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Happy Valentine's Day, 2015 By Aesir -- Report

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It's a little late, I apologize, but as promised a nice little pin-up-y pre-vore Diana pic~

You guys managed to send her 66 specially packaged chocolate covered girls...She's very pleased about it!

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Posted by jackson22222 6 years ago Report

Wish I could receive a valentine like that.

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Posted by Sinclair 6 years ago Report

She's got a lot of work to do it seems.

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Posted by RavenXeo 6 years ago Report

I hope she has a good workout routine prepared..

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Posted by Camlio420 6 years ago Report

I'm not sure why but, I had the weirdest feeling that it was gonna be cock vore.

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Posted by CoolKaios 6 years ago Report

Sweet :3

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Posted by Realmwars 6 years ago Report

What a vein.

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Posted by XarcesTheDelicious 6 years ago Report

Quite the lucky lady....though which one am i referring to? :o

Lovely work and a happy belated Valentines to you :3

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Posted by Liz 6 years ago Report

I love the bondage. The girls in the background look to be enjoying their tight embrace <3

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Posted by Imrhys 6 years ago Report

ditto, second this

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Posted by DoubleOSnake 6 years ago Report

Excellent work! :D

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Posted by Winghearted 6 years ago Report

*Ahem.* Is... there... any chance of... a follow-up? It'd be lovely ~ Nice picture as usual though, Aesir ~

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Posted by ZX1993 6 years ago Report

Better late than never.

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Posted by SuperSpaceZone 6 years ago Report

Totally exciting. Starting to really love Diana.

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Posted by Ezio45 6 years ago Report

she going to fill that chocolate 1s than eat :3

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Posted by Alternoct 6 years ago Report

I just can't get enough of her lovin'~.

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Posted by Umbrage00 6 years ago Report

Beautiful :3

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Posted by Imrhys 6 years ago Report

I was first trying to understand why she was making all these and who she was sending them to, then silly me READ the blurb and giggled. Now THIS is how vores say "love you" to preds they like/enjoy/are frequent flier "prey of" *giggles*

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Posted by Sharue 6 years ago Report

Very nice I like the vac bed boxes in the back.

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