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sketch By kveis -- Report

Uploaded: 4 years ago

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quick sketch that i might finish later (crits would be very appreciated! i have so many issues with this, there's so much that needs to be changed/improved!)

EDIT: added some colors, just messing around. still a lot of work to do, lots of thins to adjust - poses, proper detailing, maybe i'll add more girls idk????? thank you everyone who's provided crits so far, i really appreciate your feedback. :>

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Posted by CrazedCultist 4 years ago Report

My only criticism is that it isn't finished yet.

Top notch stuff.


Posted by KrasnyiKoiot 4 years ago Report

^ Seconded to this!


Posted by hexagon 4 years ago Report

I do agree, for a quick sketch it's very promising!


Posted by HyperlinkError 4 years ago Report

Thicken the pred up, those legs and breasts are huge contrasts to her other features

And if you ask me her belly could have a little more slack; super tight bellies look painful to the pred tbh

her left hand could be on that dude on her lefts head too i guess


Posted by hg1337343 4 years ago Report

The only thing that could be worked on is the detail of her hands/feet. Everything else like the belly and pred is perfect!


Posted by hibbyjibby 4 years ago Report

The picture's colors remind me a lot of the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series' art. Though, if it were me I'd adjust the main lady's breasts a tad. They look odd as is.

Even so, really looking forward to whatever other edits you make. Even from just an artistic standpoint.


Posted by Renael 4 years ago Report

GOSH its finished its so freaking amazing <3


Posted by magicalgypsyllama 4 years ago Report

At first glance I thought it was complete! I agree with some others that she needs thickening up. If she was more devilish it would match the scene more. Personally I think the tight belly is pretty awesome though, such talent!


Posted by Tehblood1 4 years ago Report

I really like it. I think the only thing I might say the only thing out of place is the hair on her breasts.


Posted by Gloom 4 years ago Report

Very moody and cool stuff. Only suggestion I got is perhaps some more cast shadows on the ground directly under them? The lights coming from above, no?


Posted by Mamerui 4 years ago Report

My only criticism is the breasts seeming really oddly shaped. Part of that may be shading, the other part may be that I pretty much exclusively look at anime titties.

But I think it's because of the hard line at the top and the way the hair is laying that makes it look flat up there and like she's just got some really big balloons sagging down from her chest.

Maybe that's a kink thing. (if it is, then ignore this. I am not aware of one being such.)

Welcome to the portal, regardless. I really like your art and I've loved the colouring/shading you've done on your other pictures. I look forward to seeing more.


Posted by TenaciousTinkerer 4 years ago Report

The major criticism I can see off the bat are her breasts. They seem a bit, stretched out, like they're overly long and so fourth. Otherwise the colors seem fine, neat color usage and shading looks pretty good.


Posted by Whereaminow27 4 years ago Report

Did you ever decide to finish this and add more girls?