A Lamia's Tail

This is one of my first vore stories, and one that's not simply made with throw away characters and one voracious exchange before coming to an end. This story is more of the fluffier side of vore with some harsh unwillingness mixed in. It contains love and passion with voracious themes.

The following story is about a man being abducted by a giant voracious lamia who has a personal grudge against humanity. After finding someone skulking through her territory, she kidnaps them with the threat of eating them alive. Upon learning that her new captive is actually aroused by the concept, she instead forces the man into being her pet, her slave, until they beg for her to eat them. While the idea of being eaten is an exciting one to the prisoner, being faced with the reality of their interests keeps them from breaking down and pleading for the woman to devour them outright.

Through their captivity and forced companionship, the two end up falling in love with one another, the void in both of their lives being mended by one another's company and compassion. Neither wants to admit their feelings, but it is a reality they must soon face down the road.

Story includes: Soft vore, both willing and unwilling scenarios, implied digestion, insertion, slavery, sexual themes and content, and is overall NSFW

Note: Story has been reuploaded with grammatical changes and the main character's name having been altered to something more normal as of 8/25/2017. It has been changed from Tyst to Zach, because Tyst was a name for a Skyrim character I made and I can't unsee it and it bothers me.

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