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Game - Hungry Tiger - V0.15 By Rayverak -- Report

Uploaded: 5 years ago

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## V0.15 ############################################################

Features ------------------------------------------------------------

- You can now Fart (Left ALT for now)
- a Inserted Dildo will also appear in the Bowel HUD
- added a Sizzle sound for when the humans get damaged by Acid
- added a bunch of Volume Sliders to the Menu
- Acid now does damage every 2 seconds

- Added Raptor Player Character (currently only available via the Debug Button to the Left)
- Changed Camera Scaling to always cause pixel perfect pixel size, no more pixel distortion,
but now depending on resolution everything is either a bit too big or a bit tiny.
(as of now this has to be turned ON in the Menu)

- I implemented a maw capacity now.. you can only eat a certain amount of people at once
(depending on their overall volume). Swallowing will be initiated 1 second after you try to eat the last person.
A short amount after swallowing, anyone who didn't fit inside will be barfed up.

- Added a Debug Button that Spawns tiny people (way to the right of the map)

- Added an overfill revolt sound for when the guts are full and the Pred needs to barf humans back up.
- Added a stomach contraction effect.
- Made the stomach contraction happen in normal digestion. (kneading)
- Added a digestion sound (additional gurgling aside from the acid sound)
- Added a blink effect to the stomach when overfill revolt happens

- Added a pole object and a girl that is attached to it.
The pole can be shrunk and sat on.. it can also be sat on when it isn't shrunk but that looks painful.
The pole can be used as a toy.. but its rather boring as the girl gets inserted into the rectum immediately. This too will change.

- There is a Red Debug dildo that spawns a human in the players rectum each time he pushes down.

- Polebound (tiny) human and Grabbed humans will now try to talk their way out of it when faced with butt.
- The top part of toys is now dynamically cut off when the tiger sits on them so they never peak out behind him.
- You can now enter ROMP-MODE when sitting on a Toy, check the controls below.
- You can now also Exit ROMP-MOD by pressing Q again. (also getting off the Toy was always an option)
- Humans on Poles now have an adhesion strength shown as a green lifebar when inserted,
once that bar runs out the human will be placed in the rectum.
- Added an Outline effect to Objects/Victims that are in Ass range.
(this doesn't just look nice, its important for debugging,
there seems to be a bug where objects stay in the ButtList even though they left the Ass Area.
Try to take note of when this happens.)

Fixes ------------------------------------------------------------

- rewrote the Enemy getting Grabbed function to happen in the Object that is actually affected.
- Player Object and similar Entities now register themselves with GameSettings script for easy access.
Objects no longer need to search for each other in the Hierarchy.
- Made Tiger Freeze when he barfs
- Made Barfing a more secure process,
if you are about to swallow someone you barf that person up instead of the stomach person
- Gave humans a short invincibility against triggers to deal with timing/collision issues
- Re-factored the way the AI handles speaking a little (there should be no noticeable difference)
- Fixed the way the Tiger aligns his butt to things he wants to sit on, he will no longer slide after sitting.
- Toys that are scaled up and down will be represented accordingly in the Bowel view.

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Posted by dablueguy 5 years ago Report

Nice work.


Posted by reliuskaiser 5 years ago Report



Posted by Kopfschuss 5 years ago Report

Someone make an ios vore game ;-;


Posted by Fischie 5 years ago Report

This is really amazing. Thank you for updating the game


Posted by AlienEagle 5 years ago Report

I didn't know you liked farting >u<


Posted by Rayverak 5 years ago Report

Who sais I do?


Posted by AlienEagle 5 years ago Report

Ah sorry, I just though there'd be no other reason for them to be in the game, my baaaad


Posted by Rayverak 5 years ago Report

Vincent actually asked for it. Maybe I'll go further. But it will be an optional function later on.