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Marie By Nope -- Report

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>Purchase 90's Nickelodeon: the Video Game.
>Renewed interest in best squid.
>Search for vore.
>There isn't any.


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Posted by TheAllSeeingEye 3 years ago Report

There is, just need to find it >.<
remember a friend did some, but dunno if they posted it =P


Posted by Derpatron 3 years ago Report

All the Squid Sister vore is on DA.
I'm too lazy to link to any of it, so you'll just have to take my word for it.


Posted by Draconatedz 3 years ago Report

Pls do more based Boogie.

I'm glad you appreciate best squid.


Posted by Realmwars 3 years ago Report

Tell me when the next splatfest is "Eaten" or "Not Eaten" I'll be sure to pick whatever side has "Eaten"


Posted by Shyguy9 3 years ago Report

time to get to work yet again


Posted by SputnikDX 3 years ago Report

Same. But we probably have very different ideas of "work."


Posted by RavenXeo 3 years ago Report

at least you made her gorgeous right?


Posted by shrunkenone 3 years ago Report

I hope this gets the full color treatment at some point!


Posted by scottypilgrim 3 years ago Report

best squid girl, worst squid opinions.


Posted by mMaffle 3 years ago Report

i would love to see more marie x-x


Posted by Wolfwood 3 years ago Report

"Best" Squid?
Odd, that's not Callie pictured :P


Posted by Shinnigami 3 years ago Report

You're doing a great service by trying to fix that last one here. Please, continue, Marie's insides warrant further investigation.


Posted by JoraBora 3 years ago Report

>implying Marie is better than Callie

no jk it looks grate mate


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

And no paint in sight to escape in. Boned.


Posted by Birichino 3 years ago Report

Man, you seem to keep wanting vore of characters who don't have any.
I'd offer you my list of those, but I don't think our tastes line up perfectly.
I do have a thread for it where I hoped mentioning characters would motivate someone to draw them, though.