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Dine and dash By Draconatedz -- Report

It would seem the Wutai sidequest just got a whole lot more personal. They may retrieve the materia, but recovering Tifa and Aerith might be a little tough, what with them being reduced to asian hotcake pudge and curves.

Oh well, only real loss is Tifa, Aerith died anyways! I suppose this transfers over Cloud's waifu status to Yuffie? Provided he can forgive her for the whole digesting his childhood friend thing.

Cocreator  TheWeirdOne445 helped me make this, along with Avora over on deviantart, who did this commission for me. Be sure to check out the rest of her stuff, if you have already!

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Posted by AustinDR 3 years ago Report

Very nice.


Posted by puck5 3 years ago Report



Posted by Liz 3 years ago Report

Love it.

Love Avora's work <3


Posted by architectap12 3 years ago Report

i always thought she was mean but then she goes and makes up for it by eating people, which is the nicest thing a lady could possibly do


Posted by Angel 3 years ago Report

Gotta admit, they look good on her. I wonder if a phoenix down can cure digestion?


Posted by Draconatedz 3 years ago Report

I'm gonna guess not, phoenix down are more for knocked out. Digested into fat is a liiiiitle more than knocked out.


Posted by RavenXeo 3 years ago Report

what a great butt~<3


Posted by Thorzain 3 years ago Report

Really amazing, Love it

The K

Posted by The K 3 years ago Report

Very lovely. The bulges on Yuffie as she's swallowing them and after she's fully swallowed them look so amazing.


Posted by Demihunger 3 years ago Report

^ This indeed.


Posted by Nightspy 3 years ago Report

*wipes away a tear* that was beautiful.


Posted by luizfelipekratos01 3 years ago Report

oh greaatt comic, plase do one alternative end with scat!


Posted by PlatypusUltra 2 years ago Report

Aww, poor Tifa :/ I wish it could have been her swallowing the others. She's allways been my favourite FF girl. Really nice comic though. Good artwork


Posted by ShioMagwolf 2 days ago Report

Lucky prey<3
I'd love be next~