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A Lamia's Tail, Chapter I By TystKrigare -- Report

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Cover art is by my awesome and talented friend Vicki, who can be found here:
Please show them some love and support ^^

Chapter Summary (includes light spoilers): A man is abducted by a voracious lamia, who threatens to eat them. Upon learning that her newest captive is actually aroused by the idea of being eaten, she decides to keep them as a pet until they beg her to swallow them whole for her amusement. Being forced with the reality of their fantasies, the man cannot give in to her demands, and relinquishes themselves to being her pet for as long as he can stand.

I don't know what's with Eka's and its spacing when it comes to writing uploads but it's really annoying...

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Posted by Tsubasa17 5 years ago Report

My friend, I havent read it yet, but mostly just commenting on your description. Try using an author who isnt associated with a crappy genre of games. Heck, i dont think this generation even knows that clancy was an author in the first place

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Posted by TystKrigare 5 years ago Report

I actually have read some of his books, but I will readily admit I only heard about him due to the Splinter Cell games. Was told that he writes a lot of espionage stories, so I started reading some of his work and enjoyed them. Sadly you're probably right. Now his name is just something for Ubisoft to abuse.

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Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

I don't know if you have figured out how to avoid the irritating spacing which occurs when you upload a document, but here is what causes it and how to avoid it:
When you have written something in your original document, which turned out "wring"-> and you delete and re-write the word correctly "wrong", the correction will appears as a space in the uploaded document "wro ng"!

To avoid this, copy your document (after you have corrected all you need, over to a new document and past it with the simplest option function as possible (keep text only-option). Then you can carefully go over and give the headline a bold appearance etc. just don't erase or correct anything you have written.
Then you can upload your document without getting unwanted spaces

Nice story y the way, highly enjoyable and I am glad the two of them came to some kind of "understanding" XD

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