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[3/21/2015 1:34:16 PM] Jake Niggins: I'm not very good at planning playin' out, just sorta...Tossin' chars at each other!
[1:34:56 PM] * Krasnya settles back in her chair, idly flipping her skirt back, flashing that flaccid sheath... And, no less, those thighs beset by that heavy pair below. "'Zat so?"
[1:37:11 PM] * Jake Niggins blinks once at the light 'show' that was given to him by that flash of skit flipping. It's unusual for the lady to flip the skirt! "Dat is inded so. If that makes sense?" He asks with a bit of a headtilt, he's got just a pair of cargo shorts on; dark grey.
[1:39:02 PM] * Krasnya leaned further back, flicking her hand up - to show him the condom set between two of her fingers, the coyote pointing those of her other hand towards that exposed package. "Attend this," she trails, slipping her hand down to place that wrapper on the thigh beside her thick package, her tongue gliding over her teeth as she smirks. "And fill this. Deal?"
[1:39:52 PM] * Krasnya would, in follow-up clear her throat, leaning forward a little, her hands setting to her knees as she tosses her hair back. "I mean, it's not like we've anything better to do."
[1:43:10 PM] * Jake Niggins perks up both those ears this time at the offer set on the table, or rather her thigh, for him. That looong tail of his swayed slowly over his rump while he thought; just something about how -quickly- it went to that caused him to pause....But not fo rlong ebfore his own set of pearly whites flashed in his muzzle. "Oh no, sure you've got a big enough one?" He asks with a light wink. Cocky ain't he! "It's not Wednesday, is it? Otherwise I'd say we could hump our boredom away." He seems to be taking the offer though, what with his paws on her knees and leaning in!
[1:47:00 PM] * Krasnya snerks. "Ha, nah... It's saturday. Suppose we'll just have to settle with filling a condom full've ex-fox, huh," she'd muse back, tilting her head away and sliding her claws idly through the fur of his arm, shrugging to one side as she glances back. "I mean, we've known eachother for how long now? Long enough, right," she'd further tease, smirking alongside that snout rather sharply.
[1:51:40 PM] * Jake Niggins chuckles low and shrugs, slipping down to hi sknees fully in front of the Coyote he's had his eye on for a while now! "We've known each other for...Oh I'd least a year and a half now?" A bit of a grin, before his nose is slipping in close enough that the cool and moist nosepad touches the rounded edge of one of her testes! "Ex-fox huh...? I'd say that sounds ominous, but knowing you, there's only one interpretation of that..."
[1:54:16 PM] * Krasnya snickers, hand slipping up to tease the fur of his cheek, her ample chest held back behind her apparently rather sturdy shirt. "Ha, well... It's something to do, mm? Plus, stuffin' a condom that much is always fun... Not that you'd be around for it, but hey," she teases, giving a little finger-padded pinch, "That's the idea, no?"
[1:58:04 PM] * Jake Niggins does have a slight blush at that, looking up from this position is quite an...Intoxicating view to say the least, a momentary thought of "How does that shirt stay in one piece...?" Crosses his mind before the task at hand is brought back to attention. "Hmph, sounds alot like "I'm bored, so I'll just end my life in a coyote's teste." to me." Not that it's stopped him, consequences of the action or no, from letting that very blue tongue of his slurp out from his muzzle to craddle her sac, warming it and wetting the fur.
[2:02:26 PM] * Krasnya rumbles low in her throat as her hand slides down, with him, her hand teasing through his hair as her tail gives a lazy flop for it, coyote still smirking sidelong. "Oooh, I suppose that's one way of looking at it," she hums, shrugging again, hand trailing betwee his ears as she pets. "At least it'll be fun, though... Right~?"
[2:06:02 PM] * Jake Niggins laughs a bit, warm foxxie breath puffing against her nethers for a moment before his tongue slurrrrps a bit more firmly, this time across the whole of her orbs, to the base of that sheath, attempting to coax her length free from it's sleeping space. "Fun, yep~ It's always good to try new things right? I definitely haven't done this before; as you can see I'm still alive and whatnot." He purposefully puckers his lips and kisses the top of her sheath! "Better than being drug behind some bushes and crammed in a gut I guess. And I do like you.." *
[2:10:22 PM] * Krasnya smiles, teasing her hand to the tip of one of your ears, her sheath pudging up by the time you plant that little kiss - enough-so that her semi flaccid, thick, ebony length starts to poke free of that soft, white-furred sheath, the coyotess sliding forward in her seat a little before she speaks. "Oooh, sure... I mean, even if you didn't like me afterwards," she muses, trailing, "Well, there wouldn't be an afterwards... For you, anyways. It's win-win!"
