Graphic Novel

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A story of vore, horror, erotica


He is the villain...

The monster in the expertly-tailored man-suit.

Brilliant and sadistic, the world is his playground. And in his sandbox he can commit any atrocity, for he has the most clever, vile trick available to him to hide his victims: he eats them.

Powerless to stop him, and only observe, we will watch the horrors that unfold in this drama through a stylish narrative with gorgeous illustrations.

These tales will go where others dare not tread as we explore the dark underbelly of the human experience; and flirt dangerously with the graphic and unapologetic side of human desire.

Together, in a world analogous to our own, we will witness how misappropriation of power warps the hearts and minds of men, and embraces deep, personal drama.

After all, it's a wicked fate to be eaten alive.

This is the adaptation of Revelations into a story-book graphic novel.

This folder will only contain teasers, previews, and design concepts, as it is fully intended to become a commercialized product.

I have partnered with a professional artist and we will be sharing some of the designs straight off the drawing board in order to, ahem, whet your appetite.

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