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What's that you say? Overfeed Your Friends And Nurse Their Swollen Bellies-Day was a week ago?
Well gee, guess I was too busy drawing this for you guys to notice! <3<3<3

Kenta (C)  Kentakoukuji
Salia (C):(I actually don't know their account name)
Alex (C)  Aesir
Victoria (C)  Sibon13
Amari (C)  Ralmar
Moga & Lunabulge (C)  voraciousmoga
Zaniah (C)  Zalzas
Rose (C)  voraciousrose
Gypsy (C)  Blanham17
Aria (C)  ThewickedKing
Ser Murdoch (C) :icon:
Nan (C)  Nancrow
Shadowleaf (C)  svartvinge
Reina (C)  thesonier103
GhostJen (C)  Mild_concussion
Zelithra (C) Sycniele
Jin (C)  croydcrenson
Liesl (C)  PepticPineapple
Greenery's bones (C)  Green_Glutton


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Posted by Green_Glutton 5 years ago Report

greenery came out great in this picture! You made her look so delicious! But she looks rather thin. Oh well! but nah really for real great job on the picture! this feast looks great :D


Posted by Aesir 5 years ago Report

haha! Turned out nice :D


Posted by Zalzas 5 years ago Report

It was a feast like none of them had seen before. The table was teaming with Naga Pot pies, Roasted(Well slightly steamed) harpy slathered in slime girl sauce, Fillet of mermaid, tea made from only the finest Fairies; every kind and sort of meal was there, every sort of girl was represented with her own special dish. Ryla’ having slaved in a hot kitchen for days, invited all her friends to sit and eat with her, and eat they did. By days end, not a single girl wasn’t stuffed with the countless squirming bodies of the delicious feast. Their bellies were big and round, gurgling in chorus as all of Ryla’s friends laid back in blissful fullness. It had been a feast for the ages. As day became night, and they all settled in for a long restful sleep as their bodies processed their still squirming meals, they were each interrupted by their host. By nights end, not a single one of them had made it though the nights with tummies un-molested, and not a single one had any regrets about that what so ever.


Posted by Svartvinge 5 years ago Report

heh, thats really neat XD you don't really need to see leafy's face to know she's there XD


Posted by KentaKoukuji 5 years ago Report

Lookit all these bellies. - w- Especially that handsome devil in the upper-left corner. Very well done!


Posted by SuperSpaceZone 5 years ago Report

Amazing. Truly the finest holiday.


Posted by CGR-7 5 years ago Report

I strongly doubt you'll be getting your deposit back from that banquet hall. XD


Posted by RavenXeo 5 years ago Report

This is a clusterfuck of sexy and i love it.


Posted by DoubleOSnake 5 years ago Report

Fantastic job! :D


Posted by Bright 5 years ago Report

SO many bellies, really neat.


Posted by Ralmar 5 years ago Report

Honestly, I'm amazed Amari doesn't look like this more often. Then again, Ryla does use her to make a belly on herself more often than not, so that may explain it...


Posted by Nightspy 5 years ago Report

Wow, really nice!


Posted by Tsavo 5 years ago Report

Wow, this must have taken a while.

I like how Rlya is front and center with that wicked grin.


Posted by SiHiUiLiSiEi 5 years ago Report

Damn, Greenery must be filling @[email protected];