[2:14:12 PM] * Jake Niggins offers up a toothy smile at her, the tip of her still flaccid, yet swiftly thickening an dslick shaft recieving a welcoming lick from that rather warm blue tongue. "Win Win? And what do I win really? Outside of finding out what it's like to be another canine's load of sperm, mm?" He teases, tilting his head into her playing with her ear. "You win a sweet muzzlejob and a hefty load, and I win untimely death?" It hasn't stopped him from kissing an dlazily slurping along that length as it thickens!
[2:16:30 PM] * Krasnya hasn't stopped smirking, teasing his ear again as he leans to her hand, her tail giving another little flop for it. "Oooh, you get to feel your last moments knowing that you vanished away into someone you know - someone sexy, too, at that. Clearly a better way to go than to some stranger, right?" That shaft would start to thicken all the more, another flexing twitch upwards settling up some of that headily scented pre, its sticky-sweetness bearing a certain allure to it, the coyote sighing softly as she blushes lightly through her cheeks.
[2:20:59 PM] * Jake Niggins manages to nuzzle into her petting hand as well as drag the almost silky soft, smooth fur of his long muzzle along the side of her growing shaft. "Am I really gonna feel much of anything near the end~?" He teased with a grin, liiiicking a bit more firmly along the underside of her shaft all the way to it's tapered tip; and taking a good taste of that pre that's welled up at the same time. "I mean, I've had a few micros before, and stuffed 'em into my own set before but..." He chuckles, a smidge of nervousness clouding over his face! But he returns to trying to bring her shaft to full mast. "I have no idea what I'm in for outside of a one-way trip...."
[2:24:32 PM] Krasnya: Her shaft would, finally, start pulsing closer to its full, nine-inch glory, roughly two inches thick around its length, her hand teasing between his ears again as she chuckles low. "Oooh... First things start to tingle, she hums, another flex settling up more of that pre as her cock starts to practically drool, the substance a natural lubricant on its own, "...And then go numb. So, yeah - I don't suppose you'll be feeling much of anything. I mean, I'm sure those micros didn't last too long down in yours, right? 'Cause my sac does work pretty fast, to admit."
[2:30:12 PM] Jake Niggins: Flattening his ears back just a bit at the....Description of what was to happen to him, Jake just shivered lightly wiht a low "Mmmph" at watchign that whole shaft of her's throb in it's natural glory and productive hunger. "They lasted....About an hour I guess? I'm not very practiced really; they struggled a long time, and screamed, but it didn't seem like they were in pain really." At least he seems relieved that he won't go in blinding agony. However, before she can perhaps start tugging him -in-, he gets her in first! Just an inch or so, but his hot muzzle slips right over her shaft for a firm suckle.
[2:33:46 PM] * Krasnya snickers at his words, only to bite her lip before a breathy 'oh' at the sudden envelopment of her rather sensitive tip - her tail giving another flop behind her as she pets at the back of his head, the coyote shifting her hips in her seat as she hums low. "Mnnnn... Well, you'll probably only last a few minutes in there, tops. Maybe not even that," she'd muse, shrugging softly, her hand slipping aback to move a bit of her hair from her face. "Careful with the tongue - it'll get stuck in there," she adds, just to be sure he doesn't take that final plunge in before he wants to, given the circumstance~
[2:46:42 PM] * Jake Niggins twitches his ears and flattens them back at that little revelation; mere minutes in there? And then that's it? It gets that long tail of his to swish and sway behind him in his kneeled position with a bit more of that nervous energy! "Mmph...mmph?" Whatever he'd said was muffled, given the fact that he's now suckling an dsliding further down the length of the coyotess so nonchalantly getting a muzzlejob from her future prey item. To Jake, it's like suckling on the barrel of a gun...Though instead of something shooting out to destroy him, he'll be sucked into it to be destroyed! One paw on Krasnya's inner thigh, the other sneaks down....And with a hefty ziiiiiiip sound, Jake's breathing comes out in a low, relieved sigh; his only garment was now sliding down his hips, the pressure gone!
[3:02:14 PM] * Krasnya can't help but giggle as he gets himself a mouthful, unable to easily see him beyond her heavy chest - though she can certainly see and hear what's going on beneath, her tail giving another flip as she keeps petting along his hair, her shaft pulsing up more of that precum - this time straight into his throat, the musky air prior hidden beneath her skirt filling his senses with its strange, alluring sweetness. "Mm-hmm. I mean, you can do it if you want, but be ready for your muzzle to go in with it - otherwise it'll have a bad time," she notes, tapping a thumb against one of his ears out of sincerity.
