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"And some say he still haunts the woods to this day, preying on any who would dare intrude upon his territory!"
The flashlight lit up the girl's pale face as she finished her story, her friend giggling in response as the third member of their group shivered. The three sat around a low campfire in the woods, silent for a moment as the sounds of the forest continued to chirp, caw, and rustle around them.
Alice turned the flashlight off and dropped it behind her on a pile of backpacks. A tall, pale-skinned redhead, she was the one who had come up with the idea of going camping for the week. Getting away from the college campus for a few days, not worrying about the boys, or the rest of the cheer team, or anything else. They had even left their cell phones back in the vehicle at the base of the mountain path, much to Lacey's chagrin.
"Tia, there any more to eat in there?" she asked, gesturing to a small pot that was still sitting in the center of the fire.
Tia, a petite girl of Asian descent with a tendency to jump at small noises, prodded the pot with a stick and shook her head in the negative.
Lacey, captain of the cheer team and with the graceful muscles established by a (somewhat involuntary) lifetime of cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance, got to her feet. "I'll grab one of the fishing poles and see how it goes."
"Lacey, it's already dark! You're not worried about there being... something out there?" Tia asked, obviously still a bit traumatized by Alice's ghost stories from earlier.
"No, there's plenty of starlight right now, I can see fine." Lacey grabbed one of the fishing poles from against a nearby tree and wandered off towards the path that led through the woods to the river.
Alice rummaged through her own pack as Lacey vanished into the woods, finally surfacing triumphant with a bag of marshmallows.
"We can make smores while we wait." Alice said, tossing one of the little white snacks at Tia."
Lacey continued on down the path for a few minutes, until she arrived at the bank of the river. Tying on a piece of bait, she cast the pole into the water and then sat down, gazing up at the night sky. The myriad noises of the woods filtered in through her ears, and she thought to herself about just how many things were out there making noises that she couldn't identify. Different caws and tweets were who knows how many different bird species, the hooting of some owl, the rustling of something going through the bushes, likely a deer or rabbit. Maybe a squirrel.
The celestial bodies overhead twinkled lightly as Lacey watched, various woodland noises continuing on around her. That rustling seemed to be getting louder though.
"I'm like Snow White, the deer are coming to visit me while I sit in the woods!" Lacey laughed, looking towards the undergrowth where the noises were coming from.
What pushed the leaves aside was not a deer, however.
Large reddish eyes locked with Lacey's own green irises, and a dark-furred snout lifted slightly in a menacing growl. The creature was canine-looking, on all fours, but as Lacey stared it flexed its forepaws and pushed itself up to just the hind legs. At least 12 feet tall, the beast had dark fur covering its whole body, canine fangs in its muzzle, pointed ears, and decent-sized claws coming off both fore- and hind-paws. Lacey just stared as the werewolf continued to growl, and then a slight splash came from the nearby river. Her forgotten fishing pole had just proven successful, but her eyes flicked away from the beast for a split second, and that was all it needed to win the dominance display she hadn't realized they were engaged in.
The beast lunged forward, intent on the elimination of this furless intruder in his territory. Lacey let out a shriek as forepaws collided with her shoulders and the werewolf bore her to the ground.
"Stop that, get off of me, what the hell!" she yelled as he stood over her, muzzle inches from her face. The hot breath curled her nose as he moved one of his forepaws to the hem of her shirt, catching the claws on her upper chest as he ripped downwards, shredding the front of her designer top. Lacey let out another shriek and began to flail at the beast, but it was like trying to kick a train car. All her well-toned muscles were unable to even pose a convincing counter-argument to the monster as he tore apart her bottoms as well, still holding her in place with his left forepaw. The night air felt cool on Lacey's exposed body, and then the right forepaw slid underneath of her lower back and scooped Lacey up like she weighed nothing. The tatters of her outfit floated down to the ground as she was lifted into the air, and once more hot breath blew in her face as she was brought face to face... well, face to teeth with the werewolf's muzzle. The teeth parted, and Lacey's third attempt at shrieking for help was muffled as her upper third was crammed into the maw of the beast. She coughed and sputtered at the saliva that soaked her face as she found herself crammed down the beast's esophagus, and bit by bit she could feel him swallowing her down. The tongue across her breasts might have felt nice in another situation, but as it was she just kept trying to get the breath in her lungs to scream for help once more, unaware that the river was just a bit too far out of earshot for Tia and Alice to have any idea what was going on.
