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Binky's "oops" moment (sketch) By Strega -- Report

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Santa Binky is the latest in a line of Santas, and unlike any of the previous ones, he's a polar bear. When you get on his "Very naughty" list, you don't get coal in your stocking. Instead you find out all sorts of things about a digestive system that you probably didn't want to know.

One of Santa's innate powers, best demonstrated by Binky's predecessors by scarfing down milk and cookies, is that there's no known limit to how much Santa can eat on Christmas Eve. Last year Binky swallowed forty-one "very naughty" men and seven equally unpleasant women. (And he "visited" with nineteen women who really, really wanted to meet him. The ability to do any amount of things in one evening is useful sometimes.)

Yet he never seems to get more than "chubby". He does digest the people he eats, but for all intents and purposes Binky has a "stomach of holding" and it took him until almost May of this year to digest all the people he ate last Christmas.

And then there's his "other" gift bag. Between Florimel here and his other two assistants (and soon probably yet another carnivorous assistant), his wife, and various other predators who work for him, quite a few badniks get a ride back to the North Pole only to end up inside something that isn't a warm comfy gift bag.

As far as the wider world is concerned, a cute (when a bit stylized) polar bear Santa is the greatest thing ever, but when the penalty for being "very naughty" is a trip through someone's digestive system, the record-keepers had best be very conscientious. Binky will have to arrange for someone's relatives to get extra-special presents next year.

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Posted by CommunistSenpai 6 years ago Report

"Mommy i wished for an Ipad, not a box with a mix of bones and excrement, it even has a similar christmas sweater to that one Billy wore last year before he disappeared"


Posted by Leshana 6 years ago Report

I've probably said it before, but I LOVE vore as punishment, so the idea of the penalty for 'very naughty' being digested alive is lovely. And the sub-trope I like best of this is accidentally being punished with vore, so I have to say this is an instant favorite.


Posted by MStuarn 6 years ago Report

"Just send them the usual 'We're sorry that due to a clerical error your beloved one is now nothing but a slimy hairball' gift package and NDA, will you?"


Posted by banzai 6 years ago Report

Aha, so he inherited the bottomless stomach skill from santa too :p I had not thought of that, must be the dream of any vorish bear ;3


Posted by Strega 6 years ago Report

Amusingly enough, XKCD had a comic recently about what happens to all the cookies Santa eats. The result was they decided either Santa poops ever few houses or he waits for a house with a really naughty person lives and poops a LOT.


Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 6 years ago Report

why do i have a feeling this polar bear and the female panther had have some fun before?


Posted by Strega 6 years ago Report

She's one of his three assistants and yep, Binky has had fun with all three of them many times. The first time we saw Florimel Binky was debating whether she should be on the naughty or nice list for sucking his dick. 83


Posted by CorporalClegg 6 years ago Report

I think what I really love about this is just how nonchalant they are about the whole thing: he ate someone who didn't deserve it and is more "Aw, darn!" than anything. Even looks a little like dude's still alive and coughing him up isn't even considered, just compensating the family next year. For some reason that really heightens the situation here, it's very nice.