[3:08:57 PM] * Jake Niggins nods along with what she says, gently of course considering he's got to watch those sharp teeth of his so that they don't tickle her shaft too roughly now, the motion does tug her length along with it somewhat, but it mostly just wedges more of her ebony girth into his snout. There's a "Flumph" sound as his shorts come all the way off, oh what a cute butt; tight and perky looking with some nice hips! Shame they won't last another hour! He's definitely careful with his tongue, making sure to keep the tip away from her tip, he's not ready for that plunge yet till he's gotten what he wants first! A moment of his ears flicking back and a low groan does escape him when he realizes something. No wonder foxes have such a bad stereotype to them; he wants to swallow some semen before he is semen!
[3:12:11 PM] * Krasnya for her part doesn't seem to mind it in the least, blushing all the more - enough to show through the lighter fur of her chest, no less - as he continues to slurp and suck her off, her hips shifitng in her seat again as her toes curl to the floor, tongue gliding along her teeth. "Oooh, frisky thing, aren't you," she'd muse, thumb and finger again sliding along his ear as more of her pre pumps forth - more than last time, no less, her tail flipping a little higher as he slowly, but surely, starts to drag her closer to that coming climax, the coyote sighing softly through her snout for it as one of her footpaws slips up to tease over his lovely rear below. Such a shame those curves won't be around much longer - but oh well. At least she's having her fun now~
[3:18:03 PM] Jake Niggins: Battling lightly in his head over the furthering of a stereotype lasts only another few moments as the way Krasnya seems to give him a bit of a...Compliment? He's not sure, but instead of worrying over it, he presses his muzzle down further, till the long length of his snout runs out of space, and the tip of her cock literally touches the back of his gullet. He doesn't go any further, but he does give it a teasingly tight luttle "Ulp" before dragging his snout up and then bobbing back down. Gonna do it? Go all the way! In a few minutes, only Kras will know what he did anyways. The pawfoot on his butt does make his tail flag up some....Good lord look at that thing! It's got to be at least eight feet long; longer than he is tall!
[3:26:36 PM] Krasnya: ...And for how long after that she'll remember, well, it's hard to say. She was a pretty forgetful thing, though actions were easier to recollect than words - nevertheless, she flats her ears as she glances back at the length of that tail, the coyote finally moaning out as she's pushed past that very steep edge - a tingle trailing up her spine and right back down again, her shaft flexing as it simply pumps her spunk straight into his awaiting throat, the little tug thereabouts having done her just enough service to get her releasing - that heavy shaft flexing with its expected heft's strength, each pulse just shunting that viscious cream right down the fox's gullet. "Hyaaah," she'd manage out, panting lightly as she holds his head in place, just using him to pump her load into.
[3:32:47 PM] Jake Niggins: Those ears go up when her body tenses up rather nicely, and those paws grab at his head, the tips of his ears likely visible just past the edge of her bosom. Oh he knows what's coming, she is! And pressing his nose in tighter, he just does his best to down every thick gooey rope he's 'given'. It pools heavily in his gut, thick and hot with little glorpy squishes everytime his throat flexes and sends the next bit down. It tastes so...._sweet to his tongue where it splatters before being drunk down, so he does so with ghusto! Of course, he realizes that once she's finished, He's_finished.....But it doesn't slow his enjoyment of the now.
[3:38:29 PM] Krasnya: Being just the average release, of course, the coyote doesn't last for too long... eleven, twelve twitches slide by, and sure enough her shaft's starting to peter its forceful flexes off, steadily but surely softening slightly in his maw, the coyote sighing out as she breaks her panting to give a swallow, her tail idly bumping the chair beneath. "Mnf... Not bad, foxy," she'd tease, smirking along her muzzle's side, "Got me off faster than the last person to try sucking me off," she adds grinning sharply, hand settling up to push her shirt back between her breasts to better see him, fabric giving just enough to let her do so. "So... Any last words," she hums, smiling down at him with hunger apparent in her coyotish eyes.
[3:43:53 PM] Jake Niggins: Average releases or ones that make the belly swell, the blue vulpine has tasted both kinds before. His belly has a delightfully warm sensation to it now, one that setles there and just sort of slowly, and idly, sloshes with hi smovements as she retrieves her shaft from his muzzle. Ohhh it's so sweet still, and the fox licks along his muzzle to clear off any left overs, not that there was much. "mmph....Glrf...." Was the first thing he said, swallowing one last time before tipping his snout up to smile, albeit with one ear flicked back, up towards her. "That was ah....Quite...Delightful. You still bored enought hat you wanna...?" Of course, he figured she was, she did say "Last words" after all!
