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Atlas of Peran By Aces -- Report

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I'll include details about each nation in this description some time in the future.

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Posted by captamis 5 years ago Report

cool map hwo did you make ti by the way

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Posted by Aces 5 years ago Report

Photoshop and using this tool:

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Posted by sweetladyamy 4 years ago Report

That's...really cool. I definitely bookmarked the tool.

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Posted by Apostolos 10 months ago Report

One of those just looks like you got tired and slammed a hand on the keys

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Posted by Aces 10 months ago Report

Akeshlahab'lakesh (ah-kesh-lah-hab-lah-kesh) or just Akeshlahab for short was a nation with Arabic and Persian inspired themes to it whose name was inspired by an old Tzar RTS map that I developed for a custom game back when LAN parties were a thing.

I asked my friend what I should call the map. He blurts out, "Akesh... lahab... lakesh." And spits everywhere.

And I went, "Great. Perfect. That's the name."

"Wait you're fucking serious?"

"Map saved. Let's play."

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Posted by Apostolos 10 months ago Report

Hahaha that ls classic “fuck it say something ridiculous” right there

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Posted by KevinK1993 4 months ago Report

Having a map like this with all these locations... sounds like you've really put a lot of thought into these countries and where each location is within them.

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