The werewolf swallowed again, and Lacey could feel the brush of fangs across her ass. Her hair was plastered across her face and shoulders, and she could smell something foul from underneath of her. There was a pause in her descent.
Amazingly dexterously considering his size, the werewolf used his claw tips to undo the laces of the boots this snack had had on, and then removed them. The socks quickly followed suit, and from within his chest there was a confused-sounding and muffled "Really?!" before another he swallowed once more, eliciting a yelp as Lacey's descent continued.
Her head continued down the throat towards the source of the rotten stench, until suddenly the compression of flesh around her gave way and she found herself falling into the not-very-roomy interior of the werewolf's stomach. Acids began to sting at her eyes and orifices as more of her was unceremoniously dumped into the stomach, until with a final gulp her legs and feet joined her in the non-spacious location. Muscular contractions forced Lacey into a fetal position, but still she struggled, trying to right herself and yelling for help through the layers of muscle and fur.
The werewolf dropped back to all fours and sniffed the air a few times. The intruder had come from an opening in the woods in... that direction. His stomach bulged slightly with his meal as he loped down the path towards the campsite.
At the campfire, Alice and Tia were conversing about career plans, Tia using a currently aflame marshmallow-on-a-stick to accentuate her sentences, when the beast arrived. The sudden crash of enormous forepaws demolishing their tent caused both girls to turn as the enormous canine monster stood on his hind legs and roared a challenge at the pair. Lacey was struggling underneath the beast's pelt, and the two girls could certainly tell the gender of this beast based off the rather large canine erection that it was now sporting. Her muffled screams for help were barely audible from the werewolf's stomach. The roar came to a drool-splattering end as the pair looked at each other and began to scream.
The werewolf swiped out with one paw, knocking Tia and Alice into each other, and then stepped forward off the ruined debris of the tent. The impact had knocked Alice's head against one of the logs they had been using as seats, and unconsciousness greeted her like a friendly neighbor. Tia on the other hand was able to attempt to scoot back on her hands and knees in a strange variation on a crab walk before the werewolf took another step forward and grabbed the cute Asian.
Tia was lifted up by the beast and promptly divested of her own outfit as the werewolf's claws again made quick work of the polyester-cotton blends. The werewolf stared at her as Tia attempted to gather enough of her wits to either scream, cry, or find a more effective tactic for handling the situation... and then he licked her.
Werewolf tongue dragged from her exposed nethers all the way up to her face, and then returned to her crotch. Shocked into silence, Tia just gaped as the werewolf licked at her pussy a few more times, and then he grabbed her left leg and roughly shifted it to the side.
A moment of clarity hit Tia just in time for her to yell her disagreement before the werewolf demonstrated what he had in mind. "Nonononaaaiiiiieeeee!" she shrieked as a solid foot of werewolf cock was slammed into her vagina. Roughly she was pulled up and almost all the way off the beast's erection before he forced her back down, using the screaming Asian girl as an unwilling sex toy.
Alice remained unconscious on the ground nearby as the creature fucked the poor petite girl, muffled sobs occassionally drifting from his swollen belly. Lacey could feel something happening outside of her fleshy prison, and thought she had heard the screams of her friends, but was currently more preoccupied with trying to ignore the tingling, itchy pain all over her body and the ever-thinning air. Another thrust of the werewolf, another shriek from Tia, and another splash of acids across Lacey's reddening body. Again and again, until with a ground shaking rumble the werewolf squeezed Tia against his pelvis and came, hot canine sperm blasting into her womb. Tia was already limp, just breathing heavily as she stared off at nothingness and werewolf jizz began to drip down her leg.
She didn't even struggle as the muzzle opened once more, and Tia was crammed down his throat to join Lacey in a very not-room-for-two stomach.
Lacey was barely conscious when Tia was dumped into her lap. The girl reached up a burnt and blistering hand to stroke at her friend, who simply burst into tears before another stomach contraction compressed both of them closer together and doused the duo in acids.