[3:50:09 PM] * Krasnya moved her hand out of the way of that tilting ear before gliding along its base, the coyote tilting her head for his question, hair slipping off of her shoulder as she gave him a pensive look... Apparently in thought, no less, one of her toepads tapping the floor before she responds. "Eh, sure," she says, with a soft shrug, smirk returning as she teases along the fur of his head. "Your tail's pretty long, so should be fun watching it get slurped away, so why not," she'd add, thumb running along his cheek, the coyote leaning back in her chair and slipping her other arm down to pet at his other, able to see him past her chest for it. "Can start pushin' yourself in any time... I'll handle the rest~"
[3:57:57 PM] * Jake Niggins rather enjoys just being pet and stroked over on the head like this, it's really rather calming and pleasing while she seems lost in thought. He's probably easy going either way she chooses; after all, one way costs the fox his life! Still, she seems...Content to continue with the aleviation of both their boredoms, and while he doesn't exactly wag at the thought of what's coming, he does seem agreeable! Especially at the compliment on his tail. "Last words...Um...Last words," Jake shifts his vision down from her snout, along her fron tto focus on that length that's grown a bit softer, yet still twitches eager and ready for him. The azure colored fox is pretty sure even if he chickened out now, she'd still just grab him and easily do away with him, but he's not going to! "Uh....I hope the condom doesn't break when you throw it away! That...Sounds good I guess? I dunno...Oh! I hope it's a pretty color...Arg! This is embarrassing to pick last words." Instead of letting the embarrassment grow and get awkward, he purses his lips, and presses in for a kiss again...Only this time he won't be opening his muzzle to nom on the tip of her cock! He's just adding pressure against it instead....
[4:05:42 PM] * Krasnya giggles, her hand still gently petting to his ear as he speaks, the coyote clearly amused for his attempt... but not minding it in the least. "Ha, close enough," she'd muse, picking the condom wrapper up from the chair to her right, moving to settle it just under her thigh to her right. "Don't want this slipping into the cushion," she'd let. His kiss, well... It would be a rather wet one, that shaft of hers still coated with - and dribbling forth - her silky-sweet pre, and once that pressure's let he'd find his snout simply sliding into the gushing tunnel ahead - the fox finding it so easy to press into this place of no return, his muzzle thickly wetted with that pre as it slips out around it, ushering her shaft to give its first, firm, semi-flaccid flex. It's a powerful one - slurping him in another inch and encasing his snout completely in her pulsing flesh, a steady undulation felt as it tries to drag at him, though he's just far enough in that it hasn't quite managed to get a full grip on him yet - he could still pull out, if he wanted to, though whether or not her hand behind his head would let him is another story. Really, his last chance to try is slowly slurping away, the next twitch of her length certain to seal his everlasting fate~
[6:40:28 PM] * Jake Niggins still has one of his paws down hidden beneath his belly, it's not moving fast enough to be something like that at the moment, but soon as his snout gets that firm feeling of not just pressing against something, but just sliding into it like when some one accidentally shoves their snout into the arm-hole of a long sleeve shirt instead of the neck-spot....Well his whole body sort of pauses, and a momentary flash of "Oh fuck what am I doing?" crosses his facial features. But it's not just a relaxing spot to stuff your snout into, it's a living tunnel, a hungry tunnel of flesh. A rippling motion of....Well he's not sure if it's 'muscle' or what, but his head is tugged forward byt he snout, and he's up to his cheeks in Coyote cock! It's so easy to slide in, like his muzzle was the perfect shape for this sort of thing; long and petite. Those green eyes of his roll up to look Krasnya in the eyes as best he can, full of anticipation and nervousness as pre rolls down down his cheekfuzz and neckline....A momentary pause, and then....Pressure! He pushes in a bit! Not that he had a choice, but he makes one nonetheless.
[6:48:22 PM] Krasnya: A mix of fluid-locked suction and the pure muscular abilities of that thick, fleshy shaft would combine to make certain - now that he's pushed that extra bit of length down her length - that there's no turning back. The point of no return, with the next firm flex dragging him forward and in nearly to his eyes, would show that steady undulation to be more of a peristalsis content on slowly dragging him forward between flexes, Krasnya giving him a little parting wave with her free hand as the other gently presses behind his head... Her final farewell to the fox, no less, as before that press sends that stretched flesh squeezing over and around his eyes he'd see her leaning back her head, just missing the motion of her free hand slipping to her skirt's side pocket - to dig out her phone, no less, her tail bumping the chair as another firm twitch a lurid, enveloping squelch as his entire face is claimed, steady drag forwards inching its way towards his jawline, already squishing her wet precum into the edges of his ears, her hand moving forward in its soft pet to the back of his head as that shaft squeezes and drags him closer to the deep.
