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Top Pred Meme Popularity Contest By PimpDaddyPichu -- Report

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Not really but, hey. I saw m'buddy Noisekeeper do it and I figured why not, give it a go and list some of the ladies I like to see gorgin' themselves on the flesh of others! Take note, though that this is more of a list than anything else. I can't honestly pick which ones are my absolute fav over just trying to remember all the characters I like seeing in a vorish scenario. Anyway, let's get the ball rolling. This is gonna be a lot of text.


#10 - Midler (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure): Midler is a rarity among rarities. A female character in the JoJo series and an incredibly vorish one at that. Those who've read the manga (or saw the anime) will probably know that Midler never technically appeared, just her sorta glance of her unconscious body after Jotaro ora ora'd her Stand into submission. However, Midler's appearance in Heritage to the Future is what sells it. Midler's dialogue in that game is -incredibly- vorish, most of her encounters and win quotes focusing on her stand, High Priestess, devouring the one before (even one of her Supers is High Priestess swallowing and chewing you up and a win pose is High Priestess snapping up your characters downed body). And when you consider the fact that her stand can swallow more than a couple of people whole (it came close to devouring the entirety of Team Joestar) and Stand Rules, you get the potential for a positively bloated Midler!

#9 - Xi Wangmu (Shin Megami Tensei IV): Probably a more recent favorite and one that was entirely brought on by looking at a video that showed this noble demon in gluttonous action. Xi Wangmu appears in SMT4 as a domain boss, gobbling up a gaggle of unfortunate Ring of Gaea mooks and then proceeding to have some...pretty juicy dialogue about her innards. Though Xi ends up payin for her gluttony with a particularly nasty bout of indigestion, she's still done more than enough to earn a spot as a top pred for me. Lookin' forward to writin' about her soon!

#8 - Venus Lovelace (Skullgirls): Skullgirls has proven to be one of the many games I've grown attached to the characters and lore before actually playing it for myself. Of all the things I've seen and read about, Venus happens to be one of my favored characters among the cast so far. Although she's not really a playable character and is behind the scenes as one of the divine Trinity that is orchestrating a lot of the goings on with the Skull Heart and such, what info was given of Venus more than makes up for her lack of in-game activity. Much like a few of the characters, Venus holds a Parasite in her body, her's being named Abbadon (with a name like that, you know things are off to a good start). A lot of Venus' powers and moves have been shown to be centered around large, eldritch maws and other lovecraftian methods of chomping on your opponent. The fact that it's said in her profile that just being -around- her means you're already inside her makes things both trippy and super interesting from a vorish stand point.

#7 - Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa): Despite the really colorful and interesting casts of the series, Junko was the first to really catch my eye once I saw her. Though she's not entirely vorish in game, her very nature alone makes her being a predatory character a rather high possibility of the story was more focused on eating each other. There's really not too much I can say without spoiling things for those who haven't played so, I'll just leave it at that.

#6 - Arachne Gorgon/Eruka Frog (Soul Eater): When you get down to it, Soul Eater is a rather vorish series, huh? Not only is it kinda in the name but, there's been some instances of soul vore tossed around. As far as predators go, Arachne and Eruka both take my interests as both my favorite characters of the series and my favored preds. While not as represented as her younger sister, Medusa, Arachne is someone I just clicked with better. Though she never got to show off the more predatory sides of her arachnid traits, I still believe that Arachne would make an incredibly capable predator if it was written.

Eruka, however, isn't quite as dominant as the aforementioned witch and also happens to be a really weird case in this list. Eruka has been shown to be a coward and submitting to those who are stronger than her (like Medusa) and that alone sorta cements her as a prey character for most. Not me though. Going by nature and a frog's voracious appetite, I'm willing to believe that if Eruka was backed into a corner and had no other option. Gobbling up her opponent would be the first thing she'd do.

#5 - Beatrice/Lambdadelta/Frederica Bernkastle (Umineko): While on the subject of witches, I would like to point your attention to the three main ladies of the Umineko series. Beatrice happens to be my favorite among them, however, the Golden Witch being a main antagonist for much of the first half of the series and proving to be a rather cruel and manipulative witch. I wouldn't put it past me that if she ever thought of it, Beato wouldn't think twice about scarfing down the Ushriomiyas and forcing Battler to try and logic his way out of how she can fit everyone in her swollen gut without magic. The final two, Lambdadelta and Bernkastle are just as mean as Beato, Bernkastle even more so! If any have read my story 'Miracle Witch's Banquet' then you'll already know why these three or on my list.