Alice was aware of something being done to her as she flickered back into consciousness. The centers of her brain reactivated in *ooh* a rather *ooh* interesting sequence *oh yes* and she realized *mmm* that somebody *ooh* very VERY *gods yes* well-endowed was *oh yes* currently *ooh* fucking her. Alice's eyes *mmmyes* opened up to see *mmm* a large set of *oooh* claws and dark fur *oh godswaitWHAT* gripping her breasts. She wasn't wearing anything. Her legs were rubbing against something furry, and something was sloshing and panting behind her. Alice was lifted up once more, still involuntarily riding the cock beneath her as she turned her head to look back over her shoulder. "I must still be dreaming," was her primary thought as her brain attempted to rationalize what seemed to be an enormous werewolf currently sitting against a tree and bouncing her in his lap like the ending to a good weekend party at the dorms. His swollen stomach ballooned out just behind her back, and she could here sloshing and gurgling coming from it, plus what sounded faintly like crying. Still, having enjoyed the occasional monster-included naughty dream, Alice simply closed her eyes and began to work her hips in with the lifting and dropping that the werewolf had been doing.
A curious-sounding growl issued from the beast as the last of the intruders seemed to be taking pleasure from his dominance display, and he relaxed his grip on her slightly. This female kept herself partially impaled on his rigid cock as she swung herself around, bringing a leg over his belly containing two of her friends, and then she continued to gyrate against him, moaning in pleasure and screaming out an orgasm, followed by a second, as she did so. Working her way up and down his length, she continued riding the beast's beast until she felt him begin to stiffen and twitch in anticipation of his own orgasm. "I'm not planning on having a litter" Alice chuckled, watching the werewolf from half-lidded eyes. She lifted herself off the massive werewolf dick and ran her hands up and down it's length, repositioning herself to get her mouth over the top. The beast flexed its claws uneasily at her movements at first, but then relaxed once more and let the redhead continue her pleasing movements along his cock. Finally, with another loud growl, he came, sending the first few spurts of werewolf spunk down her throat. There was too much for Alice to handle though, and a good bit ended up across her face and chest as well. She smiled up at the beast before running her tongue up and down his shrinking length, seeing if she could coax him back up for another round.
The answer was yes, and thanks to a good bit of hand-work and deep-throating in conjunction, Alice was able to get the werewolf hard a second time. Relaxing her throat, she managed to slowly work the entire foot long werewolf cock into her mouth and was contentedly bobbing up and down, until a muffled whimper from his stomach said "Help."
Lacey had already passed into unconsciousness, or was quite possibly deceased. Acid burns covered her well-muscled body, pieces of her had fallen off completely, and bone was starting to become visible on her limbs. Tia was still hugging Lacey, burning acids creeping through her painfully used crotch and getting into her mouth as she tried to breath. She could feel the beast thrusting and heard the moans from the outside of the hell that she was trapped in, but every time she tried to speak or scream, another compression of the stomach would force her face against Lacey or crush the air from her lungs. There was a silence from outside for a few moments, and Tia summoned all her willpower and managed to call out a single word, "help." She then closed her eyes once more, and simply felt the ensuing struggle of some sort around her, followed by a series of screams and growls. Darkness took Tia moments before a very well-fucked redhead with a stomach full of werewolf cum was deposited atop her two good friends. Tears ran from Alice's face, mixing with the hardening cum on her cheeks as she landed within a stew made from Lacey and increasing amounts of Tia. There was nowhere near enough room for two girls to have been comfortably in the space, so with three meals crammed in the stomach the amount of air was, perhaps fortunately for Alice, zero. In moments the lack of air caused her eyes to flicker close once more, and with that nothingness claimed the last of the trio, coincidentally at the same time as the campfire guttered out into a wisp of smoke.
The werewolf belched as his stomach settled around the intruders, and he stumbled to his feet and wandered back into his woods, leaving the remnants of the campsite to be raided by woodland scavengers.
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Three girls go camping in the woods.
A werewolf finds fault with this action.
Antics ensue. There're also s'mores.

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Posted by Stanku 1 day ago

I must say I liked this one too quite a bit! The simple plot aside, the flow of depiction has real art to it. You know exactly what things to highlight, what details to pick out, how to scale up from drying cum on the face to a more general crampness. You frequently hit that sweet spot where something's conveyed to the audience not exactly directly but with the lens subtly off the mark, if you know what I mean; the sort of insinuation that's really the key to writing good porn shines here all over.

Besides, about the "simple plot", that's really in the end just the kind of innocent background that I find attractive with these pieces, so don't take that as critique really.