[6:57:18 PM] * Jake Niggins might have whined if he could. Or maybe he did and that's what part of that weird burbling sound of a squelch out the side of his muzzle was. Whether it was a conscious act on his part to make a sound or whether it was just the naturally gooey sounds of a fox's entire snout being consumed by a cotoye's dick made no difference. With a firm and solid tug from the ebony length, Jake was rather certain he'd just made a life decision that would usually be considered suicidal. A paw came up to the fur of her thighs, pressing into it and giving a gentle, testing tug with his snout; but he was already beyond certain that it wasn't going ot have any effect, all it did was tug lightly at her entire shaft, and make the vulpine swear the suction power alone was enough to pull his breath out of his lungs! From her face to the flesh sliding over his own, Jake's eyes focused on the tip of Krasnya's shaft as it became more than just closer to his eyes, it overlapped his vision and sent him into the darkness, permanently. His last vision was that of a rather content coyote, the vulp pretty sure it'd be to dark inside that teste or sac or wherever he was going to end up to see anything at all. Schhrrrltch and his ears were folded back, not by his own power, but that shaft grabbing his whole head and tugging it in, now there were no outter sounds other than that gooey squish of pre that already oozed right into his ear canals. Jake wondered for a moment how she'd fare against his shoulders...But he also remembered she was a lot better at this than he was, and knew it'd be no issue. It was a slow beginning, but he was sure this'd be a rather quick journey.
[7:06:14 PM] Krasnya: With her shaft simply having more to grip around, his supposition of the events to follow would prove more than correct - even as she uses one hand to tap and slide through her phone's menu to find her contacts that shaft would give another unceremonious lurch, noisily but powerfully dragging his entire head in to stretch out its length's base, his neck already feeling the throbbing warmth and warm wetness that so encases it - rivulets of her pre soaking deeply down the fur at his chest's front, some spattering down to the carpet beneath as she softly settles forth a sigh, hand petting into the fur of his back almost idly as she selects "Jake" in her phone - smirking for the cute picture she'd snapped at him some while ago, her thumb pressing 'delete' only once the next dragging shlllrrrck pulls him up to his trapezious, one of his shoulders already halfway stretched over before that rhythm starts to increase - not a moment's respite before another shlk sends that tip stretching around that first shoulder and over the next, both rippled forward by that constant pull even as his snout is just entering her sac beneath... Her fingers confirming the decision since made, removing him from her phone even as her shaft is still working to remove him from the world forever. Her leg bumps up against her sac's side as his snout is firmly mashed to its base, length drooling and gripping down around his arms, his muzzle promptly plunging into the musky-sweet cream none-too-dissimilar than that which he'd so readily chugged... Only this time it comes with a distinctive tingle around his whiskers, his fur feeling heavier as - as nothing more than cum, no less - it starts to slowly slide from his face, a certain numbness overtaking the very tip of his snout as its shapely bulge starts to lightly round inwards. It must be some sight - but he'd already seen the last of the world, so quickly wrapped away by that encroaching coyote dick.
[7:17:35 PM] Jake Niggins: The fox that had smiled so brightly for a picture on her phone to add as a contact, the one that had just wanted to be friends in the beginning and chit chat....The one that was now being hauled inwards by a dick he'd just had in his own muzzle to the bottom of a sac that would utterly end him soon. The sof tpings of a confirmation from her phone that a contact was deleted were never heard by Jake, not once he'd gotten deep enough into her flesh to have his ears pulled back like that. It might have made him wriggle a bit more than he was if he'd known she was already erasing his existence a bit further than just taking his body out of the world. Maybe normally a fur wouldn't be quite so easy-going about letting his shoulders scrunch together like that, first one than the other getting a welcoming warmth and wetness to encapsule them. Then again, a normal fur wouldn't have literally kissed his doom on the tapered tip! There was a light "Gasp!" from the azure vulpine as his snout was freed from the intense heat and tightness of the canal he was disappearing into, but it only lasted a second before it came with a hefty sound of "Brrbllbr....Bblr!" Small bubbles rising through the thick goop he'd just downed several swallows woth of. It'd been completely inert and safe when blasted across his tongue and to his belly, but now? Within seconds his muzzle and nosepad felt tingly all over, several long seconds of realizing what tha tmeant before it all just went numb along his snout! All of this within the span of mere seconds, as more of his form was taken, hauled in and away, and schlrped over by a hungry hungry Kras-Cock. With his arms pinned to his sides by the shoulders dippping into her shaft, she could likely see the way his paws clench on themselves, and his tail swished and swayed enough to thwump against the floor now and again. It was nerve wracking, not being able to see what was happening, even as his whole head dipped into that sac for a damn good bulge shape! He tried to shout something again, but all he got in return for that effort was that sticky-sweet semen in his snout, making his tongue and upper pallet tingle immediately....
