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Feed Me By Variant -- Report

Punklight Sparkle ignoring Anon while she goes after cupcakes.

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Posted by PegaSUS 5 years ago Report

Something about her near-blank expression almost makes it seem dangerous to be within a certain proximity of her. She threatens to make anyone additional protein for her special passenger if they get too close without her sweets.

At the same time, this is just unexplainably cute. She looks so huggable in this form, and she already is normally, haha. The alternate hairstyle adds an extra oomf to that!

Bleh, I feel like I'm going off of odd tangents when I try to express my enjoyment of a picture. Overall, great piece! I love it.


Posted by Variant 5 years ago Report

Thanks, glad it turned out alright!


Posted by PegaSUS 5 years ago Report



Posted by Putinforgod 5 years ago Report

Heh, I love how adorable she looks. I'd almost say she just unbirthed Anon so she could experience the advantadges pregnant mares have, like being able to eat for two (well, more than two) withou having anypony to tell her to stop.


Posted by cero89 5 years ago Report

This is good stuff...I really like the pregnancy part


Posted by bonberjean 5 years ago Report

Careful Twilight... you don't want your... 'host' to get diabetes


Posted by MirceaKitsune 5 years ago Report

Isn't she such a great pred <3 <3 <3


Posted by Stoave 4 years ago Report

*humming little shop of horrors soundtrack*