Deal 3 By marloweny

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Meeta the fairy and Wendy the Vixen awake to find themselves still facing a peculiar predicament. The time has come to work together and find a way home.

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Posted by Amberain 4 years ago

Still really liking this series. I didn't expect the suit, but I'm sure something awesome will come of that in the long run, since if Meeta is right it should still be quite magic resistant.

Also, I just realized that prefering this story series over your scientific one goes against my normal interests in a way. In general, I don't tend to like micro and macro stuff as well as same size.


Posted by marloweny 4 years ago

Well spotted with the suit's lingering abilities. Clearly I'll need to be sneakier with my foreshadowing.

It's hard to be objective with my own stories, but I suspect as a reader I'd prefer the fantasy setting too. I've been putting a lot more storytelling into it than I did with HDTF. Though there's no reason same size won't show up in future fantasy installments...


Posted by gersen 4 years ago

This is a wonderful story. So interesting to read the sequel. I want to know what further befall these characters. Your work and pevzoshli justified all expectations.


Posted by marloweny 4 years ago

I'm happy you like it.


Posted by gersen 4 years ago

Огромное спасибо. Надеюсь на продолжение.


Posted by bighead 4 years ago

Got to admit, I was kinda hoping Meeta would get trapped in the back for a little while, maybe becoming trapped once the suit had become completely skintight, but I'm really looking forwards to seeing what you do with them now :p.


Posted by Bookie 1 year ago

The rubber suit idea is fantastic.


Posted by marloweny 1 year ago

I'm a real fan of rubber suits. Had to work one in!