[7:28:53 PM] Krasnya: ...And, even as she lazily nestled her shoulders back against the chair, her free hand settling her hair out of her face once again as one of her legs idly slid along his own, he would find his tongue already starting to soften... At first overwhelmed with the flavor he'd only just recently been greedily swallowing down, at last going numb completely as he feels through tingling cheeks that member of his simply dissolve away into more of that viscous substance, the shape of his muzzle-bulge shortening as that numbness spreads along its form. The humid air only seemed to thicken as a gentle burning sensation settled in to his lungs - her shaft greedily noisily dragging him further deep, its pulsing motions shunting him inwards an inch or two at a time, already squeezing its enwrapping warmth around his midriff - as that numbness starts to sink further into his face, most of the nerves completely gone for it, the bulge of his muzzle practically non-existant from the outside as her sac sags further off of the chair, the coyotess flicking an ear as she idly slips that leg back... To gently press to her heavy pair's edge once low enough for her to do so, her tail giving another lazy flop as her shaft consumes - and she, for her part, waits. Had she planned to do this from the beginning, or was she simply, truly bored? It's hard to say, though even Jake would know that he won't last much longer, elbows and forearms feeling the dribbling, drooling squeeze as it starts to near his waist, the bottom of her sac already rounding out for all of the cum gathering - as it, once converted, slides off of his shape.
[7:38:36 PM] * Jake Niggins had no idea, was this what it was like for those micros last week? The ones he'd stuffed down his shaft with every intention of blowing back out later as less than their solid shapes? They had screamed in fear for a long time, but Jake hadn't the time for that....And in fact, was steadily loosing the portions of his body that would make such a thing possible anyways. Soon as he'd been dunked into that pool of semen at the bottom of Krasnya's sac, he'd felt the tingles immediately on those sensitive whiskers, and his fur was gone almost as fast as the tingles began. His flesh though, it was a bit slower but not by much as he was dunked, churned, and shoved further into his 'tomb', he'd had at least a bit of use out of his muzzle before his sense of smell winked out of existence as fast as the black nosepad had turned a creamy color and melted right off his face. The bone that had made up his muzzle, top and bottom, grew softer and ultimately his ability to talk was gone as his muzzle practically melted off his face like a wax-candle statue. Even as his shoulders and upper chest joined his head in that pit of Coyote sac, they immediately began to loose fur....within moments the thin tissues of his ears were gone, including his eyelids no mater how much he tried to blink it away. It...It wouldn't be very pretty soon, even while his legs started to kick a bit, some true sense of fight-or-flight kicked in; no mater how willing he'd been. Kras might not see it, and may only feel it when it slipped past, but Jake had had quite the raging erection of his own through most of this....Midnight blue at that! Though ultimately unseen most likely. His legs kicked again,a nd his tailfur floofed out thickly; his head was melting and he may check out before his hips even start the journey inward! Poor fox....
