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A tough battle! P-1 By Terraaah -- Report

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This here is a schoolwork comic I did. It's about a good childhood memory. In my case! Feeding blueberries to pokemon toys...or acting like they're blood! FROM TOUGH POKEMON BATTLES! Such violent children we were....

But yeah....I'm guessing this 2 page comic isn't gonna be particularly interesting or important to any of ya guys here. But it was kinda important to me. I'm getting REALLY exhausted with Personal Heaven. It's growing more and more demanding with all the complex things going into it. So I REALLY needed a break for a day or so...not that I got a real break. I just ended up drawing this AND Personal Heaven at the same time....

I really hope all this work pays off someday....!

But yeah, anyways....!

This is a comic all about the cuteness. It was venting some stress. It's extremely cute! Kinda pointless! And extremely cute! So yeah...!

Sorry if it's not all that interesting.

It was important to me.

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Posted by Rhysion 7 years ago Report

Strange indeed! I'm surprised I hadn't ever thought of doing that with some of my toys when I was younger.


Posted by Terraaah 7 years ago Report

XD On retrospective it was actually a pretty bad idea! Some of the toys remained weirdly red-ish for months afterwards.


Posted by Catboy_Mahado 7 years ago Report

If it's important to you, it's important to me, because you're one of my favorite artists! <3 This is adorable and I love this unique look at your childhood~


Posted by Terraaah 7 years ago Report

Well that's very sweet of you! X3 I'm glad to hear you enjoy this so much! I tried to give it a bit more cutesy look than usual!


Posted by morq 7 years ago Report

I actually thought it was a cute comic too. Speaking of childhood memories. I was just thinking of how i used to play with my action figures with my brother. I think i had some transformers and gi joe. All i ever did was bombing raids... was going to free the shit out of something lol


Posted by Terraaah 7 years ago Report

Well thank you! It makes me happy to hear people like even these less...point...including comics of mine. XD And did you make explosions on sand just because it was nice to see the puff of dust that looks like an explosion cloud!? I KNOW I DID! Pokemon battles always had lots of explosions....I was a violent child... XD


Posted by morq 7 years ago Report

Lol. Sadly we played in the house. But trust my, my imagination was still in full effect. I think every bomb i dropped i had sound effects and it was always a mushroom cloud. I think my dad already introduced me to age of empires and battlefield 1942 by this time. So thinking of bombing runs was very easy.