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Competition By AugustBebel -- Report

Uploaded: 6 years ago

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Competition goes well for RD. And not so good for Lighting Dust…

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Posted by TrixietheVoracious 6 years ago Report

Nghh thats hot x3


Posted by AthleticDashie 6 years ago Report

Now That's Hot. Nicely done.


Posted by z3d 6 years ago Report

Wonder if horsewhinny is the second skull...


Posted by Gelus 6 years ago Report

A unicorn skull? I am genuinely curious as to who that was. It makes me laugh and think of shdingo's set with Trixie and Dash


Posted by Leshana 6 years ago Report

The presence of multiple skulls suggests this is not the only time someone has passed through a pony's digestive tract before!


Posted by Leshana 6 years ago Report

Actually tho, more than the vore, what I like about this picture is that chock full cesspit. I like it for... reasons.


Posted by Gelus 6 years ago Report

You nasty li'l thing~ I need to get more pictures with outhouses and cesspits and big heaps of stuff like that. The implication of... productiveness and extended use are both really fun.


Posted by LightSpeed 6 years ago Report

Thank you... so very much. ¬w¬ I hate that bloody re-colour, I'm ashamed that my Oc Share's that Mare's first name, Lightning Dust. >w<;


Posted by ublover1 6 years ago Report

soooo damn sexy and hot ^ ^


Posted by Prancer 6 years ago Report

Nnnghhh.... Oh I love how the see through is crap. Its so much better like that than seeing em alive!


Posted by RavenXeo 6 years ago Report

There seems to be a third skull at the bottom of that pile..
Seems pony's have been being naughty~


Posted by CGR-7 6 years ago Report

"Eliminating" the competition can be a bit straining at times. XD


Posted by Taggyy95 6 years ago Report

Dash sure looks good in that bodysuit, fits like a glove~
awesome work again<3

48th agent

Posted by 48th agent 6 years ago Report

Oh, Dash, you're so full of shit...which apperantly turns me on more than the actual vore.


Posted by DarkPinkie 6 years ago Report

Thus Dash became known as the fattest Wonderbolt ever.


Posted by SuperRainbowDash1879 5 years ago Report

To be honest this is really good art but it doesn't make any sense why there is poop in her stomach.
There should only be poop in her large intestine.
Cause if you had poop in your stomach you would more than likely vomit.