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Captured and sold into slavery, the green Twi'Lek was determined to please her master, but it wasn't to be. She danced well that day to the hit single Lapti Nek. But after the bounty hunter Boushh was unmasked as Princess Leia Organa of the Rebel Alliance, Oola knew her days as Mighty Jabba's favorite were numbered. There was a hungry gleam in the powerful Hutt's eye as he looked the captive Princess over, and, for the time being, he gave Oola to his guards, a pack of oversized, drunken, rowdy Gamorrean who fucked her from every angle, until her mouth was numb, her pussy sore and her ass aching. It took all night.
The following morning, she was dressed up and taken into the audience chamber by two of the snorting pigs and brought before Jabba. She observed that Leia now lay stretched across the dais in a skimpy dancing girl's costume. Oola realized she'd been replaced as Mighty Jabba's favorite! She hoped against hope that this meant she'd be sent to perform alongside Greeata, Rystll and her fellow Twi'Lek, Lyn Me, as backup dancers for Sy Snootles.
Her hopes were dashed, though, when the two Gamorreans positioned her on the trapdoor before the dais. She trembled as one of them unhooked and discarded her leather leash, and then she was stripped naked. The drunken courtiers and henchmen hooted and hollered at her bare green flesh, Mighty Jabba licked his lips, and even Leia squirmed in arousal. The great Hutt lifted a hand for silence.
"I have no further use for this pitiful cum dumpster," he said in thick Huttese.
Oola felt like crying.
"I sentence her to die for our amusement!" Mighty Jabba burbled forth, stroking Leia's shoulder.
"No, Master!" wailed Oola, and tried to rush forward to plead for mercy, but she was held back. Leia laughed at her. "Send me into the slut pits! The orgy chamber! Torture me! Anything but the Rancor!"
"Ho-ho-ho-ho-hooooo!" Mighty Jabba laughed, and everyone joined in.
A tall, slender human approached. She was naked. Oola had seen her around the palace a few times, sucking off Jubnuk and getting fucked by the various aliens and criminal scum. shivered the cool, dim light of the audience chamber. Mighty Jabba beckoned to Oola's fellow slave and the human approached.
"Melina, if you please," Mighty Jabba rumbled happily as he gave a smiling Leia a shoulder massage, "dispose of this trash."
"Yes, Master," Melina said, and she gently pressed the button on the armrest.
"Nooooo!" wailed Oola.
The two hapless Gamorreans also cried out, for they hadn't been given a chance to move in time, and, in a tumble of green flesh, all three fell through the trapdoor that gaped beneath them and slid down into the pit. They landed along the sandy floor and struggled to their feet as with a great, creaking groan, the door at the opposite end of the dank, bone-strewn pit slowly opened and disgorged the ferocious beast everyone in the palace both loved and feared. The Rancor grabbed a squealing Gamorrean in each hand and crammed both fat, wiggling bodies into its gaping, slavering maw at the same time. The sight made Mighty Jabba roar with laughter. Leia also laughed, and fingered herself, orgasming as she watched the fat green pigs disappeared into the voracious maw. Melina, who'd specifically planned to kill the two guards along with Oola, because she hated fat, stupid, cowardly Gamorreans almost as much as she hated Oola, fingered her pussy fiercely, moaning.
She and Leia came at the same time, just as the Rancor snatched Oola up in its clawed hand. The slutty green Twi'Lek bitch was lifted up, up, up, as a rain of jizz, dribbled down on her through the viewing grate, as everyone beat off and came fiercely to the sight of the whore's final humiliating fate. She was then dropped unceremoniously into the Rancor's mouth and swallowed. Darkness enveloped her. As she slid down to her well-deserved death, over all the laughter, the cries of joy and pleasure, over even the deafening noises of the Rancor's body surrounding her, coaxing her broken, abused green form ever deeper, she could've sworn she heard one last word.
"Bitch." It was Melina's voice.
Oola wondered what she'd done to make Melina hate her so much. But then as she died she realized it wasn't just Melina. Everyone hated her. She'd been a joke ever since she arrived. A punchline. And now she was dead. How fitting.
The End.
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Short and pointlessly mean-spirited, here's another Jabba the Hutt story, even less canonical than my other one! In this version, Oola lives a little longer than usual, but still comes to the same sexy fate.

Princess Leia Organa, Jabba the Hutt, Oola, Rancor & Gamorrean Guards are © LucasFilm.

Melina is © her player.

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Posted by MrNobody 4 years ago Report

You ever hear about how Jabba came to employ those Gamorreans as guards? It's pretty funny.


Posted by Kooshmeister 4 years ago Report

No, do tell.


Posted by MrNobody 4 years ago Report

Well, when Jabba tried to hire them, the Gamorreans insisted that it was their cultural tradition to fight only for warriors who could beat them all in a duel.
Jabba agreed and told them that it was Hutt tradition to conduct duels blindfolded, to which the Gamorreans agreed to. Once they were blindfolded, Jabba signaled his bodyguards to beat the porcine applicants savagely.
The surviving Gamorreans forever remained in awe of Jabba's fighting prowess.

Comment deleted by its author.


Posted by Kooshmeister 4 years ago Report

It's crossed my mind. :)


Posted by delet98342h 3 years ago Report

I'm liking the additional Gammorreans being consumed as well, please keep that up! haha!


Posted by Kooshmeister 3 years ago Report

Who doesn't like Gamorreans getting nommed? :D