[7:52:26 PM] Krasnya: She may not have seen it - but she certainly felt around for it as her ravenous shaft saw eagerily to dragging his now somewhat struggling form away, his thoughts becoming cloudy as his skull started to soften, burried beneath the spunk that had once been the fur atop his head - it was all happening so fast, and yet - she grabbed that length to tuck it in pointing forwards, ensuring that it wouldn't be awkwardly forced between his legs. A fair gesture, at best - a matter of convenience for her at worst - as either way, as his hips felt the squeeze so evenly to their either edge begin to overtake them the shape of his head at her sac's base would start to gurgle away, not that he could any longer hear it. This was it... Out of her boredom and his curiousity the fox would shortly meet his end, even before his shapely rear went sliding beyond her shaft's base, squeeze of her slurping length luridly slurping around it with those rippled pulls, his fate sealed by a press forward of his own... And the coyote? She wouldn't have it any other way, her bored afternoon quelched by the removal of another friend, this one so eager to push himself away between her legs - where sagged the weight that he had once been and what's left of that which he is, her leg carefully gliding along his own as his kicks doubtlessly would soon become twitches as the last of his nerves within begin to short, the very same carrying the signals downward - all for the sake of her load, steadily but surely melted away. She settled a hand atop her hot length to feel it dragging him inwards, smirking alongside her muzzle as she watched it work, tongue gliding along her teeth as that rear of his neared the bottom of her sheath~
[8:11:19 PM] Jake Niggins: Confusion. Confusion reigned inside the fox's head as his head literally began to fall in on itself like some sort of lewd, made-of-fox souffle. Any features that had once marked the being in her sac as vulpine in the head had long since been 'washed' away by the rather effective and well practiced reproductive organs of a Coyote. Fur long gone, skin just as long ago; Skull? It was thin as a grape's skin, the last remaning bit of defnese for his grey matter against the onrushing doom he'd actively pressed his snout into. Of course, things had started badly before that too, eyes having literally disappeared, making it all the easier to get in. It was definitely not pretty....Well it was a pertty shade of blue in there now, not that anyone knew that yet. As the nerves began to misfire and Jake's consciousness shutdown and melted away, his body began to convulse, deaththroes as what controlled it steadily reduced away. Oddly enough, somewhere within Krasnya's shaft came this twitch-twitch-*twitch* and a slightly extra gooey feel....On the heightened state of his arousal, enough misfired neurons and his body reached an orgasm....Even if there was no longer enough 'fox' in there to realize he'd acheived it. Like an Alka-Selzer fizzling away in water, what remained of the fox's head and skull did much the same till with an excited fllllaaaail of his tail and spread of his toes......_Thump_, Jake's pawfeet hit the floor, and that tail became a limp noodle of blue tail. Even now his shoulders were collapsing and rib-cage coming open like his head had, but the blue fox had given his all for her boredom, and his own, and Jake was now as dead as his deleted contact in her cell. Even as his knees slid past into her shaft, leaving his shins, and cute pawsies and that tail to go.
[8:24:21 PM] Krasnya: That tint of blue was something even the coyote could not have expected - yet how could she? Given that he was still alive it stood within reason that nobody could know that the spunk he was so rapidly churning into would be tinted for sake of his color, as such an experience - into a friend or a stranger, no less - isn't exactly one someone comes away from, language-induced pun aside. For her part, Krasnya would flick one of her ears at that little extra bit of 'struggle' from his shaft, hand sliding into the slightly drenching fur of the base of his tail as it starts to pin against his twitching legs, ears once more aperk as its hair stood on end - followed by that parting flail, remaining two limbs suddenly limp before her length, angling it downwards with their weight - though doing nothing to deter that steady, twitching pull, if anything making it easier for her body to drag him away, her toes gently kneading against the floor as the new angle sends her pre sliding down the backs of his limpened legs, her hips shifting against the chair she'd never left - its lurching yet indelible pulls finally working their way up to his ankles as her shaft angles upwards, the coyote's tail giving forth another lazy flop as his own was pinned against those vanishing feet - chest cavity succumbing rapidly to the onslaught of so very much of that heady, blue-tinted cream, its form burbling and sliucing away into the mass surrounding it as nothing but more as her sac fills enough with her ready-laden spunk to press up against the backs of her legs, not a rigid spot to its edges as his hips and own length simply sink to dissolve into the mass his upper half had since become - his immobile feet the last thing to vanish past her length save for that which remained beyond it, that long, lifeless tail - the coyote had mentioned it earlier, and so sat up, eager to watch it simply dragged away, the last bulge of his paws gliding beyond her shaft's base as it erectly and consistently pulled to start working that tail away. Inch for inch, foot for foot - all while her sac below eagerly, greedily churned away any remnants of that which had slid in beforehand, burbling noisily and condensing inwards as it compresses the mass to a smaller volume, soon but a foot of fluffy-blue remaining beyond her drooling tip - and then, without a single more powerful twitch, that length would steadily be pulled inside to join the rest... A bit of his fur sticking to her precum at her length's base as the last bulge of his tail slides along it, the fox sealed away permanently - as a fox, anyways, the last of his tail already bubbling away into the cum so filling the chamber within.
