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Early mornings By willudie -- Report

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A chubby demon girl, and her tiny imp girlfriend, (who the big one loves calling food names). There's something I just really love about pairs of characters in a relationship where they're a pred who casually handles their prey lover.

Also, if you'll notice, it's actually the same big demon girl in my icon! I realized I never drew anything for her, ever, and I really wanted more practice drawing somebody who's just chubby. And then I had this cute little idea XD
The basic idea behind these two is that the big one, who I think I'll call Famish, is a gluttony demon, whose job it is to eat the souls of the damned, and store them in her body until their souls are purified, at which point they are released from her body to reincarnate. A lot of them wind up as a bit of padding on her breasts, butt and belly, but some wind up wandering her belly and bowels for the duration of their sentence. (She swears one has been hiding in her butt for at least 100 years).
Gluttony demons with this job are assigned helper imps, who have the job of making sure that these loose souls don't cause any issues for the gluttony demon. So basically, whenever a gluttony demon has a stomach ache, they either gulp their helper imp down, or shove them in the back door, whichever is closer to their pain, and the imp searches around the bowels until they find the problem, and fix it.

Famish and her imp, Bucella, formed a more romantic relationship. After all, it's hard not to when part of your job description as an imp is squirming around inside a pretty girl's butt ;D In fact, the higher ups even encourage it! After all, the more the gluttony demons like their imps, the less likely they are to add them to the padding of their ass.
They still both have to do their jobs, but now Bucella gets to enjoy more of her girlfriend's body all over, not just in her belly, and the two enjoy spending time together. Unfortunately, Famish is a little slow in adjusting to having someone so small around all the time XD

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Posted by Edward 5 years ago Report

That's lovely ! I like to see this types of relation between two caracters, I think this helps you thinking about hiw would be your life if you were on the prey( or pred ) situation, and you showed a problem that can happen if your girlfriend is one hundred times your size XD.

My favorite thing is the claws of the lil girl, they're so cute ! Awesome work again willudie, hope to see more about this couple in the future.


Posted by Done25 5 years ago Report

Seconded. This is adorable.


Posted by Max_C 5 years ago Report

Thirded. This is my favorite type of interaction... and that's a very nice, soft belly. Just perfect.


Posted by Fabhar 5 years ago Report

This is fantastic. I'd love to see more of these two.


Posted by hydranoid2009 5 years ago Report

too cute X3 I hope to see more of these two!


Posted by SpiderMilkshake 5 years ago Report

Ha, whoops! X) Hard to find nice gentle squish that also features such a lovely belly and such an adorable little impess~ 5 Stars out of 5!


Posted by UltimateBananaDX 5 years ago Report

I looove this pair of characters. Very cute!


Posted by TinyHero 5 years ago Report

Lol wow XD


Posted by DoctorLucy 5 years ago Report

Reminds me of my phone when I leave it on my gut sleeping... XD


Posted by Ellkats 5 years ago Report

My goodness, this is fantastic. I absolutely love the idea of being trapped in a giantess's navel, especially if she's super curvy. Well done!