#4 - Rozalin/Flonne/Prier (Disgaea): Most who know Disgaea will probably know of it from how much everyone seems to focus on Etna a lot. Don't get me wrong, she has a lot of qualities that makes her a wonderful predator, but I feel that Rozalin is sorely under represented in this scene. Despite being elegant and spoiled to a large degree, Rozalin has openly stated that, instead of sweets, she prefers a rather ...meaty diet. Yeah, for however frilly her dress is, Rozy's a full on carnivore. That alone sorta makes me feel that her lack of vore focus is kind of an injustice given how easy it is to write her as a predatory focus (let's not forget when Rozy flips out don't wanna fuck with her when she flips out).

Moving onward, Flonne is an interesting case as a predator since, before, I couldn't really stand her. Her first game and her pushing her ideals of love really grated my nerves, though this softened up over the years. As far as predatory traits go, Flonne initially has none, though this can be rectified if you're willing to show a particularly twisted form of 'love'...or y'know, go along with Flonnezilla as a thing. It is a thing. And it's an adorable thing.

Lastly, Prier, specifically her demon form, is another favored pred of mine. Sporting one of the thickest figures in NIS games so far, seeing Prier choke down an unfortunate opponent who's not past Lv. 1000 is more than a little enticing. Hot-headed, aggressive and incredibly powerful, Prier could easily top Rozy in this had I not hold a softer spot for "noblewoman predators".

#3 - Seaport Hime/Isolated Island Oni (Kantai Collection): Despite the source game being incredibly boring, Kantai Collection still manages to produce characters that are really interesting to look at, the Abyssal Fleet girls being my favorite ones of the dozens upon dozens of Japanese navel ship girls. Starting us off is Seaport Hime, a boss from one of the previous seasonal events and, supposedly, the personification of an entire seaport into one, full-figured woman. Seaport is shown to be the more shy and silent one of the Abyssals, having taken on a maternal bond of sorts for the newest Abyssal additions, Northern Ocean Hime and being a target of occasional bullying from Isolated Island Oni. Though this doesn't really scream predator, I wouldn't put it past me that someone could easily turn this tall beauty into something of a reluctant pred. Hungry for delicious ship girls, but a little too shy to gobble them up until she's sure they won't fight back.

Isolated Island Oni, however, isn't shown to be as submissive or shy as her sister(?), the more petite and frilly abyssal fleet girl appearing as sassy, smug and arrogant, someone I think wouldn't think twice about swallowing down some pesky ship girls and mocking them for ever trying to go against a whole island base. Yeah, she's literally an entire island. Go figure.

#2 - Haruka/Hikage/Mirai (Senran Kagura): A very underrated series in terms of exposure to vore, Senran Kagura is a game series that's all about blending top heavy shinobi and fanservice into a relatively interesting setting. Of these are Haruka, Hikage and Mirai of the 'dark' ninja school, Hebijo (though, they're more their own squad now as of current canon). Haruka is a very popular character as far as the Hebijo girls go, her being the 'ojou' with the curviest figure certainly helps. Haruka is not only seductive and rather cunning, it has been shown that she's a rather capable mad scientist of sorts as well. No doubt, this makes it plenty easy to lump her into some...rather vorish experiments regarding herself. Not to mention she can be pretty darn dominant if her 'relationship' with Hibari has anything to say about it.

Hikage is, by far, the more snake-like of the three mentioned. With serpentine eyes and a tongue that just doesn't know when to stay in her mouth, Hikage easily gives off a vibe close to that of any predatory lamia you've seen tossed into the vore community so far.

Lastly is poor Mirai who has always gotten something of a reputation of being the buttmonkey of the group. Holding the most petite figure in a squad of titty monsters, Mirai just hasn't really been able to catch a break from fans poking fun at her. Despite this, however, I see more potential in Mirai as a predator than most would think. Maybe she thinks devouring one of the many busty shinobi will help her figure pad out more? I'd certainly believe it with how desperately she wants some melons.

