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Nel the Harpy By Rayen

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Nel the Harpy!

Full Name: Nelandra Sa'kahl
Gender: Female/Herm (Magic)
Race: Desert Harpy
Age: 25
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight: 90 lbs (41 kg)
- Basically everything!
- Puns (She will bite you)
- Anti-magic fields
Childish, playful, friendly, and lewd. She can also be alarmingly caring and sensitive. She may seem like a birdbrain, but she's actually pretty smart and perceptive. She pretty much only has two moods: Her normal cheerful self, and a blubbering crying mess when she gets truely upset.
- Magic. A lot of magic. She is a very skilled magic user and will use to to do basically whatever. Teleportation, size magic, magic dicks, you name it, she can probably do it.
- Alarmingly strong. She can fly while carrying quite a bit of weight. This is actually just another bit of her magic though. She isn't really physically strong.
She used to be a normal sort of person. She was a magic scholar for the mage's guild. However one day, a magical experiment went wrong and supercharged her magic powers, but it caused her behaviors to become childish. No one really seemed to mind though, not even herself.
Mother - Desert Harpy
Father - Human
Brother - Desert Harpy

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Posted by TheAllSeeingEye 2 years ago

Probably my fav harpy x3 hehe <3
Nice ref =3


Posted by Wolfwood 2 years ago

Dislikes puns!? That simply won't fly! :p


Posted by Rayen 2 years ago



Posted by Wolfwood 2 years ago

Worth it :p


Posted by GnomeishDelight 2 years ago

Bites pun'ers eh? I suspect that this will lead to her biting of more then she can chew from the comments.


Posted by Rayen 2 years ago

Do not doubt this harpy. Also, -bite-


Posted by RavenXeo 2 years ago

Oh god shes so cute, I cant handle it!

Speaking of handling things, those breasts...i would like to handle them >:3

Is she getting a little chubby?


Posted by Rayen 2 years ago

She's a little pudgy, yes. It makes her adorably squishy. :V


Posted by RavenXeo 2 years ago



Posted by Kreeyz 2 years ago

Really cute one :) and what about the rocks do she dislike them too ? XD


Posted by Ridwanwolf 2 years ago

I wonder if she like badmitton, she is a birdy after all...

pun game -10/100


Posted by NekoYuki 2 years ago

That also applies for Golf no?


Posted by Ridwanwolf 2 years ago

idk, I suck at that to though


Posted by DB1224 2 years ago

You forgot the fact that she is a true karma houdini.


Posted by failbird105 2 years ago

you have no idea how much I am struggling to not make a vanossgaming joke right now


Posted by Dolsilyol 2 years ago

Whoa! This is pretty damn cool! I really like how you did the wings and ears, gives off a sort of Aztec feeling! Also, her just slightly pudgy belly is absolutely adorable! Excellent bit of art, love the character sheet as well!


Posted by Paraffine 2 years ago

Lovely :) This needs more Harpies.


Posted by DrShadow 2 years ago

She's so cute and she has some beautiful wings. And I especially love the eyes!

ChiNyu: I want a free bite! Since people are getting them. Let me look for my pun book
Dr.Dark: I don't think you read the description ChiNyu. Also you don't know a pun if it bite you.


Posted by VoreLover9012 2 years ago

Mind if I draw her with my Raven girl Gwyn?


Posted by Rayen 2 years ago

Sure, go for it. :V


Posted by Apostolos 2 years ago

need to update with mentioning cultist


Posted by randumblai 2 years ago

Nel is a precious birb and i want to give her all the hugs.
' w '


Posted by Royal_Starlord 2 years ago


Imma get some birdseed for her.

Maybe a worm or two?


Posted by jonathan123 1 year ago



Posted by jonathan123 1 year ago

hates puns huh....well...i have some but they arnt punny.