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Carol opened her eyes and found herself staring into a pair of yellow, reptilian irises.
Carol yawned as she blinked a few times and patted the small raptor on its head, looking up at the sky. The sun was just beginning to rise, and she could see the A.N.S. Prerequisite was on its morning patrol over the neighboring city of Jacquestown
Cabbage's sister dashed over upon hearing Carol's voice, nudging at her unoccupied hand for attention as well.
"And good morning to you too, Coleslaw." Carol smiled, enjoying her normal wake-up by the pair.
The two danced about her feet, but she moved with a practiced ease about them as Carol began her morning's tasks, starting with the bucket of meat scraps for her prized pets.
As the solitary owner of her family's heirloom raptor ranch, Carol took care of breeding and selling the smaller, feathered reptoavians as high-value pets to the snazzier nobility of Jacquestown.
The morning progressed uneventfully, excepting one minor problem. Derrick, the alpha of her guard-raptor line, was still being a pouty beast.
unlike the smaller ones preferred as pets, the guard-raptors were trained to be more territorial and protective, often used to assist police or military forces. They were much larger as well, though not quite at the same size as the Arabian Deinonychus that her neighbor Rico bred for riding shows
Derrick once again was just nosing at his food, stomping about his pen and letting out grumpy hisses as he dragged his claws along the fence, leaving curls of wood to rain down on the dirt.
The large pile of ground herbivore that sat in his feeding trough remained untouched as he paced, displaying his annoyance about something.
Carol had been trying to understand what Derrick was upset about, but after pleading, begging, cajoling, and trying to sweet-talk the guard-raptor, she had given up after he had lifted his nose, sniffed the air a few times, and then gone back to his disgruntled pacing.
She had no further time to worry about the grumpy boy, as her thoughts turned to the continued preparation she had to make for tonight's showing. Some of the bigwigs from the council were going to be by to discuss a new contract with the ANS fleet, and there was talk of them dragging along family members so she might be able to get a few more of the lap raptors into new homes as well. There was also a necessary phone call to one lawyer that if the advertiser continued to use the term "laptors" then she'd cut the advert contract just to avoid potential racist implications.
The day wore on, the pens were swept out and tidied, the beasts bathed, and Carol helped Cabbage and Coleslaw preen themselves as well. The two seemed to know when there'd be a showing, and would strut like peacocks the entire time if they'd gotten to preen beforehand. It worked well for the display, so Carol had never shooed the pair away.
Rico stopped by at one point to verify the time of the meeting (which was understandable, he had helped her pull a few of the strings on that initial military contract) and eventually the evening approached.
Carol rustled up her most presentable outfit, did one more quick sweep of the ranch, and confirmed that she had set out the proper drinks and hors d'oeuvres.
Finally, the doorbell rang, and Carol let the first of the council members in. They had all arrived as a group, and a few had brought their families as she suspected.
The Honorable James and Barbara Meechum.
Mr. and Dr. Seraison.
Sir Rupert Farnia and daughter Lenore
Octarius Pruth with his new wife Phil, plus their children
The list went on. 20 honored guests, ranging from +1 to +5 filled the foyer and began to spread amongst the proffered foodstuffs.
Cabbage patiently kept some of the younger children occupied with games of fetch and tag (though a bandaid was needed after someone stepped on her tail) and Coleslaw stayed faithfully by Carol as she mingled with the assorted highbrow folk.
The night went on, paperwork was discussed, politics went on, and the drink flowed.
Rico escorted one drunken councilor to a taxi, and a few more began a walk down the road to the nearest tavern to continue their frivolities.
Everyone had enjoyed the tour of the pens, watching the various reptoavians prance or pace about, petting some of them, and oohing and aahing as Carol had a few even perform simple tricks. As they passed by Derrick's range, Carol had gestured the guests away with a simple "Our alpha isn't feeling well today" and that had been that.
Except for one lingering guest as the night had waned...
It might have been due to the drinks being stronger than she was used to, but Lenore Farnia, a spoiled teenager with a tendency to use her father's knighthood to get away with a lot of idiocy, was curious about the alpha guard-raptor that Carol had dismissed so lightly.
As they had passed by the fencing, she had seen the larger beast sulking near the back of his pen, amid a bit of foliage.
Lenore had seen the size of this Derrick and decided that he should be large enough for her to try riding around. Again, in hindsight, we can only blame the alcohol.
The group went on, the party went on, and as things began to wind down, Lenore meandered back outside... slowly slipping farther from the crowds until she was back at the alpha's pen.
"Hi there Derrick" she whispered, a slight slur to her greeting. Large yellow eyes flicked towards her as she glanced about to ensure no one was watching...
One leg up, a few more times up, and Lenore made it to the top of the fence. Swinging herself unsteadily over, the girl took a few steps back down the fence before slipping and landing on her behind. The dirt and mud instantly ruined the outfit she wore, which in turn was likely more expensive than most people's annual salaries in the better parts of Jacquestown.
Lenore got to her feet, giggled, and began to slowly approach the idle raptor.
Derrick glared at this newcomer, smelling of something resembling a disinfectant that the food-bearer sometimes used on his scales. She was an unknown, but thus far had not approached his trough or done anything dominant, so he was fine waiting to see what her plan was.