#1 - Kanako Yasaka/Shinki/Seiga Kaku (Touhou): And finally we end our list/countdown with a series that's been special and close to me for more than a couple of years now. Touhou has already been recognized as a series where vore can be rather common, especially with the likes of Yuyuko and Rumia, roaming around. That being said though, I find my focuses drifting to the other candidates for predatory youkai girls, the first of these three being Kanako Yasaka. Being a goddess who draws a lot of motifs from snakes, Kanako easily catches one's attention when things like vore is concerned. Her high priorities for gathering 'faith' for the shrine she heads being a very easy way to have the snake-like deity gobbling folks up.

Shinki is one of the lesser exposed characters of the series from the PC98 era (though still considered 'popular' by standards of the other PC98 folks), but despite this, Shinki has grown to being one of my favorite characters in the entire series. Like Kanako, she's a goddess though, in this respect, she's a -demon- goddess, one who gave birth to an entire -dimension- of demons. Though this can rather easily quip the interest of anyone looking to find a pregnancy focus, vore-wise she can be a capable predator who either swallows her rowdy 'children' to put them in time out...or actually manages to put Reimu and the others in their place during the whole Mystic Square incident.

Lastly is one of the more recent additions to the cast, Seiga Kaku. Touhou isn't well known for having villainous or 'evil' characters, most not entirely bad to their core despite their involvement in incidents. Seiga, however, is an exception. It's been pushed more than once that the blue hermit is wicked, devious and only cares about her own interests. She's revived a corpse by the name of Miyako Yoshika (who, despite my neglect to put her on this list, has the power to eat anything) and actively steals from people just to sell their shit back to them. Her evil traits lend well to her as a predator and her portrayals often show her being seductive and manipulative to boot. All in all, a hermit that can easily turn anyone else into a delicacy if she so wished.

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Posted by noisekeeper 6 years ago Report

Can't say I'm too surprised to see some characters I left out of my own list, guess it just means we have some excellent tastes haha.

#9: What else can be said really? Seeing a potential story revolving around her fills me with anticipation.

#7: Totally agree about Junko. Watching any scene with her screams predatory mania. Some of the other girls too have some inclination I would say. I can see Celestia putting cannibalism on the table in one of her gambling moments, Fukawa might as well be that murderous stalker vore type, and of course Asahina is a naturally big eater.

#3: Kancolle certainly is the hot new thing isn't it? I almost put them on the list but didn't since I am still largely unfamiliar with most of it, going by what I see in translated fanart and doujins. The Abyssals are definitely the most vorish, what with characters like Wo literally having a giant maw attached to their bodies. But my pick I would have to go with little unsuspecting Northean Ocean Hime. When she yells at you to "Go home!" you'd better listen or you will find yourself in a new home inside of her tummy.

#2: I just love Senran Kagura. There just needs to be vore with them period. At the very least based Takaki gave us this gem.


Posted by SuperSpaceZone 6 years ago Report

Fuck yes Midler.


Posted by cr055x 6 years ago Report

Just once I would like to read a good story with Rozalin as a vore pred, and given your track record you'd probably be the best for it. Along with noisekeeper, you've had some of the vore stories on here that I've enjoyed the most simply due to length, detail, and how you still try to keep the character true to elements that exist in canon material. Aside from that, the only story I've read to date with her as a pred was on DeviantArt and she was already in "alternate" mode at what was the beginning of Disgaea 2, and a freakin' overpowered giantess. Prier would also be good to see, though I probably should get my hands on a copy of her original game so I can learn more about her character. Though from what I've heard Overlord Prier still maintains some of the more "sinful" traits her original counterpart had in an attempt to string together the appearances in both games. Also, you can apparently use Overlord Prier in the remake of her game.


Posted by tintrue 6 years ago Report

I gotta do one of these myself, once again I am very pleased with these choices. Top marks for the Junko and Venus represent!


Posted by veender 6 years ago Report

You know, even though I still have no idea who most (if any ) of these characters are, it's fun to read these and learn about 'em. So thanks for that!


Posted by thatonedude236 6 years ago Report

I really want to see more Prier Vore. There are scant few examples around the internet.


Posted by nyttyn 6 years ago Report

no byakuren or yuyuko 0/10 list

seiga p coo tho