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[Scat] 2 Princesses, 1 Queen: Follow-Up By Shrabby -- Report

Uploaded: 6 years ago

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A commission showing some aftermath of the "Two Princesses, One Queen" comic.

First time trying scat, so hopefully it's alright!

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Posted by Trexthepony 6 years ago Report

This great shrabby! Love to see you try somthing new


Posted by razorbacknod 6 years ago Report

This is fantastic~! Amazing series and this is really the chocolate icing on the cake. ^^


Posted by CGR-7 6 years ago Report

Ha! I see what ya did there, Razor. XD


Posted by Eragoneater 6 years ago Report

Those horns must've hurt coming out


Posted by Trexthepony 6 years ago Report

Nice one razor XD


Posted by Jackal3 6 years ago Report

My first reaction to the scat pic: YAY A SCAT PICK
my second reaction to the scat pic: YEOUCH! dem horns!
still glad for a scat pic though! why wasn't it added?


Posted by RavenXeo 6 years ago Report

This is pretty awesome<3


Posted by justanothermeal 6 years ago Report

so does this mean you are willing to do scat now?


Posted by Shrabby 6 years ago Report

I am warming up to it, yes! Need to ease into these things!


Posted by CGR-7 6 years ago Report

Feel better now, Chrysalis? There's most of that weight you were trying to work off. XD

Awesome, Shrabby. Nice epi-epilogue. =)


Posted by Kaheiyattsu 6 years ago Report

very nice please do more <3


Posted by MrMetric 6 years ago Report



Posted by karps 6 years ago Report

Okay, yes.

Very. Much. Yes.


Posted by Shyguy9 6 years ago Report

Holy shit.


Posted by StormGemios1343 6 years ago Report

I see what you did there


Posted by ublover1 6 years ago Report

lucky princesses


Posted by Luna20 6 years ago Report

Awww, thats sad, this turned me off now, i hope there'll be less of this, i like it better implied


Posted by Taggyy95 6 years ago Report

amazing to see how the two royal sisters come back out like this. i rly rly rly love it<3 it would be awesome to see some more scat from you ^3^


Posted by Gelus 6 years ago Report

I'd personally say it's beyond alright, I'd've never guessed this was your first go at it, you did fantastic. I love that the ball gags made it through XD That's hilarious, and hot.


Posted by cockluvr 6 years ago Report

For a first time trying, this is wonderful! ^u^


Posted by MirceaKitsune 6 years ago Report

Hehe, looks good ^^


Posted by Ponybro12 6 years ago Report

Can you do farts too?


Posted by Deviousbat93 6 years ago Report

I want to see luna exact revenge on both Chrysalis and her sister, for obvious reasons that may or may not include best princess reasons.


Posted by Leshana 6 years ago Report

Excellent, I already knew this is how the comic should end, but even better to see it happen. Well done too.


Posted by Indighost 6 years ago Report

It's allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllright ♥


Posted by DigitalRed 6 years ago Report

Awesome work as always!


Posted by silverspec 6 years ago Report

Amazing work. This comic is truly top tier. I'm so happy to have received it in the pack. And uh, ouch.


Posted by Nightspy 6 years ago Report

it's not just alright, it's perfect! great stuff.


Posted by dennis9966 5 years ago Report

i love it alot