[8:34:33 PM] Jake Niggins: Well, that was it, Jake had aleviated their boredom rather well, and all it had taken was a quic kmuzzlejob and a just-as-quick disappearance into the base of a sac he'd emptied before hand. Her own spunk rejoined the original pool when his torso melted away, at least once the internal organs had been released from within and washed away into the pool of semen. His tail likely would have been the most interesting part to watch, different from the multitude of other furs that had gone this same path once before. Each bob of her shaft with it's arousal had gotten the limp length of tail it's only movement now, swishing with the twitches and tugs till...Chlrrrp out of sight it went, thelast poof of blue fuzz gone like the whole fox before it. Flesh, bone, the fox's own hefty shaft and balls; it didn't mater, within a few more minutes there was naught left of Jake "FriskyFox" Niggins besides the rather distinctly deep-sky-blue semen he'd been reduced to. With a smile! Well...A smile at least till his snout had melted off of his face. A pair of discarded cargo shorts with a wallet and a phone in it was the only clue he'd even been there that day...That and the ginormous sloshing sac of ex-fox-seed that Krasnya now sported for whatever nefarious purposes she wanted. If he were alive, he'd likely doubt he'd be 'resting in peace.'
[9:05:29 PM] Krasnya: Though, luckily for him - he was not. As with the others that had taken the 'path' before him, it was a journey he'd only be taking once, of the sort that you only could take once. It was, of course, fun watching that tail go, though as with all fun things it eventually would come to its end... The very last vestiges of it sizzling away as she carefully unwraps the condom, settling forward in her seat a bit as her rear scoots back, legs quashing into the liquid-filled mass that is her sac... Even as it starts to condense the viscous, midnight-blue fluid within, splaying between and aside her legs as it shrinks in an inch for it, she's stretching it along her length - it's a thicker sort of condom made for those with hyper bits below, though sized for someone about her girth, the coyote flexing her toes against the floor as she settles back again and, with her hand sliding easily along the 'rubber''s exterior, she starts to pump.
Starting at the top and working her hand's meat to the base against her sheath she would start to wax along that thick, fox-ending shaft, each slide starting slow and hastening to spat into the pre-wetted fur beneath. At first, she would only be moving her hand - shaft still drooling that precum outwards and into the condom ahead, not enough force to stop it from simply sliding down her length within it, her legs squeezing in against that sac all the more for it... Her sac pillowing up between her thighs with a lurid slsh, its fluid within condencing once again, another inch slid back along the floor as she starts to pump with more of a sway - rocking back and forth with the motion as she settles a hand behind her against the cushion beneath, fingers gripping the back edge of the cushion as she continually pumps that turgid length - pound for pound, thrust for thrust, she'd continue to work it until going at it for several a second, working it with eyes shut tightly before settling forth a long, heavy sigh...
Then, with her toes curling once again and that distinct sensation gliding up and down her back's length she'd simply let go - the result, of course, being a nearly rupturous rope of her thick, dark-blue load jettisoning forward and stretching the condom out with the sudden gush at the tip of its length, ballooned material sagging downwards before the next pump jets all the more of it free, a steady, pulsing beat building as it slaps forward into the tight containment of the condom ahead, the orange-tinted 'rubber' barely keeping up with it as her tip is soaked in the discolored cream. She would open one eye to watch downwards, panting only missing a breath for her 'huh' - that's new, she would inwardly think, though aside from that she'd continue rocking with her release, the fact already one of a matter less to her than that continual pleasure derived from pumping what was once Jake into that filling condom's weight, her legs pushing in all the more as her sac starts to shrink - lifting up along the chairs front and off of the floor for it, the squeeze around that mass lowering the volume and causing her cum to leak out in a steady stream between each turgid twitch - simply replacing one 'container' for the other as her sac empties into that condom ahead, itself sagging further and further downwards save for the substance stretching with each sudden jolt of her darkened semen, the condom quick to retake its shape only to launch outwards once again. It was a lot of spunk, though in fairness a person's weight in cream did take up a lot of space, her former friend no exception as the most of him is pulsed free, her sac nearly back to its normal size before those flexing jumps begin to peter off. A drop of her drool falls to her skirt beneath for sake of her panting as she finally finds herself squeezing the very last free, the condom itself already touching the floor as she holds it around her length, letting her shaft 'drool' a bit longer before it starts to lose its firmness - with one final forced flex she'd squeeze it just to be sure, sliding the end of the rubber off to hold it tightly, tieing it off and standing with only lightly weekened knees.
It wasn't the largest release she'd ever had, but it certainly was the darkest, coyote giving a snerk for the sight as she settles up out of the chair, dragging the load a few feet (itself atop the fox's pants, so settled on the carpet) before padding her way over to the kitchen, intent on getting herself a drink. Just a glass of water, at any rate, dragging it down thirstily before giving a contented sigh, wetting her lips as she sets the glass on the counter and - as that weight sags further atop the former fox's cargo shorts - she heads for the door, remembering she had something to do outside of meeting up with someone she'll never see again, letting it close behind her and locking it with her key. She'll leave the condom out for the garbage pickup later - not one of her highest priorities, at any rate!
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