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Warrior 21 By Shyguy9 -- Report

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I didn't like it at the time, but I thought I'd finally share it anyways.

The (true?) End.

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Posted by Lithalya 5 years ago Report

I think it's a good ending. Shows a more tender/respectful side of alternate dragon Sophie.


Posted by CGR-7 5 years ago Report

I wanna see her walk back into the town's bar like that. That'd be a hoot. XD

Nice, Shyguy. I very much like this alt ending. Sophie gave her a rather improved way of life, got her arm back too, and a chance to settle her score with those townsfolk that castigated her all that while ago. =)

But I wonder if she can still wield her sword or are those skills long gone?


Posted by fff 5 years ago Report

When becoming a dragonborn you retain all of your previous skills and racial traits. But you gain new abilities as well. You usually either gain wings OR a dragon breath attack. However it really all depends on your DM and what homebrew you are using during the game.

This has been your Dungeons and Dragons PSA.


Posted by balanced-guy 5 years ago Report

I like this ending, it's unexpected, but it gives us more dragoness's and the warrior gal gets to have some karmic retribution on the ungrateful people of the Town. I like the expressions, that confused look and then that slavering hungry, maddened smile. Great little additions Shyguy ^^


Posted by LightSpeed 5 years ago Report

Heehe, nice. Payback is always fun! >=3


Posted by Dandisio 5 years ago Report

I do love this series, but it's good that it's ending.

It was dragon on for awhile.


Posted by reliuskaiser 5 years ago Report

I think she enjoys having her arm back.


Posted by hero097 5 years ago Report

definitely prefer this ending to the last cause of the implications and intro to a hopefully new line in the comic


Posted by ublover1 5 years ago Report

this is very well done for an ending ^ ^


Posted by ArcaneSigil 5 years ago Report

O.O I love it. Kinda want to see a continuation. XD


Posted by Jaku 5 years ago Report

OMG! There was more!?

This was one of my favorites! Love it, Shyguy! :D


Posted by Wolfy 5 years ago Report

Well that was unexpected, it's like the warrior did all the previous requirements correctly to get the true ending.


Posted by her 5 years ago Report

love this new character!


Posted by Lucca_Manadragon 5 years ago Report

hehe lil bit of payback time it seems X3


Posted by rexstars35 5 years ago Report

Only one word comes to mind now revenge


Posted by zarpaulus 5 years ago Report

How's that work?


Posted by Shyguy9 5 years ago Report

Her human body was digested, but her soul remained and was put into a new dragon body.


Posted by Sev2ndPro 5 years ago Report

Yesss... Feast my child...


Posted by Lucky 5 years ago Report

I like this ending too. It adds an interesting dynamic to the characters, and why not? Dragons are already magic.

Very cool work, as always.


Posted by Dragonjaj 5 years ago Report

I like it i want to see her show up in the modern comic she just knocks on the door all "Hi mom i need to crash with you for a while. Oh is she dinner?"


Posted by artimus261 5 years ago Report

nah hope theres more! xD nice continuation!


Posted by Shimba 5 years ago Report

Its only cause she's a girl though, that's my only gripe despite how hot this is.
If the prey had been a guy in this story, we all know it would've ended in page 18.

I still like this, just like all your other works though...its just, things like this just hammer down the point of how, in fictional media, men really are considered completely expendable while only girls get unique, special treatment like this (ie not dying after being eaten by Sophie).


Posted by Zego21 5 years ago Report

man dragons got it great that was awesome


Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 5 years ago Report

Wh... okay..?


Posted by G0DF1RE 5 years ago Report

Hurray Karma and technically would she be her Daughter now ?