Lenore walked up to the guard-raptor and held out a hand, stroking it along the beast's neck. He felt so smooth under her skin. She continued to stroke her hand down his neck and along his back, back+forth, back+forth. Going against the flow of his scales caused Derrick to let out a slight hiss of annoyance.
Lenore tutted at the noise. "No need to be upset, you big raptor. I just w- oh."
She had glanced down at her outfit and seen the mud staining the skirts. "This is just ruined. I can't wear this." and with that, she began to remove and discard the outfit, dropping the cloth fortune-by-fortune into the dirt within the pen.
Derrick sniffed a few times at the different scents now coming off of the newcomer since she had removed her outer skin. There was a hint of something that made him think of mating season, and from that, he began to respond as he normally would. The feathering down his spine began to lift in a mating display and he got to his feet, sniffing once more at this newcomer.
Lenore watched the guard-raptor's behavior as she finished kicking aside the last of her outfit. "Well, I got a rise out of you, didn't I. Do you like what you see?" She giggled and attempted a spin, displaying her body for the reptoavian.
"You know, you are a big handsome brute... I can't wait to be able to tell Jinn and Larisa about this one. Let's see them try to one-up me now..." Lenore mused to herself as she once again ran her hands along the beast's flanks, and then lowered them to where a thick male organ had begun to extend from his body.
As her hands began rubbing along his underbelly, Derrick froze. This was not the correct position for a mounting, and this newcomer was certainly not one of his pack. Then a moist warmth surrounded his penis and he was still unsure of what his task should be. Newcomer. Mating. Mounting. Guard. Call for food-bearer. Defend. ...?
Settling on his default of see-what-will-happen next, Derrick simply stood his ground, foreclaws at the ready if needed, but chirps of pleasure beginning to issue from his throat.
Lenore, however, had decided that sucking on a raptor's dick was fun, but imagine what the look on Jinn's face would be like if she told her that she had fucked one!
Her clothing long forgotten, Lenore rolled to her hands and knees, trying to remain lower to the ground to not throw her playmate off balance. Reaching back with one hand, she guided the non-human organ towards her own nethers, and with a wet noise impaled herself on multiple inches of raptor cock.
With a delighted gasp, she began to rock back and forth, using one hand to steady herself and the other to help guide her partner until he began to join her in thrusting.
Derrick's chirping became more consistent as the coupling continued, and as he got close to his own peak, he could hear the pale newcomer beneath him emit a loud, satisfied noise of her own. She slumped slightly underneath of him, and he continued his mounting, grinding her chest into the dirt as she continued to accept him.
With a shuddering growl, Derrick came, spurting potential raptors deep inside of her, and his claws gripped down her back and shoulders. Unlike the outer protection of other raptors however, this time his claws sliced deep into flesh as he finished mating. The satisfied noises became louder, prey-like noises, and the smells now included the delightful scent of fresh blood. His apathetic mood from early long forgotten, Derrick was now focused on one of the other primary thoughts in his (literally) reptilian mind. Hunger.
There was prey under him, making noise. Bleeding. From his claws. In his pen. Food-bearer had sometimes brought him live prey, to ensure his training was up-to-snuff on combat and hunting as well, so there was no delay or pondering in his mind as to what should happen next.
For Lenore, it was much less pleasant after her mate came. The claws had hurt immensely, but still nowhere near as much as the brief spark of intense pain when a set of teeth closed on the side of her neck... and pulled away.
A noisy gulp was now all that was heard, the screaming replaced by a series of chewing and swallowing as the adventurous teen, piece by piece, vanished down the throat of the scaly creature.
Blood dripped down Derrick's muzzle as his one-night-stand was reduced to a few pieces of missed flesh and some glistening fluids along his underbelly, now swollen out with a good hundred-something pounds of human meat.
With a satisfied belch, the guard-raptor settled back down amongst his foliage and returned his gaze to the nearby ranch, where he was sure that the food-bearer would be doing something to keep herself busy with... whatever it was she did between visit to his foliage.
Carol showed the last of the council members out, and had dragged a hiccuping and grinning Rico upstairs with her as the last of the lights in the house were swatted off. Clothing kicked to the side as they both stumbled up the stairs and to her bed.
Carol opened her eyes and found herself staring into a pair of yellow, reptilian irises.
A pounding headache reminded her that there's only so many times you should match a toast, and the snoring beside her reminded her that Rico's Arab-D's would need to be taken care of this morning as well.
"Coleslaw, tell your sister to get off Rico's back" Carol said, swinging her legs off the bed. She looked out the window and saw a pile of cloth in Derrick's pen.
"Oh... fuck."
A brief chirp of indignation signified Cabbage having been relocated as Rico got off the bed and walked over to where Carol was standing. His eyes followed hers and...
"Oh... fuck."
Derrick rolled over in his sleep, swollen belly still churning away merrily. His claws twitched slightly as he dreamed happy raptor dreams.
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A raptor breeder invites some folk over for a get-together.
Some leave. Some don't. For varying reasons. Yay!

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nuuu i want soft raptor vore


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Sorry, I did tag this one appropriately as a Hard Vore. I might toss together some more within this world in the future though...